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Euna Paw in Mad Curiosity.

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Contest Euna Paw in Mad Curiosity.

Post by Shadowoof May 29th 2021, 10:29 am

Item/Character Advancement Name: Kinitikós Bastille (Kinetic Jail)

Item/Character Advancement Description: A layer of telekinetic energy covers Euna's entire body at all times. It is invisible to the naked eye, and shines a vibrant but translucent teal/aqua blue like color to those who can sense or see energy. The barrier passively remains attached to the woman's body and whatever she is wearing or holding, acting as a barrier to outside sources, this barrier remains the same when used in it’s Bastille state. This ability was developed in response to her father's telekinetic ability and her inability to stop it, a desire to never again allow herself to be locked down and unable to act to his power and anyone who shared it.

Item Power(s): The Kinitikós Bastille is capable of stopping all types of telekinetic like abilities from affecting or harming Euna directly. A telekinetic ability of her own design, this barrier acts as a stopper to any and all sorts of telekinetic blasts or grabs. The barrier is ineffective to any other kind of kinetic energy like form, so using telekinesis in combination with other objects work, but the actual telekinesis itself cannot harm her. As well, Euna is capable, if she can touch someone, to latch the barrier onto them, effectively imprisoning them within it. While this would, in effect, make them immune to any telekinetic abilities as it would on her, the barrier also acts as a Bastille to the one person she has attached it to, locking them in the position they were in when she touched them, unable to move until a time they break free or Euna dismantles the kinetic shell of a prison. (PC permission based.)

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Besides her inability to stop telekinesis users from adapting to using objects instead of directly harming her with their own abilities. The ultimate weakness of this ability is that once she uses the Bastille for its purpose of imprisoning someone, she leaves herself vulnerable to all telekinetic-like abilities. Making the Bastille useless as an offensive weapon against the people it is most effective against defensively, for while one cannot move, it doesn't stop the use of abilities. This goes for anyone else with the ability to use abilities that do not require movement. More so, once she applies this barrier to someone and then removes it herself, or if that someone breaks free of the barrier. It takes a small time for the barrier to completely reform itself around her, leaving her open for a brief moment in the rare case she is up against a telekinetic opponent. (In posting turns, the barrier returns one post after hers when the barrier is dismantled, so on her next post if she disposed of it, or on the next post after her own if it was broken during another PC's post.)

Item/Character Advancement Price: 25 Exp

“You’re fired.” Euna Paw, arcadian demon and four hundred year old archeologist as far as earth was concerned, snarled at the fourth trainer she had hired and watched as they left like a scared dog. Another waste of her time. They had all been a waste of her time. None of them could do what she asked of them.

When Euna was sure the failure was out of her home, the demonic woman let out a deep sigh and refilled her glass of wine. “I don’t ask for the damn world. I just ask that they help me figure this shit out. How fucking hard can it be to use telekinesis?” Growling the words out between every sip of her win, Euna stood from her chair and paced the room until her glass was empty. When she refilled it, she had come no closer to an answer. They were idiots. Four idiots and four weeks of time wasted. Time that could have been spent hunting for Spade, her father. Four more weeks he lived, planning his damned schemes.

After she had left Arcadia, having just confronted her father for the first time since he had abandoned her, since she had become a sentient being rather then some hunger crazed monster, since she had been imprisoned for thousands of years. She had learned the truth. That he had used his DNA and her mothers to make her. To use her as a tool. Only to be abandoned when she was nothing more then a failed monster he created. She had wanted to murder him, but her rashness allowed him to escape. Once she had returned to earth, she hadn’t waited. She had money, connections. She could find Spade if he was on earth, or somewhere close to it.

But what then? She was an angry shit that made impulse decisions, but she remembered what he could do. How he had made her powerless with his ability to use his mind as a weapon. Telekinesis. She needed some way to stop it. She wasn’t going to be locked down like that again. It was too much like her prison. Chained so that she couldn’t move. Never again.

That was when it came to her. She was his daughter. As much as it disgusted the hungry demon. That meant that some part of him was with her. Melded through whatever disgusting experiment he did to create her with her mother’s DNA. “I need to have his ability… Somewhere deep inside this fucking body. Some way to fight him… Just need some dipshit, who knows what they’re actually doing, to pull it the fuck out!” She screamed, throwing her wine glass before she could think to regret it. The smash pulled her from the anger.

Just in time for the doorbell to chime. Her home was an old one, one she had brought for herself a great many years ago, and such a chime reminded her of such, the way it seemed to echo through the halls. Stomping her feet down the stairs, to prelude her annoyance, she threw open the door, huffed. “I said you’re fir-” Euna had expected the woman she had just fired, perhaps asking for a second chance like the three before them. This man was new however. He wore sunglasses with a shaved head, wearing a rather nice suit too. Mysterious. “Who are you!?”

The man lowered his glasses and glanced about the room, seemingly surprised with what he saw. “A friend of mine told me a rather expensive woman was hunting for telekinetic users. I was curious. Looking at you and this nice little place. I’m more curious. May I come in?”

She let him in. She had no reason to be worried after all. Money made humans do a lot of things. Stupid things. But it could make them smart. She always assumed the latter for anyone who walked through these doors. “Right. Normally I call first. Made it quite clear in my invitation. Allowed me to get a feeling for the men and women I sought to hire, and to show them my appearance. You know, being a demon and all. How’d you find my home?” She then asked. That was the other thing. She had personally brought the other four failures here. This one found his own way. Made him quite the exotic mystery.

“Because telekinesis isn’t that common an art for us meta-humans and creatures otherwise as far as I am aware. Sometimes it’s a small circle. And the other three, now four, made quite a racket of how they were treated. Sworn at, threatened. Constantly berated. You’ve driven me curious as to why you’re looking for a telekinetic. I had assumed a bank job of some kind, but you’re a wealthy woman Miss Paw. An old one too, despite your appearance.” He frowned at the fireplace in her living room, before taking a seat. “So. What are you looking for?”

The way the man carried himself had silenced Euna well enough. He came prepared for this. She liked him. Better then the others at first glance. Taking her own seat, she tapped her fingers on the fine wood of her chair. “I want to use telekinesis. I need someone to show me how.” Euna revealed, watching as the man’s eyes widened. That was the only response she had known would come from this mysterious man. They were all surprised by her request.

“Telekinesis isn’t some ability to just… Gain. It’s something you either need to be born with. Make it happen for yourself, or take it. Many ways of doing it. We’re in a rather dangerous world after all.” He spoke low, as if perhaps anticipating a threat from the demoness. She grinned at his worry.

“My father is a proficient man in telekinesis. If any part of him dwells inside me, I hope that it is his power. However, I don’t know how it works or if it’ll work. Which is where you come in. If you’re satisfied with the job description. We can come to an arrangement of payment. As you might be aware, the other four were paid quite handsomely for their inability to do anything.” Euna trailed her finger up and down the arm of her chair, head tilted with that ever so curious grin.

“An odd job… But one I’m deeply curious to see what happens at the end of it. I’m driven by curiosity, and a need to see the ending to tales, and the understanding of others... I accept the terms” He nodded, sitting upright.

“Good! Now… Would you like money… Or are you a more passionate man?” She teased. She did like him. Liked the look of him too. Wouldn’t be such a bad deal… She did not treat pleasure as a delicate ritual. Not any more.

“Money will do. When do we start.” While he tried to keep a business like air, she noticed the surprise. How he had not expected such boldness from her. And while she could have played the disappointed party… Well. She was hiring him for a reason.

“Today and every day onward. I have only two rules. You will not go into my attic. And you will not use your telekinesis to hold me in place.” Euna dropped her tone, all the playfulness gone. He noticed the shift, but his eyes narrowed in her direction.

“I can accept the first rule… And I will play with the second one. But if you expect to learn anything. You can’t hold back from learning, no matter the cost.” He told her, confident. The other four had accepted that rule with no argument… She wasn’t sure if she should be impressed or pissed. She chose the former. For now.

And after two weeks. She had to admit. He was good.

Patient. Never angry. He was her opposite. In many ways, that made it easy for her to keep him around, even if they were getting nowhere. In many others, it pissed her off so much that he could be this way with the little change that happened.

Nearly a month had passed since she had hired him, and still nothing. She went through all of his exercises, watched as he did, listened to his words. But her goal in lifting a single pebble never came to be. “This is fucked. I need to have it. I need this power.” She growled, teeth bared and sharpened.

“Miss Paw, you are already powerful. The electricity that surrounds you. The durability of your body. But it is clear you have no patience or talent for this. You may not even have this power you desire.” The man spoke easily. Watching from the side. She allowed her teeth to change back to normal before she bothered looking at him.

“I don’t just desire it. I need it. I won’t be locked down like that again. Never again.” She huffed. Normally. She’d be ready to throw something. Hell, she’d have thrown something just because she could have… But not then. She was just… Tired.

Sensing this, the man stepped closer, holding a hand out to her. “Then perhaps we can take a break for today. Relax. I’ll think of something.” He spoke gently, quietly, but she could see it. Just a moment of it. He was restless.


It was at night, the fire lit and Euna sitting beside it, bottle of wine in hand that the man finally came back. She stared at him as he walked through the front door. “Why don’t I know your name?” She questioned. In the month she knew him. He never said his name.

“You never asked.” He replied instantly.

Frowning, the demoness looked down. “Oh… That’s stupid. What’s your name?”

“I have bad news.” He walked over to the chair he normally sat in, quickly finding himself at home. “I have my idea.”

“And what is your… Idea?” She muttered dryly, annoyed that he had ignored her, placing the bottle of wine aside and standing, walking slowly towards him.

“Your second rule needs to go. I’ve gathered you have an aversion to being… Restrained. But if you believe you have the ability to do this. Then this is what needs to be done.” He spoke clearly. Watching her. She stopped at his words and stared. Stared hard for a good few seconds. And then she lunged atop him, causing the chair to nearly topple until she pulled her weight back onto him, pulling the old chair from the edge.

She straddled herself atop him quickly, hands at his throat. He didn’t react, perhaps because he knew he could defend himself… Perhaps he knew she wasn’t actually going to attack him. She hated that. “Why don’t you scare? Why aren’t you worried?” She asked him, voice barely able to keep the choking feeling in her throat from being obvious.

“Because that isn’t you. You never hurt those four before me. Not really. I want to see where you go, Miss Paw. I want to see what happens. I told you before. Curiosity drives me, and you are the most curious thing I’ve met. You’re not human, and you claim to have a connection to this power I share. I want to see how this ends. I need to see it. That is why I am not scared. Because I know what I’m here for. Do you?” He looked in her eyes and she felt as if she showed any weakness. He’d leave. Some part of her wanted that. Wanted him out of her life. A reminder of her failure… But she needed him. She needed that drive he possessed to see this to the end. Because she wanted that same drive. Needed it. Damn if he was mad with curiosity. At least he wanted what she wanted.

“Okay… But if I’m going to let you have any kind of control over me… I want control over you for this one night. Consider it my way of relaxing. And a bonus for you.” She leaned in close and whispered. She had always been annoyed when he had denied her before, but she didn’t do this just for pleasure, or for the transaction. This was her way of control. To be on top. She needed to do this.

“I can work with that.” All the permission she needed.

Come morning. She soon found that no matter what pleasure and control she had derived from the night before, it had in no way prepared her for the fear and rage she felt when his telekinetic power washed over her. Locking her in place. She needed to lash out. So she did. “You motherfucker. When I get to you I will tear your fucking spine out and use it as a club to beat the rest of you in!” Euna growled out her threats, unable to move her muscles. The man stood just beyond her reach, despite her not having any thanks to his power, amused to her threats. “Keep smiling asshole!”

“Miss Paw. How do you think telekinesis works?” He asked her suddenly. She frowned at the sudden question. Unsure how to answer it, because she had never considered it before. “Does anyone? As a meta, some part of my genetic makeup allows me to move things with my mind. It’s almost magical.” He continued, pacing back and forth.

They were in the lounge, as the next most open space was the attic, and she wasn’t allowing him up there. “I can show you magic, you piece of shit. I’ll fucking tear myself free of your bullshit. You’ll see!” She told him, but her words had no merit. She couldn’t pull herself free of his influence and power, no matter how hard she struggled.

So he continued, ignoring her little outburst. “If not magic. Is it willpower? Is it some muscle in my head? How does someone, physically strong, manage to push through? Physically weak men and women have themselves, broken through with the power of will. Their will against my own. Right? Or was it something else. There is no clear answer… And that is what I seek. The answer to telekinesis. How it works. What makes it tick.” He motioned to her, stopping in place. “And I had hoped for you. Someone so desperate to discover a way to learn it. Something not human would show me the secrets I’ve long sought. But all you’ve been is disappointing…” He would sigh, rubbing the bridge of nose. But then his voice went low. “I had fun. I played by the rules you had laid out for me, and when none of that worked… Well. I told you I would do what needs to be done to satiate my curiosity. I had thought a demon would achieve this power, being confined like this, something that drives you to yell and scream like some child. But the reason you can’t break free is the same reason you’re threatening me. You’re scared. You have no will to fight it.” He told her.

She wanted to yell at him. Scream until her throat was sore, let it heal and scream all over again. She could do it too. Roar. Let him feel her anger. Her pain, her scream had power in it. But despite his sick twisted need for knowledge, he was also right. She was scared. Being forced still like this. It reminded her of where she had been. Her prison. Another thing her father did to her. “Fine! Fuck you. I’m scared. I hate it. And I don’t want to feel like this anymore.” She admitted, hating the tears burning at her eyes. The feeling of powerlessness that held her.

He stared at her, his features hard. “You don’t want telekinesis.” He spoke aloud. Almost as if he came to the realization. As if it was something he should have known all along. “You just want to fight it. To not allow it to control you like this'' With his words, he let her go. She could feel his control fade and the demonic woman stood up immediately, happy to be free. He looked disappointed. But as quick as it came. That look vanished, replaced with that of someone with an idea. A sick smile crept over his face. “Fine. Every day. I will hold you here. And I will go and explore your attic for ten minutes. I’m sure you have a lot. And I will do this, every day. Until you either break out… Or I’ve explored every nook and cranny. And that. Euna… Is a threat.” He told her. She was too shocked to think. Was he this driven as to torture her?

He left before she could question him, and she knew he could stop her had she tried to follow. All she had was hope that his words were not a true threat. That he’d leave her alone.
Foolish. She had decided. Foolish of her to think that. As the very next morning. She opened the door to find him there. And suddenly she couldn’t move.

She struggled. She pulled and yelled and cried until she was certain the neighborhood was alerted to her distress. But any knock at her door she screamed for them to leave her be. And what felt like far more then the ten minutes he said he’d be, the man walked down her stairs with heavy steps, walking to the door. “Your art is beautiful… From something a child would draw to art worthy of being in a museum… I’ll be back tomorrow.” He told her, the door closing her off from him before she felt her limbs free.

She had no plans on letting him back into her home. This was no longer about her desire to learn a way to stop telekinesis. No he was doing this for his sickened idea of curiosity. She had become his unwilling subject in this endless pursuit of knowledge he craved. Euna sought part in that.

Euna barred her door shut. She hired bodyguards. She wanted nothing more to do with that man. So when he broke her door open and threw her guards aside the next day, forced her to sit in that bloody chair he had always sat in while he defiled her attic. She felt hopeless. Weak. Scared. It was her cell all over again. Unable to move. Ignored. Stuck with no power.

“Why.” She managed, when he had walked down those stairs. “Why are you doing this? I’m not paying you anymore. I want you to stop.” She turned her head to him, finding herself able to move… But it was only because he allowed it. Her words were fruitless. She knew why he wouldn’t stop.

“It’s no longer about the money Euna. It’s about the end. About the truth. I will break you until you give me what I want, or I see that you were a waste of my time from the very beginning… By the way, I didn’t realize you were married.” He changed the subject to something she had no want to speak off. She looked away from him and crossed her arms.

“I didn’t go through with it.” Was all she gave him, facing away still till she heard what was left of her broken door closed behind him. “Fucker… That’s mahogany wood you just snapped… Fucking asshole piece of sh-.”

Door left unfixed, the bodyguards dismissed. She waited in her attic for the third day of this torment. If he was going to rifle through her life, he would do so while she watched. It was the only way she could have some control of any of it.

When he arrived. He looked her over, and as if aware that was her plan, raised a brow and suddenly the ground was no longer below her. “Piece of shit.” Growling the words, she didn’t bother to put on a show of fighting it as he moved her back towards the stairs.

“No screaming this time?” He asked, her motion stopped. Him and his bloody curiosity. “Actually. Since you’re here. What is this?” He dropped her and Euna barely caught herself, stumbling forwards at his sudden release. She was confused to say the least.

But when she looked at what he was inquiring about, she understood. Along the wall of her attic, were paintings. From when she had first taken up the hobby, to when she had mastered it. Each painting was worth more then the man could ever imagine. But he was staring at the painting in the middle. Her newest one. Unfinished.

A large canvas. The background was done. A palace of fire and royalty, the palace of Arcadia and it’s Queen, Madeline. The foreground featured Madeline herself, Euna’s… Aunt and the demonic war goddess of Arcadia. One of her knights, Club, the loyal stone monstrosity stood beside her, with Thalia, the queen's own clone, standing in front of him. Madeline’s daughter, Johanna, stood to the side. Kirin was hiding in the corner, the shy little demon speedster. Vae’ett, the combination of Jett Lockwood and Vaedren, a human lawyer and demon parasite Euna was fond of, stood to the other side, the shadows of the combined demon’s past life below her. Then there was the untouched piece. An empty place beside the Queen. That was for Euna’s mother. A woman she had never met before. A woman that had no clue Euna even existed.

“Nothing concerning you.” She told him bluntly. He watched her for a few silent moments, shrugging.

“You’re a bit of a hoarder. Still. I don’t understand why you disallowed me from coming up here.” He pondered loudly, as if expecting an answer from her now, hands moving over a brush.

She thought about remaining silent. But he had the power to break everything here, to throw her away like a piece of trash. She didn’t dare risk it. “This place is mine.” She started. He scoffed.

“That doesn-'' He started, but his eyes went wide as Euna was suddenly in front of him. She didn’t tower over him, no he was just taller then her. But she had no shits to give as he stepped back and she felt her muscles freeze in place. A smile lighting up on her face. She had scared him.

And she was no longer scared now. Knowing that if she could just be free… He was nothing. Fear turned to boiling rage that almost seeped over her skin, waiting to be unleashed. “When I escaped my prison, I was lost. Without identity. This place helped me find that. Helped me become the person I am today. Everything I am, is here. All that I truly own belongs here. And I will not have anyone taking or touching anything! You will leave. Now!” Euna stated, filled with the fury growing inside her. She was done with his little game. She was not an experiment. Not any more.

The man stared back, a smile slowly creeping over his own features. She already knew what it was he would say.
“As you know. I am no longer here to ‘teach’ you. I mean, it was never about teaching you. I’m here to see what it is you’re capable of. A thing as demonic as you. I expected something. Anything. The money was nice, sure. But I don’t care about that. I just want to see it. What you do.” With that, he motioned for her to leave, using his telekinetic power to move her. Or so it should have.

“You’re insane.” She spoke loudly. Unmoved. That boiling rage that flowed throughout her body was steaming hot now. She could feel it. Shimmering over every inch of her body, like a coat of boiling water sizzling her skin. But where there should have been pain, there was only power.

“What?” He snapped, staring at her. She watched as his features strained, muscles twitched. She stood in confusion at first, waiting for him to move her, not having noticed that his attempts were without merit. But then she looked down. Her fingers were moving of their own accord. Of her own accord. She looked back up to him. He wasn’t frightened… He was curious. “I can’t move you… But you’re not fighting it. I don’t feel any resistance… Just nothing… What are you doing?” He asked, almost desperate for an answer. As if this was still just a part of the ‘lesson’ for him.

“I don’t know… But I know what I’m going to do.” She snarled, stepping towards him. Now the fear was there. He raised his hand against her, but she didn’t budge. Panicked, the chair she used to paint raised into the air and was thrown at her.

It smacked and broke apart against her, but that just made her angrier. She jumped forwards and grabbed a hold of him. “You break my property again!” She yelled in his face, throwing him back, hands raised to shock him with her lightning like magic.

But she faltered for a moment. He didn’t move to run, or fight back. No. He was locked in place. She could see him struggle to move, unable too, but the strain on his face was obvious. “You… You’re using telekinesis!” He mumbled through tightly closed lips.

“No… I’m not.” She whispered the words. She didn’t feel anything. Nothing like he said. She just felt her anger… But now it was… She didn’t feel that boiling rage like before. Covering her skin. It was just her now. But it didn’t matter. He was prey now. Easy prey. She stepped forwards to grab him, only before she could reach him… She felt it again. She was stuck. “Damn it! Let me go!” She yelled, unable to move.

Whatever held the man in place seemingly vanished. He rocked back and suddenly she was pulled upwards, slamming into the wooden roof of her home. “I don’t know what you did. But whatever game you played, ends here. I wanted to see something glorious, I had wanted the ultimate truth! I had hoped you could give me that! But you’re just another failure!” He yelled back at her, she could see the fury on his face. That nothing had gone the way he had hoped. It pissed her off how much he thought he got to feel like that, with what he was doing.

Then she felt it. She hadn’t realized it before. An energy that seemed to envelop her like a boiling rage, but now that she had noticed it truly, now it was cool water, washing over her. A blue, glowing light that surrounded her body, fueling her desire to hurt this man. Then she fell, free from his grasp.

Landing on her hands and knees on the stairs that led to her attic, she stood and slowly climbed them, the man standing shocked and confused once more. “Thank you.” She spoke softly, just loud enough for the man to hear.

“What?” He seemed confused, but understanding followed. “You have developed telekinesis… That’s it isn’t it! How did it feel? Tell me!”

She was sick of his words. Dashing, she lunged forwards, tackling him to the ground. Her teeth sharpened into razor’s, ready to tear flesh apart, but she just stared at him, face to face. “You’ve outstayed your welcome. You will leave. And if I ever see you again. I will eat your fucking face, shit it out and feed it to you.” She growled, spitting the words out.

“N-No. I need to know how it works. Why can’t I affect you!” He cried out. His need for whatever knowledge he sought outweighing his own safety. Growling, she pulled him up and threw him down the stairs. Following the crack of wood and body. As he tried to recover, she kicked him down the hall until he reached the second floor staircase. And then pushed him down those stairs to the first floor, happy to make him suffer every step of the way out of her home.

When he was at the frame of where her door should’ve been, he got to his knees, begging. “Please. After all this time. You’ve achieved something new. Something unique. I need to know more!” He spoke quickly, his words desperate. She grabbed him, picked him up off the ground and then threw him to the front yard without a second thought, watching as he struggled to stand back up. He was just a mortal, all those falls had finally taken their toll.

“It’s just like you said. How the fuck does telekinesis even work?” She echoed his words mockingly, sparks of electrical power flying off her body before she fired them at his feet, watching as he backed away. Knowing he no longer had any power over her.

Turning on her heel, the demonic woman walked away, looking over her hands. No longer visible. But she could feel it. Like a firm layer of skin that resided over her own. A barrier. What had made it finally come, she thought. Was it the stress? The desire to keep him out of her home, to no longer allow that control he had over her. Did it even matter?

“I suppose I should thank you, Spade… Father. If anything, you've given me the ability to kill you.” She spoke silently to herself. No. How it happened didn’t matter. Not really. Questions like that drove men like the asshole outside mad. All that mattered was the end result. She just needed to find her father now.

Make this entire experience worth it. He may have been the reason she was born, but he was the reason she suffered her entire life. She didn’t have a childhood because of him. And it was because of him that she had just gone through the ordeal she had just suffered.

He was going to pay.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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