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Shade Empty Shade

Post by Humanity February 21st 2021, 9:55 pm


Shade has a history in the world that spans back several years. Shade itself was original an organization under Elena Marie Collin-Thiels. The powerful sorceress was a scourge to the world for many years, her power and influence spanning several states and her hoarded magical knowledge allowing her to create and found this group in total secrecy as she hoarded away resources such as "Project: ManaCannon" and other devastating and possibly world-ending spells and weaponry.

By enlisting the assistance of the mad geneticist Dr.Xelec and many other powerful allies such as The Lord of Shadows, Cain Vulsore and the Nephaelim known as Ezra de Asmodaeus. With these allies she managed to rival even the great magical houses, though in superior secrecy and the aid of technology. The base of operations for Shade was beneath an abandoned amusement park just outside New Orleans, and while Shade and it's power continued to reign for quite some time, it was when Elena Marie sacrificed herself and had her Mana-Cannon target herself and Elena Vexus that Shade truly fell apart without her leadership.

Shade is now a reconstructed shadow organization that follows under a figure head known only as "The Doctor". This individual gathered several individuals of extreme talent and brought them to Shade with a single purpose that they have otherwise kept to themselves. However this conglomeration of talent and resources has already established them to be powerful and influential.

Shade seems to exist for one purpose and one purpose only. To bring the world down a peg. Right now society and all within are on cloud 9. They have people that they worship and rely on far too much in their daily lives. There are many people who use their powers and their abilities as a metahuman in order to establish their superiority over others and demand money, wealth and attempt to establish power. In this way, Shade is like an unsung hero, whom comes and relinquishes power and possessions and even the concept of life from these people. In the same respect Shade is the villain for always picking every hero they can and humbling them, destroying them utterly and seemingly without recourse.

The actual Agenda of Shade appears to be the collection and proper containment of mythical and powerful items, individuals and ultimately achieving a goal that very few even within the organization know.


The goal of Shade now that it has been revitalized, is to continue the original protocol of locating and securing powerful artifacts items and anomalies. Including individuals of a certain capacity. However this is a tertiary objective, one that is a supporting factor to the primary objective, which remains disclosed to only the highest level of personnel within the establishment.

The secondary, and most commonly pursued objective of Shade is to infiltrate the population of the world with its influence and utilize every means available to pursue and eliminate the "false heroes" and "pretenders" from society. Heroes that are perceived and categorized as "True heroes" will still be targeted and humbled.

Society cannot abide by the concept of society becoming dependant upon heroic entities and anomalous activities. That being said, we recognize that by spreading out influence through society we become invested in society. We believe in continuing all smuggling, drug trafficking and all manner of illicit activities to support a powerful economy and strong underbelly. Thereby helping to support a strong economy and a strong influence in society itself, ultimately increasing the power of Shade itself.

Shade prioritizes secrecy and discretion in all that we do, it is only one of the two true mandate of its members.

Shade functions on a code of conduct. Individuals within Shade are expected to uphold the first two tenants without question and without fail. The other three tenants are subject to arbitration and review by the higher echelons.

1) Secrecy and Discretion - All members of Shade must prove their ability to keep Shade and it's operations a secret. In the case of a "Forced Event" where one's memories are directly pried into, each Shade operative is outfitted with a high grade anterograde amnesiac drug that will automatically trigger under psychic duress.

2) Direct Orders - Shade does not often times issue orders to operatives, believing in individual incentive and autonomy. In the case that Shade issues orders to an operative, the orders are to be carried out without question. Blatant disregard for the orders given will be taken as treason.

3) MInd your Manners - Shade operatives are often times unknown to each other. In the case that you find another operative of Shade, you two are permitted to handle your discrepancies as you see fit. Shade will only act in arbitration with the consent of both parties. If your "issues" become the issues of the organization, then intervention will be swift and final.

4) Rewarded Reporting - Shade will reward operatives based upon their reports and reviews of anomalous or possible artifact activity. When a report is filed, Shade will distribute payment to all parties involved at standard fees.

5) Debriefing - Shade requires debriefing on all observed powers and capabilities of heroic, magical or otherwise anomalous individuals. Debriefing is compensated and highly encouraged.


The Hierarchy of Shade is comprised of a ruling body known as a council. The Council is the body of members which has access to all clearances and levels of transparency. They are led by an individual known as "Doctor". This is the driving operatives who oversee and continue the hidden primary objective of the organization. They are the ones who make the executive decisions and continue to proliferate the group's agenda.

Beneath the council are the Wardens, a group of hand selected individuals that are able to enact a special actions and operations on behalf of the council. These individuals have access to all clearances below Level 5, but are restricted from level 5 access.

Beneath the wardens are the standard Operatives and Researchers. Access to Level 3 and below. They act autonomously and consist of a few special members with different duties.

Beneath the Standard Operatives are the Lieutenants. These are the right hands of operatives, each operative is assigned a Lieutenant. The Lieutenant is loyal to Shade specifically, though will comply with their superior as is expected. They typically will handle most debriefings that operatives do not wish to do themselves

Beneath Lieutenants are the the Shadows. The Shadows are the people who are typically the hands and foot soldiers that gather information for Shade.

Beneath the Shadows are The Damned. The Damned are indentured, mind controlled or brainwashed individuals that have no chance of a normal life in society. They are typically utilized for lethal tasks and things that have a higher mortality rate.


1) "The Doctor"
2) The Lych
3) Hyperion


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