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Night Sight

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Night Sight Empty Night Sight

Post by Selene Noctua January 3rd 2021, 9:32 pm

Selene Noctua

"Now you see me...Now you don't. But you always only see what I want you to see"

The Bio

Real Name: Selene Noctua
Hero Name: Nightsight
Title: Dreaming Illusionist
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Wizard.  Yes you heard me correctly. We have a....Weird familly tree. Filled with magical beings.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: AB...Well technically. You can put it in your veins but I'm not sure about the secondary effects

The Looks

True form:


Most commonly used human form:


The Personality

Selene is an intelligent and perceptive woman who pays great attention to people, especially those she loves, often noticing what others would miss about them, and always ready to support the people of her entourage when she sees them in trouble or pain. During those moments she can show great care and warmth that one who didn't know her wouldn't have guessed her capable of as she can be rather aloof or standoffish, almost shy

most of the time she is rather reserved, keeping to herself. She is polite, if often snarky (blame her household's butler which she had a great relationship with and who learned with the best butlers Britain has to offer). But she isn't always so. All wizards are a bit nerdy about magic, and she is no exception, if you let her she would talk your ears off about arcane history, theory, and many similar subjects. Her case is especially bad on this point, as to her interest in all things arcane, is added another similar interest in foreign places and people. Ever since she heard that aliens were a thing, she always wanted to travel to another planet and learn new languages and cultures. It is something she thoroughly enjoys.

Another way she deviates from her usual aloofness is her love of pranks. All illusionists, who fight by pulling fast ones over their enemies are a bit of a prankster. In fact, it is often said you can tell how good an illusionist is in the field by how good they are with pranks, and a cunning woman like her took this art like a fish to water.

She also tends to be a bit of an ingenue. It is to be expected as she grew up in a sealed realm, isolated from the rest of the world, where magic and supernatural phenomenons are so common they are banal. For her, there is no supernatural, beyond knowing that technically, that is how most people on the outside treat and call her art; her world. But the fact is her knowledge of the outside is flawed. She's not completely clueless as her clan keeps contact with the outside, so she had access to movies, books, and the internet. In fact, her interest in what was beyond her world made her seek those things much more than the rest of her entourage. But don't be surprised if she thinks the average dojo teaches how to throw hadoken and punch through walls. Where she comes from people shooting fireballs are Tuesday.

She is a bit self-conscious. She grew up in the shadow of her father, one of the greatest mages of his generation who broke with the archaic views of magic and unethical traditions her family and many other mage clans used to have. In fact, the very reason she decided to go to the outside world and become a superhero is that she wishes to prove her worth to her clan, to her father...And to herself.

The Story

Selene is born from an old clan of illusionist wizards, The Noctua clan. For generations, her family protected their home, the sealed realm known as the Dreamed Aerie. A vast land in which live a variety of magical beings from all other the world, hidden behind a magical barrier protecting them from the rest of the world. More than a wall, it is a space-time warping illusionary construct which makes anyone walking through it end up on the other side of the barrier as if the distance between those two points didn't exist, and never truly entering the sealed realm. Dragons, youkai, nagas, and many others, the Dreamed aerie is home for this and more, species from all over the world, who are often sentient and/or endangered...And hunted. Indeed the realm's most common enemies are wizarding poachers in a quest for magical components for their spells, experiments, potions, and other forms of magecraft. The Noctua clan maintains the barrier and repels such threats in exchange for access to many of the same components, and they did so since the times of Oozymandias.

This is in this environment, among wizards and grimoires and curios, that Selene is born in the Noctua mansion. As is the tradition she was taught, among more classical homeschooling, everything she needed from her clan to become an accomplished wizard, especially illusions, the family trade. She didn't find the experience unpleasant, to the contrary magecraft quickly became a passion for her, one she was quite gifted at. She absorbed every bit of knowledge she was given and was always asking for more, and could spend hours talking about this of that arcane subject with her teachers.

But everything wasn't perfect. She grew up surrounded by the magical world, molded by it...And with it the stories of her father. Her father was a legendary mage, a celebrity, a hero even, of the magical world who ended centuries of isolation and cruel traditions of not only her clan but many others...And everywhere she went she was compared with him. Every one of her accomplishments beyond following his tracks was seemingly never noticed, sometimes whatever she achieved was treated as being expected of her because she was his daughter. It was suffocating. She loved her father, he taught her many things but despite everything she did she couldn't escape his shadow.

This is why she slowly gained a new passion, one as big if not bigger as the one for magic: the outside world. She became to greatly enjoy learning about new places and other cultures beyond the barrier, to the point of learning many other languages. When she heard of aliens and other planets she dreamed of traveling to the stars, and space operas soon became her favorite genre of literature.

She also became very close with her family butler, Alexander, who is a native of the outside world and shared with her many stories of it to her eternal wonder. He also taught her to snark like a pro, having himself been under the tutelage of British butlers, and made sure to never let that particular skill grow dull.

this is actually something she thanked her father for. Her clan, most clans, in fact, used to be even more isolated than back then, living in the middle ages when the outside had running water, electricity, and more. It wasn't the only opportunity to learn about the outside he would give her though as, upon her assistance, he sometimes took her on his travels to the outside.

But it wasn't enough. She wanted to taste the real thing. Both to see it and to prove herself. And this new era of superheroes was the ideal challenge for her. And so, now that she is in age she announced her desire to leave the nest and offer her services to the world's safety.

The Powers

Illusion magic: Selene's bread and butter, like most of her family. She can create illusions through a combination of magical constructs of psychoactive energy and matter called shadowstuff and mental alterations affecting the target's senses. Said illusions can be interacted with by the target as they were real to the point that for all intent and purpose they are real to them. The target cannot pass through an illusionary wall and if they use a pistol to shoot at it they would believe that the shot would ricochet on it like on a real wall. Damage taken from illusions would appear real to them and dying from said damage would induce a shock that would knock the target out. If Selene has a good knowledge of the target's mind, she can even increase the realism of illusions, and through it the damage they can do. for example, a pyrophobic would take considerable damage from illusionary fire, a vampire couldn't approach an illusionary crucifix, and an alien who is susceptible to the radiations of a specific glowing green rock would suffer the effects of an illusionary version of it. She can even mess with some specific senses to further confuse the target. For example, by messing with their spatial awareness she can make them run in circles while still believing they are going in a straight line, or by messing with their perception of the time she can make them sluggish, convinced that she moves at extreme speeds while in reality, they are the ones who are slow.

Psychometry: While the Noctua clan is known for being illusionists, there is another discipline they are quite proficient with. Psychometry or in layman's terms item reading. It is actually central to their art as the creation of the shadowstuff their illusions are built with is based on artificially creating an infusion of psychic energy, the same kind of infusion that one reads when performing psychometry. In practice it allows Selene to naturally read emotions tied to an object or locations within her field of view, and by concentrating on it, enter a trance during which she has visions of its past. Much like the rest of her family, her psychometric ability is so good her eyes can gather much useful information on her enemies simply by looking at their equipment and sometimes body.
Selene is particularly proficient at this, but she sometimes gets flashes of insight beyond normal psychometry, or at least not that her level of psychometry can really explain.

magecraft : while Selene is a specialist in illusions, she, like many wizards, dabbled in many other arcane disciplines that were either needed to develop her skills, synergize well with her abilities, or were easy to learn as a byproduct of her learning of her art. She can enter a meditative trance that considerably improves the scale and potency of her magic at the cost of her being unable to move. She can locate and tap into ley lines to regenerate and empower her magic. She can also use runes, wards, spells, and familiars to considerably empower her magic in a given location, to the point that even an intruder expecting to face an illusionist would have the advantage of his awareness nullified. She is also quite proficient with potion making and other kinds of magic item crafting.

Finally, she is trained in rituelology and can sometimes find useful rituals for a given situation given time to research the ritual, prepare the components, and actually do the ritual. One she knows perfectly and always has the means to perform is the one allowing passage to the Dreamed Aerie [plot tool, only meant to be used with mod permission]

shard of chaos: Selene, like the rest of the family, is a shard of chaos, a being immune to fate, curses, and prophecy. Precognition, foresight, and other similar future prediction abilities fail to learn anything about her future, and her very presence falsifies already made predictions. This includes prophecies and similar supposed inevitable events. It only affects prediction based on knowledge of the future though, things like (natural) probabilities or anticipation based on information someone has on her still work. She is also immune to the curses and all similar fate-altering or causality-reversing effect, even looking at a gorgon in the eyes would not bother her. Her powers get a considerable boost against time travelers and her very presence can butterfly away their future. For all intent and purpose, the concepts of fate and luck do not exist for her.

The Weaknesses

The weakness of all illusions: despite their incredible realism, illusions are still illusions. Selee can convince a thug that her illusionary wall stopped the bullets they fired, but nothing blocks the actual bullets who can still do damage. illusions are also extremely dependant on the target's willpower, state of mind, and awareness of the fact they subject to an illusion. Someone who can casually punch through a brick wall won't be stopped by an illusionary one, even if they treat it as a real one. They will punch through it like they would for every brick wall. But even if she creates tougher, more dangerous things, if they have enough willpower they can force their will on the illusion, allowing them to affect how it reacts, for example, if she creates something it is difficult to determine the toughness off, like a force field or a metahuman warrior, the illusion's toughness will depend a lot on their willpower unless Selene can provide an example of how tough it is. People with great willpower are also less affected by illusionary damage. This is especially true if they are aware they are under an illusion. First of all, being aware make them able to use their actually focus willpower to act on illusions. Someone with no super strength would normally not be able to punch through an illusionary brick wall because they know they cannot, but if they are aware it is an illusion, they could try to punch through, and if they have enough willpower, they would indeed damage or destroy it. Furthermore, it is much easier to destroy illusionary constructs when you are aware you are under an illusion, and the damage of illusions considerably drops against people aware they come from illusion. In fact, in extreme cases, someone aware of the illusion can use their willpower to destroy the spell, revealing their actual surroundings and circumstances. It is not guaranteed, especially if Selene uses weaknesses of the target's mind against him. For example, It would be extremely difficult for an arachnophobic to damage an illusionary giant spider even if they are aware it is only an illusion. Finally, tricks relying on specific senses like time or spatial awareness pretty much only work when the target is unaware they are under an illusion, meaning that Selene cannot just mess with said sense to make it stick. She has to, for example, create a seemingly straight corridor to make them go in circles while they believe to move in a line, she needs to convince the target she took a speed-enhancing magic potion before they can believe she move at high speeds, and so on.

Limited mana pool:  Illusions (and all magic in general) also consume mana, of which she has a limited pool, albeit quite an extensive one thanks to her magical core given by her bloodline and her training. In general the bigger the illusion, the more mana-intensive it is. If you see spellcasting as a muscle, this pool is like stamina, and as such, regenerate naturally. That being said some sources of power like ley lines can be tapped into to tremendously help to regenerate and expand one's mana pool

fateless : fate and luck do not indeed apply to her...For good or ill. She cannot use any form of precognitive magic herself, cannot time travel by any means, or profit from any ability that alters luck and probabilities, nor can she use curses or other means to alter causality or the fate of others.

divided attention: running several illusions in parallel is difficult, the more of them there is the less complex and potent they are, especially if her concentration is hindered or broken. She can maintain 3 parallel illusions without much trouble, 5 with a drop in quality or complexity, not counting ones maintained with charms.

limited reach: the more distant the point a spell is cast on, the more efforts are needed for the mana to get there. Also, most mages, including illusionists, use some sort of 6th sense to keep awareness and control over their magic. Unless some sort of special means of remote viewing and controlling the illusions are present, or the illusion spell is made to work on an automatic routine, making illusions realistic demand the illusionist to be close or have a decent line of effect with the target; and automatic routines are limited in the complexity of the spell.

overwhelming visions: like most forms of divination that rely on creating a psychic connection, psychometry carries some risks. Places and objects who were exposed to particularly intense emotions, especially emitted by psychic beings, can overwhelm the mind of the reader, which can lead to them freaking out for a few minutes. Beyond that, her flashes of insight are not something she can control and can sometimes destabilize her, but it can only reveal information about what she is looking at

location, location, location:  Ley lines are a natural occurrence that is fixed geographically and not so common it is possible to tap in them from anywhere, especially if she intends to use powerful magic. The home-field advantage Selene can get when preparing the terrain depends directly depends on the time and resources spend doing so. While she can pile-up magical advantages until she can decently compensate for an enemy being aware of her illusions, in reality, the efforts involved in doing so are so great that only one such place can be reasonably created and maintained, and it often involves positioning oneself on a ley line, which again imposes its own problems. She can whip up something quick but while useful it definitely not enough for anything better than a decent trap. And of course, starting a meditative trance means being incapable of dodging attacks.

Toil and trouble: potions while useful are slightly toxic, so drinking several times the same kind of potions in a row is a good way to get put out of commissions and even die from the secondary effects.  So like every alchemist, Selene pace herself and only drink one given kind of potion once a day. Also, superior quality potions need times and superior quality components, which is why Selene only take superior potions with her when she knows she will face a particular kind of situation the superior potion will be useful in, otherwise, she will only use regular ones

heavy reading: the book of holding can only store one item by page, and only items that can physically fit in the open book if it could pass through a portal of similar size. It can only store fluids put in a container. It only has a total of 100 pages

emergency defenses: the amulet of protection is meant to be a secondary line of defenses and as such is rather fragile. It doesn't protect against poisonous gases or similar effects, and since it is meant to take stray hits it does terrible against sustained damage. Complete failure of the armor also slows its regeneration considerably.

last chance: the talisman of Avalon only works once before becoming inert, at least until it is repaired, essentially nullifying one big attack that would otherwise put Selene out of the fight. But it won't work twice in the same fight.

chaperon: the cloak of levitation is a sentient being able to make its own decision and those do not necessarily align with Selene's. It was instructed to protect her by her father and will do it at all cost. If it feels she's in over her head, especially if the talisman of Avalon activates, it may just grab her and flee, regardless of her wishes and circumstances.

The Items

potions : crafted by Selene and stored in the book of holding, those are supernatural drugs giving the user magical abilities, who are limited in potency, scope, and duration. Generally, those are passive or instantaneous effects. For example, a commonly used one is the potion of fire resistance, which gives one hour of strong resistance (but not immunity) to heat and common toxic gazes and smokes emitted ad by fires but do not give resistance to acid or the impact of an explosion. Selene can make stronger potions, for example, one that would give close to immunity to heat and toxic fumes for one hour, or with regular strength but would last eight hours, but doing them is a hassle so she only does that when she knows what to expect. Also, her potions tend to be protective and curative, only when she takes the time to brew a greater potion for a specific objective that she breaks this rule.

book of holding: magical book that can store items. Upon storage, an image of the items, often with annotations, or a text, appears on a page of the book under the name of the item, who is written at the top of the page like a title. The pages of the book are classified alphabetically for ease of use.

amulet of protection: amulet creating an invisible telekinetic armor. Meant to be a defense if an enemy gets a lucky shot or some accident happens. Defensive magic is not her specialty, the best defense of an illusionist is to no be hit in the first place, but this is a decent second-best. It can take a few bullets, a few non-superpowered punches, and even a hit from a small explosive or two before failing. It quickly regenerates after sustaining no damage for a few seconds, after which it regenerates until full, but any damage interrupts the regeneration, restarting the cycle. In case of complete failure, it takes a whole minute to start regenerating again. It can selectively let some damage go through to economize its charge, which often happens when Selene is under the effect of a potion of resistance against the type of damage she's currently receiving.

talisman of Avalon: one of the two artifacts given to her by her father, it is a powerful talisman that automatically activates when the user takes an attack that would otherwise be lethal, transporting the user for a few seconds into a pocket dimension mimicking the eternal realm of Avalon where no harm can come to them and delivering a powerful healing spell before they come back to the real world, upon which the talisman becomes inert. Selene does not know about it but upon activation, it also sends an alert to her family, for good or ill.

cloak of levitation: the other artifact given to her by her father. A sentient magical cloak that is able to fly and grant its wearer the same ability while worn. It has a mind of its own.

charms: talismans, ofudas, amulets, and origami upon which runes are written and infused with their own reserve of magic. They can create and maintain simple illusions like a disguise or an invisibility spell as well as being able to react to simple triggers like someone passing next to them. Origamis can also act on their own like basic item familiars, meaning they can carry move, and cast the spell stored in them on their own while following basic instructions. Selene can use them for traps, misdirection, or spells she cannot or don't want to concentrate on

The Fluff

the "flashes of insight" Selene sometimes gets are merely the early signs of an emerging ability she has but that has yet to mature. She ignores that she has this ability for now, but many in her family including her father know she has it. It is an extremely powerful ability not seen since the Noctua clan's founder Oozymandias, and insight such as those are only the tip of the iceberg.

She has an in-depth knowledge of magic and all things arcane and can often identify magic by watching it in action. in fact, her psychometric sight is often enough to identify magic items in her field of view, even hidden ones.

She is an accomplished psychologist and can reliably get into the head of people from the information she can gather about them.

She's nocturnal. As in, her biological clock is inverted compared to humans and while she can be active during the day, she would be more comfortable being so at night. She has pretty good night vision but can easily be dazzled

She is a polyglot, able to speak, write and understand many languages, and has great ease learning new ones. She enjoys doing so

note: credit for the images go to CNeko

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Selene Noctua
Selene Noctua

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