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Aerospace  Empty Aerospace

Post by Jotan August 19th 2021, 10:19 am


"Air is the element of freedom. But if it is, why am I trapped in it?"

The Bio

Real Name: Dawn Riley/Aeolus
Hero Name: Aerospace
Title: The Living Wind
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 19 years/6000 years
Gender: female/undetermined
Race: Human/nature spirit
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 174 pounds
Blood type: Not applicable

The Looks

The Personality

Dawn Riley loves her freedom. She hates to be confined, both literally and figuratively. This has led to a severe claustrophobia.

Apart from this, Dawn is relatively fearless. She used to participate in skydiving, bungee-jumping, and other thrilling activities.

Dawn has ADHD, and although she has rilatin for it, she struggles with taking it in on time. This makes it hard for her to concentrate for long periods of time.

Dawn loves to make friends, and forgets most of them as fast as she makes them. She has a group of permanent friends, and keeps adding to this.

Aeolus has a much more calm and steady nature, although they can still become exited and enthusiastic about something. They have gained much knowledge and wisdom in their long life, sharing it with Dawn wether appropriate or not.

The Story

Dawn Riley

Dawn was born in the at home rather than in a hospital. Her father, who is a doctor, helped her mother with her delivery.

Dawn grew up in the countryside. She would often depart into the fields and forests at sunrise, and come back at sundown. When het parents asked her where she had been, she shrugged and said;”Exploring”.

In her teens, Dawn developed her love for thrilling sports like skydiving. She went along with a friend the first time, and never stopped since. To finance these adventures, Dawn did a lot of small jobs, jumping between them.

When she went to college, studying Engineering, Dawn needed all the money she had. Because of this, she stopped skydiving, and missed it severely. When the same friend who had asked her along the first time invited her for a session on his costs, she jumped at the chance.

While free-falling, Dawn passed right by the invisible gate to the pocket dimension where Aeolus was trapped. After he merged with her, she was transformed into het current form, a being of pure air.

To the rest of the world, Dawn Riley disappeared. Searches for her body only found her jumpsuit and parachute. After six months, she was declared deceased.

In reality, Dawn was in hiding. Her transformation scared her, and Aeolus’ voice in her head didn’t help. She isolated herself in the outstretched forests where she grew up, and slowly came to terms with what had happened.

Dawn listened to Aeolus’ story, and understood that her transformation was irreversible. After practicing with her new-found abilities, she decided on becoming a super-hero. However, she didn’t have much of a clue as where to start, so she started to look for others who could help her, under the name of Aerospace.


Aeolus was created 6000 years ago by a Eternal Storm, to aid him in his work. Their task was to rule the wind. But Aeolus grew too ambitious. They wanted to become a god, like his creator. They unleashed the winds on the Earth, demanding divinity.

This angered the Eternal Storm. He stripped Aeolus of their status, but he could not kill them or rob them of their power. And thus, Aeolus was locked in a pocket dimension with only one gate to the world. Aeolus could only enter the world by taking a living host, and when Dawn passed their portal, they jumped at the chance.

The Powers

Aerokinesis: Dawn and Aeolus can bend the air and wind at their command.

Flight: Dawn can now literally fly as fast as the wind.

Air form: Dawn’s new body is pure air, and can go anywhere air can go. It can pass through any barrier that is not airtight, and is impossible to hit with physical attacks. This form talks by use of “whispering winds”.

Air sense: Dawn can no longer see, hear or use any other senses. Instead she feels the movement of the air currents, feeling movement and surfaces. She also feels the vibrations made by sound, and can thus “hear”.

The Weaknesses

Air form: Dawn has no way of returning back to her physical body at all. She can only interact with the environment in very limited ways.

Vacuüm: Dawn can not enter any space that doesn’t contain air. She can’t enter water, space, or a vacuüm chamber.

Pollution: Dawn is very sensitive to pollution or gaseous poisons. These dangers severely weaken her.

Claustrophobia: Dawn is still scared if tight spaces. She would rather die then enter one of these.

The Fluff

Anywhere Dawn goes, the air is cleaned and refreshed, leaving it smelling crisp and clean.

The RP Sample

Fear. Panic. What was going on? What had happened. Why was she suddenly so… what was she?

You’re air. said a voice, unhearable, but still there. It’s nothing to panic about.

Nothing to panic about. She was flying! Everything felt so strange. What was the voice?

Dawn had been falling three minutes ago. It had been perfect. The world spread out beneath her like a big quilt. The air rushing past her like a tornado.

And now she was rushing through the same air, making a whooshing sound. And the voice was speaking in her head. What was it?

I’m Aeolus. it said. Listen to me. I will explain.

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