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Fantastic Fanboys [Results]

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Contest Fantastic Fanboys [Results]

Post by Zonkes on December 26th 2020, 8:44 pm

Character Creation Contest

THEME: Fantastic Fanboys


1st Place: Zonkes

Score: 66


Chelle: 32

Nomad: 34


Chelle: I hate to repeat myself, but as I stated with Vorik's entry, an opacity layer for your text section would have made this application easier to read. The color palette you chose is complimentary, but the lack of a darker background behind of the text is a bit jarring. But ignoring that completely, this application was a joy to read. The history had me worried for the Russel family! But then the twist of time travel really made me smile. I love the fact that his character is from the future, and if I am reading correctly, from an alternate time line altogether. This added bonus, and alluding to the fact that this guy was a janitor for a very public meta-human museum of sorts, just adds that extra spice to the character concept. Well done, Lars. I am most pleased with the execution of this character.

Nomad: Call it nepotism, but this is really my favorite. Not only does it incorporate the stories of three different characters, but I really enjoy time travel shenanigans. And Zane is such a pathetic loser, I love it. His powers and weaknesses aren't the most inspired, but they fit well within the character and really compliment his bad luck, while also adding to the 'Fanboy' theme. Even ignoring I have a particular place in my heart for any story involving my characters, Zane is a great addition to the site and I can't wait to thread with him. In my opinion, Flash Forward encompasses the idea of Fanboy the greatest.


Ghost Slot*
200 flat XP

2nd Place: Vorik



Chelle: 30

Nomad: 33


Chelle: First glance, I would have added an opacity filter to your secondary section to make your text easier to read. Second glance, I fail to see how this is a 'fanboy' of a character existing on SHRP. Maybe I'm overlooking a key concept or point, but the fact of the matter is I don't see how this character relates to anyone elses. I see that your character's rival is Lightyear, which from my understanding, is one of Beatdown's characters. Besides the point, not a bad application. Very well written. I find this character concept solid. The history holds up well, and supports your character's concept as well as adds humility overall. Well done, Vorik.

First glance, I would have added an opacity filter to your secondary section to make your text easier to read. Secondly, this is not a fanboy; but a Nemesis! Vorik, I feel an apology is in order. This history is well written, it paints me a picture of your character's struggles, and inner conflict. As Nemesis was an additional option, this character encompasses that to a tea. Lightyear, the young hero, better watch out! He has a future opponent, and they mean business. Other than your few spelling errors, I find this application exquisite. Great job, Vorik.
Nomad: First of all, I love the graphics. The starry background perfectly encapsulates Voidshift. Secondly, I'd like to mention I love the idea of a nemesis. While it's certainly not the most original idea, your writing and storytelling is stellar enough for that to not even bring an issue. As with everything you write, I was wholly entertained the entire time. While there a few problems that did affect your score, there was nothing major I feel like I need to note here.


Ghost Slot*
150 flat XP

3rd Place: Tea Sippen Toshi



Chelle: 30

Nomad: 29


Chelle: Alright. I see what you've done here. I can tell that this is easily a fanboy after one of Lars' very own creations, Deerman. But with a twist! The turmoil and torture that your poor character went through. I can say that this concept was not bad at all. I am, again, impressed with your skills in coding. You have learned a lot. I also enjoy the description you wrote for the looks of the character along with the added art. It paints a lovely picture for what kind of character I'm reading about. I also kind of like the fact that he's not a nice guy. It's a nice change of pace for character conepts. Good job, Jax!

Dan: Great writing, as always. Grammar was a bit spotty in areas, with run-on sentences and misplaced punctuation, but not so much to severely damage reading comprehension. The character himself is great, in my opinion. Almost the inverse of Lancelot, while also emulating him in quite a few ways. Needless to say, I enjoyed the read.


Ghost Slot*
100 flat XP

Honorable Mentions

4th Place: Tsundernate



Chelle: 29

Nomad: 29


Chelle:  Bravo. The idea of this kid already being a bit on the evil side before the traumatic childhood exposures was well written. The bonus minions added that little extra flavor I was looking for. Again, always enjoy the fact that you give a nice detailed written description for the character. It really does bring them to life. I also enjoy the metaphorical nod to being reborn from the ashes like a phoenix, and in this case, Thomas was reborn into pure villainy. The only major issue I had was a few spelling and grammatical errors. Besides that, this application was well written and executed as a clear fanboy. Excellent work, Nate.

Dan: I have to be honest, I'm a little surprised at this, in a good way. Cinis strikes that perfect balance between "inspired by" and "original character". Relating Jacks flame manipulation to burning ash was quite entertaining, in my opinion (and I appear to be in the minority there). Still, like all your characters, absolutely phenonomal job.


50 flat XP

*A ghost slot is a character slot that you gain temporarily to allow one more character to your roster. Once you choose to retire a character, you lose that slot. You do not gain a permanent character slot.

Congratulations, everyone!

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