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Daybreak Empty Daybreak

Post by Venom Chronicles August 15th 2021, 3:53 pm


"Well, I might be free by then, I just have to weasel my way into somebody's good side. Should be easy."

The Bio

Real Name: Arcadio Ruberto
Hero Name: Daybreak
Title: The Blaze King
Alignment: Good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Italian
Hair: White with Red Streaks, Undercut
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 167lbs.
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Arcadio is an Italian man with a beige skin tone, white hair in an undercut with red streaks, light green eyes, and a semi-muscular body structure, likely gained from a large amount of calorie burning. Arcadio’s casual outfit changes daily, as most other normal people’s do. However, a mainstay in his outfit is his golden shield-shaped belt buckle that he bought when he was at Costco one day. It’s not very sentimental or anything, but he likes it and cleans it every day.

His combat suit is a red bodysuit with white and black details all over it, including a white diamond-shaped plate that goes from the bottom of his neck to the top of his waist. It’s made from Arcadio’s DNA, which the A.D.U’s engineer got by cutting off his finger. This allows it to turn into fire with him and be immune to his fire. Additionally, it has pulsors on his hands so his fire blasts are amplified and turn red with certain attacks.

The Personality

Arcadio’s dominant traits are affectionate and passionate. People consider him as a friendly and easy-to-talk-to person. He always tells his friends and allies that he is there to listen to them. And he is always acting as sort of the supporting shoulder to his friends. However, that’s only the outside. On the inside he is extremely insecure and blames himself for things that aren’t even his fault. He doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence and sometimes tries too hard to make people happy. He hides it extremely well, and it took a mind-reading alien to realize that he isn’t as happy as he seems. Only Jonathan knows how mentally conflicted Arcadio is and does all he can to help him become more free. Arcadio is very passionate and protective as well. He can become extremely invested in something easily, that’s how he fell in love with painting and art. He is extremely protective of the people he loves, and will do anything to ensure that they will not be hurt, metaphorically or physically. However, his urge to protect people has gotten him into some trouble. He will put himself into the line of danger to protect someone, even people he doesn’t know. He doesn’t seem to know when to run and when to fight, and will forcefully push himself past his limits to accomplish something.

The Story

Arcadio Ruberto was born in Milan, Italy, to Landolfo Ruberto and Catia Sarra. He was raised there for the first 8 years of his life, but his family moved to Augusta, Georgia so that his father could get better business. He was neglected a lot, his parents having chosen to bury themselves in work and parties rather than spending time with him. He had to become self-sufficient, teaching himself how to cook for himself, clean himself, and even locking up the house when his parents came home drunk and forgot to do so. While others have noticed and pointed out the neglect, his parents just brushed it off, or yelled at them, which saddened Arcadio. When he first came to America, he struggled a lot with English, mispronouncing words and instinctively speaking Italian. He was bullied for this, of course, which caused him to be even more sad. However, he wasn’t completely alone, as he had his best friend, Jonathan Rowe. Jonathan was actually intrigued by Arcadio and Italian culture, so he befriended him quite easily. They treated each other like brothers, helping each other whenever they could with whatever they could. When Arcadio broke his leg, Arcadio did all his work for him. Arcadio set up a defense system in Jonathan’s locker so that if someone didn’t enter the passcode before entering, they would get sprayed with cooking spray. They were very close.

When they were both 15, Jonathan was cornered by corrupt police officers. They attempted to interrogate him and when he didn’t meet their version of “compliance” they started beating him with their batons. When Arcadio came across this, he tried to stop them, but he was shot in his chest. Jonathan attempted to rush to him, but he was shot in the shoulder. The mix of anger and pain managed to unseal Arcadio’s Altyr abilities, which he used to take his revenge on the police officers. He didn’t kill them, but he definitely traumatized them. He didn’t tell anyone about his powers, only called an ambulance, reported the police officers, and got Jonathan in the hospital. When Jonathan got out, they both did some deep digging and found some old articles about the Altyrs and how the government is hunting them down. They decided to keep Arcadio’s powers a secret. It wasn’t easy, especially thanks to some of the more specific side effects of these abilities.

When they were both 17, a day before his birthday, Arcadio was found out and exposed by a crappy teacher. The police came after him and attempted to subdue him so the government could come and get him, however, he and Jonathan managed to successfully flee and ended up travelling to Atlanta over the course of 3 days by various methods. The two had to live there with disguises, making it very hard to really be comfortable. They managed to barely make it 6 months with countless close calls. Eventually, they were caught and A.C.U soldiers started rounding in on them. However, through the power of convenience, at that exact moment Victor Morterson came in and saved them. He took them back to his headquarters and explained most of everything. He told them about Sebastian Meyers, the man who runs the A.C.U, and about his ultimate plan. He wants to recruit Arcadio to help him defeat Sebastian. He agrees, as long as he and Jonathan can live safely in the tower, Victor Morterson agrees and allows them to stay in the tower.

After an 8 month long fight between the A.D.U and the A.C.U, they finally defeated Sebastian, Arcadio playing a large part in his defeat. Afterwards, Daybreak and his teammates became a controversial topic, a good half of the people respected and supported them, while the other half didn’t. They vowed to convince humanity that the Altyrs were not going to hurt them.

The Powers

Altyr Physiology
In 1963, a blast of extraterrestrial radioactive energy was shot at the Earth. The blast dispersed once it touched the atmosphere, seeming not to affect humans at all. However, in 1965, a man turned into a large wolf-like beast and went on an onslaught. The government discovered that the energy blast had turned a very small percentage of the human population into superhumans. The government started containing these superhumans and created a new branch of government which specializes in catching them, dubbing them Altyrs. As stated previously, Arcadio is an Altyr, which is the classification for mutated human beings. As expected, he has the default superhuman abilities, including supernatural physical capabilities, enhanced senses, and power transferral.

Exothermic Manipulation
Arcadio’s primary ability is Exothermic Manipulation, which is a self-generated process of combustion created from a living body. With this he can generate, shape, and even turn into fire. He has used this creatively and came up with many techniques in his time as a hero. He can create pillars, spikes, cyclones, streams, vortexes, missiles, spheres, and constructs of flames. Additionally, he can manipulate his internal and external plasma-based energies, create fire that explodes anything, generate bio-magma as well, and even grant others immunity to fire.

The Weaknesses

As a fire user, Arcadio is weak to water and air, however, if he charges his fire he can make his fire hot enough to evaporate water.

The Items

U-93 Warhammer Axe
Arcadio actually stole this weapon from an A.C.U facility. It’s a mechanical axe made specifically to absorb and harness energy generated by Altyrs. It can absorb his fire and harness it to enhance his strikes.

The Minions

None really, but he can clone himself with fire.

The Fluff

He's really good friends with Mad Dragon, which seems odd to most people because their personalities are not very compatible. Daybreak is calm, reasonable, and friendly, while Mad Dragon is loud, intense, and fierce. They match each others energies a lot and bounce off of each other really well. Daybreak helps Mad Dragon get calmer and Mad Dragon keeps Daybreak from being a pushover. Just think of their relationship as Deku and Bakugo from MHA, but more friendly. (I'm not good at describing things)

The RP Sample

"Hey, so you manipulate bubbles right?" Daybreak asked Helia, who responded with a confirmation. "I have an idea." he said. 25 minutes later, he was floating above the clouds. He dialed Jonathan and said, "Hey, ummm, could you tell Helia that I want to come down? I've floated above the clouds."

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