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Dana Cooper / Apocalypse Fox

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Dana Cooper / Apocalypse Fox Empty Dana Cooper / Apocalypse Fox

Post by Seeks June 20th 2021, 6:40 pm


"I'm not a strong fox, but I'm sure as sugah a fast one!"

The Bio

Real Name: Dana Marie (Omnivora Fiona-Lynn) Cooper
Renegade Name: Apocalypse Fox
Title: Ranger of the Wastes, The Demon of Lock City
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Trickster Spirit (Believed to be a mutant fox)
Hair: Rusty-orange, deep brown and cream fur
Eyes: Pine green
Height: 5'2" / 62 inches
Weight:  112 lbs / 50.8 kg
Blood type: O+

The Looks

The Personality

Dana likes to act tough and as a loner, fearing that weakness will lead to more suffering for herself or the loss of others. But between cussing up a storm at a roguelike on her phone or eagerly kicking back a bottle of cola, Dana isn't always a crass or edgy individual, sometimes to her dismay. In truth, she has a big heart and can be something of a dork, brighter sides to her personality that many don't see. She doesn't like seeing people in trouble, and equally gets angry at the sight of her own blood. A trickster by her very nature, she enjoys both pranking and joking with others as much as confounding her quarries. She hadn't been raised to deal with loss though, and this fact is perhaps her greatest character flaw.

The Story

In the year 2034 on another Earth, the underlying supernatural forces and being reclaimed the planet in a great cataclysm. Dana and her mother were two of these beings, fox-like spirits given humanoid shape. Dana had been abandoned by her mother in the overgrown ruins of New York, and living off her instincts made it to ten years of age by her lonesome. That is, of course, until she tried to attack the chicken coop of a mad scientist and his empath girlfriend. Though spared from the quack's laser, she wasn't adopted for benign reasons.

Her father, Horatio Cooper, was involved in an experiment known as the Moraeu Project that had been uncovered from before the so-called Moon Fall. Its goal was unknown -- human evolution, super-soldiers, post-nuclear survival? Who knew? What is known is that Horatio needed a test subject and with it, Dana was her guinea pig. Taught military tactics and skills as if games, while being subjected to regimens of the project's altering serums all the while, Dana grew beyond her mortal abilities while her arcane potential remained stifled. All went well for Horatio's experiment... until he grew a conscience for his surrogate daughter. And with this confession of the truth when Dana learned fractions herself -- even if wiped from her memory by his girlfriend Kathy -- Horatio left the experiment.

And was killed for it in the cold of December, leaving a young adult Dana to survive the hit against them. Heartbroken and seeking answers, Dana slew monsters both otherworldly and human alike as she hunted across the broken America. And just as she went to confront the man who ordered her father's death -- a warlord abusing Project Moreau named Maximillian Maestro -- she was whisked from her Earth to another! Now stuck in a culture shock of a relatively stable United States in a world like those of the 'Age Before', Dana follows her heart and dodges the law as a vigilante. Despite the goodness still within her, those who cross her and threaten innocent lives had best be strong.

Otherwise, when the Apocalypse Fox finds them? It will soon the end of their world.

The Powers

Power #1: Regeneration - Dana possesses a healing factor, able to naturally recover from injuries and act under great pain to a higher extent than normal humans can. She can lose up to 65% of her blood without fainting -- more compared to the 30~40% of a normal human -- and can handle even the loss of appendages and limbs and remain standing, albeit in screaming pain. Unless beheaded or utterly destroyed by something, she can even regrow a lost limb or organ within a week, or lost digits with a good night's sleep or two.

Power #2: Animal Senses - As a fox creature, Dana possesses senses that befit an animal like her. She can see in the dark as clear as day, albeit dimmed and unable to see in total darkness. She can hear things outside of humans' spectrum of hearing, able to hear things on a high or low frequency or even a whisper across a room. Oddly enough can triangulate to magnetic north due to her vulpine senses, though a strong magnetic field (electromagnetic or not) will throw this sense off. Despite animal-like vision and working whiskers, she has 20/20 vision.

Power #3: Enhanced Reflexes - Though her speed is only about that of a decent athlete -- still within normal human aptitudes -- Dana's reflexes are superhuman. She's able to literally dodge a bullet, let alone less-speedy projectiles and hazards. Anything moving close to the speed of light like a laser beam, or things she's unaware of, can still hit her as normal.

The Weaknesses

Weakness #1: Silver Allergy - As a supernatural being, even in a physical form, Dana has a notable allergy to silver. Like a werewolf, her skin will burn if she touches something silver without a layer of protection. Prolonged exposure  (at least six seconds) is toxic and paralytic to her, able to surpass her healing factor and potentially kill her as if a neurotoxin. Though she is known to keep silver bullets and throwing knives to deal with monsters, she must do so carefully to not harm herself in the process. She also refuses to reveal this weakness, lest her enemies take advantage of her own arsenal.

Weakness #2: Animal Weaknesses - Dana is colorblind like a dog, unable to distinguish reds, yellows and greens. Various foods like chocolate, onions and related vegetables, grapes and even citrus can also make her fairly sick. Oddly enough, she cannot get sick from alcohol nor caffeine as most non-human animals would be.

Weakness #3: Atavism - Due to her vulpine spirit nature, Dana's thinking is notably alien in some ways to humans. She has a severe phobia of dogs and wolves, and cannot help but trick other people when the opportunity arises. If she cannot keep this nature in check, she is known to run helpless screaming from canines, or will become dead-set on pulling a prank on someone and be oblivious to outside stimuli.

The Items

"Nunopda Nebula-5" Smartphone - Able to be linked to this Earth's satellites, Dana's cellphone pairs the functions of a modern smartphone with the chic of an early 2000s flip phone. It even has a set of polyphonic ringtones, and you know she'll set each of her allies to one unique tone each!

"BH-48" Plasma Pistol (and Accessories) - A prototype energy weapon devised by the United States Armed Forces for use in its classified Paranormal Investigation division. The weapon was under controlled use roughly a year before the end of the world in 2055.

One problem that laser weapons faced against the various monsters of Dana's pre-apocalypse Earth, let alone conventional arms, was the fact that plenty of menaces were resilient to basic weapons. Rather than use a military-grade power cell to power a beam, the BH-48 taps into specialized cells that use aether in its plasma state as the projectile.

Not only does this allow for plasma weaponry to be used safely in Earth's atmosphere without fizzling out, but the results are devastating. Not only does a near-miss result in second-degree burns, but a direct blast causes third-to-fourth-degree searing of flesh and bone alike. What's more, an uncommon yet unsettling result of ethereal plasma fire is the "liquefication" of living tissue. Or rather, its conversion into ectoplasm, a gooey liquid state of the aether in Dana's universe. At its mildest, this "melting" can intensify existing damage. At worst, it reduces a target to a pile of baked bones within a puddle of semi-translucent mauve goo.

This blaster is a semi-automatic pistol, roughly the size of a Glock handgun, and is made of composite materials with no moving internal parts. It is highly reliable, and easy to repair (if one knows how it works). If fired too rapidly -- usually upon firing at least five shots consecutively, for instance -- the weapon will overheat but will vent steam from its barrel to compensate. Other than the noise of a muffled electrical jolt and the smell of ozone, it's fairly quiet... up until a plasma bolt hits something of notable mass (at least 1 lb / .4 kg), in which case the violet-blue plasma bolt bursts with the noise of a whipcrack.

Dana possesses three power cells for the weapon, each holding enough energy for ten shots each. Each power cell can be plugged in with a specialized charger, which can be plugged into a wall socket or used with solar charging. Both methods restore one charge of shots for every two hours of charging.

Silver-Plated Throwing Knives - Four utilitarian throwing knives of about seven inches, plated with silver and wrapped with paracord. Dana is able to throw them with ease, but must do so carefully to not touch the metal itself (see Weakness #1). They hold their edge surprisingly well, allegedly laser-sharpened.

Mono Knife - A ten-inch, clipped-point and durable hunting knife with a fixed blade and saw-teeth down a quarter of the spine. The blade allegedly has a mono-molecular edge that could last one-hundred years... at least that's what the old packaging said. Beyond a sales pitch, the metal is an advanced one that is quite sharp, could gouge steel without edge damage, and holds its shape even when superheated which, of course, Dana found out by blasting her knife to cauterize wounds before.

9mm Snubnose Revolver - A more conventional weapon of Dana's, this small six-round revolver is chambered for for 9mm rounds, commonly found both before and after her Earth's apocalypse. She is known to commission or pack her own silver bullets from time to time, taking caution not to touch such a metal anathema (see Weakness #1).

The Minions

Not applicable.

The Fluff

Combat Training - To a military level, Dana knows how to use and maintain a variety of firearms both ballistic and energy-based. Despite her ropey arm muscles she enjoys semi-automatic weapons with a kick like heavy pistols and shotguns, but can also handle full-auto weapons and, if need be, long-ranged rifles. Her usual fighting style with guns is usually up-close and active (think Doom gameplay), only using cover and guerilla fighting if in a firefight against a crowd. She is also a decent brawler with fists, knives and batons.

Software Skills - Dana knows the basics of programming, security and other digital software bits. She's able to hack basic systems or diagnose problems, let alone having a black belt at Google Fu.

Lockpicking - With lockpicks or with even a paperclip (or bobby pin), Dana can jimmy open most conventional locking mechanisms. Electronic locks may still thwart her without proper devices.

Survivalist - Dana is a skilled hunter by instinct, even from childhood. She can track and ambush prey, set traps, forage for food and water, build shelter and other methods of roughing it.

First Aid - Though not to surgical levels, Dana knows the basics of first aid like a combat medic. She can provide life-saving procedures in a pitch, given the right supplies and proper cover and time.

The RP Sample

Investigating this building was a mistake. It was vacant of monstrous vermin for a reason. Seems she found what had broken the servitor bot on the ground floor.

The species of that Scooby-Doo freak eluded her. It didn't react to getting stabbed by her survival knife, and that face...! Those hollow eye holes, that gaping maw! She'd seen an old Halloween mask like this freak, but something about its gangling movements and withered skin just felt wrong. No ichor stained her blade as she fled for her life. If she didn't know any better, Dana was sure that staring at that thing long enough would've given her a heart attack!

She made too much noise when she pinned herself to the wall. Lingering fusion energy in the building dimly powered those fluorescent fixtures above. The monster -- right, a 'bodak'-- was jerkily running her way from the stairwell. Her pistol shook in her hand, warmed above her head and ready to fry the fiend. Though her memory was fleeting at best, her father taught her some rather military tricks. Maybe he picked it up from those rangers, one who also slew monsters both arcane and human. In turn, they must've picked up the technique from cops back when. Something called the Tueller Drill.

Two seconds; twenty feet. That's how fast a skilled assailant with a knife could lunge. That's how fast she'd have to turn the corner and open fire. Technically a second-and-a-half, but good luck counting half-seconds. Center mass, avert her eyes, and don't let it get close. If that terror had any guts left, they'd slough onto the floor as a sickening, mauve-stained mess. If not, the thing would indeed be fried. Or burned to smoldering cinders. But that didn't matter. She could hear its dried-up feet slapping against the floor. It found her.

"One Mississippi..."

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Dana Cooper / Apocalypse Fox Empty Re: Dana Cooper / Apocalypse Fox

Post by Nate6595 June 20th 2021, 8:58 pm

Approved and moved!
As I said note, this is one of the cleaner, best-written sheets I've seen! Very nice! I look forward to to threading with ya in the future, my friend!
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