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Silent swordplay (closed)

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Silent swordplay (closed) Empty Silent swordplay (closed)

Post by RoyalAurelius July 6th 2021, 12:04 pm

The keys on the computer clacked as Sebastian typed with impressive speed. His fingers were like pistons, clicking every letter and punctuation without fault. The young man, aged 19, stared at the screen as he typed. His focus was rather intense, seeming to block out the rest of the world around him. As he clicked away at the keyboard, his mother would be in the other room preparing herself and him some lemonade. The glasses clinked, the water flowed, and the kitchenette was filled with various sounds of preparation. Sebastian, however, could not pick up on these sounds as he was profoundly deaf, so it was easy to remain focused on the task at hand.

Around the corner his mother would poke her head, looking to see what he was doing. It seemed he had been at that computer for hours and hours, she thought to herself. Perhaps a break would do him some good. She smiled, gently coughing into her cloth before making her way around to his front as to catch his attention. She gently waves her hand in front of his face, breaking his focus as his hazel eyes move from the screen to her. He met her smile with his own, however it was a fleeting smile as he observed her coughing lightly in her cloth once more. She had not been getting any better, and he needed to do something soon... or else..... he didnt want to think about it.

She kept her smile, however, and began to use her hands to sign to him. She had been doing it for years, since he was diagnosed deaf, so she was quite proficient with it. Since she had grown up speaking and hearing just fine, she mouthed and spoke the words as she signed because it was more comfortable for her.

"Take a break from that screen, please. I made your favourite drink. Pink lemonade with a little grenadine."

His smiled returned, almost seeming to forget about her condition for the time being due to his excitement for lemonade. He had a thing for it, obviously, and it always made his day just a little bit brighter. Sebastian would simply hold up a finger and finish typing out what he needed, before closing his laptop and standing. Being the way he was, he didn't speak too often, even if it was all signs. He preferred body gestures to most things, and found he didn't need to sign all too much to get his point across. His mother's smile was warm as they entered the kitchenette together, sunlight bleeding through the curtains of the window over the sink. They often shared moments like this, just sitting, drinking lemonade, and being together.

While they sat, the question remained in the back of Sebastian's mind if his ad would be answered. It was a simple ad, but also sounding just a bit desperate. He had tried many jobs in many different fields, and his issue was always the same.... he couldn't hear anything. It made his life feel impossible sometimes. However he held onto hope that someone would need his particular set of skills. He was intelligent, a fast learner, and was able to pick up on things much quicker than others..... if only he could hear a damn thing, maybe things wouldn't be so tough. Hell he even tried the same thing his father did.... a big rig mechanic. Same thing though.... his disability was a curse sometimes.

AD: Young, highly intelligent man looking for work. I am a skilled mechanic, highly motivated and in need of money. I'm a fast learner, adept at changing environments, and have a highly acute attention to detail. I'm looking for any work at all, anything at all that needs even just an extra pair of hands. Please respond and contact me at the information below.

Sebastian was worried about his ad. He felt it sounded kind of desperate and meek, but he also refrained from saying anything about his disability. He was just afraid nobody would answer if he put that info into the ad...

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Quote : "Being human means feeling different things; love, hate, regret, solace, joy, pain, pleasure..... the world is full of jerks. Don't be another one."

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Silent swordplay (closed) Empty Re: Silent swordplay (closed)

Post by Shadows of the Pale Flame July 25th 2021, 3:34 am

In a simple suburban neighborhood, in a typical urban town, there walked a woman who, under no definition, qualified as either of those things. Long, ashen hair flowed like liquid down her back, only parted by the massive black halberd held there seemingly by magic. Her outfit did no favors to dissuade the ‘exotic’ tones. It seemed almost like black armor, but hugged her prodigious curves in a way that would make any woman uncomfortable, were it normal metal. And yet, her arms and legs were bare, protected only by a chain skirt that went to her knees, exposing the intricate tapestry of artwork on her arms and legs, depicting a story in a language no one could understand.

Amalia was a beauty the mortal world had never seen; quite literally, actually. The magic infusing her from birth has made her a beauty the likes bards would sing about, in the medieval age. And yet that beauty did her little good here, her features clouded by irritation and suppressed rage on what she suspected was a lost cause. The only saving grace to this was that she wasn’t the only one on this … pity mission. The plan was simple, in theory; answer these interminable ads, send someone out to get the word out; even better if this individual had access to a part of the community that hadn’t been touched yet. Train them, help them in any way possible, become their friend, ally, and all the while sell them on the glory of the Pale Flame. It was indoctrination in not so many letters.

Amalia was only chosen for this task because Johnathon was busy training some tactical mastermind in the Philippines. She had to scoff at that; as if any mere mortal could match the tactical genius of the Ofrarian Archbishops. They planned wars that lasted centuries, millenia! Wars that their childrens childrens will be fighting, with every move choreographed! That’s real strategy! But anyway, she digressed. That is what led her; a stupid, little internet ad. By the Black Shadow, this was humiliating. She was an Ofrarian Battlepriest, she should not be here, training some lowly human on how to wield whatever steak knife he called a weapon! She should be slaying their enemies, setting fire to cities, bathing in their blood!

Plus the magic here was practically nonexistent.

Thankfully, she was to only act as an intermediary, see if he was even worth it to train and bring into the fold. And if he was, another would resume his training. She was a great warrior, but to train someone like him? ‘Twas not in her wheelhouse. She was pulled into her reverie by the sudden realization that she had arrived. Yes, this was the place; she recognized the house, one of the benefits of having perfect memory. Slowly, she climbed the few steps to the front door and raised her hand, preparing to knock. And then she did, with enough strength to nearly buckle the front door in.

”Hello. I am looking for a young man.” Her voice was strange; musical, like she was one vowel away from bursting into song, and yet there was no playfulness to it but rather a deep sombre. ”He posted an ad looking for work. ‘Twas not too long ago.”
Shadows of the Pale Flame
Shadows of the Pale Flame

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Silent swordplay (closed) Empty Re: Silent swordplay (closed)

Post by RoyalAurelius July 28th 2021, 5:24 pm

The door swung open slowly after a few moments, in the doorway a frail and delicate woman in her mid to late 40's stood. Despite her slightly disheveled and malnourished look, she greeted the woman at the door with a warm smile. Her hair was spotted with grey, but plenty of her original auburn was visible as well. Her skin was slightly sunken in, due to her illness, but remarkably youthful looking despite that. She was obviously well taken care of, or took very good care of herself.

"Hello there. You said you were looking for my son? He's always on that computer looking for different things here and there. I like your attire, it's quite exotic."

The woman seemed remarkably calm and collected in the presence of such an oddly dressed  woman. Despite her outfit, weapon included, she isn't the first strange person to see come to her door for Sebastian. The young woman would step aside and invite her in, still smiling. After inviting her inside, she would lead her into the next room where Sebastian sat with his face in the computer, as usual. His mother would chuckle to herself, turn to the woman and give her another reassuring smile.

"I'm sorry, he's so fond of electronics and what not. He's quite intelligent. We'll get his attention and I'll inform him you're here. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name or why you're here. Is this a role-playing thing?"

While she spoke to the exotic woman, Sebastian remained focused on his computer. He was so focused, that he hadn't even realized that she was here. His eyes would dart from one thing to the next, working diligently on his various projects just to keep himself busy. Sebastian was responsible for many things between him and his mother. He handled money income, what he could get apart from the government assistance and life insurance they got, which was not much. He handled taxes, managed files they needed for supplemental income, and medical records. His memory was  impressive, allowing him to sort and file these important documents with ease. He has been looking at them for years.

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Quote : "Being human means feeling different things; love, hate, regret, solace, joy, pain, pleasure..... the world is full of jerks. Don't be another one."

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