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Lampyrknight Empty Lampyrknight

Post by Venom Chronicles August 14th 2021, 7:58 pm


"If revenge is more important to you than thousands of lives, then you're just as evil as he is!"

The Bio

Real Name: Leon Robinson Harris
Hero Name: Lampyrknight
Title: The Shining Apex Guardian
Alignment: True
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: African-American/Scottish
Hair: Leon has black hair in a curly high fade. When he is Lampyrknight, his hair becomes a glowing orange and turns into a pompadour.
Eyes: His eyes are light green, but when he is Lampyrknight, they turn red.
Height: 6'1

Weight: 163 lbs.
Blood type: B+

The Looks

Leon Harris is a 17-year-old male teenager with an almond skin tone, light green eyes, black hair in a curly high fade, and a semi-muscular physique, most likely acquired through all of the parkour. He tends to wear sleeveless shirts under jackets, jeans, and sneakers. When in his Lampyrknight form, his appearance changes to better hide his identity. He wears a dark orange bodysuit with white and black details all over it, such as lines, symbols, and a utility belt. His hair turns a glowing orange and becomes a pompadour. He wears an orange and white helmet with a V-shaped visor that covers his head, everything except his hair.

The Personality

Leon is very adventurous, yet creative and responsible. He's seen as the mom friend in his friend group (which is most of his classroom). He's excellent at planning/strategizing and loves to create. He is also very responsible, making sure all of his friends have their schoolwork done, and even outside of school he makes sure his classmates are safe. However, inside, he is very insecure and tends to blame himself for things that aren't really his fault. He's tried to give up the Lampyridae Apex Converter 4 times because he either thought he messed up or actually messed up. He is also passionate and protective, going into a quiet rage when his friends get hurt.

The Story

Well, Leon was just a normal high schooler before he became Lampyrknight. His mom and dad were split up, but still great friends. He spent a week at his mother's house and a week at his father's house, and he loved them both equally. He had a 13-year-old sister who was mute and had anxiety problems who really only interacted with him. After his second day at Opal River High, he was invited to the beach for a small get-together so he could get to know his classmates better. Buried in the sand, he found the Lampyridae Apex Converter on the far end of the beach. He took it home and the next day a beast attacked Atlanta. The Apex Converter spoke to him and told him that he was now the wielder of the Firefly Apex Converter (Lampyridae is ridiculously hard to spell) and it was his choice whether to use it for good or evil. Since he's a protagonist, he chose good and along with his partner, Princess Panthera, he became The Protector of Atlanta.

The Powers

Transformation: The Lampyridae Apex Converter fused itself with Leon's DNA to make him into a more efficient fighter. This allows him to transform into Lampyrknight at will, even without saying the transformation phrase. He just says it because it makes him feel awesome.

Supernatural Physique: The Lampyridae Converter enhances Lampyrknight's physical prowess when he transforms. This allows him to become stronger, faster, tougher, and more resistant than the average human. Approximately 4.53x stronger, faster, tougher, and more resistant than the average human. Even in his civilian form, he is at peak human status, allowing him to easily punch holes into walls and crack streets as a civilian. However, it's kind of hard to hide the fact that you're a superhero when you can punch a truck and put a huge dent in it.

Bio-Light Energy Generation: Similarly to a firefly, Lampyrknight can biologically generate light for both offensive and strategic purposes. He uses this for lasers, blasts, stuns, rays, and beams so he can put the hurt on the monster of the week. He is known for wrapping his fist in light energy and punching his target, sending them flying.

Insect Powers: Being a firefly-based superhero, Lampyrknight can use the many powers of fireflies and insects in general. These powers include wallcrawling, flight (for a limited time), thermal resistance, and danger intuition.  

The Weaknesses

As stated before, Leon is extremely insecure and will bash himself a lot. Sometimes, he doesn't deem himself worthy of the hero title. He is also deathly allergic to tiger lilies, pineapple, and ragu. As Lampyrknight, his weaknesses include extreme temperatures and a chemical named Yuturi.

The Items

The Rings of Light: Lampyrknight wields two chakrams with a diamond-shaped blade going through the middle of both of them. He can use these in close ranger combat, but he prefers to throw them at his enemies. It has many functions, it can enter an auto-pilot mode, be directly controlled by Lampyrknight, create a tracking device, and allow Lampyrknight to teleport to wherever it is.  

Apex Blaster: All Apex Converters have a firearm along with their main weapon. Lampyrknight's (being the first one built) is a pistol-shaped blaster that can shoot quick lasers of energy for offensive purposes. He can also supercharge it to act sort of like a desert eagle and shoot more powerful shots.

The Minions

He doesn't really have minions, though, when fighting one villain, he was cloned 30 times. Those clones are all gone though.

The Fluff

Cooking is his favorite hobby so he's always cooking for his friends and family. He also likes to make his food look 🌟fabulous🌟so he's always drawing up sketches in class for his food.

The RP Sample

"Listen, you two need to sort this little rivalry out," Leon stated standing between two very angry classmates trapped in a slowly shrinking metal cage, "the more you two argue the more this cage is going to shrink." He pulled out his phone and tapped the contact labeled 'Kuba Norie'. He texted, "HELP ME! WE'RE GONNA DIE!". He then put his phone back in his pockets and looked at his classmates with a brave expectant look.

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Venom Chronicles
Venom Chronicles

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Quote : If you believe that revenge will truly set you free, then I have no right to tell you otherwise. But be warned, if you do this, you will be considered a villain, and I'll have to take you down.

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