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Gravity Hammer/Singularity Suit

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Gravity Hammer/Singularity Suit Empty Gravity Hammer/Singularity Suit

Post by Katrina A. Russel January 1st 2021, 9:36 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Gravity Hammer

Item/Character Advancement Description: A massive hammer too heavy for even well-built men to wield. A six foot handle, ¼ of an inch in diameter, extends to a large head. By itself, this reinforced steel hammer can break stone and dent metals, just by sheer virtue of its weight. However, the Gravity Hammer holds several secrets, as do most of the weapons designed by Osiris Labs. Cavorite covers every inch of this weapon, rendering it immune to gravitational fluctuations. Underneath the Cavorite and the steel, there is a thin cylinder of Hawkium, that connects to a solid orb in the head of the hammer. A flick of the switch on the handle opens a section on the head, exposing the Hawkium core.

Item Power(s): Other than being incredibly durable, the Hawkium within the Gravity Hammer is capable of absorbing the gravitational fluctuations Gravvy outputs. The amount of Hawkium within the head is capable of absorbing an enormous amount of gravitational energies. If fully ‘charged’, the Gravity Hammer is capable of leveling several city blocks. The design of the Gravity Hammer allows Gravvy to pour gravitational energy through her body and into the hammer with merely a thought.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): The Gravity Hammer is exceptionally heavy, and due to it’s design, Gravvy cannot manipulate it with her gravity manipulation. If the Hawkium core cannot be activated, or the hammer is out of her hand, the Gravity Hammer is just a slightly more durable hammer.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 25

Item/Character Advancement Name: Singularity Suit

Item/Character Advancement Description: The Singularity Suit comes in two different layers. The first is a skintight black suit. Despite its appearance, it is chalk full of electronics. The second is the armor and clothing mix that goes on top. A bustier, made of an omnium/duranium mix, goes over the torso, covering the arms and chest completely. Despite its appearance, this bustier is incredibly durable and, most importantly, lined on the inside with Cavorite. Over this a pair of leather gloves are worn. Embedded in the palm of these are two small, lavender orbs; Hawkium cores. A pleated skirt covers her lower body, and high-laced boots  cover her feet. As with the bustier, the skirt, gloves, and metal are made of durable metals and materials, and lined with Cavorite, making them very hard to damage. In the heel and toe of the boots are two small lavender spheres; additional Hawkium cores. This entire outfit is in a black and silver design, with the golden phoenix of the Russel family emblazoned across her chest. Over top of all this, a red cloak is designed to fit, reinforced with Cavorite designed in a chain pattern on the inside.

Item Power(s): The Singularity Suit has several different powers, each working in tandem to make Gravvy as formidable as possible without sacrificing her intelligence.

The first of these powers comes from the skintight bodysuit. The electronics sewn into it work with Gravvy’s physiology to enhance her physical skills to beyond peak human without the use of gravitational skills. This is limited to her physical strength, however, and was designed so they did not have to sacrifice weight in the Gravity Hammer.

The second of these powers is the ability the suit was designed for. The Cavorite lining of this outfit means, for as long as she is wearing it, her immense weight and gravitational pressure will not negatively affect the surroundings. The design of the suit means she can use her powers at will, however.

The third and final of these abilities is focused around the Hawkium in the palm of the gloves and soles of the boots. Hawkium, with its gravity-absorbing abilities, can be used to enhance her movement, providing boosts to her speed through her boots, or as a means of attack by expelling the gravitational energy from the Hawkium cores.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): These abilities only really work if the entire suit is worn. While the cloak is optional, it does provide an extra layer of protection. While quite durable, the Singularity Suit can be damaged, and if so, it loses a significant portion of its cancellation properties, due simply to the fact of Gravvy’s immense power.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 30

Total XP Spent: 55
Katrina A. Russel
Katrina A. Russel
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Gravity Hammer/Singularity Suit Empty Re: Gravity Hammer/Singularity Suit

Post by FantasyBound January 2nd 2021, 11:55 pm

So! I would like to see some kind of charge up of posts for the hammer to that full charged feature and with some guidance, I advise swapping the several blocks to ''potentially leveling a stretch of neighborhood homes.''
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