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Ellie Stone-Wall: Medusa

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Ellie Stone-Wall: Medusa  Empty Ellie Stone-Wall: Medusa

Post by Andrew April 30th 2021, 5:14 pm


Ellie Stone-Wall: Medusa  Crazy911

"We can fight, after this cigarette..."

The Bio

Real Name: Ellie Stone-Wall
Renegade Name: Medusa
Title: The One Eyed Leviathan
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Hair: Purple/Black
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood type: Olympian/Gorgon

The Looks


Ellie Stone-Wall: Medusa  Nineee10


Ellie Stone-Wall: Medusa  Full10

The Personality

She is to the point and pulls no punches. Literally or metaphorically. She can be arrogant but it's to hide the insecure demeanor under it all. She has always found herself less beautiful due to wearing an eye patch and getting made fun of by the other girls. Her heart of stone is what has protected her. She is tough as nails, and tenacious. She will blow a person's brains out and not think twice if she is confident it will help with the mission.
The Story

You want my fucking history? Fine let me light this stupid death stick one second.... Much better. So you know most girls wanna grow up to be the daughter of a princess? Let down your long hair? Ya, no. I got a crazy bitch with snakes for hair. Don't get me wrong some of the perks are dope. By the time I finish this cigarette I hope you're fuckin satisfied.

A bit in the future. In a Dimension that is semi similar to this one.... fuck that cliché story telling, here.
It all goes back to my mah deciding to get knocked up. Aries decided to give the old one two to a chick with snakes for hair. I like pops though. He showed affinity for combat. He trained me to fight. How to use my powers. See my left eye turns things I stare at into stone. He used that for personal gain for war of course. I mean it is Aries for the love of Hades. Anyways, I got great with swords, axes, knives, explosives, and handguns. Those heavy rifles never did it for me. Well anyways as we trained and trained he was kind enough to have me battle a son of Zeus. Kid put up a fight I'll give em that. He however is probably still a statue.

None the less my training was complete. I got summoned to Olympus and the gods told me that our world was in danger cuz of some douche bag going around and swallowing galaxies. That shit don't sound too fun to me. Son of a bitch, my cigarette is out. I'll light ONE more for ya.... Anyways where was I? Right. I got a portal opened up for me and here I am. Told to help stop the bastards ruining worlds, and hunt some son of a bitch down named something Atterius Attarius? Atorious? I forget it'll come back to me. Anyways I hope I satisfied you while I enjoyed the fresh air and these beauty butts. I got a couple dickheads to pop off.

The Powers

Snake Whisperer: While her hair may not be snakes, she can command most snakes and reptiles telepathically as long as they're in her line of sight. Snakes by nature do however take to her with trust.

Getting Stoned: Medusa can turn anything she looks at with her left eye to stone. Including herself. So she has to be be careful with that puppy, as well as probably avoiding mirrors without an eye patch.

Enhanced reflexes: She can react and quickly move around the speed of Mach 80 to dodge or react. She see's things coming much slower. A skill her Aries blood developed. This is especially helpful in a weapon or gunfight.

War: She can enter into a state of rage where her physical attributes are boosted making her able to take bullets and punch through cars. The drawback is however she loses complete control of her emotions and destroys all in her path.

The Weaknesses

Different Stokes: She is very weak to magic attacks. Since she herself is from that type of world, the magic here is different and much more potent.

Self Reflection: She cannot look at herself with her eye patch off or any  part she sees will turn to stone. She has fucked this up on multiple instances, and has made a antidote she keeps at home. So in battle she can screw herself.

That addiction: She loves cigarettes. If she doesn't have them her withdrawal is akin to her powers numbing as well as what most people go through.

The Achilles Eye: If you were to stab her through the left eye, she would effectively turn to stone forever. So she does her best to prevent that.  

The Items

The Rattle Snakes: A pair of tailor made handguns, .45 caliber that hold 16 shots per magazine. She usually carries 4 extra mags on her.

The Black Mamba: A thick dagger made of a black substance. She likes to use it for more quiet take downs.

The Python: A long sword that she carries on her back. It was said to once belong to a goddess but it's only specialty is in appearance.

The Eggs: She carries about 4 grenades on her at all times. She likes booms.

The Fluff

Expert demolitionist
Expert hand to hand fighter
Sword play/other blade skills
Can drink with the best of them

The RP Sample

"I promise I don't know anything!"
the man in captivity screeeched from his chair.
Medusa smiled as her favorite snake, the cobra sat around the man's snake hissing and flicking it's tongue.
"I know what you do to people who don't tell you what you want! You think I'm that stupid?"
The man pleaded once again.

Medusa cocked her head and couldn't help but laugh. "I think someone in trouble tends to talk a lot more than someone with a clean conscience. So what's it gunna be?"
The man tossed the snaked off him before trying to stand up quickly only to hear a clicking sound.
"Trying to make a run? Where? You're locked in here with me? Are you desperate or just stupid?"

She light a cigarette with one hand, and ran her hand through her hair. "Well I guess that's it."
The man looked relieved. She fired a shot that grazed his ear lobe.
"What is wrong with you?!"
"Probably some sociopathy. Daddy issues. Stuck in your shithole world. Dealing with rats like you. The real question here is what's wrong with you?"

The man looked up from his knees with tears in his eyes.. "Please they'll kill me."
"I completely understand she spoke inhaling the cigarette, slowly letting out her breath."
Snakes started to surround the man and he began to scream.
"Don't worry. They're just here to pick up the scraps."
She pointed her guns at him and shot a bullet in unison through both eye sockets.
"This is such a fucking pain."

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