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Choke (Starring King Isroh and Uzma)

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INV ONLY Choke (Starring King Isroh and Uzma)

Post by Chellizard February 25th 2021, 12:22 am

The setting sun splashed gorgeous hues of oranges, yellows, pinks, and purples across the sky, bringing the beautiful City of Angels alive. The bustling city life was nonstop, as it was a Saturday night, and you know what that means.

Uzma did, too.

She would blend into the crowded sidewalks, avoiding anyone that was trying to directly engage her into a conversation. The sun was going down soon, and as amazing as the setting sun was, tonight was a full moon. She needed to get inside before the sun vanished and she is forced into her cosmic form. The closest thing to her was a night club, or the gas station right before it. She knew that even inside the gas station, if the windows didn't block the sky, and the moon comes into view, she's done for. She needed somewhere that was windowless. So, it was time to hit the club scene.

Ducking into the line outside of the club, she adjusted herself, making sure to gussy up so that the bouncer at the door would just wave her through. She wore a low cut, black tank top with slashes just under her bosom across her ribs. The top was form fitting, and even showed a bit of her toned abdomen. Her hips were hugged by a pair of stonewash denim skinny jeans, stretching down her long legs to a pair of short heeled, ankle high black pleather boots. She had on a dark denim crop top jacket that complimented her jeans, and it had a few notable iron-on patches across the shoulders; a skeletal hand giving you the finger, an alien head patch, a tiger head patch, a potion bottle patch, a star patch, and a pair of red painted luscious lips with vampire fangs.

Her attire was easily matched by her silky sable locks. She had her hair in a protective style, a multitude of mini braids stemming from her scalp, however the right side of her head remained shaven. She had them in a side part to the left, complimenting her angular, long face. Deep set, viridian hued irises were nestled behind thick, voluminous natural lashes. A touch of make up graced her features, just a bit of a cat liner around of her eyes, a bit of rouge on her cheeks, and her full, pouting lips were painted red. She typically went without makeup on a daily basis, but today she had decided it would be fun. She was glad she had picked out a cute outfit, too. She was usually wearing sweat pants and a tee shirt.

Standing in the line was boring, but it didn't take long. The sun was still setting as she made her way to the front of the line. The bouncer looked her over, giving her a full head to toe admiring stare before lifting the velvet rope and letting her in. She could feel his eyes ogling her, making no rush to stop staring any time soon. She flashed her ID of course, and threw in a flutter of her lashes as the bouncer let her pass. Once she had her back to him, she would unscrew her forced, fake smile and make a face of disgust, sticking out her tongue. The bouncer wasn't ugly, she just wasn't in the mood for gawking stares. Her goal was to get inside, maybe have a drink, dance, and probably pass out in the bathroom until morning.

Not all things go as planned, however.

The music was loud, fast, and full of rhythmic drums and bass. The whole club was alive, bodies pressed against one another. A twinge of sweat, alcohol, and some other cologne filled the club's atmosphere. Pheromones from all the sweaty bodies gyrating against one another also mingled in the air, sending a shiver up and then down Uzma's spine. It had been a while since she had been in a club, and around this many people at once. She usually spent most of her time on the couch at Elaine's house waiting for the next major threat to show their face.

First thing was first, she needed to get some alcohol into her system, and then she could finally loosen up and enjoy herself.

She sauntered to the bar, moving through the crowd with grace. Each step she made with precise decision, moving through the bodies as if she were dancing with them. She was across the room in no time, and found herself an open stool. She settled into it and waited for the next bartender to approach her so she could finally get this night started.

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INV ONLY Re: Choke (Starring King Isroh and Uzma)

Post by Demonhunter February 26th 2021, 10:43 pm

Saturday nights were always booming in the great Hell Hound bar. The music was pounding as demons crawled in the club as if they were normal people. The king, however, rather than upon his throne in his office, was currently sitting at the bar, glued to his phone.

He was dressed a bit more formally than most would be for a night in a booze joint, his black slacks clinging to his body in a manner that screamed they were custom tailored. A dress shirt the color of a smooth red wine, cuffs rolled up a good half an inch above where they normally would be, with golden cufflinks in the shape of a small skull. His perfectly shined shoes, showing their scarlet soles as he had them propped up into the barstool next to him. One arm rested on the bar, tangled through his curly hair like ink as he leaned over. Lilac eyes focused on a tiny screen is much amusement.

The king ignored most of the party around him, in favor of the newest episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

The bartender has been supplying him a healthy supply of rocky margaritas, extra rim salt, with top shelf tequila. As soon as one was empty, another replaced it. The king seemed fully absorbed, however he did perk as a rather beautiful woman made her way toward the bar. He notes he was currently resting his feet on the only open stool and moves to a more socially acceptable position, crossing his legs under the bar.

A bit went by, enough for him to suck down his 5th fish-bowl margarita before there seemed to be a bit of a commotion at the front door. A mousy looking man squeezes by the bouncers, cutting the line entirely. His clothes were disheveled, his nose a bloody mess and both eyes dark with bruising. The bouncers had made a light attempt to stop him, but at the first touch, they backed away, choosing to hold back the annoyed crowd instead.

This doesn’t do much to draw Isroh’s attention, but the young man stands sheepishly until the king looks up from his phone, pulling a headphone from his ear and just staring blankly.

“I-I I’m so sorry I-”

Isroh raises an eyebrow tentatively as the man shutters, almost breaking down into tears before him.

“Jesus, calm down.” Isroh waves to the bartender who passes a shot of vodka over, to which the king then passes to the sniveling man.

After downing the alcohol and coughing profusely, he finally manages to talk in a somewhat coherent manner. “I got robbed! Everything I have is gone.”

The stare Isroh gave could kill, violet eyes flashing crimson for a split second, sending the man back into a craven panic. However, one deep breath later, and a sip of booze has the demon king cooling off once again. First week on the job, everyone gets shaken down eventually. I’ll send someone to find the fucker and send him back into the pit from which he came.” Isroh groans.

“About that... “ The man returns to his sheepish demeanor, averting his eyes once more to stare at the floor.

There was a brief awkward pause as Isroh handed him another drink just to get him to spit it out.

“They were humans.”

The silence was deafening.

“Gotta be fuckin kidding me. How much did they take?”
“All of it.”
“How much is all of it?”
“About 5 bags of speed, 3 rocks, some grass and about 50 doses of Nepenthe.” The man’s voice begins to shiver into a whimper as the king grows more and more annoyed.”

“Between how many people?”
“4. Two women and two men… does the dog count?”

Isroh just pinches the bridge of his nose in annoyance, his shadow dancing along the counter from the strobe lights morphing a bit more into the insidious.

“Wh-what’s gonna happen I-”
Isroh holds up a finger to silence the rambling man.
“What’s going to happen is you are going to sit here, have a few drinks and then we're going to talk about a change in positions. I’m going to try to track down a bunch of humans before they do 50 doses of nempeth and end up killing themselves or something.” The demon stands, groaning in pure disappointment.

The dealer blinked in confusion as he was pushed into Isroh’s vacated barstool. “So… you aren’t mad?” He stammers.

“Oh, I’m absolutely furious.” Isroh chuckles in a nonchalant manner. “Just at the situation, not particularly at you.” He pats the man on the shoulder before turning to work his way through the crowd.

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