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Dread of Brockway

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INV ONLY Re: Dread of Brockway

Post by Nate6595 August 29th 2021, 2:25 am

The ceiling above would be cramped, to say the least. There was more space up there than one may have assumed for a school, but still, one could barely stand and would have to be slightly hunched. Further, the only stable ground up there was the piping that lined the ceiling, though even they would creak under the weight of the hunter. It was obvious that ceiling wasn’t made for standing, let alone fighting, but it would suffice for the time being.

Blood was everywhere, and the beast or demon that made the mess didn’t seem to have any regard in being clean about it. Among the blood and gore there would be a single hand with a gun still clutched in its fingers, pointing further down the way. At first, there would be nothing at all. Just the darkness, only permeated by the light of the flashlight, the blood that stained every bit wall around the hunter, and dust, so much dust. Then, almost seeming to come from one of the larger pipes there would be a hand, a long thin and sleaved hand stretching up and reaching for another pipe. It would pull itself up, all in one quick motion, the creature seeming to have fit itself in that impossibly narrow place, and then revealed itself to Rai. A sickening grin that showed a row of jagged teeth grew on the now revealed creature.

“Good evening, ma’am!” It said it boisterous tone, yet its voice sounded like there was radio static distorting it, “Are you in the market for contests, my dear?” It plopped itself down on the pipe, bending slightly so his head wouldn’t brush against the top. He sat a good fifteen feet down the way from her, its head crooked and that grin persisting. “Oh, but where are my manners? Such a laugh! The name is the H̸̡̢̡̛̖͉̹̰̣̼̜̻̝̦̬̖͉̬̱̞͕͔͚͎̟̙̮̫͕̦̥̠͍̃̇̓͑̿́͋͊̇̃̐͌͛̿͐̿̋͜ơ̸̢̧̢̪̱̥̞̰̙͎̱̬̹̟͕̮͖͈̪̰͑͒̾̂̐̒͌̀͛͂͋̈̌͒̕͜s̴̭̦͚̺̪͈̬̜̗͓̲͓̣͍͙̻̘̉͊̍̾̐̀͗̾̇̈́̅̀͂̂ͅͅt̵̛̲͖͖̩͙͓͓̗̩̱̹̀͛͝! And it is a pleasure to meet you!” Even as it said its name, that sound he was emitting seemed to intensify for a moment, “Please, there is no need for senseless violence, and besides, I’ve already eaten.”

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INV ONLY Re: Dread of Brockway

Post by Demonhunter June 28th 2022, 2:19 am

This abomination before her speaking only riled the reaver up further, the flashlight flickering at her belt as the mounting dread built. Her head ducks to avoid scraping her horns on the ceiling which lead to her staring this… thing in the face.

All these people, killed trying to stop this monster. All because they were brave enough to follow her into this hell hole. Bravery did nothing for humans but serve them either death or glory. Even as it spoke her head was beginning to really feel the effects of this thing’s horrible aura. “Eat shit and die, vermin.” She growls, english barely recognizable and accent dragging the words through a haze. Any violence she chose to do, would certainly NOT be senseless.

She throws a scythe, sending it barreling blade over end right at the Host, seeking to bury it home in his face, but she didn’t expect it to do anything. She needed to piss it off so she could control this fight. Fighting in the air vents, although doable, was not optimal. Rai needed the space to use to her advantage, but first she needed to force him to move. Was he going to chase her? Or run for her to chase? Or perhaps take to opportunity to fight.

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