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Ambrosia Empty Ambrosia

Post by Elena Vexus April 15th 2021, 3:16 pm


"The Progenitor of Immortality"

The Bio

Real Name: Ambrosia
Age: ?
Blood type:N/A

The Looks
Ambrosia is a conceptual being of consciousness, there have not yet been times that they have shown themselves to another God or human. They would however take the form of something they can best understand or are familiar with. Humans will see another human, generally with wings or glowing white. Whatever their concept of a ‘Higher Being’ might be. Other Gods will see something biblical in nature. Gods believe they are the highest form of existence, so when coming into contact with something even higher than them, Ambrosia would generally appear as an impossible shape, a collection of oscillating colors, or even as a mirror image.

The Personality
Ambrosia has been alone for quite some time. Meeting with them would more than likely be a terrifying experience. There would be no sentence you could speak that they have not already heard. They do not do well with other humans, and have never met another god. Their personality would be the sum total of everyone and everything that has ever lived. Complicated, brash, loud, but kind. Angry but gentle. Intimidating, but welcoming. Soft spoken but argumentative. Never wrong.
Potentially with practice, Ambrosia may be able to narrow down and filter out specific aspects of personalities that would work for the right situation. Though there has never been any reason for such practices. Many millennia ago Ambrosia once walked among the people who had created them, which gave a slight perspective on how humans act at least for those few hundred years. The results were not positive...
The Story
There are concepts in this world which feel tangible, but are not. Time, money, power, reputation. All things that man has strived for millennium to acquire, horde and exploit. Humans believe if they have enough of any of these they become higher than their peers. Some how the concepts that they possess make them greater than those of the same species. These possessions lead to further, what could be called, creativity. They create other concepts, other ideas to become tangible for those they look down on. They blame their acquisition of concepts on even higher beings than themselves. Their time, their money, their power. The fault of the higher beings shining down and favoring them. These ideas, turn into ideals, and the less fortunate turn to their higher beings, their conceptual gods. Praying to nothing, wishing for the same fortunes to be bestowed upon them. Entire generations, populations, and civilizations since the beginning of all language born into the religious falsehoods of the rich and powerful.

But concepts are powerful.

They create. They inspire. They bring to life the impossible. The subjugation of the poor and the weak lead to the physical manifestation of the very gods they had never believed in to begin with. The first God, the Progenitor of Immortality, Ambrosia. Created by the conceptualization of human exploitation. Since born from humans, they acted human. They heard the rage, the jealously, the fear. They saw the greed, the lust, the apathy. It was revolting. It had to be rewritten. They would use the planet to destroy them. With water in abundance, the planet was flooded. Everything was left to waste. A few had been graced with a warning and instructions on how to survive. Some were successful, others perished. This was of no immediate concern of Ambrosia. Those who had created this god were not so easily done away with. In the coming centuries, Ambrosia became curious and began living the lives of the humans. Living through generation after generation, the lives began to feel shorter and shorter. The stories of the planet destroying flood were still shared for hundreds of life times, but became increasingly twisted and diluted. While living human lives, Ambrosia continually saw compassionate individuals. However for every kind soul there was someone vile and undeserving of their own mortality. These humans were the reasoning as to why the planet was destroyed in the first place. The stories did not hold as much weight as Ambrosia had hoped. And in their fading, so was the very concept of an all-powerful being looking over them.

The humans began to lose sight of and interest in the god they had created. To them, a godly like status nearly seemed achievable. The water which destroyed the world came from the sky. If they reached the sky, control would be theirs. It was a simple concept to them. So they began to build, and build, and build. A beautiful tower being constructed with brilliant human ingenuity and cooperation. This angered Ambrosia. Living amongst the humans educated them to see their motives and their perspectives on life, but sadly Ambrosia still retained many human tendencies. Humans attempting to acquire what they had not even truly believed in to begin with was infuriating. It was these people who had created Ambrosia. They wanted someone or something to look down over them, and Ambrosia felt as if this was voiding their entire purpose for creation. This was deeply troubling, it was an emotion never felt before. The distaste in humanity that had caused the first destruction now looked different. Ambrosia continually remembered the hundreds, thousands, of kind souls they had encountered as a human. It was tearing them apart. The want to save them paired with the willingness to destroy them again. This powerful internal struggle resulted in a catastrophic schism within Ambrosia. So much that it had detrimental consequences to human civilization.

In a brilliant light that shone arches the globe, and into the stars and darkest voids of space, the tower was dismantled and the humans who had been creating it were displaced to anywhere the Light of Ambrosia touched. History was being reset. Memory was being destroyed and language was scrambled. As for Ambrosia, they were no longer the singular concept they had previously been. Not only had the humans be displaced and spread across the globe, but different pieces of Ambrosia had followed. Their memories scattered between each other and methods of communication with humans shaken and disoriented. The original Ambrosia was still very much in existence. Still connected and witnessing everything, they were now simultaneously experiencing all of creation. They hid themselves from the eyes of the other gods and all of humanity on an inaccessible plane of existence.
There were hundreds of variations Ambrosia now, but humans still influenced their concepts. Gods of Well Being, the Seas, the Underworld, Thunder, War. Gods of nearly every human emotion. There were evil Gods born of the rage and distaste they had felt with humanity. There were Gods who took human form and walked among their people changing and inspiring them and thousands of future generations. At first Ambrosia felt shame for what they had felt was a irreconcilable mistake. Though, being a conceptual being with a consciousness, they are able to hold all of existence, every inch of creation within themselves and see that the universe as it is would not be functioning as it is without their ‘mistake’.

Despite being omnipotent, Ambrosia does have ‘favorite’ moments in history so far. The last few thousand years have been some of most enjoyable to witness. Besides the construction interventions with those who call themselves Egyptians, humans continue to strive forward on their own. Just as resilient as they had been before the beginning of time. Every century they grow closer and closer to the truth they seek. Though, every time they get a little closer, Ambrosia will add a small change in the ‘laws of nature’ that they think their world abides by.
Through the millennia the name Ambrosia has seeped through the veils of reality, coming to mean ‘food of the gods’. Stories were told of other only gods consuming this, mortals who partook in the food or drink were granted immortality. Ambrosia themself did send the gods who first used the term a small amount of the mythical liquid that had been described. It’s rumored there still exists a drop of it somewhere that has been long forgotten and now only Ambrosia knows the location of.

The hundreds of Fragments of Ambrosia who became gods faded with time. Their power dwindled as the concepts of gods changed over the centuries, and now they reside with the humans they once looked over on the planet they have began calling “Earth”. The fascinating creativity that the Fragments have taken has inspired human mythology as they were able to change their form as they fell from a more divine status. The names of the creatures, the media that has come from them, the occultists that follow it all. It’s all very entertaining, even to a God. Some are better known than others, giving them more power overall. There are some who have a humanoid form, others are more animalistic in nature. All are strange creatures that are not typically found on this planet. Humans began to believe less in their gods, and more in the mythical creatures that potentially walked their Earth. With enough of a following, with enough believers these creatures and humanoid monsters might one day be able to return to the divine status they once held right after the Schism of Ambrosia.
There are a few remaining “Higher Ranking” Fragments which have a vast following globally, though due to how they are viewed conceptually, they have an incredibly difficult time involving themselves directly with the people who idolize them.
Ambrosia is not affected by the concepts of gods, myths and monsters as they have surpassed all aspects of existence. There may come a time where they will interfere with reality, only then will humans rediscover the definition of “The Fear Of God”.

The Powers
Absolute Totality: As a conceptual being of consciousness, omnipotence is an understatement. Ambrosia experiences all of creation simultaneously, and has been for as long as time has been a concept. There is nothing they cannot see, predict, interpret, or misunderstand.
The Light of Ambrosia: A form of self-destruction and rebirth. A brilliant light shines from Ambrosia, altering anything and everything it touches. It’s original and only use so far destroyed nearly everything man made, redistributed humanity not only across the planet Earth, but as far as the Light reached across the universe. It scrambled language, rewrote memories, and created other gods. Humans would call such an event the “Big Bang”
Omi-Inifnity: All causalities of life and death can be manipulated freely. Everything that exists or does not exist will move according to Ambrosia, if they so will it. The causes and effects of a plan, idea, or concept set in motion by Ambrosia can not be overwritten or altered by any other thing in existence.
Absolute Reality Manipulation: Anything conceivable or simply observed by Ambrosia can be brought into existence or removed. These actions cannot be challenge by any other thing in existence.

The Weaknesses
Ambrosia does not have the ability to see or alter reality before the Schism they experienced. They have retained memories.
Staying hidden in a corner of existence inaccessible to the rest of reality prevents them from altering reality heavily. Small changes that only a small group or population would notice are possible. The more people that would notice, the less possible it is.
Exiting the pocket of reality, or expanding it to include other living things would make Ambrosia susceptible to human concepts and ideas.
Exposing themselves would also make their presence known to the other gods, or, Fragments of Ambrosia. Ambrosia themself has been able to remain less than a myth to the other gods due to the scattering of their memories at The Tower. It is theoretically possible for Ambrosia’s Corner to be invaded by other gods if they were to know Ambrosia was hiding there.
Despite having no physical body, they can take damage from other Fragments of Ambrosia.
It is unclear what the outcome would be if Ambrosia was destroyed or conceptually erased.

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