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Hua "Alexander" Xiao

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Hua "Alexander" Xiao Empty Hua "Alexander" Xiao

Post by Forester February 7th 2021, 3:21 pm



The Bio

Real Name: Hua “Alexander” Xiao
Hero Name: Bing-Bang-Boom
Title: N/A He’s a college student
Alignment: Neutral Good - He’ll kill if necessary
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Chinese
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120 pounds
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

Some people grow up different, special. Others are only a special person because of their powers. Some people want to help the world. Sometimes, normal, everyday people have superpowers and go to lead a life of amazement. That’d be Alexander. Hua Xiao, with his American name of Alexander, is a junior superhero - a teenager fit to be a sidekick but with a public uncertain in his readiness to lead. There are just certain things that people like him are born to do, and while he’s studying biochemistry in school in hopes of eventually becoming a medical doctor he is left with a destiny he didn’t intend to come into. His parents were normal, but him? Not so much. Now, he seeks to save people, to find a hero to train under, and to do his civic duty because destiny led him to save some celebrity’s life one day and he ended up with viral fame.

Alexander is friendly, affable, and approachable. At times, it can seem like he just eager to please, and always tries to do his best, sometimes in dangerous situations, but he still knows how to pick his battles. In that arena of being eager-to-please, he tries being friendly as much as possible - however there is an edge under the kindness that portrays his soft boy aesthetic. Soft in aesthetic, hard elsewhere. While he might seem soft to his friends, he’ll present a strong face to enemies.

Not a pure hero, Hua Xiao, better known as Alexander or Bing-Bang-Boom, is part of a new generation of digital heroes with celebrity and a heavy social media presence - a group of heroes that includes those willing to take a life to save a life. He’s one of those people. However, even though he has less qualms about working with society’s scum to go after bigger scum, or killing criminals to save someone, Alexander is still not a shitty hero. He does have a kindness to him, and though he lacks the wealth, influence, and experience to make a huge change, he still has the potential to make a difference in someone’s life.

The Story

Bing-Bang-Boom, how’d the name come to be? The cinematic, explosive superhero that might’ve never been and one day might be felled in the line of duty - a duty he only got into by chance, after saving a celebrity and a superhero career launching soon after. It was good income for stuff, honestly. Alexander doesn’t have much of an exciting life. He wasn’t special. He wasn’t traumatized. He wasn’t abused. He wasn’t rejected because he was gay. His life has been nice, and his hardest struggles have honestly just been money. His grandparents came here poor, and his family stayed that way due to the unfortunate turn of fate. Getting into school with a scholarship that only paid half his way, he’s had to do a lot to try to scrape up money. Being a hero is just one of those ways.

Eighteen years ago, Hua Xiao was born to first generation ABCs and has led a life that bucks the stereotypical trend of the “model minority”. That’s not because his life was better, or anything. No. He just didn’t benefit from being in a demographic with that stereotype. His grandparents came over poor, and his family stayed poor even after three generations. He’s worked his entire life trying to change that. Admittedly, his struggle could be a lot worse. He knows people from the shitty neighborhood that he grew up in who had it ten times as bad, so in a way he’s grateful that he even has an income that can allow him to live on his own, afford college, and still send a little back to his parents without having to survive exclusively on ramen packs. His budget doesn’t leave room for a lot, but, you know how things are. Sometimes other stuff is more important.

He had above average grades all throughout school, and passed his senior year with straight As - coming 8th in his class, and getting half of all college tuition for his route to a medical degree paid. That didn’t leave everything else, though, and he still had to pay for food, books, and other stuff. He got a scholarship for Chinese and LGBTQ+ students, and by luck seems to have made it into his dream college. He didn’t really think he’d make it into it, but he did! The benefit is that he pretty much is gonna be able to get where he wants, and if all goes well this semester he’ll probably start pursuing a second degree on top of his first simultaneously on a dual degree track. He got lucky. He’s just hoping he keeps getting lucky so he can start making serious bank once he gets his degree.

Meanwhile, Alexander has a good income from heroing, and the benefits surrounding his celebrity status. He isn’t the most profitable super-celeb around, and his income still isn’t enough considering how much he has to send his family and his little siblings until they can all, individually stand on their own two feet, but ever since he saved that celebrity things have seemingly taken a turn for the best. Everything is looking up, and he hasn’t had any big struggles as a hero yet, either. That might be because he has only fought a few street level criminals at this point, and one particularly dangerous villain that had superstrength - something he has gotten used to by now.

Here’s to looking forward, and hiding his under-21 drinking habit, yeah? With his athletics, he’s trying to get noticed so he has a chance of getting more income to provide for his family and himself. If that happens, everything should pan out.

The Powers

Kinetic Energy Absorption & Hyperextension

Bing-Bang-Boom is capable of harnessing kinetic energy, which his body then channels into enhanced physical traits. After going over a certain level, he may be forced to vent his powers as shockwaves. His shockwaves, in fact, are the aspect of his ability that is supposed to keep him from going overboard. He has a unique cellular composition resulting from a mutation. His cells are composed of an unique energy absorbing organic element - only able to be reproduced in a laboratory using samples from him, each of which has a limited amount of possible uses with contemporary technology - that allows him to absorb and store kinetic energy. As kinetic energy is everywhere, he can absorb the weight of a car impacting him, wake up to punch the walls to build up his absorption rate, or even absorb it from steps, knife stabs, and enemy punches. He can survive a lot more than he can vent. He has full body absorption.

At maximum strength, he is capable of exerting 50 tons of force. As the amount of force your legs can handle/exert is directly proportional to running speed, it’s also relatively easy to say that he can reach speeds normal humans can’t dream of, and can of course jump as far (including scaling buildings, especially w/his shockwave generation) and run as fast as his strength would allow him too. His strength is directly proportional to how fit he is in terms of exercise and other factors - things that may occur over time.

He has stamina that exceeds that of the finest specimen mankind has to offer, allowing him to operate for over 24 hours at peak exertion before fatigue starts to set in.

His durability is the best part of his power, and he is significantly more durable than he is strong, even without energy. However, with it he becomes durable to more than kinetic sources. This means he is durable enough to handle his own punches, buildings falling on him, battles with other superhumanly strong foes, and can probably tank most weapons. When souped up, he can handle energy blasts, exposure to extreme temperatures and pressure, and falls from great heights without sustaining much damage, if any. Of course, there are always things that cross over the barrier. He might pack a punch, and be able to take one, but he knows how to pick her battles and will attempt to avoid combat that could jeopardize him. He is also virtually immune to the effects of her shockwaves.

After reaching his maximum level, however, he’ll need to vent some within a post (unless he wants his weakness to trigger; he can, however, emits things earlier). This venting produces an explosive reaction that occurs in his skin, jutting through his specialized bandages and clothing into shockwaves that he can emanate and manipulate for great effect. This creates a double whammy of a power, as by pairing his enhanced physique and shockwaves he can do battle with heavy hitters.

Shockwave Emanation & Manipulation

By harnessing absorbed energy, Bing-Bang-Boom is capable of generating shockwaves through claps, and contact with materials/surfaces (as long as he can make contact with something, she can generate the shockwave). By doing this, he can create powerful effects totally separate from his enhanced physique. While physically weaker than some other superhumanly strong individuals, he can pose a serious threat to them through his shockwave generation. His ability is a seismokinetic shockwave ability, and has potential to grow - especially in areas of control and skill, but also in each of the facets of his power. Nonetheless, he can still bring down a building with a touch.

The focus of this ability is the capacity to generate powerful shockwaves. He can generate damaging and/or disorienting shockwaves that affect all within his reach, which reaches out to 62 meters. he can also enhance his strikes by quite a bit by adding shockwaves to his already superhumanly strong punches, kicks, and other assaults. By doing this, he can shatter any number objects, target things people are holding to send them out of their hands, send people flying through walls, or act as a living concussion grenade. He can easily kill a normal person with this power. He can either enhance her strikes, or clap her hands to emit shockwaves.

By focusing his energy into the ground with her feet or hands, he is capable of causing geo tremors in an area up to 8 times larger than her maximum of 62 meters. This is strong enough that he can cause a building to collapse, or use just enough energy to cause people to fall. He can direct the geo tremors in a specific direction, or cause them to travel across the ground to a specific target, as well. He can also target specific objects, such as shaking a vault door into pieces without significantly damaging what it’s built into. He can’t keep this aspect of his ability active for extended periods of time, and can only use it for a total of 10 minutes per day at full strength (a half hour max at lower levels) before he exhausts himself and it.

A relatively new development of his power he is capable of generating seismokinetic forcefield by vibrating the air or other molecules to create a defense, similarly to how he creates his Geo-Tremors - just by vibrating the air. This can allow him to create force-fields up to 10 meters in radius that are capable of slowing down, but not stopping energies such as powerful optic blasts. He can position the force-fields directly around him, and in various shapes (shield, half sphere, sphere with floor, and such), but has yet to learn how to direct it to defend someone else unless they’re near or behind him. If a minivan were to run into it, it would most certainly explode.

This is the source of Bing-Bang-Boom’s hero name, as this is a very cinematic power that leads to explosive combat - combat that might look similar to someone putting a shit ton of dynamite into a car and watching the explosion close up.


Natural Telepathic Resistance, Mixed Martial Arts (jiu jutsu, muay thai, krav maga), parkour, gymnastics, acrobatics, survival training.

The Weaknesses

If he reaches his maximum limit and doesn’t vent it, or goes over it, a need for a hospital is guaranteed and there’s a definite chance for death. This is because his body's reaction to storing extra energy compounds the damage dealt to him is to store it in a highly energetic cellular matrix that can damage itself if the cells start to bulge.

He can produce shockwaves only as long as he has the energy to do so. Without stored energy, however, he lacks superhuman physique and any other ability except kinetic energy absorption. His body will eventually metabolize all kinetic energy within a 48 hour time span, meaning that containing him can, at times, simply be a matter of patience.

He will live longer than the average person, perhaps quite a bit longer, but this comes with a downside too as he re quires much more food and more exercise than the average person as well. Venting is a regular - even daily - requirement for him because of his extensive exercise regimen. He has to use forces that are a lot harder than in a normal person's exercise to exercise his body, and his regimen is both intensive and extensive - ranging from martial arts to weight lifting, to exposure to powerful impacts. Without at least light exercise, he risks becoming atrophied. Without moderate exercise, he might become obese. He doesn’t like to think about the long-term consequences of this, and part of his biochemistry research is likely to revolve around finding a way to modify his ability so he can have a more peaceful life; but, thankfully, any significant downsides that would threaten his health are over half a century out.

Bing-Bang-Boom needs to come into contact with something to emit shockwaves. While Alexander can emit shockwaves from any part of his body, he still needs contact to do so.

Due to his powers working on a cellular level, it is possible for certain poisons, perhaps engineered for power types like his, that interfere with one or more aspects of his cell’s capabilities when it comes to energy. For example, one could prevent him from venting, or prevent him from being able to maintain energy he absorbs at all - meaning he will never be able to access his full power set as long as he is poisoned. Certain viruses can also have a similar effect.

Additionally, he lacks a sufficient income to afford expensive hero equipment. Most of his equipment has been given to him (like by a fan), or purchased on his behalf. He’s too busy trying to avoid being reduced to ramen packs to buy expensive hero equipment.

The Items

Gayby Boom Bandages - Bing-Bang-Boom uses a grappling and combat tool that comes in the form of bandages composed of an organic material similar to his own cellular structure. They can absorb kinetic energy, and thus are useful at restraining superhumanly powerful foes. By channeling his own kinetic energy, they are perhaps the best grappling tool he has. He can use the bandages like that one guy from MHA. He can imbue them with his kinetic energy, and while causing them to produce shockwaves is a possibility - thus greatly expanding his range - the primary benefit is that they can become extremely durable. He wears the bandages under his clothing, on his limbs, abdomen, neck, and hands and feet, as they can also conduct his own explosions without problem, as can his clothes. The bandages around his arms and hands have excess, which can be unwrapped to be used as a grappling and combat tool. This creates a discrete armor. Though, because it is low bulk and focused on maintaining mobility, it doesn't have the capacity to do as much for him as actual armor would.

Clothing - All of his clothing can conduct shockwaves.

Tabs - He also has tabs that he can imbue with kinetic energy, and either throw or stick to surfaces, and cause to emit shockwaves.

The Minions

Ellis - named for the island that immigrants arrived at, Ellis is a gorgeous genetically modified, adolescent martial eagle as large as a Haast’s Eagle. He can talk, is fully sapient, and has a towering intellect. Ellis, however, a bit of a prick. Using falconry, Ellis, who has the same abilities as Alexander, is also capable of teleporting himself and those he looks at anywhere within a 2,000 mile range. However, he cannot teleport people into walls, or underground if it’s not into tunnels or a sewer. They have to go somewhere that they can move about in.

The Fluff

Face claim is Huang Minghao.

The RP Sample

Big Belly Burger

Tara Markov was a name that was increasingly approaching a household status that would last for ages after her death. Some would argue that, with her story, she was already far best that point. Her book had blitzed towards becoming a bestseller well before physical copies actually started selling, during the pre-order. There was the potential for her to get an award for it, too. Something something. Tara couldn’t remember what it was called. Something else was on her mind. The problem with her life story, her experiences, and her status though was that there were certain expectations for her. As a princess that had re-entered the public limelight, she was bound by public desire - and not just her family, who she could ignore mostly aside from her immediate relatives, and, even then, sometimes her brothers did get a straight up “nah” - and now she was in Metropolis to smile, wave, and give a short speech regarding what was apparently a very important trade agreement.

Wandering into the local Big Belly Burger a bit outside of the area her Metropolitan penthouse was in, she wore a leather skirt, a white button up shirt, and a red tie combined with a red and black pair of platform heels. She wasn’t sure it was the best fashion choice for the day. Firstly, it was out of season. Secondly, this would’ve gone better with a simpler pair of platforms or flats. What this did was draw extra attention. It was bolder than it was stylish. Under her arm she had a laptop in a protective case filled with some exclusive shots out of Gotham that she purchased from a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist for her sequel. Thankfully, she got to him before he published the pieces. She could feel the value of her book ticking up. If it had photography like this, it’d probably be better than the first book - which didn’t have photography, or illustrations. Maybe an illustrated version would work out well. She was also exploring the potential for a fashion blog of some sort. Everything was digital, now. She didn’t want a physical magazine, but she still wanted something, you know? With her hero duties, though, everything was getting blurred.

On the other hand? She had a thermos with her coffee. She had french pressed it back at home in her want to avoid Big Belly Burger’s coffee.

She stepped up to the counter, and in her Markovian accent - which still hadn’t entirely disappeared - she ordered in perfect English.

”Hello, I’ll have the number four combo. Scrap the drink.” She sounded Eastern European. It was a bit Russian, a bit Polish. Completely distinct. Honestly, she didn’t care for the soda here. She liked the stuff she had imported better, except for the Coca-Cola here, but she wasn’t in the mood. She just wanted the burger, the fries, and the little toy for her small cousin so she could send it back to him in Markovia. A few people eyed her. They knew who she was.

”Uhm, can I get a selfie with you?” Some kid asked. They were about fourteen. That was how old she was when she… oh. How things were so different for some children. She nodded, and soon was smiling politely into a camera. She was sure there’d be more pictures after that, but really she just wanted somewhere quiet to work. She might have to head back to the car, or wander into a cafe.

”Do I know you from somewhere?” Tara said as she looked at the cashier. She seemed familiar.

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