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Hero Hospital: Light and Dark

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Hero Hospital: Light and Dark  Empty Hero Hospital: Light and Dark

Post by Zonkes February 2nd 2021, 2:14 am

“So, Mr. Bishop, what do you think of the script?” The greasy, rat looking man across from him asked as Ken flipped through it. ”Gotta tell you man.” The white haired, yellow eyed meta said leaning back in his chair. He gave the head writer of his show an inscrutable look. For a moment, a bead of sweat reached the very tip of his nose.

”I love it!” Ken said, spreading his arms and lips wide. ”So this’ll be the season opener?” The script was pretty great, overall. Plus it featured plenty of money shots for the showboating Lightyear, including his first real transformation on screen. The only real unknown is why they already had a sponsor lined up.

Argo stared at the man seated across the table from him. So this was the man who had killed his employees family? Seemed about right for a hero type. Massive ego. No care for anyone else in his sphere of influence. A genuine “superhero” in the flesh. He watched as he and the head writer discussed details of this project.

‘Gen-X is involved in the most miniscule of ways.’ He had to remind himself. ‘Any involvement outside of the most basic help you can offer her will only lead to your downfall.’ Argo continued staring at the man, and it seemed like the whooping chimpanzee was now asking the sewer rat if he knew why the producers had not only allowed him partial creative control, but also casting rights to the main antagonist.

”Mr. Bishop, I’m a big fan of your work.” Said the man in the suit and held out a hand for Ken to shake. Ken took it, and found his grip both solid and unwavering. The mans steady green eyes held his own, until Ken finally broke away. ”My name is Argo Maxx, and I can explain the situation. You see, I paid enough money for this pair of episodes to make some small countries jealous. If your producers did not grant me partial creative control, I would’ve simply taken back my funds and bought the studio out from under them.” Argo said, without even a hint of a lie. After all, it wasn’t. ”As for casting rights, it’s only for the stunt double that will be wearing the suit my company will provide for the shoot. I have someone who has been training with this particular piece of tech for quite some time now, and it would be far too time consuming to train somebody without her abilities to properly use even its basic functions.”

Ken nodded. That seemed to all add up to him. ”So, when do we shoot this thing?”

On the last episode…

Hospital doors burst open on the screen as Dr. Hart - played by Lightyear bursts through the door. “We have a Code Blue. Girl injured in the course of a metahuman battle.” A girls life hung in the balance… Another shot from the last episode, with the white haired metahuman in tears over a girl covered in severe burns. ”I killed her… I know I did… And this time… A flatlining heart monitor in the background. There was no saving it.

The show continued through several other shots, including one with a pair of doctors kissing and a case of spontaneous amnesia.


Lightyear stepped on set, excited to get going for his first spotlight episode. He just had to mingle, get some complimentary breakfast, and maybe mingle with the cast a bit. A Gen-X representative was nearby, he looked like the sort of corporate weasel guys like Argo Maxx would hang around with. That was okay.

He sighed, centering himself. He hadn’t been in a leading role since he was a kid. Honestly he was nervous. It was about to get real.

”Everybody get out!” Ken screamed, despite the fact that he was the only person on set now. Now was the time for the real stunts. The stuff that they could hire nobody but him for.

There was a burning flash of light, and he transformed. Little did Lightyear know he was destroying the cameras. This episode never would air.

Lightyear bolted his way down the set, an abandoned hospital they had renovated for the show and came to the front doors which were currently on fire. He came face to… Not so much face with the villain for the episode. A woman in a dark suit of armor with a nebula shifting over the metal. Showtime.

”Who are you supposed to be, the Cosmic Roller Derbyist?” Lightyear asked, impatiently stomping his foot and burning a hole into the ground. He wanted to get this show on the road. ”Afraid your insurance won’t cover the damages to the hospital. So how about you just skip along, and we’ll bill you?”

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Hero Hospital: Light and Dark  Empty Re: Hero Hospital: Light and Dark

Post by Vorik February 12th 2021, 1:14 pm

"98...99.." Victoria whispered. "100." She said as she rose to her feet and wiped her face of sweat. She took the moment to just stand there, breathing, letting her heartbeat settle.  

She had been working out for several hours, putting herself through training that would make even marines cringe. While she was doing this to stay fit, she did this more to occupy her thoughts. Training was simple, wasn't easy, but simple. She knew just what exercises she needed for what muscles and how far she could push herself before breaking. She wished she could say the same about the constant loneliness she felt since her sister died.

"Ms. Raselin? The car leaves in 40 minutes." one of the many office drones of Gen-X said.

She nodded and returned to her thoughts as she got ready for the day. After several weeks and months of preparation. Bribing showrunners, officials, and learning to pilot possibly the most advanced state of power armor ever, she was finally going to do what she did best and fight.

The plan was simple in the grand scheme of things. The "hero" who murdered her sister was part of some trash reality hospital drama. Mr. Maxx would heavily donate to the show and demand that they show off one of his inventions in an episode. What they wouldn't know was that this invention was a highly dangerous suit of power armor that had a casual relationship with physics. All of this was made even more ironic that the episode was about the doctor the "hero" played failing to save a patient and someone coming for revenge. He won't even know that was all very real until it was too late.

Standing at an imposing 6,4'', clad in the Mark 7 version of project Blackout, Victoria walked through the abandoned hospital set. Up till now, no one had actually seen her in costume or even her out of costume, thanks to a stand-in. This was actually the first time anyone outside of the lab team at Gen-X has seen Project Blackout and they were afraid...Good. The armor was designed not just to be incredibly powerful, but intimidating as well. Swirls and clouds of nebulas and stars drifting across the never-ending void that was her body. There was no humanity to be found. No eyes to meet, no smile to put you at ease, just the cold emptiness of space.

Normally, people would find themselves nervous before a big moment, but all Victoria could feel was a simmering bloodlust, urging her to do what she did best, fight. It mattered not that her sister's killer was arguably one of the most dangerous people in the world capable of faster than light attacks. Truth be told, even if Lightyear was completely omnipotent and stood no chance of losing, Victoria would still look forward to this fight. She had set up several high-tech cameras all throughout the area within 10 square miles. Even if he was moving at light speeds they will still be able to record him and his death.

Getting into position for her first acting session since middle school she begins to haphazardly throw the destructible props set around her while grunted and shouting. Before she knew it the "hero" came racing into the scene.

”Who are you supposed to be, the Cosmic Roller Derbyist? Afraid your insurance won’t cover the damages to the hospital. So how about you just skip along, and we’ll bill you?”. The speedster said.

Victoria swung her arms in a grand display towards him. "Ah, so the fastest man alive has finally arrived! I was just beginning to think you may have gotten lost or sprained your ankle, Lightyear! "It's so good to finally meet."

Victoria proceeded to throw a tv through a fake wall.

"You are too little too late I'm afraid! I will tear this hospital of empty promises and false hope apart, brick by brick, until there is nothing left but the quiet of the dead!"

She gave an entirely forced evil laugh made even more menacing due to her voice modulator turning it into a deep growl.


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