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Tink Empty Tink

Post by piston1937 June 1st 2021, 11:13 pm


"I'll at least try to fix you."

The Bio

Real Name: Jack Andrew
Renegade Name: Tink
Title: The Tinker
Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown... Ish?
Eyes: Blue Green
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 180lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Art by AppleCharmStarHorse
The Personality

While interacting with him isn't hard, as long as you have a little patience, he is easily distracted especialy when there are machines around.  It's like trying to talk to someone while they are talking to several other people.  On the other hand his motives seem to be fairly straighforward, he likes fixing things and is willing to do it if you pay him.

While he can be scatterbrained at times, when given a project or some set goal he can focus rather well and once given a project he will interminably see it through to the end.

The Story

Jack Andrew 's powers drove him off the deepend at an early age.  His parents thought it might be something wrong with his brain but nothing was there.  Leaving it at a probable mental disorder they sent him to a care facility where he was treated fine.... ish? He spent a lot of time there learning to act normal and not talk to the voices in his head.  Of course the evidence piled on quickly that this wasn't just a mental illness.  Jacks ability to talk the old TV in the lounge back into working if temporarily along with countless other incidents were mounting quickly and doctors failed to persuade the teen into acting normal and the voices weren't real.  Of course the complete failure of most of the machines that Jack had 'fixed' upon his transfer to a different hospital was the cherry on top.  His transfer to a research facility, with his parents consent, went... poorly.

The extent of Jack's power was never really found as he never actualy made it to the site in question.  Though nobody died in the crash Jack was missing from the headcount.

There is a gap in this time where something obviously happened to him but nobody can seem to find out what, before his reappearance almost a decade later.  His purchase of his current place of residence is noted, though where he got the funds for it is currently unknown. Any further action against him has been on the back burner though he is suspected for several minor crimes and he is know to help both heroes and villians alike.

The Powers

Technopathy : The ability to talk to and listen to machinery. : Tink uses this ability to talk to machines and listen to their woes and stories while trying to console them and fix whatever may be broken or bothering them.  In a combat mindset Tink could use this power to try to convince someones gun to misfire, or a servo to not move.  In the case of this ability each machine has a 'spirit' and Tink reasons with them to either not do as they should, do better or console broken things into working.

The Weaknesses

Too many voices : Tink is unable to stop hearing machines, this is the primary reason he moved out of the city and into the countryside.  Too many machines wear on his mind like talking to a very large crowd.  And sometimes the crowd turns on him en-mass.

Technopathic Feedback : Machines that don't like Tink or feel he is treating them wrong have a chance to attack Tink and stun him for 2 turns.  This equates to mental backlash and if done multiple times in a row will result in brain damage and complete failure of his ability for 7 days.  As a secondary effect Tink loses connection to that specific machine for three days, this also means the machine can't attack more than once.

The Items

Tink's Fixes : Location (Shop) : Tink's Fixes looks like a mix between junkyard and car repair shop.  It is a place where almost anything can get fixed and where Tink lives.

Endless Duct Tape : An unbraded roll of silver duct tape that never seems to run out.  Very shiny and very sticky.  Pretty strong too.  Tink has no idea why it's endless.  Nor does anyone else.

The Minions


The Fluff

The RP Sample

"Come on. Come on. I know you can do it."  Tink said to the toaster on his kitchen counter,  the toaster seemed to glare at him as if telling him to shut up and let it work but Jack was not one to be diswaded easily. "Toast that bread!" The toasters apperant glare didn't let up though the other kitchen impliments around the rather small area seemed to be watching with encouragement even the hand crank apple peeler was getting in on it, though the microwave was definetly overdoing it with the "Toast it! Toast it! Toast it!" cheers.  Eventualy there was a ding and two perfectly toasted slices of bread popped out the top.  Cheers from both Tink and the appliances around him could be heard as the toaster let off a smug emination.

This all came to a halt rather abruptly as someone banged on his door and while it didn't quite make the technopath jump out of his skin, but it was close.  After taking a breath and giving his nerves a second to calm down Jack picked up a crowbar off the table and moved to the door.  Apperently he didn't do this fast enough as the person at the door knocked again, as if they were attempting to break the door by brute force knocks.  Holding the crowbar at his side Jack approached the door and looked through the peephole.  

"He's a really ugly one ain't he?" asked the doorbell,  "Not even the politeness to use me."  This was a common complaint of the item in question so Jack felt safe in ignoring it in favor of studying the person on the opposite side of the door, before quickly agreeing with the doorbells description. Said individual wore mostly leather and had a biker helmet, all in black minus a few patches on the jacket. Luckily for both humans in this case he was a customer.  

"Yes yes. I hear ya.  Give me a mo." Jack shouted through the door at his beligerant customer.  As he worked the several locks he went over in his head this appointment.  If his memory was right then this person was Prick, a out of town petty super that needed a thing fixed.  While Tink tended to want more descriptive nouns than Thing in requests the person seemed legit enough to schedule some time.  

It was maybe fifteen minutes later when he actualy was able to lay eyes on what this Thing was.  Having persuaded the over juiced muscle head that his office was the best place to examine things, much to the relief of the machines inside, especialy the cleaning robot, they ended up in Tinks garage where the thing in question was laying on the metal workbench.  "So can you fix it?" Prick asked for maybe the twentith time,

"Yes I think I can.  But it won't be cheap."  Tink looked at the device with a speculative eye. The weapon looked back at him with an almost pleading feeling, as if begging him to not let it be taken back by the brute.  "I'll have to check a few things, come back tommorow and if I can fix it we can talk price, if I can't I'll buy it off you for parts."  Tink couldn't see the look under the helmet but he could tell the man was rubbing braincells together and while it was obvious that the man didn't like the possibility of selling it there wasn't much to be done.

"Deal."  And that's how Tink ended up saving a laser pistol from an abusive owner.

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Tink Empty Re: Tink

Post by Katrina A. Russel June 2nd 2021, 2:07 am

Accepted! Can't wait to see you around!
Katrina A. Russel
Katrina A. Russel
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