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Jonathan Van Houten/The Dreamer

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Jonathan Van Houten/The Dreamer Empty Jonathan Van Houten/The Dreamer

Post by Jotan June 17th 2021, 3:13 pm

The Dreamer

"My Dreams are not Nightmares, not at all. My Dreams are beauty in it’s purest form. That is my task. To preserve beauty and protect it from the Chaos of Nightmares. And I will do anything for that."

The Bio

Real Name: Jonathan van Houten
Hero Name:The Dreamer
Title: He Who Sleeps, He who fights with his eyes closed
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human with Dream Connection
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 1,5 metres
Weight: 63 kilograms
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Jonathan is noticeably short and slender, being classified as a ‘runt’ by most people he ever met. This build came in handy for him, it’s agility enabling him to pull of stunts that would fail with a heavier frame. He is described as having an otherworldly look on his face, as if he is permanently daydreaming. He has green, hazy eyes and black hair, in which he dyes a bright blue streak.

The Personality

Jonathan is always somewhat absent, with a strong tendency to daydream. He loves nature and enjoys everything he deems ‘beautiful’, which ranges from minimalistic paintings to the running of a horse. He is slow and wary to make friends, but builds a strong bond with them when he does. Still, he prefers to do his work solo, and has a hard time asking for help. He also has a deep friendship with his horse, Diamant, a black mare with a diamond-shaped marking on her shoulder.

Jonathan, having been fed up in a circus, can be a little vain and extravagant at times. He is a showman who knows how to play with the public, and doesn’t like boundaries. He often states that he is ‘free’.

The Story

Jonathan was born to unknown biological parents, who rejected him for equally unknown reasons. He was adopted by Andreas van Houten, a circus director. He grew up with Andreas and his daughter, Edel van Houten, who was born around the same time as he was. They grew up in the circus, travelling and acting from a very young age. At age seven, they devised their own act, which was called the Chronicles of Night and Day. It was a complex combination of acrobatics, horseback stunts and choreography. It soon became a succes, and was widely spoken of.
It changed when Andreas retired at age 67. The little family left the circus to Andreas’s successor and settled in the Belgian city of Turnhout. It was during these times that Jonathan started having very intense and vivid dreams. He couldn’t figure them out, and intensely studied literature on the subject for a while. After reading a vague journal about the ‘Dream Dimension’ and it’s ‘Connections’ he decided it was his best bet. During his following dream, he confronted the Dimension, and got answer in form of a humanoid creature calling itself the ‘Weaver of Dreams’. It explained the Dream Dimension, it’s goals of protecting beauty, it’s ambassadors on Earth called the ‘Dreamers’ and the fact that the last one had perished. It explained that Jonathan had been found worthy of being her successor. Initially, Jonathan was skeptic. It seemed to strange to be true. But a few days later he had a massive turn of demeanour, when he discovered he stayed conscious while sleeping. He started experimenting with the other powers the Weaver had described. It did not take long to discover it was true. He picked up the tasks of the Dreamer, creating a suit and an identity to protect beauty from chaos.

The Powers

clairvoyance: The Dreamer uses a level of clairvoyance to fight while sleeping. While not able too see the future, he can read minds, sense the surroundings and has full access to all information in the mind of all others.

illusion-control: Dreamer can effortlessly create any illusion he can think of, with it being completely faultless and unrecognisable as an illusion. It is not limited to sight, but to all senses, including infrared and other senses humans don’t have. It is even possible to climb said illusion.

The Weaknesses

psychic powers: any individual who has psychic powers can short-circuit the illusion powers and clairvoyance, rendering Dreamer powerless.

sleep: Dreamer’s powers are limited to the times he sleeps. He can only use them if he’s asleep, and though waking him up is neer impossible, it is always useful to strike at day. Jonathan has been experimenting with sleeping pills, but has had little succes yet.

The Items


The Minions

Diamant, a black mare who is his main means of transportation

The Fluff


The RP Sample

The Dreamer rode through the streets, standing straight and stock-still on the back of his horse, not moving. He had spread his arms wide, as wings, to maintain his balance. He had picked up faint thoughts of chaos and destruction. Even now he felt them pressing against his thoughts, buzzing silently. He tapped Diamant’s back with his foot, directing her towards the dark sensations.

After a while, he directed his horse to stop. He slid of, and walked by himself for the last few streets. His face highlighted by street fires, he looked upon the sight in front of him. A crowd, yelling and making a lot of noise. They were throwing stones, and setting flame to various cars. He shook his head, dissatisfied. How could humans be this…ignorant! He thought for several moments, before a dreamy smile reached his face. He focused. Suddenly the crowd stopped everything, looking in awe at one point, next to a flaming garbage can. To them, a huge explosion of colours, light and music had just taken place. A spectacular show took place, blinding the onlookers. The colours gathered into a figure, and the music formed a voice. The crowd scattered, running in several directions, riot forgotten. The Dreamer  smiled. Problem solved. Superheroing was going wel so far!

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