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INV ONLY Workshopped

Post by Nate6595 June 8th 2021, 3:39 am

As much as Wyatt hated to admit it, he was far from the strongest hero around. When it came to durability his bones were hallow. When it came to physical strength, well…his wings were strong and his talons sharp, but he didn’t have much stopping power. When it came to flying he was far from the fastest and could barely keep up with some of the speedsters in the world. His senses while improved also acted as a hinderance and thus the gear he had already made for himself. Overall, he wasn’t much of a hero as much as he acted and performed as one. Most fights, even with common street thugs had left him more bruised and beaten than the villain.

To make long matters short, as late as this came, he needed some way to upgrade himself. There wasn’t much he could physically other than train his wings. All that remained for him, really, was a tech-based improvement. The problem was he didn’t know where to take his crossbow other than some new arrow ideas, but he had to expand past that, he had to do something more than just firing arrows around. The roadblock was the question of “what?”. What could he do to make himself better? To be able to actually keep up with pro-heroes and the big villains.

The answer, or at least an option, had not come from where he expected. His mother had reached out to all branches of his family, searching far and wide for someone who could help. He had barely complained at all to his mother, it was more of a quick vent, but she ended up pulling through. Their uncle, local to England, had heard of a meta of sorts who lived out in the countryside who could do just the trick. His uncle was, of course, unsure if the man would take Wyatt’s request, but it was a lead and would at least be a break from heroing for a week or so.

So, after a quick flight over to England (on a plane, mind you), and an even quicker visit to his Uncle’s, something just to express his thanks and say hello, Wyatt was off to the location out in the countryside. He was, notably, foreign to the area and didn’t speak in common tones, but he seemed to get around just fine with his knowledge and previous visits here. It had taken him sometime, and this time a bit of wing-based flight, to rightly find this man’s workshop.

When he finally did find this workshop, he had landed quietly and during midday. He wasn’t sure the right way to approach, he hadn’t made an appointment and had no idea what kind of man this person was. After taking a few moments to actually muster up the confidence to approach, Wyatt walked over to the front door and began to knock gently on it, hoping it’d be enough to get the worker’s attention. “Uhhh…excuse me?” He tried calling out, “My name is uh…” Well, he was still in costume, so it’d be best not to go by normal street names. “Who! I’m a hero from America and I was told that you are uh, you know, rather tech-savvy and wanted some help with something!”
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INV ONLY Re: Workshopped

Post by piston1937 June 11th 2021, 2:25 pm

Tinks attempt to jump out of his skin was very close to being successful as he bared the self heating frying pan as if expecting someone behind him.  The following muffled voice and dull slop of the half cooked egg hitting the floor were overtaken by the whining of the new invention who's trial run was just interupted.  Over the voices of the equaly surprised and annoyed machine spirits Tink managed to make out "Hero-" "From America-" and "Wanted some help-" , considering that those did not sound as if he came to take the possibly guilty man in Tink decided to play this only mostly safe.  Shushing the fridge who was muttering over the wasted eggs and putting down the whining electric frying pan Tink made his way to the door, picking up the crowbar out of the umbrella stand.  

The doorbell was again fuming that nobody ever used him and shouting person outside the door, even though only Tink could hear it.  Looking through the peephole the tinker gave his surprise visitor the once over.  The eye catching red scarf was the first thing that was noticed as well as the new voices that Tink didn't recognize.  Though why someone would name their kid Who was beyond him Tink decided to at least see what he wanted.  Opening the door a crack, the crowbar behind the door, until the chain was tight. "Aye and what ya need help with?"

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