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Things lost, found and gained (Sammy Advancement Story)

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Contest Things lost, found and gained (Sammy Advancement Story)

Post by Samael Christensen June 11th 2021, 8:10 am

Character Advancement Name: Partial Demonic Awakening

Character Advancement Description: By tapping into a part of the demonic essence within him without fully giving over, Samael can manifest certain aspects of his true demonic power. This power is multifaceted and covers mor than just the fact that he can make certain parts of his body take on the form of his true demon form.

Advancement Power(s): This transformation allows Samael to take on a single aspect of his demonic form. He could for example turn an arm or arms into those of his demonic form, conferring to him the strength that comes with that form as well as exceptionally durable arms. He could also gain the swiftness of that form, either through gaining its wings or letting his legs become approximately the same as those of his demonic visage. Some aspects don’t force a physical change within him, though he still gains power by doing so. Such as his shadow abilities becoming more potent. Capable of controlling vaster quantities of shadows or even increasing their overall destructive capacity as well as potentially increasing his regenerative ability. If his demonic form has an ability or part of it, he can take on any one of those aspects at the magnitude is present within that form but retain his reason while doing so.

Character Advancement Weakness(es):

  • A major weakness of this ability, especially for physical aspects such as his legs or arms is that the rest of his body is not built for using enhanced strength. So, overdoing it can lead to things like breaking his legs or causing himself damage by moving too quick, especially if he runs into something.
  • Another weakness is when overusing this ability, or letting it last for too long means that his body when mortal again will be too tired again. This usually happens when he activates an aspect multiples times within the same time. If he uses an aspect three times within a twenty-four hours span, the fourth time will spell him either losing the strength or passing out once he turns it off.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 25 Exp

The room felt oddly stifling.

Samael could tell exactly what it was that made his chest feel tight and heart beat in an unsteady rhythm. The kind of beat that caused the two vampires to consider him with muted curiosity, Osiris more than Adam who sat silently with those tired looking eyes.  The older vampire just observed him, pure opposite to Adam who sat beside him. One was boyish looking, a little chubby in the face with dark brown hair and looking barely a man. Perhaps 19 when he was turned if he could guess, while Osiris was different.

He was tall, tanned and muscular in the way the ancient statue of a god might look. How the elder was able to hold onto a tan he didn’t know, but the man always looked bronzed when he met him. Osiris was dressed in usual semi-casual style with vest and black slacks while the other was dressed in what he could only assume was an expensive custom-tailored suit. They made him look quite casual by comparison, though their styles of dress were not what put him in such an uncomfortable position.

Last time Adam and he had been together on the same side it was facing a demon. Rather a demon of the fire spewing variety, which was not good for many reasons. Demons are typically immune to flames, however vampires were not, so that led to a few unfortunate assumptions about the vampire's life. After that they met on opposing sides thanks to the promises of a certain dealmaker known as Samhain, which left things all too awkward for both.

Their place of meeting was the private room of one of those upscale Vegas restaurants he was sure took months to book.  Where they threw around things like caviar, wagyu beef and the like for checks with an outrageous number of zeroes. The kind of price tag a king of the undead could easily pay for. That feeling of unease was not settled by the overpriced medium rare steak and bottle of what he assumed was expensive as well as old wine set before him.

Osiris half assed nothing.

Interlacing his fingers together, Samael removed his thick rimmed black sunglasses and set them aside. Gazing at them with the black pits he called eyes alight with curiosity. Swallowing just enough to push that burgeoning anxiety down like rank bile. ”Must be pretty important to call for outside help like this,” He questioned, single brow quirking. Despite his apprehension, it was rare for essentially The King of Vampires in North America to come to him for help.

This drew an amused smile from the vampire. Reaching for a glass of viscous dark red fluid and taking a generous sip. ”Even when it seems like we have a closer relationship you always act so formal,”

”I’m still a kind of mercenary Osiris. I tend to work with people I’m sure even you might find objectionable,” Accusatory eyes bore into him from a different angle, though he managed to ignore them for the most part.

”Do you?” He seemed to grow thoughtful about the statement, followed by a shrug. ”No one I’m inherently against. I’ve heard about a few of your jobs, especially one involving an excess of imp corpses. That was a fine mess,”

Was he mocking him or just teasing him? ”Stupid creatures. Don’t seem to even care about killing their own kind. Makes them easy to take down,” Samael didn’t sound regretful in the least, eyeing the overly expensive glass of wine that had been offered him. Only sipping at it out of obligation. It tasted sweet. ”enough about my past exploits. Despite how I’m sure they might interest you,” He pushed through the veil of false formalities to get to the heart of the matter.

”Straight to business then.” He reached under the table and produced manilla folder. The ancients’ favorite means of getting information across.  Sliding it across the table with a flick of the wrist and telekinetic might. ”across the country our kind have been coming up dead. Well, I suppose more dead than they already were.” There was humor coloring his voice despite the serious intent within his eyes.

”Interesting but I wonder how this would include me,” He stated, flipping through the collected files compiled within the folder. Most were young vampires with a habit of sloppy predation on humans. They lived in big cities, ones where their killings might have gone unnoticed or mistaken for a serial killer if they played their cards right. ”vampires tend to keep to themselves when they get killed like this. Remember something like this happening when The Spanish Inquisition was in full swing,”

His attention went up from the files to the vampire whose expression had not changed. ”Normally we could deal with our own problems but this is a little different. Look at the pictures. I’m sure they’re somewhere in there,”

Acknowledging what the vampire said he dug through until he found a few photographs. Antiquated as the concept was, they were useful information. A couple portraying thick piles of black ashes, black grease smearing across walls and floors in humanoid shapes. Some had arms raised in defense and others had what he could only assume was the appearance of someone still sleeping when they were struck but he didn’t know by what. Just looking gave him little information but it was enough to unnerve the cambion.

”Only seen damage like this from being exposed to the sun.” Already he’d switch to his professional mindset, analyzing all he could about the pictures.  ”don’t see the issue here,” He licked his dry lips and looked back up after what felt like a few seconds.

”The issue here as it were is the fact all of these remains were found in places where the sunlight should not have been able to reach. I know ultraviolet lights exist but they leave a certain distinct trace behind,” As if reading his mind the ancient vampire reached across the table and grasped one of the pictures. ”For example this one was taken in a bunker a good mile below the ground. Impossible for the sun to reach that deep with as many doors and gates exist,”

Pieces were coming together but also more questions arose with them. ”So that leaves us with a metahuman with a grudge, a mage or something with celestial powers,” He finally said, working through which it could be with such limited information. ”The first two I could deal with rather easily but the last one might be a little difficult. You know how me and angels mix, right?”

”I know how you function. Demons tend to not mix well with holy powers. I’ve seen them burnt to bubbling puddles from an angry angel smiting them.” There was doubt he’d seen that kind of thing. ”I wouldn’t want that to happen to you. It’d be…unfortunate,” Was he genuine now? Samael couldn’t tell, though he smiled and nodded along anyhow.

”I assume the pay will be worth the potential risk.” He cut to the heart of the matter, finally cutting into his steak which was still warm despite the lack of eating beforehand. It tasted damn good, though he didn’t make any audible shows of that fact. ”you know my usual rate. Just tack on 50% and we should be good,” His eyes scanned the others face for any changes but none showed up.

”That will be fine.”

”And I need to be able to look over the latest scene. See if there’s any residual magical energy or whatever,” he added that off handed, making sure he had all the information he could. Didn’t need the vampires thinking he was just giving them the bare minimum. ”think you can do that?”

Osiris nodded. ”I can make that happen. I’ll make sure one of my people can get that done, ” Without even saying anything else, he rose from his seat once the wine glass was drained dry. ”I have a few things I need to get done tonight. Adam, could you help Samael out. I know you two have history,” Was he being sarcastic or serious? Even now he couldn’t tell, beyond the faint playfulness that always colored his voice.

”Alright then,” The younger looking vampire finally spoke, having not touched his own glass. The scent of blood still hung on the hair, and he imagined the type in the glass was on its way to coagulating. In the span of a second Osiris was gone with a faint breeze blowing the tablecloth.

That left the two of them alone once again. Samael looking around as if that would remove him from this awkward situation but all he saw when looking back were those eyes bearing unspoken questions. ”So how’s Lily? She doing well?” He questioned awkwardly,  feeling the burning irritation of a blush creeping up along his neck.

”She’s fine. Been telling me you’ve asked for her help recently. Something about using her as a portal service,” His tone wasn’t accusatory but something told him there was more to it. The vampire rose to his feet, motioning for the cambion to follow suit. ”the site isn’t too far from here. Might be able to find something if you move quickly,”

”Good to know nothing’s changed there,” Samael muttered to himself, knowing he would be heard regardless.  The two of them stepped into an elevator as it jerked to life and took them down to the bottom floor. Rife with staff and various other people. That stifled feeling didn’t leave when he did and even as the two of them walked through the streets to one of Osiris’ many expensive looking black cars he couldn’t help the feeling that something was changed between them that never would be mended.

Even still the words he wanted to speak couldn’t come. They remained silent.


The trip was silent with Samael staring out the window and Adam driving through the busy streets, skin looking taught across his knuckles. Tension or perhaps sheer concentration on the task itself. This travel eventually led them to a simple looking two story building nondescript enough that anyone who knew anything could see it being owned by a vampire.  It was on the rougher side of town, but no one seemed to go near it. Likely some kind of rumors surrounding it or magic set about to keep mortals from noticing. Pay the right mage and a veil could be put over anything.

All he knew was it was owned by a vampire at some point. ”Pretty on brand for an old blood sucker,” Samael said to break the uncomfortable tension between them. From here all he could smell was the scent of city pollution and something else he couldn’t place. It was the kind of faint, high scent that burned his nostrils and left his eyes tearing up.

”If some had their way they’d be holed up in medieval castles. Not exactly something you can do in the middles of the city. Well, maybe with enough money but not here,” That was perhaps the longest sentence he said to him without directly talking about the mission. Well, for a while anyhow.

The vampire was standing beside him, arms crossed over his chest. It was obvious now he was the shorter one of the two, though he cut a slightly wider figure. ”I have the code to disable the security. Don’t know how Osiris got this but…well I guess he has his ways,” Adam produced a small paper card from his vest pocket and extended it towards Samael. His skin felt deathly cold when their fingers brushed, and he took the card itself.

”Well at least he kept the security modern,” Samael slipped the card into one of his jacket pockets, and turned to look the building over. Already aware the vampire was gone. A low, hissing breath hissing through his lips.

Irritation and perhaps more building up within his mind. What happened when he allowed the demonic essence to build up from too much use. Those violent impulses better left ignored.

”Better get this started then,” With that said he approached the building, walking through the front door into a mostly empty entrance room. Meant to look like a normal home; living room visible after a few steps forward. Marble counter tops, middling grade furniture and even a television though the screen was shattered for some reason.

Moving across the room he examined the screen. Cracks spiderwebbing outwards from what he assumed was a point of impact, leaning closer and catching the faint scent of blood. That only brought about more questions, though nothing his sharp sense of smell could answer. Too many questions and not enough answers. Faint city sounds were the only thing audible for now, leaving him on edge for reasons yet unknown.

Thoughts that rose from the depths of his mind and plagued him as he moved through the living space. Footsteps human ears would need to strain to hear yet came to his own with painful ease. This was the human front after all, where the vampire would have met with mortals. Either for business or many reasons a blood drinking immortal might have for their prey. Accessing hidden passageways would have been difficult for someone not versed in these spaces but he had run with enough vampires to know how they functioned.

Bookshelves with hidden depressions, keypads hidden within the wall and many other things were the most common. Scanning over the wall at the back end of the home, he noted. What appeared to be a seam within the wall, barely noticeable but he could see it. No matter how dark the room was, his eyes were able to pierce the darkest of shadows. Awkwardly swallowing, he approached that seam and felt over it with the flat of his palm.

It wasn’t pressure activated, which meant he couldn’t open things just by pressing in the right place. Perhaps the vampire was old enough to make use of others concept. Going with that, his fingernails began to blacken and contort until they resembled bird claws more than human fingers. Sheering through the walling and peeling away a panel with minimal effort.

There set the keypad letting off a cyan glow from the screen with the numbers illuminated in the same color. Entering the code from the card in his jacket pocket, an unseen space within the wall slid upwards to reveal an elevator. How much money did someone need to make something like this? The Cambion didn’t want to think of it, instead narrowing his eyes and stepping through the entrance way of the elevator.

No matter how many he rode in, the thought of it falling managed to creep into his mind. All it would take was the cable holding the metal death box up to snap. All it would take was that and he would find himself falling, and likely crushed within. Morbid thoughts which happened to be just some of many he wrestled with. These thoughts only broke when alien footsteps sounded off behind him.

Thought didn’t factor into his next actions. Whipping around with hand reaching for the dagger hidden within his coat. That was enough time to realize he was sailing through the air, slamming into the back of the elevator.

Immense pain was his first sensation, likely signs of damaged ribs and if he were unlucky enough even his spine.  He could taste copper, a harsh taste and scent overwhelming his senses. Sight beginning to blur into unfamiliar darkness.


The elevator was going down, but he didn’t recall pressing any of the buttons. Existence had become quick agony, even breathing felt an impossibility. Frenzied blips of thought about dying came into his mind, quick to fade along with his consciousness.  

That darkness lasted for what felt like seconds. Sensation returning to the dim lit elevator with closed door. Metal, and sharp scent of blood dominating the space. Samael rose to his feet, feeling the strength within his legs slowly returning. Enough to keep his weak feeling body upright for now. Enough to look down and see the massive hole within his shirt, revealing agitated red flesh and a scar being repaired by wisp like tendrils of shadow.

Something had punched through him and it was no ordinary creature. It was also enough to ruin one of his favorite shirts. Fabric now sticking to his flesh thanks to sticky, and quickly coagulating black blood.  ”F..f..u…fu…fuck that hurts,” Each attempt to speak was interrupted by him coughing up blood until he was able to finish his own curse. Stumbling forward and falling to his knees. ”knowing my luck whatever punched me is following me now,”

Did Osiris know what they were dealing with? Strong enough to punch him clean through was nothing mundane.

Radio static cut through the ominous silence. “Attention, Attention. I’ve decided to play a little game with you. ” A voice cut through the silence on what he now could tell were loudspeakers. “In about a minute or two a common nuisance of yours will be arriving and he’ll know exactly where to find you.  You’re a good few hundred meters below the earth, and we both know you can’t dig through rock that thick. If you want to survive, well I’m sure you can guess what you have to do,”

This voice was male, though strained through a voice filter. Was it a human playing games with him or something else. ”Don’t know who you think you are but I don’t like being fucked around like this,” Samael spat, voice strained but loud enough to catch the person on the other sides attention.

“I’d save my threats for the one coming to kill you. He’s been looking hard for information, so it was pretty easy to point him in your direction.” Looking around the hallway that extended outwards looked rather bland. White walls with white tiling, with just the bare minimum of color to keep it from being a blinding void. Artificial lights were engaged, which was likely thanks to whoever this sadistic asshole was.

””Fuckin great,

”I’ll even save you some time, that same nuisance killed your vampires. Won’t tattle on them for why but that’s some hints. Now run little rat, he’s almost here.”

”You’re going to regret this,”

No response. Didn’t sound like he was going to get the satisfaction of some banter. Which meant he had to get moving before whoever it was chasing him got here. For whatever reason he chose to sit still and make conversation with some unknown asshole.

Removing the blood red crystal stylus from his left pocket, he rolled up both sleeves and scrawled burning runes into his flesh. One which replenished his blood and the other which sped up the remaining healing his body needed to do. Bones not finished repairing were fine and even his lungs which had been burning with any breath.  Anything to give him even the most minor advantage in a potential fight.

This self-repair couldn’t come quick enough, however. When the sound of metal denting drew his attention behind him. Flecks of elevator ceiling had begun drifting down and made him realize had bad things really were. He kicked forward and  took off into a mad dash forward, white walls and floors becoming a blur as the cambion turned around a corner.

Shredding metal and what he assumed was grinding gears echoed down the hallway. The mental image was enough to keep him going, though he just didn’t want to be here to see what was chasing him. Afterall this was a song and dance performed many times before.

Nathaniel.  He was a Nephilim who had decided that him specifically needed to die. Likely that had to happen on the end of his weird, angelic weapon and probably with holy fire thrown into the mix. None of these things sounded appealing to him, so he wasn’t going to stay around to let it happen. For whatever reason that involved their whore of a mother his brother just thought he needed to die.

His own impressive speed carried him down the white corridors, each footfall painfully loud to his own preternatural ears. There had to be somewhere he could hide or at the very least gain some kind of advantage. Why the hell did this place have to be so white? Made his head ache just from looking. Did this vampire have a fetish for the color?

All overcomplicated thought ceased when another sound rose. Without even thinking he ducked his head as low as possible, throwing himself forward and hitting the ground. White crystal in the shape of a blade slashed where a neck once was, followed by the rest of a human form. Sliding past him and spinning around to face Samael.  Light gold feathered wings curled against a back which was wearing a simple white t-shirt. Had he gotten faster since when they last fought?

His impressive momentum was carrying the male forward and he slid a good ten feet forward before stopping.  There he stood, knuckles tight around a blade roughly shaped like a scimitar but composed entirely out of glowing crystal. Pulsing like a heartbeat.  One wouldn’t think they were unrelated, save for the fact both had similar facial features. His eyes were a luminous silver and hair a messy looking black. Lips splitting into a grimace, like a predator ready for the kill.

”So much for avoiding unwanted trouble,” He groaned, reaching for the rune marked dagger within his jacket. Quickly rising to his own feet in a fluid motion, keeping an eye out for any change within the Nephilim’s stand. ”I’d ask what you were doing here but something tells me it’s the same as always,”

This got a reaction from him, even if it were a glint of hostility from behind his eyes. ”Well it’s good to know you catch on quick.”

Of course, it was the same as always. His brother never just came to have a friendly chat. Now that would have been pleasant.

Nate stepped forward, strong foot slamming into the ground and cracking the material. Becoming a flurry of vengeance and righteous fury, turning their ten-foot gap into intimate fighting quarters. Lashing out with precision strikes which were only barely deflected by his dagger.  Pirouettes, overhead cleaves and anything else to destroy his guard until the dagger was flung from his hand and clattered along the floor. A few slashes had found purchase on him, though nothing deep enough to keep him from fighting yet.

Force along was enough to make his hand sting. The kick that followed and propelled him into the wall was enough to likely bruise something and hurt even more. It hurt like a bitch, and he just did not like it. Letting rage guide his next actions in the form of his black talons forming and lashing out. Raking across his shoulder and the edge of his blade with the second swipe being deftly parried.

Pushing all advantages, he had until he had pushed the young man a few feet back and was huffing like a tired dog. No, was h e tired already or had each small cut from the holy blade drained him?

”That’s more like it. You look like the demon you are,” His words held great resentment. Even still that didn’t prepare him for what happened next. This man was an angels son indeed.

The younger looking male raised his hands and a wall of brilliant gold flames rushed through the room with a resounding woosh. There was no shrugging this off. Even from this distance the heat felt terrible, which for a demon was not good.

Shadows however didn’t need thought to react, not truly. When light flickered, they reacted. Now was one of those times, his own shadow as well as others coming to protect. Shield of blackness broken apart by the rushing fire. Coming to him like the sharp pain that followed, leaving him lost within the sensation of pain. This was going rather different than normal. Usually, the space wasn’t closed enough for him to get a big hit like this off. Normally he wasn’t trapped in a spot like this.

Traps like this led to being thrown into the wall twice close together. Soon as injuries were healed, they were open again. Flames thrown in his face were bad enough for his eyes but these were the holy kind and brilliant as a golden sun. Samael wasn’t blind but he was practically so, only seeing blurred shapes.

Burning pain flared up across limbs, as well as even his torso which made thinking even tougher. Subconscious movements weren’t hampered, leading to removing the handgun from the holster hidden in his smoldering jacket and shooting forward.

Nathaniels blurry shape shifted, and the sound of small metal projectiles being sliced through echoed outwards. Not all were deflected he could hear, emptying the gun of ammunition managed to do that. ”Fucker can cut bullets now. Well looks like I’m screwed even worse now,” Muttered, pained words choked out between his teeth and  trying to push himself up.

”Stay the fuck back. Don’t have time for your shit, ” Footfalls were approaching him, steady and ominous. Echoing through his ears and bringing about a minor twitch of fear. Unrecognized that feeling of fear went, instead putting on the front of a cornered predator.

This uncertain feeling only lasted until something hit something hard with gratuitous impact. What was happening? Despite that unknown, he grasped for his stylus and scrawled a healing rune as best he could. His bodies burns would take longer, but his vision would clear up

”Well shit Samael. I knew he was strong, but you didn’t even last a few minutes. Now that is what I call boring,” When his blurred sight recovered, what he saw was a pale man standing over the now unconscious form of the Nephilim whose head was now bleeding streams of bright gold. This man was dressed like a shitty rocker. Black jeans, long messy hair and what he assumed was a jean jacket. Might have looked human if not for the horns jutting from his forehead and pitch-black eyes. He spoke with the kind of swagger of a nobleman, unbothered by all.


He had met the cambion once before. He was there when his father attacked his own foster parents, his true family. Then he stood in the background, looking bored with the concept of a Prince of Hell defeating a mage couple and their adopted children.  His presence alone showed he was the at time favorite of their shared father.

”Guess these angel spawn aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Our old man must have been spewing shit.” His boots echoed throughout the hallway, closer and closer with each step he took. ”he wasn’t lying about you though. Just too soft. If you’d made his own shadow attack him, he would’ve been dead. Instead, you held back. I wonder why that is,”

”Why the fuck do you care? Just sounds like another of my dads bastards coming to mess with me,”

Now that made his expression shift. Confident to annoyed. Now standing before him, he was in the perfect place to kick him, and he did. Slamming a steel-toed boot into his ribs. Bones crack in the same way he imagined dry wood did. Leaving the cambion coughing and sputtering like a drowning fish.

”Back then I wanted to see the failure. Now I wanted to see him in action. Fighting for every second of his worthless life against someone truly strong. He huffed. ” I wanted to see why despite being nothing compared to me and the others he still seems to think about you. I thought I’d save our family some time and prune the tree a little,”

His coughing fit continued, taking some time for his body to just recover from that blow delivered to him. ”You and Asmoday are annoyances to the rest of us. At least she has the excuse of being powerful but what do you have? An attitude? Snark that you just seem to spout ad nauseum?”

Now he was pacing. Forming a figure 8 on the floor with impatient motions. ”Well, here I am. Fifty percent of the problem is here and too weak to even fight me. Still, I must wonder why you haven’t killed this angel boy. What’s made you hold back when I know you have an idea of what kills his kind,”

Spinning on his heel, the man turned to the still unconscious Nathaniel. Smiling devilishly now that he did so. ”Maybe I’ll kill him first. We’re family after all, so I can give you this one thing before you die,” Malevolent ice worked through his tone and without even needing to look upon him he began walking.

It shouldn’t have affected him. Not this but Samael felt intense anger burning like fire within him. As if his heart; that section within his chest was legitimately on fire. Even still his ribs weren’t in that much pain anymore. All it took was a cough to eject the bit of blood from his mouth followed by words.


His voice was strangely sharp. It ripped through the room like thunder and drew his brother’s attention back to him. He was first surprised and then amused.

”No? You don’t want me to kill the whelp?” He laughed in a cruel way. ”I doubt you’d be able to count the many times he’s tried to kill you on your fingers. Are you really that weak and stupid?” he raged forward, likely a second from kicking him.

”Angels like him are our enemies! Ever since our kind have lived, they have done nothing more than slaughter us like sheep. It would be you that tries to go against killing one. Is this compassion or something else?”

Anger. That burning feeling rose with anger and felt like it consumed him completely. That heat spread. As if the angelic fire had leaked in through his skin and caught within.

Why did he want to save Nate? The guy had done nothing more than attempt to kill him multiple times, but he also heard of other things he had done. The supernatural world had heard it all. People he had saved, sometimes even vampires.  Humans, mages and all those that weren’t demonic.

What was wrong with him? These questions went through his mind, but his thoughts weren’t the most important. Instead, it was that burning that ripped through his chest and then dominant arm. It felt like the flesh of his right arm and hand were on fire, ripping and twisting in ways that hurt. It took everything to keep himself from yelling out in pain.

”Well if you won’t like this, it makes me want to kill him even more. Thanks for giving this whole killing thing some depth,”

That was all it took and his desire for violence broke like a dam.  Rising up his arm ripped forward, a twisted black limb with three taloned fingers wrapping around the man’s head and holding him in place. Strips of his demolished leather sleeve flapped around the limb and feathers grew from the visible black skin.

”What the he…” His curse was cut short by talons squeezing his head like a melon.

”I don’t give a shit what he is. Hell, he kills demons and that makes him fucking great to me,” His fingers gripped tighter around his head. ”I don’t care who you are or what you think we are but he’s my baby brother. If you try to hurt him, I’ll fucking kill you,”

Belial opened his mouth to speak but it was too slow. Mighty demon digits flexes and reduced his skull to a pulp of red, white and grey matter that dripped from his transformed hand.  He exhaled, feeling strings of spittle dripping from his chin.

The pain was gone now. Leaving him painted in blood as well as gore. This pain did not cease for long, crippling him even more than before. Falling face forward onto the floor to growl in agony. Footsteps were audible to him, but his consciousness was fading fast.

That sound went on until the black claimed him.

How long did it go on? When he awoke against the world around him was different. Bumping along, engine sound in the background and his head on something that felt rather comfortable. Looking down upon him was a familiar face.

”Adam?” A pale finger pressed against his lips.

”Not now.” he sighed the kind of sigh that came with a tired person. ”I have things I need to say to you, so no talking until after”

“I found you in the building but the whole thing was on fire. Don’t know why you’re burned so badly but…it’s troubling. You trouble me a lot you know?”

Did he? The idea managed to distress him more than he thought it would.

”Osiris wanted me to look after you. He said something about us being strange lately. He didn’t like the idea and I guess was trying to fix whatever was going on. Sounds like an ancient vampire not knowing his place if you ask me,”  Faint scratching could be felt through his scalp, as well as something displacing his hair. ”maybe he was right. It has been a while since we were in the same room together. When I saw that burning building I…”

His voice broke for a moment, leaving him able to hear sirens far in the distance. Was it the fire fighters or an unrelated crime? ”Maybe I wasn’t as over you as I thought. Sure, we didn’t really officially stop being but it felt like that. Life felt colder like that and…things weren’t going well anyhow. When you chose a side against me, with Samhain of all people I thought I’d lost you. One of the only people I think I might care about. Mystified by a man I’m sure only has the worst of intentions for everyone. I’d thought he’d done something to you because no other way you’d follow someone like that.”

All he felt was shame with that, as if the vampire were speaking the truth.  Because he wasn’t wrong. ”When I saw you sitting across from me there I didn’t know what to do. If there was anything I could do. I thought you’d lost your way but you…found your way back to me anyway. It sounds so stupid doesn’t it?”

Silence persisted for a minute after that. The finger he assumed was stroking his hair and twining the strands continued to make its motion.  He nuzzled his cheek against the leg holding him up, relishing the strange warmth of someone; even undead against him. A lonely part within him missed this closeness. It ached like a stab wound which would never heal.

Maybe it never would.

”Can I talk now?”

Adam looked almost amused by that. The chuckle that followed showed he could talk some. That his voice could be heard.

”Fine. I said what I needed to say.”

”I love you Adam Johnson. I’m sorry I made you worry about an idiot like me,” He laughed at that, both of them did. ”think there’d be a way you could forgive me?”

”Maybe one. Promise me you won’t make a stupid mistake like that again.”

”That all? I can do that and a lot more,” Despite his pain he smiled, genuinely even.

”I’ll hold you to it Sammy,”

He meant it. More than he had meant anything within his life that promise meant everything. Because in this moment it felt like it was the most important thing ever.
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