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Loup Ornlu

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Loup Ornlu Empty Loup Ornlu

Post by Cerek February 8th 2021, 12:43 am

Loup Ornlu

"Say OWO one more God damn time! I dare you!"

The Bio

Real Name: Loup Ornlu
Renegade Name: Wolf boy
Title: None
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Blood type:Paint?

The Looks

Looks much like you'd expect a neko to look with wolf ears and a tail. The non typical things about his appearance are his dark skin and dreadlocks. His eyes as well are slightly larger than an average human on account of his cartoon like origins. It's also difficult not to notice how naturally vibrant he is from high quality ink. It's strange to look at him because though he does posses normal human proportions there is an obvious almost sixth sense feeling when you see him that he's not 100% real. Some people even cant help circling him to see if he's three dimensional like a mind trick.

Loup Ornlu Kassim10

The Personality

Is a care free individual that mostly likes to aimlessly wander from one incident into another, typically making things worse but not always. It's hard to get him to take things seriously due to his natural light hearted attitude. He's always trying to be friendly and funny but can come off a little too passive. He also has a very dry and morbid sense of humor, often only bothered if something personally affects him. He has no problem causing any property damage and stealing whatever he wants. He doesn't like to go out of his way to hurt people but will defend himself if he needs to, usually porting away is his best tool. He'd much prefer to run than fight it out with anyone.

The Story

The cursed pencil that brought him to life was used by one Hank Nimold, an animator at Felon art studios decades ago. The pencil was one of three cursed tools of the Gloomfell bard, the gatherer of skin and flesh art. An arts patron and musician who fell victim of an angry God that scorned his claims of godliness. His vices were sealed away in a writing tool, currency, and that which frames art. That which frames art in modern times being a camera. Harold was not a rich man and barely making ends meet, the life of an artist is a destitute one more often than not. A life made even more desperate with a teenage daughter to take care of on his own. Add to that a recently passed spouse and family deaths from illness and it makes for a tightly wound man. His relationship with his daughter had become a little strained as of late because of having to take on a night job streaming art sessions for a moderate fan base.

One day while attending a friends barbecue Hank was helping out and handling the grill while the host was busy elsewhere. There were kids running about and playing in that caution less way they do, unfortunate when a basketball struck Hank in the back of the head. He lurched forward and braced his hands on the barbecue. His hands missed their mark and broke past the grill right into the hot coals. He screamed loudly and flailed knocking over the barbecue and starting a fire, the incident obviously ended the event. The burns to his hands were severe to the point of needing amputation, wounds that would put an end to his art. He struggled for a long time on injury pay and then unemployment years later. The loss caused him to become more distant during that time before money was hard up.

He found a pencil wrapped in a bow like a gift placed before his front door. What a dumb prank for someone to pull, leaving a pencil was something beyond cruel as he struggled to pick it up in his damaged fingers. He was about to toss it in the trash when he realized how nice it actually was. Rather nice for a pencil he thought, though could not quite tell what was so pleasing about it. Prank or not it was a little too nice to just throw away. The burden of his work, maintaining a home and his tense relationship with his daughter made him easy prey for the bards quill. The quill takes many forms and in the case of dear old Hank it came in the form of simple pencil. It would use it's power to draw Hank in (pun intended). Though he could not draw he was always tempted to try again and again despite the pain in his hand. It was ages to Hanks mind, the real pass of time was not so long yet still quite a few months. The pain of his hand was now just a throbbing annoyance although...

This went on for months, slowly the quill seized his focus until he would barely eat or sleep. His pained screams would terrify his daughter and leave her confused. He all but ignored her now until she was eventually taken away by family. Everyone tried to help Hank but his mind was bent and twisted to one goal... He must draw, that is all he wants in life. To animate and make others see his talent, and "provide for his daughter when she comes back from visiting family."...

In some macabre mass of twisted bone and flesh his hand was fused with the pencil, pulsing with black veins and a rank smell. Despite this monstrous revelation to Hank he was far more enamored with the art before him. Hank was so elated that he almost didn't notice the wolf boy shifting around on the page and sniffing around curiously. They both watched each other, Hank at a loss for words at the moment. The wolf boy waved at him and Hank waved back with his non meaty hand. The wolf boy tried to speak but seemed to be some form of mute? Or he was just a two dimensional figure on paper. They were stuck looking at each other awkwardly for a minute or two before Hank figured out he could give him something to write with. For some reason the first thought to come to his brain was a paint brush, go figure, and Bobby the brush was born.

The wolf boy communicated to Hank and they chatted for a while, mostly about how the wolf boy feels and what it's like to be a cartoon. Hank shared things as well, the strain in his relationship with his daughter. That was a triggering point for him that weakened the spell on his mind, he remembered his daughter. She was the main reason he had been working himself to the bone to get his talent back, and now he could stand a chance of returning to his job. He scurried over to his phone to try and call his daughter, last he remembered she was with his brother on the other side of town. Fortunately he had the presence of mind to keep the bills paid and a steady supply of greasy take out leftovers. He was able to use his phone and call, it was a short and devastating talk. His less than warm and and inviting brother was quick to inform him that his daughter had passed away some time ago. A victim of being a bystander when two meta's are fighting.

That simply broke Hank, to the point his mind began to fracture. He stopped eating and sleeping, he started to obsess over the wolf boy as he had nothing left to cling to. It wasn't long until he was booted from his home, failing to keep up with his bills. He was rejected by every shelter on account of his odd behavior and putrid smelling tumorous hand. He ended up wandering into an abandoned apartment building and setting up a makeshift shelter of sorts. He scavenged for food and even cooked rats he trapped, water was easy enough to get a hold of if you didn't mind the extra iron rust. Oddly enough Hank never caught any disease from his eating habits, frankly he was in excellent shape considering his predicament. He spent his days with Ornlu and a host of other drawings he'd brought to life creating an entire world. A world with his particular style of early western black and white animation and anime.

Ornlu grew curious of the outside world that his creator lived in, was it all as filthy and run down as this place his home now resided in? Being of the mischievous nature of a young wolf he had something up his sleeve. Loup had tried to use his brush friend Bob to make a tunnel to teleport him outside, but unfortunately it didn't quite work yet. The magic that bound him to the paper world had to first be anchored in the real world. Put simply he needed Hank to complete the tunnel design on a surface like a wall. Convincing Hank was a rather easy task as well, he had no reason to refuse and had actually started to bond with Loup. Everything worked as expected for the wolf boy, the tunnel connected but he wasn't able to pass into the "real" world. There was a barrier of sorts that divided the very textures of both worlds, but Hank had an idea. He quickly whipped up a big hammer for Loup, a rather quirky and dim witted hammer by all accounts but strong! Loup was willing and able to give it a shot, so he wound up nearly twisting his spine and WHAM! SMASH! The wall sundered and Loup was able to walk through. Slowly more creations began to filter through into this world. After seeing all of this Hank got a new idea, one he began to work on as soon as it occurred to him in a bluster of paper and pencil.

It was less than a day before he completed his work, a representation of his daughter in a more animated form. And of course like all his other works life came to the paper and she moved as he intended. The will of the quill is a dark and fickle thing, always seeking to further break Hanks will. To what end was unsure but it's drive was always at work. Into his animated daughter it poured a wickedness that exceeded human minds and a sly nature to deceive even the most wise. She crept from the pages into her fathers world feigning her sweet innocents for a short time, long enough to get him to do a task for her. She asked him to destroy the wolf boy he had created. The quill and subsequently the fathers daughter Azalea was aware that Loup was the only thing that could break the hold it had. As the last honest act Hank committed to help his daughter, Loup held some special magic in him that could challenge the quill.

For all the love Hank had for the drawing he almost considered a son, it was nothing compared to his desperate devotion to do right by his daughter and g back to their normal life. She commanded him like a puppet, his mind enslaved now to the quills influence. He made an attempt one late night on Loup's life, but the young wolf was cunning enough to notice the conspiring and keep an eye open. Hank, his hand mutated into some manner of pen quill like spear crept up to Loup as he slept and with great sadness raised his spear... But wait, why did Loup look so lumpy? He ripped off the makeshift blanket to see a pile of garbage shaped like the wolf boy vaguely. Loup was long gone much to the rage of Azalea. Ever since then Hank and his false daughter have been on the search for Loup. Hank was turned into one of his own creations, made into a cartoon like monster from a twisted fever nightmare.

Loup spends his days not really giving a damn, he wanders from place to place doing as he does along with his friends Bobby and Big Tom. What does he care if some looneys are gunning for him? That's a hero's problem not his. He winds up getting into more trouble than he can handle typically and frustrating innocent folks to no end.

The Powers

Animated body: operates in a unique way obeying many of the laws of the cartoon world. His body can endure a significant amount of damage before succumbing. Damage done to his body by piercing or slashing have the same physical effect as being hit by a blunt weapon. Explosive forces and incineration will render him to a cartoon like pile of ash, upon death he can be brought back to life. In order to restore his form one has to write his name onto a blank sheet of paper with their blood and specifically a quill.  

The Weaknesses

Erasers: Due to his magical pysiology erasers can on contact damage him in the form of erasing a portion of his body. Depending on how much it can just kill him.

Fake weapons: Real weapons like blades, maces and whatever else can still cause damage to him though he is highly resilient. Oddly enough any sort of child improvised, conceived or toy weapon can do a lot of damage. Things like cardboard swords or pop cap guns, not water weapons however.

Boredom/laughter: If he becomes too bored with a situation in any given thread he will literally be bored to death and have to be revived. The same goes for causing him to laugh to a hysterical degree, he isn't joking when he says "you're killing me!"  
Hunger: The young wolf has a rather ravenous appetite, he eats more than six meals a day on average and needs it. If he goes too long with consuming anything substantial his stomach will roar loudly. As time goes on he will weaken until eventually death takes him as a pile of bones.

Nets: Despite being able to wiggle and shimmy his way out of most entanglements, common nets confound the wolf easily like a fly to spiders web. He will be incapable of escape without assistance.

Hunters: Being part animal Loup has an instinctual fear of hunters, people who claim to be and can prove their hunter status will make the wolf boy flee and hide until the threat is gone.

The Items

Bobby the brilliant brush: A Welch paintbrush with a superiority complex and tortured artists mentality. Bobberly B. Brush despite his eccentric ways is a powerful tool capable of creating wormholes it can control. By using enough of any colorful liquid Bobby can paint onto a surface or in three dimension a wormhole in the form of something animated. It takes only a few seconds to do and has a physical distance of three kilometers. However it is also possible to dimension travel in this way if Bobby knows the destination beforehand. He is capable of making random simple tools out of the same paint, things along the line of wrenches, hammers, anvils and any other basic tool.

Big Tom: The sentient sledge hammer with a cockney accent and dull intellect is a powerful tool in Loup's arsenal. Stored in a pocket dimension... In his pocket, Tom can deliver two tons of force in a swing. When thrown he will seek the target unyieldingly unless deceived or he loses his target. He will return back after that. Though he is powerful and an object he is still not all powerful. A strong electric charge can also incapacitate him for a time depending on the charge.

The Minions

See above
The Fluff

The RP Sample

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Loup Ornlu Empty Re: Loup Ornlu

Post by Zonkes February 8th 2021, 12:53 am

Approved and Moved.

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