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Bombshell Empty Bombshell

Post by Gazette June 5th 2021, 2:53 pm


"Do you know who I am?"

The Bio

Real Name: Brock Black
Renegade Name: Bombshell
Title: The Conceited
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Cyborg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'6
Weight: 200
Blood type:

The Looks

Brock is a large male with fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes. He's almost always well groomed and typically wears a pair of golden rimmed aviator sunglasses all the time. Even in doors on occasion. Because of how he conducts himself he has an air of confidence and even smugness about him. He has a lean athletic build to him and a mesomorphic body type.

The Personality

Brock is a rather vain man, he truly does suffer from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). He might conceal this with superficial charisma and charm but deep down Brock really isn't a very pleasant man sadly. Hiding his self loathing and envy in confidence and pride. He's a manipulator, that's really what he knows. He loves to be the center of attention and hates to be outshined or outwitted. This is mostly why he bothered trying to become a super hero. They seem to get all the praise and attention, who's to say that he can't enjoy that a little?

The Story

One could say that Brock's story and struggles started before he was even born. His grandfather and his dad side, a powerful businessmen was an almost outrageously selfish and self centered man. So much so that their bad behavior split Brock's family when he was a toddler. He was raised by his mother and his younger sister, a women he doesn't even really know exists, was raised by his father. His mom was fearful of whether or now Brock would turn out like his grandfather, if it was a bad gene that was passed down in his family. Wrongfully she took active measure to try and keep her son from developing a big ego. Practically neglecting Brock and leaving him to really take care of himself on long business trips. However, she couldn't even stick to her own method of raising him so whenever she was around she felt bad and spoiled him, only to leave him again in a emotional roller-coaster of bad parenting.

To say her methods backfired would be an understatement. Brock almost got the worst of both worlds, it's possible he had a gene for NPD from his grandfather that was possibly dormant, but her method of raising him brought that out him to where by his teens he was a raging toxic narcissist. Even being raised with a silver spoon his mouth no amount of money could fix what she did.  In school Brock was a bully, both physically and socially. He was the top of the food chain, athletic and had phenomenal grades. This is also where his true super power began to show. Brock doesn't actually believe he has super powers, possibly because he was born with them and lived with it throughout his life. He just saw it as a part of himself. But he has a knack for learning things. He doesn't really have super intelligence, more so just unnaturally gifted in quickly understanding how things "tick."

After graduation Brock tried his hand with a failed modeling career. After which he went to collage, majoring in communication and media studies since he always he wanted to get into the media. During this time he worked as a struggling freelancer, a video stringer for news stations. Someone who arrives at tragic scenes and crimes to record it and sell. This is where he really began to loose it. In a world of superheroes saving the day and confronting tragedy head on and becoming media sensations, that is what worked Brock's toxic envy. Here he was, his existence dependent on living in the shadows of superhumans as nothing more than a video stringer. A messenger to the masses to show the incredible feats demi-gods. Brock wanted that.

That's when he made his move to get into the roll of a superhero. Fortunately his collage was rather state of the art. With plenty of labs and tools, which he still needed access too. Which wasn't difficult for him. He managed to give himself a behind the scene all accesses pass by seducing and sleeping with the robotics professor. She got a "nice" young man to show her affection and he got unlimited access to state of the art equipment. Slowly through his time in collage he worked hard, with lots of trial and error and the scientific method developed his own tech to become his very own upstart superhero.

These days he's almost perfected his tech, partly by thinking bigger by making technology and robots smaller and smaller for himself until they were micro scope and turned himself into a rather powerful cyborg. Which he didn't look like on first glance. It was hard to keep his pretty face if he had metal and wires running across his face and body.

Now whenever he can he plays the roll of an upstart superhero from his own toxic dedication and hard work.

The Powers

Power 1:

Unnatural Aptitude: Bombshell was born with the ability to quickly pick up, learn and apply new knowledge and skills with to a superhuman degree. Using this to test, study and create new personalized tech to increase his other attributes.

Power 2:

Nanomachines: This is more so a broad cause for several superhuman abilities of his, such as...

Mild Regenerations, he can slowly repair damaged tissue in and on his body over time. The bigger the injury the longer it takes as well as  being far more resistance to poisons and toxins.

Increased Durability, doing things like making his skin and flesh more dense and his bones into a metallic alloy.

Increased Strength. this comes as a direct result of the mild healing factor his has. With the microscopic damage cause by strength training and exercise. His can almost instantly recover and heal with bigger and better muscles.

Power 3:

Bio-Electrical Manipulation: Technically caused by his nanites this is more like separate power cause by it. With the nanites, he has manged to use his own energy created by his biochemistry and convert it into bioelectricity like a giant battery, and utilizing in different ways.

Electrical Discharge: Bombshell is able to discharge dangerous amounts of electrical wattage from his body, however someone must be in physical contact for it to be effected.

100% Muscle Usage: The reason this is listed under here instead of nanites is because through his bio-electrical manipulation he found a way to artificially recruit all of his strength forcefully by electrocuting his own muscles to not only using the average for humans which is about 65-ish%. This mixed with his already increased strength paired with discharge could make an attack very potent. Though all that he could get a good lift strength of one ton in one arm. So his entire body maxing out would be around 3 tons.

Flight: Probably the oddest power on here, but through lots of study and tinkering Bombshell has managed to achive this thanks to the power his has over his own bio-electrical potential. This is through harnessing and manipulation of ions around his body and creating Ionic Wind to propel his body through the air.

The Weaknesses

With Great Power can come great weakness

Weakness 1: Fire, prolonged damage like that in fire can gradually kill of the nanites inside of Bombshell's body and gradually make his powers less potent.

Weakness 2: Acid/Corrosion, basically the same deal as fire

Weakness 3: Electricity, oddly enough his greatest power is also his greatest weakness. Since Bombshell has made his body so conductive thanks to things like his cybernetics and metal bones. A simple shock for his his considerably more dangerous than for the average person. Even if he does't get killed his nanites would easily and quickly be destroyed and leave him very powerless.

Weakness 4: EMP, not too dissimilar to Electricity by an electro magnetic blast or pulse could instantly and remotely nullify his nanites

Weakness 5: Overheating, because of the laws of thermodynamics Bombshell's nanites will and do produce waste heat. Normally this isn't an issue but when working his nanites to their limit for prolonged times it's not hard to see how billions of little machines across his body can essentially create a dangerous artificial fever and possibly even burn him from the inside out.

Weakness 6: Hacking, although pretty limited in their connectivity to the internet, there is the risk of a talented hacker getting through to his nanites, which would spell Bombshell's doom more than just about anything else.

Weakness 7: Range, not necessarily a direct counter like some of the other weaknesses but is more of big shortcoming for Bombshell. He can't really use his abilities at range, such as shooting lightning arcs and all that. His electrical powers really do require some sort of physical contact do to more of a high amperage and low voltage.

The Items

None, unless his cybernetics count

The Minions


The Fluff

Since Bombshell's body his essentially just a big rechargeable battery for his nanites, in order to maintain them he need to eat a lot of food in order to sustain his nanites and himself with energy.

The RP Sample

Little CRP example for Bombshell...

Bombshell grabbed his opponent with one arm around to the back of their head and pulled them in close. He was going to show them no mercy, they were a group of murderous thugs who tormented the community. Also he wanted to see what some of his powers were like on ordinary unenhanced people. With his other arm he cocked it back. With his opponent held in place his fist will only have on place to go when he strikes. With a few electrical cracks and sparks around his arm it shot into the man's chest. Breaking through all their ribs as his arm was electrocuted to recruit every single muscle fiber to it's fullest.

To day that they were dead was an understatement. Yanking his arm back from he let go as they fell limply to the ground. After that he turned his attention finally to the "boss" of this little gang. Eyeing them he approached but they pulled a gun on him and fired. A few round went into Bombshell. He sharply inhaled as the pain stung him. But they were only bullets, they wouldn't be a problem for him. With their last attempt to stop Bombshell showing no results got in front of him and looked down at the man.  He had the perfect plan for them.

He quickly stomped on the mans foot, hurting it but that's wasn't all. As they shouted out in pain he grabbed them by the top of their head. Then before the gang leader knew what was going to take place Bombshell sent an electrical discharge through their entire body. Starting from his land on the top of their head all the way down to their feet where the current re-entered Bombshell in this closed loop of electrical despair. Having the current run through their body top to bottom was far more lethal then if he just grabbed them side to side. This way he managed to have the amperage run down their entire body instead of across it. From a side view it really just looked like Bombshell had grabbed them and that was it. But internally  the current frying them from the inside. After ample time he let go of their head and took his boot of their foot. Their skin had turn red from the internal burns he gave them and their heart had stopped. There was no coming back from that.

As Bombshell thought that, they simple fell backwards onto the ground, limp like the rest of their comrades. Bringing a hand to his chin Bombshell wondered, he could probably take advantage of the situation and go grab his camcorder to film the aftermath and credit himself for it before selling it to the local news...

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Bombshell Empty Re: Bombshell

Post by Zonkes June 5th 2021, 6:23 pm

Approved! Excellent application, welcome to SHRP!

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