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Japanese Girl and her Dieselpunk Mech (WIP)

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Contest Japanese Girl and her Dieselpunk Mech (WIP)

Post by The Nekromonga January 1st 2021, 11:27 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Amelia Mary Horikoshi
Hero Name: Iron Ashigaru (Place Holder)
Alignment: NG
Age: 23
Gender: F
Race: Japanese-American
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'1" / 153.48 cm
Weight: 105 lbs / 47.5 kg
Blood type: O+

The Looks


The Personality

The Source Material

Iron Harvest is set in the same universe as the Scythe board game, an AU Nikolai Tesla possessed Tony Stark levels of charisma and business acumen.

Timeline (Iron Harvest)

1900 – the brilliant scientist and inventor from Croatia, Nikolai Tesla, establishes The Factory in Europa and develops advanced technology that ushered in the 20th century. Among them, the Automachines – the Mechs.

1905 – Fenris (A shadow organization led by Grigori Rasputin, with the goal of global anarchy) instigated Rusvet attack on the Factory, leading to Tesla’s Forced Isolation from the world. The Great Powers militarize their mechs and build up their armies.

1915-1920 – the Great War breaks out.

1920+ - Tesla manages to uncover the Fenris conspiracy and sends out letters to the great European powers to warn their leaders.

Custom Timeline (Jin Horikoshi under the Togawa Shogunate)

1901 – Desiring industrialization on par with the western powers, the Togawa send a delegation to the Factory. Their science and engineering delegation join the Factory. Jin Horikoshi strikes up a close friendship with Nikolai Tesla and his daughter, Vesna.

December 1904 – Jin Horikoshi and part of the delegation is recalled home due to tensions with Rusvet. Jin is unable to continue his relationship with Vesna, as a wife had been arranged for him by his family. Jin builds the Wanizame Mechs, Submersible Automachines that were purpose built to enrich the marine agriculture being pioneered on the island, cultivating rich, dense groves of edible seaweed.

May 1905 – the Battle of Tsushima Straight is fought between Rusvet and the Togawa. History takes a turn here and the Togawa is defeated; however it is a pyrrhic victory. They take the island of Tsushima, but are stalled to re arm and reinforce. Hearing the desperate situation, Japan commandeered all the Industrial Mechs Jin had built and repurposed them for war. In 6 months, Jin had converted their industrial tools into formidable weapons.

November 1905 – the converted mechs discreetly arrive at Tsushima island and begin a guerilla war, especially against the Rusvet Navy. Their submersible capabilities allow them to isolate the ground force in Tsushima.

March 1906 – The ground forces of the Fenris backed Rusvet navy are driven out of Tsushima by the Okinawan Wanizame. Horikoshi and the Mitsubishi Industries group are recognized as national assets in the mech program, and are put in charge in developing the next generation of purpose built military Automachines. Jin’s son, Jiro, goes on to become an aeronautical engineer, developing planes.

The surviving Okinawan machines are returned to their home to return to their industrial occupations. Wrecks are enshrined in sites around Tsushima. Jin’s personal mech was sent home to Okinawa, but was lost at sea during a freak storm…

1915-1920 – the Great War breaks out in Europe; the Togawa takes this opportunity to attack and sieze Saxon and Rusvet colonial holdings in East Asia, while securing the trade lines into the region. The next generation mechs play a pivotal role as the vanguard of land battles. The Qin Empire, caught in the middle of the struggle, are powerless to protest the occupation of all their strategic coastal cities. This would eventually lead to the Boxer Rebellions (instigated by both the remnants of the government and Fenris).

1930+ – Togawa launches the invasion of Manchuria and eventually the second Togawa-Qin war (Sino-Japanese war).

The Story

Personal life:

Amelia Marie is a car mechanic, a karateka, and a laid back girl who prefers the slow and idyllic island life of Okinawa to the bustle of the big cities. She also loves surfing and free diving and scuba diving.

That said, she is the youngest 5th generation Horikoshi, the famed inventors and engineers of the country up until the end of ww2. She is the only one out of three children who are not attending Tokyo University. She is instead attending a technical college on Hokkaido. She lives with her grandfather Keisuke Horikoshi, and together they run Horikoshi Car Services. Her older brothers, Kenji and Hanzo are in university and working in Tokyo, respectively.

Amelia is dealing with the loss of her parents, her engineer father Ken Horikoshi and her American pilot mother, Amy Jo Johnson, who were involved in a tragic car accident. She stays with her grandfather Keisuke on Hokkaido, working at the family shop.

The family legacy:

One day, while the siblings were free diving some kilometers from her home, her instruments begin to pick up electrical interference, which had a sequential pattern that seemed to be some kind of communication. Switching to scuba gear, she soon discovers an underwater plateau and the wreck of a ship – and inside the wreck was the source of the interference. With the help of her grandfather’s fisher friends, they get a trawler to open up the wreck and get to the source of the signal.

Covered in barnacles, coral and sediment, the big metal hunk was soon revealed to be a relic from the distant past – the rust proof, glass laminated brass plate read “ Wanizame” Submersible Industrial Automachine. Ma. 1903 copyright Jin Horikoshi”

This discovery was followed by a week of cleaning, restoration and family bonding, as grand-dad Keisuke and his 3 adult grandkids busied themselves with the mech, and family stories from the attic. They finally open the mech and discover a sealed off, intact treasure trove of mementos from their great-great-grandfather, Keisuke’s grand-dad Jin, including a phonographic recording of his voice, as well as his journals.

To the brothers’ chagrin, the cockpit of the mech was designed for a person 5’ in height and very slight of build, which meant only Amelia could fit, and even then snugly. “Gotta lay off the hamburgers.” The mech proves a marvel of engineering, as it started up, and was able to move despite being over a hundred years old. The sight of the mech brings Keisuke to tears, for he had only seen the mech in sketches before.

The Powers

The Weaknesses

The Items

"Wan" - The 100+ year old mech itself.

The Fluff

Hardware specifications:

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

My Gals:

Experience of the IMMORTAL HELLBEAST
Advancements of the IMMORTAL HELLBEAST

Axe Knight
Axe Knight Experience
Axe Knight Advancement
The Nekromonga
The Nekromonga
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