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Curator [WIP]

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Curator [WIP] Empty Curator [WIP]

Post by Zonkes March 19th 2021, 11:43 pm


"My dear, please do not eat cheetos while you peruse the book of life. I’m not sure what the effects on the human population that would have, and I do not need half a dozen angry archangels wondering why half the world's population suddenly have a permanent spray tan."

The Bio

Real Name: Theodore Blackcrest
Renegade Name: Curato
Nickname: Theo
Alignment: Neutral
Titles: The Collector of Mysteries, The Guardian of Artifice, the World’s Greatest Adventurer
Age: 109 y/o, physically 20 - 35 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: White with gold, red, green, and silver; resembling an opal almost.
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 183lbs
Blood type:

The Looks

A tall man with a pencil thin moustache, Curator generally wears a fine suit and his dark swept back and held in place with gel. He wears an assortment of jewelry, and almost always wears a pair of sandals despite the obvious clash of styles with his fine tailored suit. He also wears a black and red silk half cape.

He carries around a walking cane with the carved head of a jackal with long ears and ruby eyes, and a leather satchel with gold filigree.

His hands are covered in emerald green gauntlets, ending in claws at the tips. The fingers are decorated with many rings.

The Personality

Formal - Curator is an old fashioned sort, formal to a fault; he expects to do the same when in his company. However, he will retaliate in anger if others do not at the very least show respect toward his artifacts.

Genius Historian and Mythologist - When it comes to his chosen profession as an adventurer, he has to know everything about his targeted artifact. Thus, when it comes to the study of history, mythology, and magical theory; Curator is a certifiable genius.

The Story

The Powers

Pocket Dimension and Dimensional Control - The true power of Curator comes in his mystic connection to la Maison des Mythes. An ancestral home that was given to him upon his birth. The house is fully furnished, and comes with its own pocket dimension. It is as spacious as the user needs it to be, and is controlled by the current owners will. The house is never too far out of the owners reach, and a door can be opened at any time. Additionally,the house and its pocket dimension are shaped by the will of the owner. The realm can be locked so not even the strongest of planeswalkers can find it, and if the owner dies without a proper heir; the house and all it contains will be destroyed.

The Weaknesses

Useless in the Real - While La Maison des Mythes is a very important piece to Curator, it is only in that realm that he can exercise his control over reality. There is no using it in the “real” world. In order to grab anything from the house, he has to physically enter and find it.

What is Dead, Must Die - If Curator is somehow left without his immortality granting items, the Curse of Thorns will rend his flesh from his bones, and his bones will then turn to dust. Killing him without mercy, without agency, and without consideration.

The Spells

Burning Light: Creates a light that can potentially blind a target while also searing them slightly, moderate burn damage

Flaming Orbs: Creates small, orange and yelllow glowing orbs of fire which will hover around a given space and detonate in a fiery explosion covering a 15 foot radius when someone gets near to them (this to show off sun stuff)

Spirit Hounds: Can summon forth two spectral hounds which have a chilling bite, their bite is as strong as a jackel's (743, strongest of all canines apparently) and inflict cold damage to a target (cause you know, spectral)

Dust Storm: Around himself, the wielder can summon forth a small swirling duststorm (about 30 feet or so) which blinds and slowly cuts into a target (cause Set was a god of storms and duststorm seems to be fitting) as flavor, make it red sand, cause he was the lord of red desert land

Chaos Bolt - A swirling bolt of energy springs from the staff of Was, causing a random effect to occur when it hits an object or person. [Permission Based]

The Items

La Maison des Mythes

Anything listed with a weakness will be used regularly, anything else is plot based. :

The Fluff

The Curse of Thorns - The Crown of Thorns forced upon the head of Jesus Christ of Nazareth comes with a curse. He who takes the crown upon his head willingly is granted the power of the son of God, but he must die a fortnight hence. 40 years ago, Curator used this artifact to escape the Grecian underworld. He wasn’t supposed to survive. But Curator is resourceful.

Immortality - Due to the combined use of multiple artifacts, curses, and other magical means, the Curator cannot die. He can be incapatitated, hurt, or otherwise defeated; but as long as his countermeasures remain in place, his body will either regenerate or reappear.

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