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Murderous Intent

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Murderous Intent  Empty Murderous Intent

Post by Demonhunter March 12th 2021, 6:20 pm

Yap- yip- yapp yapp

Deimos’s snake slit eyes open to fall upon his Aunt Joan’s toy poodle. He’d been forced into an airplane for the last hour and a half feeling cramped and rather nauseous. Seemed flying in a big metal can didn’t sit well with the winged. He was just glad Aunt Joan was happy to let Deimos resume his draconic form and take a nap in her backyard, head laying inside the open back door.

It seemed Max was not pleased with this arrangement.

Cyan eyes lift to try to make out some of the conversation between Ed and Kathy (his parents), and Aunt Joan. His ears still rang with sleep as he righted himself, only somewhat catching something about them asking how his school work had been going. Great, she was bringing this up again, was it too late to roll over and go back to sleep?

Just then the sky seemed to darken far too early. It was only just before dusk, so the sudden dimness had Deimos retracting his head and looking to the sky to see a darkening cloud swelling in the otherwise clear sky. With a head tilt and a squint the young dragon notices that it is not a cloud, but a massive murder of crows that’d blocked out the waning sun for a moment but the light returned after the mass spread out a bit. However, one big black blotch didn’t disperse, instead it screeched murderously into the bleeding sky, wings spread and crooked beak splayed open and full of teeth. It speeds into a helicopter as it attempts to flee, ripping the blades from the cabin and leaving it to fall as the crow bounds away.

Deimos was in the air with a single leap before the blades were torn off,  soaring into the screeching black cloud, little talons scraping against his armored scales the entire way before he hits the helicopter’s body. He digs in the claws of all four legs, metal scraping under him as his wings spread to catch the air, keeping the helicopter and it’s occupants aloft. The weight pulled him down harshly, however the tail end of the aircraft splits, lightening the load enough to glide it down into Aunt Joan’s backyard harmlessly. The pilot, co-pilot and the three occupants run from the cockpit into the house in a panic as Kathy and Ed go out to meet their son.

Deimos locks eyes on the wandering giant crow as it seems to move closer to Chicago city, just looking for something to destroy at a leisurely pace, cloud of crows following.

“Oh, please be careful.” Kathy groans, moving to hug around his front leg before Ed pulls her away to allow his son to pursue the crow.

And give chase the dragon did, wingspan carrying him up, high into the clouds, choosing to stay well above the crow as predators tended not to look up. The city was booming in panic as people dashed away from ravenous crows that pecked at them. He couldn’t just bring this thing down in the middle of the city. Should he start and aerial fight he could risk crashing right into a building and hurting more people or even himself. He then remembered the last visit to Aunt Joan they’d gone to a park on the other side of Chicago. It may not have been the best idea, but it was the only idea he could think of before this thing decided to hurt someone again.

With a loud roar, Deimos dives at the crow, missing it’s left wing by a few feet as it squawks in alarm. He gained it’s attention, soaring out in front of it as fast as his wings could take him. It suddenly seemed all the corvids in Chicago wanted a piece of him as they all took dives at him as he passed, luckily all of which scraped past scales and not flesh. Keeping out ahead of the crow was luckily pretty easy and it seemed too infuriated at him it never took its scorching red eyes off him.

Deimos kept searching the ground until finally there was a clearing, Millennium Park.

The dragon banks hard, a secondary set of wings dipping to give him a hard turn radius. This agility allows him to catch his pursuer in the left side while it tries to keep up. Deimos’s jaws grab a wing, crunching down hard and snapping hollow  bones as they descend. The demon crow howls, turning it’s head and digging it’s beak into the back to Deimos’s neck at the base, talons grabbing either shoulder, piercing through the armor. Deimos snarls as the bird drew blood, his front claws grabbing for whatever he could get, digging into some of the skin at it’s back.

His wings fluttered in an attempt to separate however, the crow intended to bring Deimos down with it.

Deimos comes crashing into the ground with the bird in a plume of ruined grass and dirt. Impact knocking the sense and breath out of Deimos, however the bird did let go of him.

Both Dragon and Demon lay in the dirt, Deimos was just trying to make sure he still had all his body parts as the swarm descended upon him. Luckily the crows couldn’t get past his armor, even if he was downed. But the big one4 had begun to recover, broken wing hanging at it’s side as it hopped to Deimos.

As dazed as it was it was able to dig it’s talons into the flesh of Deimos’s side beneath his wing causing a loud roar of pain to escape him as he forces himself to his feet shakily. Both were woosy from impact and still trying to get their senses about them.
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