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Set Alucarde

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Set Alucarde Empty Set Alucarde

Post by darkborn202 February 8th 2021, 9:34 am

Set Alucarde

"So if I close the portal, I can have the cake? Deal!"

The Bio

Real Name: Set Alucarde
Hero Name: Echo
Title: WiP
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Age: 21
Gender: M
Race: Vetala-born Dhampir
Hair: Black
Eyes: Reddish Gray
Height:5’ 5”
Weight: 125 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Set is a small individual- he’s short, he’s thin, and he does not have a lot of muscle on him. His face is oddly attractive; this comes from the fact that his face is unnaturally symmetrical. His blind eyes provide a nice contrast to his bronze skin, and while he doesn’t have that many scars, there is a singular large scar over his heart area, and another one located on his right temple. His straight black hair extends to about the base of his skull, and his clean shaven face is often in a beaming grin. Whenever he shows his teeth, there are two distinct upper canines.

Set’s choice of clothing generally varies. In public areas and outside, Set generally wears short gray robes given to him by his father; these robes are almost monk-like, really, though they do have additions like buttons and a collar. When inside home, Set generally wears whatever t-shirt he finds interesting, as well as wearing the same comfortable long pants he wears with his outerwear. Whenever he wears footwear, he normally picks comfortable hiking boots; however, he normally throws his shoes off the first chance he gets when he’s inside.

The Personality

Set has the mind of a Vetala. That is to say, he practically has the mind of a child. New things constantly amaze him, and he’s very easily distracted; he gets angry and pouts, and when he’s sad he sulks. It’s honestly quite amusing to watch at times. One thing that surprises others, however, is his imagination. It can conjure up the most insane conclusions, but it can also draw the most fantastical pictures. However, despite his Vetala heritage, one should note that Set is still very much of human lineage as well. This means, despite being very childish, that he can develop and grow, and has shown himself to be able to handle more mature topics, despite first impressions. When someone dies, he mourns and takes it to heart; when a friend is sad, he shows a surprising amount of care and thought; and when he is truly, truly angry, he is vindictive and far more cunning than a child should be.

A counterpoint to this is a darker aspect of Set’s personality also stems from his vampiric side: an insatiable lust for blood. Despite not needing it to survive, like a true vampire, Set always has a craving for the red fluid. This terrifies him. He is terrified of what would happen if he were to succumb to the thirst. And he resists it at all costs. And because of his blindness, or rather, his compensation for his blindness, he often gets shades of colors wrong due to his interpretation of how the colors would look like.

Set believes in preserving life. No matter who it is. Perhaps it is a part of his upbringing, but he views any death as a travesty that can be avoided; when dealing with even criminals, he tries his very best to convince them to stop, and if that fails, simply incapacitate them. Set also has a tendency to disregard the rules when they inconvenience him or others. Set, in his personal life, enjoys lots of stuff: from building with things such as LEGOs, to video games, to drawing, expect his room to be a cluttered mess of scattered, colorful things. Set also likes explaining things. For example, asking him to explain why a spell works a certain way will have him excitedly rambling on about the inner workings of the spell.

As for little quirks, Set has quite a few. One, he finds turning left mundane. So therefore, he will always turn right. Even when he has to turn left, he will always turn 270 degrees to the right. When he doesn’t, that means he’s about to deliver something truly cutting. Set also loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Don’t ask why, but he will devour absolute stacks upon stacks of the simple food. Set has a tendency to tilt his head when confused or clarifying something. And since Set has an eidetic memory, he will almost obsessively correct or clarify anything historical that Set remembers.

The Story

Set’s birth was a rather… tumultuous. All Set knows is that his proginitator, a Vetala whose name he was never told, apparently got bored being alone, and decided to make a friend. But in order to achieve that, the Vetala needed resources.

It took a couple months of preparation, but the Vetala managed to abduct several people, and prepare the experiment. It extracted the life force, but more importantly, the imagination and creativity from the poor souls, and mixed it with its own essence to create… Set. However, what came out was not what the Vetala expected. A babe.. And what’s worse, it was blind! Unaccounted for mutations had caused imperfections in the child, much to the Vetala’s disappointment. But before the Vetala could.. Dispose of the child, an intervention happened.


The Powers

Eidetic Memory: Set has photographic memory; everything he sees or hears, he remembers. This makes him a very reliable, if biased and slightly quirky, encyclopedia.

Sight Compensation: As a way to compensate for his blindness, Set has two psychic abilities that work together to function very much like sight: a psychic echolocation and a sort of ‘color identifier.’ The psychic echolocation works very much how it does in regular animals, except it is constantly active. The color identifier is much more interesting; this simply lets Scath know what colors make up the colorless image he receives from his echolocation. He doesn’t see the colors, he just receives the information and his imagination applies the colors given to the image. This also works in the dark, though colors tend to be a bit less accurate when used in the dark.

Telepathy:  Set can speak with his mind to another. Simple concept, but Set often uses this. Not only can he convey words, but also emotions and images as well.

The Spells

Shield- Quite a simple spell in concept: Upon raising his hands, Set creates a glowing circular magical circle that repels all- or at least, most- attempts to pass through. It is possible to break through the shield by using excessive brute force, and upon doing that, Set is stunned for a moment, as this spell is concentration based, and breaking this spell is quite literally akin to bonking Set on the head.

Bind- Upon casting this spell, multiple sets of strings fly out of Set’s hand or magical focus to wrap themselves around an opponent's hands and feet. The spell will always force the hands behind the back, and will account for more than one set of limbs. These bonds are stronger than diamond, though just like the shield spell, it is breakable. Set cannot have more than five opponents captured in such a manner.

Banish- Upon casting this, a target of Set’s choosing will be teleported away from him in a random direction up to 500 feet away. This spell will never put the target in direct danger, and the opponent can return back without consequence if they have the means to. The spell will attempt to put them out as far as possible, but if no safe area is found, it will continue reducing in size until it finds a safe space.

Decoy- Set creates an illusory duplicate of himself; this clone acts very much like how Set would, except that at first it will put some space between itself and Set. This decoy is very easy to destroy, as a single hit will dispel the decoy. If not destroyed, the decoy lasts for one minute.

Close Portal- Set can close minor portals with a simple phrase and hand gesture; however, more advanced portals require concentration and chants, while major and large portals often require some additional prep time and materials to close.

Muffle- Upon casting this spell, Set or another target will have their sounds minimized. Others will have trouble hearing the target, though an extremely loud noise will attract attention. This spell only affects audio, and lasts for ten minutes.

Teleport- Set’s main mode of transportation, this requires quite a bit of setup. Set has to etch out seven small magic circles around one central, larger magical circle in the air. These seven smaller magic circles can vary, as they describe the ‘location’ of where Set wants to head to. This teleportation can be blocked, much to Set’s annoyance; it can also be interrupted, which is why Set mainly uses this for casual, long distance travel.

The Weaknesses

Weakness to the Holy: Any place that is consecrated as holy will give Set a sense of nausea, and will impact his performance. His spells will often be diminished, and his movements will be jerky and uncertain.

Allergic to Garlic: Set is very allergic to garlic. Perhaps not enough to be truly life threatening, but it is enough to make him cough and gasp, and can even lead to cases of vomiting.

Somatic Component: All of Set’s spells require some sort of hand gesture; these gestures, while not overly grandiose, are complex enough that binding his hands are enough to prevent him from casting spells.

Verbal Component: Set’s spells also require him to speak certain phrases. If you prevent him from speaking, you prevent him from casting spells.

Psychic Dependence: Remove Set’s psychic ability or place him in an antimagic field, and not only do you remove most of his power, but also his sight. And his telepathy.

Time to Cast: Casting Teleportation requires time to cast. Hence why he doesn’t use it in fights. It’s a process, and it's easily interrupted.

The Items

Wand of the Raven: A rather simple affair, this ebony carved stick allows for Set to cast his shield spell as more of a small force field that surrounds an area up to ten feet in diameter. Breaking the spell means that the wand shorts out. The wand can also act as an effective lockpicking mekanism. Just point at the lock, and it unlocks! Finally, the wand can make some magical special effects happen. Nothing much, nothing that would harm anyone, but if you need some noises and flashing lights, then this wand achieves that purpose.

The Fluff

As an aspect of his psychic vampiric heritage, Set has shown multiple times that strong emotions almost have a physical effect on the world around him. When he’s brimming with joy, the room around him seems brighter. When he’s full of rage, an oppressive air hangs in the air. When he’s sad, it’s almost as if the area is a whirlpool of cold numbness funneling towards him. This oftentimes makes it very easy to tell what mood he’s in, though in recent years he’s gotten some skill at hiding his psychic emotive emissions.

Set’s mindscape is bizarre and almost alien to be in. When he speaks to others via telepathy, they can oftentimes catch snatches of other memories in perfect detail; his mind can switch tracks at a moment’s notice, often leading to others having to prompt him to resume what he originally was on. Emotions experienced are oftentimes felt in extremes. But underneath it all, one can feel a rolling, flowing layer that is kept heavily suppressed; this layer feels malicious and dark, and is representative of his more bloodthirsty side.

The RP Sample


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Still a WiP

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