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A piece back on the board (Lucius)

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A piece back on the board (Lucius) Empty A piece back on the board (Lucius)

Post by Zell February 26th 2021, 9:49 pm

Something was new, something was very different. Lucius was back later than anticipated. He must have learned quite a bit, because the man had an intellectual capacity beyond Zell’s when his genesis first unfolded. To find things and to experience things all over again. To find his way back was a feat in and of itself. It was incredible considering it took- The thought escaped him. A first in a long time for Zell. Something wasn’t right, someone was lost, someone was projected across the multiverse or possibly beyond. But he couldn’t remember them. He remembered he couldn’t interfere with them because of his identity as Archon, but he couldn’t remember WHO they were. He stood there attempting to affix his tie around his neck, the small scar from a glowing arrow head.

“Remember.” He said, attempting to channel his voice. Immediately he lurched forward, a fit of coughing as he felt the energy tickle in his throat, then vibrate and cause a spasm. His throat began to close and his breathing was becoming difficult, and then nonexistent. As he reached forward for the wall he finally managed to cough up whatever was agitating his throat. Blood poured from his mouth, streaming out the sides into his hand as he saw a small piece of squishy, fleshy remnants of whatever had once been there. The taste of raw iron, the fast pace of a beating, mortal heart desperately clinging for life. Fear. Looking down at his hand he walked over to the bathroom, knowing he would need to wipe off his mouth.

”Hey uhm, Zell?” A voice came from the hallway. The sound of running water almost drowning it out as he used a washcloth to begin peeling the liquid iron from the sides of his mouth. A tanned skinned teenager with a southern accent seemed to stand in the doorway to his bedroom, Zell peered out after knowing his face was cleaned, though turned his head to obscure the blood within his teeth.

“Yes, Yancey?” He asked with a slightly hurried and almost irritated tone. It was clear that Yancey was bothering him, but he was willing to entertain the young man for a moment. ”Brevity is the soul of wit, boy. Don’t be dense!” He said, hurrying the young man a bit. Yancey seemed to clear his throat and sheepishly chuckle before rubbing the back of his head.

“Sir, is there anyway we could go with you? I-I just mean that Silus is SO excited that Lucius is back from...wherever he’s been.” Yancey said, trying to sell the concept of both of them joining Zell in his trip to meet with the head of RISE. Lucius had been back for a while now, a few days and in the care of an individual that Zell did not remember very well. When the Archon Energy was siphoned from him, he lost the benefit of continual access to godly knowledge of all things. The best he could remember it was a Human what was possibly of an evil persuasion. Lucius was not one to succumb to rhetoric. Unlike the “other” visitors Lucius would receive, Zell wanted to give him a few days to recover before barging in and demanding a meeting.

The day Lucius had returned, Zell had a hand carved wooden box sent to him with a bottle of Armand de Brignac Champagne, Ace of Spades Brut Gold. Alongside the box was a note that read:
“Welcome back. Celebrate the venture! ~Archon”

Zell had known at one point that Lucius had preferred Brandy, but something in his gut told him that this drink in particular was going for a symbol of celebration and prestige. The Champagne was a symbol, a gesture and nothing more or less than a message of joy that Lucius had returned. There was much to celebrate for that. There was much to discuss, and the meeting he had today was not going to be bombed or derailed by Yancey and his strange attempts to get in on this meeting, for whatever reason.

“I’m afraid not. Silus can visit him as he pleases, but for today I need The Prime Minister’s attention. There’s actual work to be done, and actual conversation to be had, and business to do. Not something that I would wish to bore you, or Silus with.” Zell said as he had already begun to rinse his mouth out, spitting crimson into the sink. Yancey seemed to grumble and walk away, leaving Zell to contemplate in his mind. He was forgetting something, and the feeling was not one he enjoyed.

Zell had boarded a plane and took the flight. It went mostly without any issue at all. His flight was cleared to enter and land on the soil of Belarus. The country was always beautiful, but now it was more than that. It was developing, it was growing. It was flourishing. It went from being the posterboy of undesirable war and orphanistic debt all the way to near science fiction technology and economic sustenance. Marvelous infrastructure was fortified and repaired while order and peace seemed to reign. This was Belarus now, it was Wakanda run by Dr.Doom with Magneto’s leverage.

Zell couldn’t help but sigh a little as he went to the car that was to take him from the landing spot within Minsk. The ride was not long, the route had seemed to be determined before Zell had even arrived. The car pulled through Victory Square, one of the most prominent landmarks which had been restored and preserved under the current leadership. Zell looked at the large obelisk in the square, and even through their journey they passed the Independence Palace, and eventually found themselves pulling into the location where Zell was to meet with Lucius.

Making sure his suit was still in proper condition and obsessing on every little detail, like he normally did he could virtually hear Sean and Silus groaning in the back of his head. He flicked his sunglasses and put them over his eyes, stepping out as the door was opened. He reached out and placed a hand on the man’s shoulder and nodded with a smile. ”Dziakuj”

Someone seemed to be waiting for Zell at this location. He had to confess, it was a clever way of doing a security detail. Several channels and drop offs, disguised as a small tour of the city and as a welcoming party. He had to say he couldn’t have done it better himself. It was a trivial thing to people like him and Lucius, but the way they hid it and the way that Lucius utilized metahumans here for the purposes of security and defense were perfectly timed and utilized. Say what you want, the man got results. Zell approached the stairs where the man was waiting for him, likely to escort him.

”U mianie sustreča z premjer-ministram” He said with a smile, informing the man that he was here for a meeting with the Prime Minister. Zell cleared his throat a little as one hand slipped into the pocket of his Kiton black pants.

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