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L.I.A.M. character

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L.I.A.M. character Empty L.I.A.M. character

Post by BigPete759 May 26th 2021, 4:43 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: L.I.A.M
Hero Name: Eschaton
Title: The Ultimate, Destroyer,
Alignment: True Natural
Age: 4,984
Gender: natural male
Race: artificially created alien lifeform
Hair: long whiteish grey hair
Eyes: honey gold
Height: 8'10
Weight: 765

The Looks

The Personality
very curios and full of wonder, anything that he sees or experiences that is pleasing he will want to quickly find more things like that. he also has a very care free attitude as he dose not have the concept of fear or anxiety so he is usually happy and enjoys small things.

The Story
A long time ago in a distant galaxy lived an advanced race with technology far beyond normal human technology. This race lived in a split world one of prosperity and peace and the other was war. The two sides had been at odds with each other till they realized that they could live united if they had a common goal with was to expand their empire. So they started building and started to see if they could take over other planet's but realized that using there people to explore would leave the main planet vulnerable and the expansion was dangerous.
So they started to make robots and prototypes to expand their influence but simple robots were faulty as they were not as efficient and could be overridden by a species that was smart enough. So they started to make android and cyborgs and it worked for a time although the races ambition was getting the better of them. A select few of the planet's best decided to make a biological technology and they were going to make this there ultimate creation but they need to test it and made a few mistakes. They decided to test the infant version of there prototype on a dangerous planet for the creation to defeat the dangerous creatures but it was a fail over and over with constant upgrades and changes making the scientist to go mad. Till finally after years of changes they finally made the "perfect" being ignoring the planet's turmoil as the previously captured planet's started fight back and planted to get rid of the troublesome race. As the scientist that has now gone mad and needs to see there work to be completed with one final launch that was designed to head to the dangerous planet one last time but the scientist never got to see the work as the pod was mistaken for a missile and was blasted by the incoming war ship and blown off course with a leak freezing the creature inside from the void of space left to drift away in the lost in space.
Thousands of years past floating in space and the pod bade its way to the milky way. As time passed the creature adapted to the void of space allowing it to grow but stayed in a deep sleep till finally it was pulled in by earths gravity. As the re-entry would wake it up and warm it as it crashed and as it got out it was confused and lost as the freeze messed with its main priority and started to wonder in the middle of nowhere. Now as it wandered it found a town and decided to learn and change to the new environment making new changes and learning.

The Powers
super strength, super speed, reactive adaptation, regeneration , spike growths, nigh invulnerability, self evolution, sharp boney, teeth, horns.

The Weaknesses
 super strength is constant and doing normal things are hard without braking something. With the speed and weight if he used it their is a good chance the ground would give out from under him. The reactive adaptation is something that he first needs to be harmed by it and his body will permanently adapt and change the physical form forever, It was made to be able to regenerate but in order to do that it needs an external form of power to create the necessary energy to reform the cells. has spinney protrudins around different parts of his body such as his elbow knuckles and knees and they are able to be broken off and need time to regrow to the regeneration. it was made to withstand a lot of damage but it has a limit and anything other than physical can pass through and if it is small things he would not be able to feel it. it self learning and changing can make it easy to influence how it changes. the teeth and horns are strong but due to it being harder to use its teeth and horns for anything it choses not to use them.

The Fluff
 He is always scanning and learning for new things as his programing directive has him understand everything about a planet such as its worth and the creatures that live on it but he is more of a curios child wanting to learn everything abut the world. due to the sear size and power sometimes he leaves a walk of destruction not knowing that he is doing it. If something hits him hard enough or shock the protocol of that is meant for his original purpose back up there is a chance that he might be a threat to the planet.

The RP Sample
As Liam made his way through the forest admiring the creatures that lived in it, expectably the birds he found himself staring at them not realizing that his normal walk through the forest had caused a bit of a distractive path. after a while he encountered a couple on an vacation and watched them from a distance as he enjoyed that they also had a likening for birds and would approach the two but due to his intimidating presence they ran. He ended up following them till he made it to a nearby town and was stopped with hostility but because he did not sense any danger he ignored the armed men and only went to inspect them. as he did so approaching them one of the officers were spooked enough to shook a shot at his head but he was unpassed by the attack and once he was done with inspecting the cop he walked away accidentally stubbing his toe on the cop car flipping it but he didn't think much of it as he thinks they can just flip it over.

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