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Contest Hollow

Post by Nate6595 May 1st 2021, 3:11 am



The Bio

Real Name: ???
Renegade Name: Hollow
Title: The Ethereal Rider
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: A few centuries
Gender: Female
Race: Fay/Undead
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5’6
Weight: 122lbs
Blood type: Ethereal

The Looks

Hollow really has a face that sticks out. This mainly stems from the fact that she lacks a head in a place you’d look to find it. At her neck, which suddenly cuts off, instead of a head one would find a plume of ethereal purple flames that flicker and twist in unnatural ways. Her head, as most Dullahans do, is carried by her side, though she has a special latch for it so she doesn’t have to lug it around everywhere. The head itself is rather clean, though terribly pale. Where it would connect to the neck, like the neck, there is a steady plume of purple flame that emits from it. Her hair holds a light blonde color, and while short in the back it has two bangs coming down on each side of her face. Her eyes glow with a strange, ethereal purple color, matching her flames.

She herself is a slender figure, more on the shorter side. Despite the strength she has, which is mainly from some unholy power, she doesn’t appear to have much muscle. She is agile, for sure, but with a frame that light its hard to imagine how she manages her feats of strength. Her skin is very pale, almost ghostly so, though it doesn’t make the undead women look any bit sickly. It seems almost natural for her.

When it comes to attire, she has forgone her usual armor (which she still has hanging in her closet) and instead taken an outfit much more similar to that of a biker. She wears a heavy purple jacket with black patches on the elbow; usually left open to reveal a black tank top underneath.  She wears black short shorts and a pair stockings and stretches up her legs, stopping only a few inches from her shorts. She wears black gloves, fingers exposed and a pair of black boots. Occasionally, she also wears a black helmet with a T-visor that glows with the same purple light as her flame.  

The Personality

Hollow, for the most part, is a quiet person. This mainly stems from the fact that her vocal capabilities are rather lacking due to the lack of a head, at most being able to only utter people’s names. To compliment this quiet demeanor she can come off as rather stern, though this comes from a hardworking mentality. However, above all, she is kind and does wish to help others when she can. She is not really in the role of a hero, though she will go out of her way to try and help those who are struggling, but more on a personal level and not a heroic level. She’ll save lives, but only when she can.
She does have her own goals, though mainly keeps them to herself, and everything she does seems to be motivated by her want of that goal.

The Story

There have always been legends about Hollow, though never anything for sure. Those of mystical nature know the truth behind her identity, that she is a Dullahan. To those of science and reason, however, she is above all a mystery. At the end of the day, though, all there is about her is stories; tales that offer some insight to her and her journey, though at the end of the day those are all just stories.

People know Dullahans as the headless riders who signal the death of someone nearby. No door or gate can bar the pursuit of the headless riders, and many have viewed the head to have a malicious, sickening grin spread across their face. Many have come to know them as terrible, awful and dangerous creatures. They are viewed as wicked spirits or fays who find a sick pleasure in the despair and suffering of others, and many do fear the pursuit of a Dullahan.

Beyond that, not much is known of the Dullahans or even how much of that is true. In Hollow’s case specifically, her head’s expression is not that of a sickening grin and nor does she gain any form of pleasure in bringing death to those nearby, and even rarer does she signal the death of another. Perhaps years ago, in a medieval era she did. Perhaps she even took pleasure in the dark deeds, but the truth of the matter is that this is not her now. She may accompany a dying person’s soul to wherever it needs going, but seldom will she signify one’s passing.

To those who hire her and seek her services, she is a dedicated mercenary, working solely for profit to fund…something? Perhaps a normal life, though no one has ever gotten a straight answer from her. To others who have just seen her in passing see her as an urban legend, a headless rider who seemingly glides across the streets upon a vehicle that seems even more than something so simple.  A fun story to tell your friends about, that you saw something so mystical in an urban setting. Of course, she rarely appears headless to those who view her, a helmet placed atop the neck, held in place by that flame, though still…there are rumors, true rumors mind you, that there is nothing beneath.

Some claim that long ago she was a female knight, an oddity, one who was beheaded for her gender and the role she tried to take up and now she seeks vengeance against the family who wronged her. Others claim that her arrival signifies the death of something much greater in society, that she is the first sign to the end of days. Others just believe that she is a simple story and nothing more, that rumors around her are a gimmick to bolster her reputation. And then the few, those who really look and listen, they say she’s looking for something. Something odd and strange, more so than her, and those who say this also say that she is close. Closer than she ever has been…

In the end, no real truth is known about her. Only the stories, that she is headless, that her bike is a horse, that she is a knight, that she is the signal of the end, that she is searching for something, that she doesn’t even exist. At the end of the day, she may not be any of that, in the end she may just all be that. A story.

The Powers

Soul Flare: Exhuming from her neck and head is a purplish flame-like substance, however this substance is not something that simple. The “flame” is not actually all that hot, rather it feels more akin to a cool breeze. This flame like substance holds a unique property, however! It doesn’t deal damage to people, rather, it drains them of their vitality, exhausting them. Obviously, the more endurance one has the longer they can last, but Hollow can increase the intensity of it to increase the rate at which she exhausts a target! Interestingly enough, this can also be used to drain the charge from electronics, able to shut them down. By extension, she can coat objects in her possession in this flame, giving them the same property.

Unholy Strength: While not incredibly strong, Hollow does surpass the average human’s physical abilities. She is able to lift things like refrigerators or vending machines with ease and without help of tools! She is also much faster than the average person, easily able to keep up with people on bikes. Most notably, however, among her physical traits is her endurance and ability to heal. She doesn’t feel pain in the same way as humans, it’s incredibly minute and the wounds heal at a quickened rate, only needing a few seconds to repair stab wounds or a minute to repair a lost limb! Despite this, however, damage done still affects her and will eventually put her down.

Pursuit: According to folklore and proven by Hollow, locks and other methods of blocking her route forward open upon her approach. Digital locks, physical locks, gates, doors, windows, they will open if she needs them to or if they block her path forward. This does not work for computer passwords or for things of a strong powerful nature.

In Death: Hollow’s vision works different compared to others. While she still perceives thing in a similar way of humans, she has a slightly wider range of vision and is able to react to such things at much hastened pace. She is more apt at dodging bullets, though its roughly fifty-fifty on that end. Further, and more unique, she can tell if someone is near death and is inclined to approach them and offer to accompany them along their way in spirit.

The Weaknesses

Gold: In accordance to folklore and further proved by Hollow Dullahans have a fear of gold. Being struck with gold would deal increased damage to a Dullahan and having one on you would ward one away. When a good source of gold is present or visible, Hollow will avoid the area and try not to go near it. She can, but she acts though someone who is afraid or someone dealing with an intense phobia.

Body and Mind: While both her body and head are very durable, they can only take so much damage before they are destroyed completely. While this stands to be above what a normal human can take, destruction of both her head and her body will cause her to die. Destruction of her head, and solely her head, causes Hollow to lose consciousness and will make her pass out while her head is reproduced. If her body is destroyed, well, the head isn’t really going to be traveling all that much, though it is still capable of producing flames.

Doused: When doused with water, like normal flames, it will lose its power. She does not fully lose control or ability to produce these flames, nor are they fully extinguished, however the ability of the flames are greatly weakened and slowed.

Holy Ground: While standing upon holy, Christian ground Hollow’s physical endurance and regeneration are greatly weakened, able to take less damage and regenerating at a much slower rate in comparison.

Split: When Hollow’s body and head are split by more than a hundred feet her physical abilities are all greatly weakened, putting her down to the average human. She will still regenerate at this level, but she won’t be able to complete the same physical feats she could normally.

Burnt Out: There is somewhat of a limit to producing her flames. While she can always have a flame produced it does not always act as a force of draining towards a target. At most, she is only capable of producing her strongest flame (able to sap an average human in seconds) for at most thirty minutes uninterrupted. Weakening the flame allows it to stay active at much longer durations.

True Name: If Hollow’s true name is learned and stated towards her, she would have to follow the command of whoever states her name and orders her accordingly. Of course, her head has to be present and able to hear such orders.

The Items

Cellphone: Hollow carries around a cellphone with a small keyboard, allowing her to type out messages to show to people, this replaces her ability to talk.
Grapplehook: Much akin to Dullahan folklore, stating that Dullahans carry around a whip made of bone, Hollow instead uses a grappling hook made with a strong and durable material that is steel-like in properties. The material, however, is much stronger than steel by several leagues and is actually more flexible.  The hook can extend up to range of eighty feet, and the overall length can be set by the grip of the grapplehook.

Armor: Hollow does have an old set of knightly armor that was designed for her, but she rarely ever wears it, only for traditional and formal events. Otherwise, it is kept at her apartment room.

The Minions

Blackjack: While not the original name of her horse, rather the new name given to it by a friend, Blackjack was originally a mighty black stallion that Hollow road atop of. These days, her horse has taken a new appearance, that of a streetfighter motorcycle, black and purple in color. Blackjack can change its form between motorcycle and horse. In terms of weaknesses, Blackjack obviously will have hard times in small corridors and with extremely sharp corners. Like normal mounts, it does require “fuel” to some extent (it will change back to a horse to eat). Like Hollow, the mount has a fear of gold and will go slower near the presence of it. When on holy ground the cycle will stall out and have to be manually pushed out. If the cycle was to be destroyed, it would reform in a few days, sprouting from a flame that Hollow produces.

The Fluff

Hollow has taken a number of human hobbies as her own, enjoying a great many things that humans do. Despite her mystical nature, she does come off as very human.

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