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Damen Nash Thatcher

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Damen Nash Thatcher  Empty Damen Nash Thatcher

Post by Umbra June 12th 2021, 1:06 am

Damen Nash Thatcher

"The Beast"

The Bio

Real Name: Damen Nash Thatcher
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: Umbra Beast
Title: Beast
Alignment: Nuetral
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11
Weight: 200lb
Blood type: OB

The Looks

Nash is a rather plain looking man  rather rough to be precise, he was a soldier in the U.S. marine's following a lengthy career as a contract mercenary. The man is scared to say the least his face has been battered and bruised many times his left ear is coliflowered, his brown eyes have been torn so many times they droop a little. He has black hair that he keeps cropped short. He possesses a wide jaw and wide cheeks giving him a square look. A bull neck is supported by a wide set of shoulders framing a barrel chest  above a rippling  set of abs. The rest of him is just as impressive. Normally he dresses in plain cloths designed to blend in, however on the job he wears full battle rattle or at least he did until....

The Umbra Beast
At the first stage Umbra reaches thru and reveals itself by shrouding the hosts head in ethereal shadow, the darkness slithers out from the eyes first covering the skin in black and flying out behind the host. Sounds impressive but looks like Nash is wearing a hood with a long bowtie. His eyes start glowing yellow.
Stage two
Umbra Beast covers the hosts whole body, at stage two, his hands grow into long fingered claws and he grows long pointed ears that start off thick behind his head and tapor to points, they stand about eight inches high. Nash can no longer speak in this form his words come out as feral growls. He has a angular Leith appearance with overly long limbs.
Stage three
The Umbra beast comes out in full  now the form stays the same he just sprouts wings and his arms drag on the ground.

The Personality

Nash considered himself to be an opportunist growing up he took what came to him and attempted to climb out of the poverty he had become accustomed to. In the marines he found he could he could not excuse any action. The killing of children was off the table and women always put him in a fowl mood  so he stopped early on in his career. Otherwise he relished the combat , a true test of wills hunter v.s. hunter. True fights to the death. As time went on he started to reject his orders that solved little except fuel a war of politics. This, over time gave him a distaste for his superiors at least those that disserved his wrath.   Once out of the marines his killing days started to dwindle and he fell in love tried to think about having kids and what that would mean for a killer like him to marry Elain. One day they had a child Vivien was her name. They were happy for about two years, these two years were the best of his life. Until...

He swore an oath that day, Evil beware for Damen Nash is coming for you.
In his spare time, when not avenging evil doers  Nash enjoys working out long hikes in the wilderness, weeks at a time even, and attending any martial arts tournament he can, also polishing his skills with gun and bow. Until...  
The Story

Damen Nash Thatcher
Born 1993 in the Montana wilderness

As a child Nash was distinct in the simple act of being capable, in almost any facet he attempted to apply himself, though a little socially awkward. Except for the practical skills like reading and writing , which he was completely lame in. His mother and father were fairly typical the father was a bank teller and his mother a chef at a local diner. They were not abusive but could only provide a meager income this way living in Montana. His mothers name was Helen Thatcher the most notable thing she taught Nash, was shooting and carving. His father Nathan Thatcher could only show young Nash the value of money. School was a constant battle for young Nash, until he was known as the town Bear, some time in sophomore year  Nash began filling out. This provided him with a bit of respect and the fights came less frequent. Not knowing what to do with his life Nash felt that his skills and talents could only be valuable to the military. SO when he turned eighteen and graduated high school off to the Marines he went.

The Marines, we will say that he was deployed to a joint operation branch coupled with the CIA that left all he was and is classified.

Nash was deployed to Base Camp Pendleton, he did he three years with no real action. Seeking glory he was rewarded with an opportunity to develop in a small Independent group called Durendahl. They did special research projects that were highly classified. Code Green. This career gave him many opportunities for action, Operation HighDive, Operation Hual, Operation CloudTop, Operation Metharad.  

Nash was on assignment. A drug lord in Turkey had contracted him as local security, the environment was in turmoil and guaranteed he would get some action. One day while the sun was high in the sky Nash and his security detail were attacked at the western perimeter. It was a brutal fight that turned into  a house to house sweep, it happened then. The umbra beast came forth from within him as he stood over a man who had tried to shoot him.
"Finish him" a voice hissed "Feel his life flow thru you". Nash froze the voice having sent a chill down his spine, and a cold sweat sprang out over his skin. Nash stepped away from the man. The first he let go. "NNNoOOO" the voice demanded and a will pressed in on his mind, "hhhheee escapes" the lond drawn out words distracted Nash long enough for the force to snare him. He watched as he changed, like an outsider to his own mind he watched the thing ravage the village outside the compound.  He watched the death from a viewers perspective , the experience  humbled him in a way he could not have fathomed, as the Beast ran out into the country side to kill goats and shepherds. Nash hoped that the sun would dispel the curse to no luck. He spent three days desperately attempting to  regain control, as the beast ran it grew wings and flew to china over several day's. When it landed Nash attempted to regain control and he succeeded.  

In a sorrowful stupor Nash wondered the wilderness avoiding people  doing his best to control this new aspect of himself. One day he found a small town begging, he began to make friends and learn the local language . It took nine months but over that time he became a local he owned a home and met a woman named Elain, a Chinees European decent, she at least spoke some English when they met. Two months later she moved in with him, Elain not being so traditional didnt want to marry right away. Nash was fine with that.  They did marry ten months later while Elain was bulging with seven months of pregnancy. Nash could not have been happier, his joy was truly boundless, which was why when the men attacked his home while he was shopping it destroyed him. They had come to find him and take him into custody and seek a ransom reward. Not finding him they slaughtered everyone within the home. Nash came to a bloody mess, his wails could be heard throughout the town, and he turned not into the Umbra Beast for he had control, but the beast grinned within him, watched through his eyes and tasted his fury.

The Umbra hulk has come, hide
For the Umbra hulk has come, hide
with claws and teeth, you can not beat,
For the Umbra hulk, will not skulk
the hulk, the hulk....

The Umbra is a being of of vast power and conscience, it lives thru a medium, Umbra craves life, so he chooses three, these three represent a different face, The Beast, The Gift, The Trickster
each representation takes on the aspect of its name. Umbra seeks life and understanding, knowledge and power. It has always been. It always will be. It exists within the void. Each aspect is only a small tendril of Umbra.    
The Powers

Aspect of the Umbra, Beast
The beast grants strength and dexterity, nimbleness and grace.
The greatest gift of the beast is the ability to manipulate Umbra and the form it takes.
Power 1
Umbra Stregnth
Super strength, Umbra courses thru his veins this power is a passive boost.
Power 2
Phase 1
Umbra Vision
Vision is provided by the vibrations in the air and ground creating a 360 degree composite image. This power must be evoked, Nash must allow umbra to encase his head. It shrouds his head in darkness with a long tie of billowing energy that floats on the breeze, if there is no breeze it forms a fog around him.
Power 3
Phase 2
Umbra Union
Umbra is a dimensional force, when evoked at first it comes thru Nashes third eye, a dark energy that covers his skin and grants him unique powers.
Umbra covers the entire body Blacker than night Nashes skin seems to eat light, this gives him resistance equal to his ability. This also alows Nash to change Umbras imprint in this dimension, changing the shape and function of Umbra. Anything as long as the object Umbra forms is analog in nature. So a Bow, but not a Gun, A sword but not a chainsaw.  Like his form these objects are as strong as his ability. Flexible objects are no problem, muscles, no problem. No gunpowder, no water, no chemicals. These objects are attached to him. He can  cast things like arrows, but it takes life force and weakens him, this also amplifier's his ranged attacks.

Power 4
Phase 3
Umbra Demon
Wings spring from Nashes back granting flight.  

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1
Umbra Dominion
Every encounter runs the risk of allowing Umbra to seize complete control, the start of each encounter  (the player will roll 2 D10's), if Nash triggers phase two willfully, or if Nash is nocked unconscious, or if he triggers phase 3.
Phase 2 - 15%
Phase 3 - 30%
In the event of Umbra taking control, Umbra will seize the opportunity and attack anything that moves this is the Beast a gregarious creature that seeks to understand life thru death. Once per hour umbra will roll to lose control 50% - 10% per hr.  

Weakness 2
Multiple personalities
Umbra is within him constantly adding commentary to Nashes life, he can be rather vulgar and persuasive.

Weakness 3
PTSD simply put nash has triggers  that cause him to have panic attacks.
Triggers like  explosions, gun shots, being shouted at E.T.C.
These triggers cause a panic attack the first time the second time Umbra attempts to take control 10% chance.

Weakness 4
Nash has a gambling addiction if and or when the opportunity arises  he must bet, once per day in game, Nash must create a  situation to gamble on.  
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The umbra powers when active create an aura of darkness that makes it difficult to look at it, to define any features, a natural camouflage.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

-My DeviantArt-

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Damen Nash Thatcher  Empty Re: Damen Nash Thatcher

Post by Umbra June 14th 2021, 11:50 pm

For those who will look, my weakness, can I count it as more than one considering the nature of it?

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Damen Nash Thatcher  Empty Re: Damen Nash Thatcher

Post by Umbra June 17th 2021, 12:06 am

one thing I have not included with my character is my brother and I were supposed to create characters together but that my not happen. Will there be people I can roleplay with this character? and if my brother does make a character can I add him into Nashes background?

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Damen Nash Thatcher  Empty Re: Damen Nash Thatcher

Post by Chellizard June 17th 2021, 11:03 pm

Umbra wrote:For those who will look, my weakness, can I count it as more than one considering the nature of it?

Umbra wrote:one thing I have not included with my character is my brother and I were supposed to create characters together but that my not happen. Will there be people I can roleplay with this character? and if my brother does make a character can I add him into Nashes background?  

As this is a play by post forum, rolling dice cannot be considered a plausible way to quantify a weakness. SHRP does not plan on including dice rolls to our system. As per our rules, it is 1 weakness to 1 power for player characters.

As for your brother, I would suggest creating the character as an NPC. In that regard, keep in mind an NPC's powers are 2 weaknesses per 1 power. And then if your brother decides to play, the character is all ready pre-existing and can be easily transitioned into a player character for him to write as in the future, once approved.

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