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Paladin Empty Paladin

Post by XenoWalker245 on January 7th 2021, 5:35 pm


"Talking to villains is like being in the Gold Rush. Most are muck, scum of the earth, some are nuggets of gold"

The Bio

Real Name:Ace Liu
Renegade Name:Paladin
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Weight:120 lbs
Blood type:O+

The Looks

Paladin's physique is best described as slim yet muscular. He wears a tiara similar to Wonder Woman from DC. That being said, he also wears a mask concealing his lower face and with light armor. The armor is accompanied by small shoulderpads and Paladin wields a sword and shield typically. Despite being 86 years of age, he looks like a Chinese man in his early 20s.

The Personality

Paladin is generally aloof and cold towards everyone. This is because he is disillusioned at the world due to his rough experience in his youth. Despite this, he always tries to act in good faith and is quite self-aware of how cold he is. He tries his best to change however, he is also extremely stubborn, commonly leading to antagonization. He commonly resorts to drastic measures as a solution to situations as he is used to it being the "necessary".
The Story

Ace Liu was a loner as a child, with the exception of one childhood friend, known only by Nate. They had a rough childhood and grew up in an abusive home, with his school life not too much better. Nate helped him through it and soon, they fell in love with each other. However, the setting around them considered their relationship to be taboo and therefore, they kept their relationship secret.
However, two years into their relationship, they were found out and thrown into conversion therapy camps, where they both suffered horribly with the torture and "methods of treatment" that happened there. They were 16 at the time.
While they were there, a miracle happened. Ace discovered a meteor composed of a strange metal. This metal had a unique radiation which he absorbed. The meteor turned only regular stone afterwards. They soon began developing powers (discussed below).
After the discovery of his powers, Ace tried to use them to save Nate. He snuck out and grabbed him out of a strange room filled with tools and with people watching. It turned out that Nate had a botched lobotomy beforehand, one of the many pseudo-scientific "methods" used at the camp. He died in the escape, causing Ace to blame himself.
This situation broke Ace, and he lived on the streets and found solace in an old homeless lady. The lady was no mild-mannered homeless bum, she was a retired Cold War Spy who defected to the United States and had connections all over the world. She was in deep debt after defecting and asked Ace for help. Him, having nothing else to do, followed. She would send Ace on errands all over the world where he would grab false identity papers and money for her to pay off her debt and to make sure she didn't get deported.
In the many countries he traveled to, Ace observed many forms of combat. He eventually joined the said places and programs and trained. He mastered many styles aided with his powers.
One day, he returned from an errand and found the dear homeless woman had been beaten up by an old drunk. Enraged, he found and killed the culprit. His bloodlust and rage was not satisfied with this, he asked around and tracked down his hometown. When he arrived, he went into his house and killed his abusive parents. With that, his rage was finally quenched.
Ace would continue training in martial arts thanks to the connections he was granted by the late homeless woman. He would eventually master all the forms of combat.
After years of abuse, he finally felt liberated and decided to put his powers to use by trying to pick off those he considered to be corrupt. At first, he simply took gigs and had no agenda, but now, he has one goal: To help the world by any means necessary!
The Powers

  • Superhuman Strength - Paladin's physical strength is enhanced to superhuman levels. To the degree of being able to easily disembowel opponents with his bare hands.

  • Superhuman Durability - Though he can be pierced by sharp weapons, Paladin's dense muscular structure also allows him to withstand tremendous blunt force impact, such as getting hit by a car.

  • Superhuman Speed - Paladin able to run up to 45 mph.

  • Superhuman Agility - Paladin's agility is naturally far greater than that of an Olympic athlete. Before training he could use this power to tackle people from across the room, weave through trees and rocks, and react to incoming attack. After training he used this ability to easily dodge bullets.

  • Superhuman Stamina - Paladin's musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. With this ability, he can exert himself at peak capacity for up to 24 hours.

  • Superhuman Reflexes and Sense - Paladin's natural senses are enhanced as he can perceive things no ordinary human can. In addition, his reflexes are similarly enhanced as he can evade rapid gunfire at close range and react to even lower-level speedsters.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor - Paladin heals 20-21 times faster than a normal human and is unable to scar. He can even regrow entire limbs if given time.

  • Mind Control Resistance - Paladin's headgear grants him full immunity to mid control. Even without the headgear however, he is extremely resilient to mind control through non-magical means.

  • Longevity - Paladin is 86 and still in his prime.

  • Master Martial Artist - Paladin is a master of all hand-to-hand combat due to his decades of training. His enhanced attributes make him a dangerous opponent.

  • Weapon Proficiency - Along with hand-to-hand combat, Paladin is proficient with nearly all types of weaponry known to man. He uses this ability to make use of objects nearby for an improvised weapon.

  • Expert Marksman - Even though he prefers melee combat, Paladin is proficient in the use of firearms and ranged weapons.

  • Master Tactician - Paladin does not use brute force to try taking down his opponents, he analyzes threats beforehand. He can formulate battle strategies in ways to easily reach his target. He can also quickly adjust and change his tactics if needed.

  • Master Acrobat - Combined with his agility, he can utilize tricking flips for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The Weaknesses

  • Sharp Objects - Paladin can be cut, slashed, and severely injured by any sharp object including but not limited to bullets, knives, spears, or swords

  • Radiation - Radiation not only cancels his healing factor but also renders him weak, like any ordinary human. However, more radiation is required than a normal human to affect and maybe even kill him.

  • Heat-Related Injury - Paladin is vulnerable to extreme temperature and he will heal from heat-related injury at the rate of a normal human, albeit he will not scar.

  • Magic and Sorcery - Paladin's physical characteristics do not protect him from magical forces and he can be hindered by magic. Namely, mind control from magic.

  • Acid - Paladin often relies on evading attacks, acid is liquid and hard to avoid.

  • Cold-Related Injury - Paladin is also vulnerable to extreme cold, as it inhabits his healing factor, and he succumbs to it as a normal human would.

  • Disease - Even though Paladin has a healing factor, he is not immune to all disease and can succumb to it.

  • Trauma - Paladin is mentally scarred by his encounter in conversion therapy. The mere mentioning of it can make him freeze up. He also suffers from moderate depression.

The Items

Note: Paladin carries around some items but he can utilize surrounding objects as weapons easily

  • Shortsword and Sheath - Paladin carries around a shortsword made of stainless steel, with a 20 inch blade

  • Glock 19s - Paladin carries around two Glock 19s and is armed with 6 rounds of ammo usually. He carries them around in the case of ranged combat

  • Body Armor - Paladin often wears a kevlar suit with a bullet proof vest over to compensate for his weakness to sharp objects. The suit is able to stop any bullet smaller than a .338 WIN MAG bullet. Along with that, it is composed of combat boots, leg armor and a utility belt composed of holsters, ammunition, and sometimes tear gas.

  • Shield - Paladin carries a shield made up of titanium to deflect attacks.

  • Tiara - Paladin wears a tiara which serves as a mental blocker to telepaths and magic users alike. Nobody can read his mind or mind control him with it on. It is made of a platinum-titanium alloy and can be destroyed. The wearer of this tiara can also be driven further into mental illness if worn for too long meaning Paladin has to take it off occasionally.

  • Throwing Daggers - Made of stainless steel and often coated with neurotoxins, he carries around 8 of them.

The Minions

The Fluff

Paladin is trilingual and able to fluently speak English, Spanish, and Chinese. He also has basic knowledge of how to operate smaller aircraft like jets.

The RP Sample

Ace looked at his watch, it read 9:00 AM. It was time for his daily grind: Taking gigs and finding people to take down. He sighed and ran into a dark alley stripping his clothes and putting on his costume. He was ready to go, he put on his mask.

Suddenly, he witnessed a man attempting to steal a woman's purse. "Typical," he mutters. He walks over to help the woman. The man looks at Ace and suddenly points a gun at the woman. "Go or I shoot!" he shouts, "See if I care," Ace responds, he throws a dagger at the man's hand, the pistol dropping to the floor. "Ma'am, get out of here," he motions the womans to move along. She nods, grabs her purse and leaves.

"You may wanna cut off that hand, One more minute and your heart stops beating," Ace said mockingly. The man could only scream in pain. "Let me help you," he conjures a sword and cuts the man's hand off causing him to scream more. "You think THAT'S pain? You don't know pain. Poor baby," He slaps the man, knocking him out, and leaves him with his bleeding arm.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Paladin Empty Re: Paladin

Post by inquisitor on January 7th 2021, 6:55 pm

Alright, after reading this, I have a couple of things.

The Story: After reading this, I'm not inclined to call Paladin a hero. He killed a group of high school students and his parents, and he's considered a Hero? At best, he's a Renegade. At worst, a Villian. Especially with the phrase "cleanse the world".

The Powers and Weaknesses: Too many Powers for too few Weaknesses. Either add more Weaknesses, or get rid of some Powers. Also, is the metal he makes toxic to him? Or is he immune to it?

The Items: How toxic is the metal? What, exactly, is the breaking point of the metal, if it's only nigh-indestructible. Can Atlas or Tyuki break it? Also, how bulletproof is the armor? Will it stop a .50 round? How about an anti-material rifle shot?

RP Sample: As this is your first PC, you need an RP Sample. Something you've done on another site works, or write up something for Paladin. Maybe a bit of his history, so we can see how he acts?
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Paladin Empty Re: Paladin

Post by Silus on January 11th 2021, 9:12 pm

Alrighty! Well starting off I gotta say that the rules state that for every power you need a weakness.

You have 13 powers and only 11 weaknesses. So already that is going to need fixed.

Second, your superhuman reflexes say you can move at Mach 120. For several reasons that is a concern. Starting with the fact your character doesn't have the durability to withstand that kind of movement. If he moved at that quickness, even in twitch fibers, parts if his body would literally rip off of him and go flying. Maybe tone that back a little. You've already got regeneration and durability as well.

Nigh-indestructable is thrown around quite a bit, so if you come across another "nigh-indestructable" material, don't just assume yours wins out. Make sure you keep open communication with everyone to tell the best story.

Some of your weaknesses aren't actually weaknesses as much as they are "limitations". The difference being a WEAKNESS is something that can harm or cripple you on a base level. Meaning as a human being we have a weakness to radiation. It cripples us and makes us sick. Molecular Destruction impairing your healing factor isn't a weakness. Molecular destruction kills things, the fact that you aren't killed but instead just lose a little bit of your regeneration isn't exactly a weakness, more of a limitation on what your regeneration can handle. The weakness with Narcotics basically negates itself when you say "it will be hard to get it past his armor" so that's also something you could just edit out.

I hope this helps, if you got any questions please feel free to pass me a message on Discord and I'll do anything I can to help ya out! I look forward to seeing Paladin out there! He seems like a chatacter with a lot of potential!
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Paladin Empty Re: Paladin

Post by Zonkes on January 19th 2021, 8:20 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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