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Glasawyr Empty Glasawyr

Post by Yung_Draco on January 11th 2021, 1:31 am


"The more cynical of your kind are correct in saying that humans are little more than dirty, violent, sadistic monsters. But, so is just about every other species in the universe. However, despite your capacity for violence and destruction, you make good sandwiches, and every once in a while, a few of you try to do some good despite your circumstances, to spit in the eye of God and nature, and rise above what fate had in store. That, right there, is why I've decided to study you fascinating creatures. Sure, you do the occasional genocide, but no sapient species is without its faults. I have faith in you, you funky little homosapiens!"

The Bio

Real Name: Glasawyr
Hero Name: Glasawyr
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 500-ish, appears to be in early 20's
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9" / 10'2"
Weight: 165 lbs / 1,200 lbs
Blood type: n/a

The Looks



The Personality

Laid back and easygoing, Glasawyr at first appears to be little more than a simple minded animal, only intent on finding his next meal. As a dragon, he has very different thought processes than a human, and as a result, almost entirely different priorities and perceptions of reality. However, after a conversation, one will come to realize that he is a highly intelligent, deep thinker, and highly knowledgeable about human history and culture. He is also very well versed in human social norms, though it sometimes seems like he's reading off of a script of what a "normal" conversation sounds like.

Glasawyr, having lived for as long as he has, tends to keep an optimistic outlook on life. However, this may not be apparent to the outside observer, who might find his unique takes on philosophy slightly unsettling. Nonetheless, Glasawyr is a rather peaceful fellow, who goes out of his way to avoid doing harm to humans, and would prefer to spend his days indulging in hot sandwiches and cold beer rather than fighting crime. However, when push comes to shove, or his favorite restaurants are threatened, one can expect Glasawyr to stand up on the side of justice.

All of this may sound well and good, but it is important to remember: Glasawyr is a 10-foot tall firebreathing dinosaur. He is an almost genetically-perfect predator, evolved over several thousand millennia to kill, burn, and crush anything that stands in his way. Though he may seem polite and cheerful to any who converse with him, he is perfectly aware that he is the most dangerous creature in the room. It is important above all else to remember one's manners when they are a guest in a dragon's den.

Glasawyr's species also have very low birthrates as a result of their long lifespans. Children are considered sacred in his culture, and the ultimate way to tear away the human façade and reveal the monster within is to threaten harm upon a child.

The Story

Glasawyr was born about 500 human years ago in a world far away, inhabited solely by dragons like him. In this dragon culture, which was low in population, low in birthrates, and constantly faced the threat of being killed by dragonslayers, it is customary to send all children to be taught the ways of war so that they can defend themselves in a vast, dangerous universe.

Glasawyr was considered one of the smallest, weakest dragons. As such, he barely got through his combat lessons by the skin of his teeth, absolutely refusing to back down. While this worried both his parents and the rest of the elders, and made him the target of bullying from his peers, Glasawyr nonetheless displayed a higher-than-average intellect. It was clear that he was meant more for the path of the scholar than the warrior, and so he began undergoing training to become a draconian archivist.

His final test before becoming a full-fledged archivist was to select a species to live amongst for several centuries. Many of his contemporaries chose more civilized, advanced civilizations that would ensure many centuries of high-tech luxury. However, while perusing the libraries one evening, Glasawyr came upon a miniscule tome concerning a species of bipedal primates from the galaxy's edge. There wasn't much to say about them, save for a list of wars and other minor technological achievements. However, within those pages was a story about a king, from a land called Sparta, who in the face of certain death fought to the last man rather than accept defeat and subjugation. This story intrigued Glasawyr, who related this story to his own experiences.

Much to the shock of his mentors and elders, Glasawyr selected humanity as his "host species", and since the 1600's he has been living amongst the Earthlings, watching, recording, and while most humans themselves were quick to decry their race as bloody barbarians, Glasawyr saw a story of hope. Up until now he has stayed out of the way and allowed humans to do their thing, as per his guidelines as an observer.

With the turn of this new century, Glasawyr has decided to take on the role of a lazy college student in New York State. He rents an apartment above the family-owned "Carbone & Sons Deli", a quaint, hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. During the New York Assault, a stray missile almost struck the restaurant. Thankfully, Glasawyr was able to change into his true form and stop it. However, now the Carbone family knows his secret, and there are rumors on social media about a giant lizard man across the Hudson from NYC.

The Carbones needed to shut down the restaurant for several weeks, and the disturbing lack of hot sandwiches began to get to the dragon in the studio above. Glasawyr came to the conclusion that in order to keep the sandwiches coming, and the Carbones safe, he would need to start taking more proactive steps to prevent another catastrophe.
The Powers

Human Form: Glasawyr can shapeshift between his human and dragon form at will. His human form is nearly indistinguishable from a human, save for his reptilian eyes, pointed ears, and elongated canines. He remedies this with contact lenses, beanies, and never really opening his mouth when he talks, respectively. Wearing his "human skin" is uncomfortable, akin to wearing clothes that are just slightly too tight. As a result, he can only tolerate this for a maximum of five days before having to slink off and change back.

Enhanced physicality:
-Max Lifting Weight: 1,000 lbs (human) / 10,000 lbs (dragon)
-Max Ground Speed: 60 mph (human) / 10 mph (dragon)
-Sense of smell comparable to a bloodhound.
-Eyesight comparable to a hawk or similar bird-of-prey.
-Highly agile.

Armored Hide: Glasawyr is capable of tanking up to a .30 caliber bullet while in human form. As a dragon, his armored scales allow him to take on a 30mm cannon round, though it'll start to sting.

Flight: While in dragon form, Glasawyr can fly at up to 700 mph, and reach a maximum altitude of 30,000 feet. Without a high place to leap from, takeoff is slow and cumbersome. Glasawyr is an agile, natural flyer.

Martial arts/Swordsmanship: Glasawyr is a highly skilled hand-to-hand fighter due to his training as a hatchling. He is well versed in striking as well as grappling, both in human and dragon forms. He has also received extensive training in the use of the longsword. He has kept his skills sharp throughout the centuries by taking lessons from human masters. Only the best martial artists stand a chance against him.

Firebreath: Glasawyr can spout a 4ft wide cone of blue flame up to 25 yards. There is a max use time of 5 seconds before a cooldown of 10 seconds must be observed, lest he risks cooking his own insides.

Regeneration: In reptilian fashion, Glasawyr can regrow limbs lost due to trauma. A completely-severed limb will take nearly six months to regrow. Standard first aid must still be taken to protect against death by blood-loss.

Magic Resistance: Because Glasawyr is an inherently magical being, his hide is much more resistant to magical attacks than a human's. His human form can withstand amateur level spells, while his draconian form can resist mid-level spells from a seasoned practitioner. Other spells such as mind control and transfiguration are only successful if cast by the strongest of mages.
The Weaknesses

Fire Crystal: Located in the center of the chest, this crystal is made of an extra resilient biomaterial to protect it from damage as well as the heat it produces. If cracked, the magic energies contained will rush out and burn Glasawyr from the inside, resulting in swift death. it should be noted that this organ is very hard to hit, as it is small and protected by both his armor and ribcage.

Slow healing: Glasawyr's natural healing processes take twice as long as a human's for similar injuries. His tough outer hide is meant to compensate for this.

Overstimulation: Due to enhanced senses, a great way to shut down Glasawyr's brain is to bombard him with a myriad of different, strong perfumes, and a cacophony of loud noise. If done correctly, it can cause him to flee, or simply freeze in place.

Technology: The best way to keep a dragon out of something? First, build it strong enough to withstand brute force, then put a really high-tech lock on. Glasawyr has been really slow on picking up the new generation of tech that the humans have developed since the digital age. He can make a call and send a text, but not much else. He really just doesn't get it.

Silver: Turns out, the ancient folktales about magical creatures and silver had some merit. While Glasawyr's outer hide provides some protection, prolonged exposure to silver will result in chemical burns and corrosion. If silver is ingested or otherwise injected into the skin, it will result in instant burning and poisoning. In small doses, this will just make Glasawyr sick. In larger amounts in excess of one pound, Glasawyr will die.

Children: Glasawyr is biologically compelled to defend children, no matter the cost, due to his species' low birth rates. If given the option between saving a single child, and, say, the man with the cure for cancer, Glasawyr would always save the child. Even worse would be a situation where Glasawyr would have to choose between a single child, or a city full of children.

Water: Glasawyr's firebreath is still composed of fire, and thus behaves like fire. It cannot be used underwater, and a blast can be negated using an equal blast of water/ice.

Holy Weapons: While not a demonic being in any sense, anyone familiar with the Good Book will know that The Almighty is not a fan of firebreathing reptiles, nor any other non-angelic beings. Any weapon or artifact blessed by a holy entity will work on Glasawyr as effortlessly as if he were human. However, this does not mean one can simply go down to the local Babtist church and have John Pastorguy bless a weapon. An actual divine being must do the blessing, or give direct permission to a mortal agent to bless the weapon.

The Items

- Several Hawaiian shirts
- Jeans
- Sneakers
- A small canvas backpack from a department store
- Contact lenses to change appearance of eyes.
- a navy blue beanie
- Laptop
- Cellphone
- A particularly beautiful-looking orange and blue rock. It has no monetary nor sentimental value. it's just a rock.
- Several small trinkets from varying historical periods. An alien datapad filled with research notes.
- A double-edged, European style longsword and scabbard. 36" blade.
The Minions

- The Carbone family serves as his landlords, yet also his soundboard for his various questions and theories about human history and culture.
The Fluff

- Glasawyr, as previously stated, is a brilliant historian and anthropologist. In his history lectures at NYU, he has to sometimes stop himself from correcting his professors.
- Sometimes, due to the way his mind works, he feels like he can empathize more easily with Earth's wildlife than with his human hosts.
- When he first arrived, Johann Sebastian Bach was "in", though as music has evolved, Glasawyr has found that he gravitates towards music with real passion, emotion, and energy, regardless of the genre.
- just let the man eat his sandwich darnit.
The RP Sample

Glasawyr found himself lost in a tome, as he usually was around this time of the week. Tuesday at 3:00 pm meant no classes, and no customers at Carbone & Sons- in Glas' opinion, the best sandwich joint on the eastern side of the Mississippi river. In the dining room, filled with warm afternoon sunlight, the only noise was the low hum of the industrial refrigeration units and the shuffling of feet. Also, some odd wailing noise far off in the distance that Glas couldn't quite place. The dragon disguised as a human college student sat in his usual booth, trying effortlessly to keep up with his rather infantile coursework.


The faint echo of a man's voice briefly pierced through Glas' intense focus, but he shrugged it off. Whatever the conversation was about, he most likely wasn't a part of it.

"GREG!" Mr. Carbone's voice tore through the haze with clarity, wrenching Glas back to reality. Apparently, he was part of the conversation, and his immediate attention was required, hence why Carbone had used the fake name that the dragon had given him. So far during his stay here, that was how conversations worked. He didn't expect that particular cultural norm to change within 2 hours.

"Yes, Mr. Carbone, did you need something?" Asked the 20-something-looking college student in genuine confusion, eager to return to his book. The sight before him was strange. Carbone, his three hatchlings, and his mate were crouched down behind the counter, peering fearfully outside the shop's front windows, to the glistening city of New York just across the water.

"W-What the hell are you talking about, kid?! Look!" the older man barked. Older physically, at least. Glasawyr carefully marked his position and set the book down, looking outside the window. Turns out, Manhattan wasn't so much a glistening metropolis anymore. Fires raged and smoke billowed from the skyscrapers. The rattling of gunfire echoes through the concrete canyons. That wailing, Glasawyr realized, was the sounding of air raid sirens, urging the humans to seek shelter. It took Glas a moment to piece together what was happening, and when he did he scrunched his nose up in annoyance. This rightly scared and confused the Carbones even further.

"Oh, come on!" Glasawyr sighed in annoyance. He pinched the bridge of his nose and gestured at the chaos outside. "Another world war? Already?! I estimated at least another thirty years or so. But I guess once again you humans are defying expectations."

"What are you talking about?!" Cried out Mrs. Carbone, a lovely lady with dark, curly hair. "Get down behind something, quickly!"

Glasawyr didn't really know what all of the fuss was about. The battle seemed to be raging on the other side of the river, not here. There wasn't really any danger that would justify the dragon taking cover.

Suddenly, Glasawyr froze. His sensitive ears picked up a new noise. A low roaring mixed with high-pitched whistling.


Glasawyr pondered his options. He really didn't want to have to find a new home so soon. Furthermore, all of his beautiful trinkets were just upstairs! He supposed, however, that he could always track down new ones. If he were to miss anything, however, it would be the wonderful sandwiches made by the Carbones on a daily basis. Surely, though, he would find another restaurant to call home.

"...O-Our f-father-r, who art in heaven-"

Glasawyr resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Praying at a time like this? When action was needed to ensure immediate survival? Sometimes the humans stunned him with their lack of good sense. However, Glasawyr looked upon the Carbone family, heads bowed, hands joined together, and his scowl softened. Despite their current insanity, Glasawyr wasn't afraid to admit that these were some good humans. They were kind, they spent their days making delicious food for their community, and their leisure hours working further to improve it. The hatchlings, all fully matured humans, were strong and honorable, insofar as a human could be.

With a sigh, Glasawyr turned, and shifted into his true, draconian form. With a guttural roar, he smashed through the front windows of the shop, and caught the incoming missile as if it were a spiral pass in the new human game of American football.

"Yeet!" Glasawyr grunted in his deeper, more rumbling voice as he hurled the missile back in the direction it had come from. It splashed into the Hudson and sent a geyser of water into the air as it detonated. Good, missile handled, historical artifacts in one piece, Carbone family safe, restaurant intact-

Er, mostly intact.

Satisfied, Glasawyr shifted back into his human skin and cracked his neck. He strolled back into what remained of the dining room as if nothing had happened. The Carbones looked at him in shock, unmoving, making naught a sound. Slowly, Mr. Carbone made a cross symbol across his chest. Mrs. Carbone looked like she was about to faint. The hatchlings didn't look as terrified, however. Glasawyr had noticed a growing acceptance of dragonkind amongst the more recent generations of humans.

Anthropological study later. Right now, they needed to get to safety.

"We must find a safer dwelling. To the cellar, now!" Glasawyr commanded, clapping his hands together. That seemed to get the humans moving...

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Glasawyr Empty Re: Glasawyr

Post by Nate6595 on January 13th 2021, 9:04 pm

Hey! Love the character, but we have a weakness to power ratio thing, basically you're gonna need a few more weaknesses to balance out the power! Also, the first weakness seems more like a trait rather than a weakness as he is not weak to ranged attacks. So with that said, I'd say another four or so good weaknesses would be needed!

Sorry for the trouble, hope that's alright!
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Glasawyr Empty Re: Glasawyr

Post by Nate6595 on January 15th 2021, 2:34 pm

Approved and moved!
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