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Tempris Empty Tempris

Post by Secret Santa December 26th 2020, 8:02 pm


"The Burning Heiress"

The Bio

Real Name:Tempris Birchet
Renegade Name:Tempris
Title:Heiress of the Birtchet nobility, The Ash Witch< Witchborn, The Witch of the Woods.
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Age: 59
Gender: Female
Hair:Dark green/purple with bits of embers
Eyes:Vibrant yellow swirling smoke
Blood type:Dark green ichor

The Looks

While Tempris shares many similarities with Humans, such as similar body shapes and facial features, it is abundantly clear that she is not Human. With long spiraling tendrils of burnt,  vine-like hair reaching down to her lower back, her bright yellow eyes clouded with dark swirling smoke or fog., to even her skin having texture more in common with that of charred tree bark than Human skin.

Like all Felarians, Tempris' body soaked in the environment around her during her birth period, becoming, in a sense, one with the world. While most take the more normal qualities of sea life, underground rock, and forests, she is a rare exception having been born during a forest fire giving her the appearance of smoking embers, erupting fire, clouts of ash.

Being royalty, she wears high-quality robes made from intricately woven blades of grass and hemp with flowers in various stages of blooming. When she is prepared for a fight she dons a suit of hardened bark and earth in a style similar to that of a medieval knight and carries a towering shield of chiseled stone with various sized holes throughout it.

The Personality

At the age of 59, Tempris has similar maturity to that of a 17-year-old child. She has seen a lot and experienced a lot but has yet to mature enough to properly handle the more serious expectations laid before her as the heiress to the kingdom.

As a Felarian born of fire, she is drawn to it. Much like how a fish takes to water, Tempris' most comfortable and at home with an open flame. The presence of fire is the only thing that will settle her nerves and keep her grounded. While many of her kind see fire as a destructive force that only destroys everything, she sees fire as part of who she is can’t live without it.

The general hatred and distrust over what she is have affected her greatly in her upbringing as she grew to mirror similar feelings of resentment towards the people she would eventually rule over. Outside her royal line she is often guarded and cautious towards strangers and assumes people do not want her or worse, plan against her. It is because of these feelings that the pursuit of power is always at the front of her mind. She’d like to think that if she was more capable, more powerful, more needed, that maybe then that people will look past what she is and want her.
The Story

On a planet 39 Light Years away in the outer quadrant of the galaxy on a small planet called Nurean…

Lord Selkirk grunted with pain and effort as he dug through the still burning mounds of ember and ash. His resilient oaken body and armor could also do so much as a great fire steadily grew around him and his palace. He could hear the guards shouted outside, trying to get in, to save him from the inferno, but he couldn’t leave, not yet while there was so much to save. His armor burned and his bark-like flesh charred as he continued digging at a frantic pace with resolute focus. The fire that was slowly consuming him was nothing compared to the loss he felt as he found more dead seedlings. He had been digging in a frantic hope that he could save his children but the fire was too hot for the fragile seeds to survive for long. Still, he pressed on, digging through each of the 7 mounds, hoping for some sort of miracle. Reaching the last mound he coughed and fought to keep his eyes open against all the smoke as he dug. Reaching into the mound he felt a faint pulse of life as his hand grabbed hold of the seedling. He cradled his child under his arm as he stormed out of the collapsing room.

It was a miracle the seed survived such extreme temperatures, but not all miracles were perfect. The seed was replanted but the damage was already done. Instead of growing, taking in the aspect of the forest around, it was marked and tainted with the aspect of fire. Others advised him to destroy the seed, to not bring an aspect of destruction into the world but he refused. Felarians only reproduce once in their lifetimes and he would not let kill the last of his line.

59 years later…

Lord Selkirk suppressed a sigh as he rubbed a damaged hand across his face. To be a lord of a Great Forest was always taxing, but the last few months have been more so. The Subterraneans were pushing their borders, digging ever closer to the roots of his trees...The conflict was sure to follow soon. With the Subterraneans on one side, he faced issues with the Great Sea Compound in that they were seeking precious materials only produced in his forest. Lastly...Earth. He had known about Earth and their weird people….Humans he believed they were called. Such strange creatures who reproduced like a plague onto itself than of the world like the Felarians. Initially, he wrote them off as of no concern, seeing how they would most likely destroy their world and themselves soon after but, there have been troubling reports of supernatural beings. Humans with the ability to defy gravity, feats of incredible strength and intelligence, incredibly fast technological progression….And all of this without magic.

His thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of one of his many retainers coughing to grab his attention. “I said I did not wish to be disturbed.” He said with mild annoyance. The retainer nodded in apology. “You did my lord and I am sorry for disturbing you but...your daughter.”

Selkirk suppressed another sigh as the servant mentioned her. “Well out with it then, what did she do this time?” She probably started another bushfire down by the lake again he mused to himself. For as much trouble as she was, she was his daughter while he did love her as any father could, he just wished she’d have more self-control.

“She started another fire by the lake again my lord and refused to put it out. Third time this month lord. Shall I send her to her room?” The servant looked expectantly at him.

“No, send her in. I will handle this.” Lord Selkirk spoke with confidence. The retainer bowed his head and went to fetch his ever troubling daughter. It was only a moment before a young woman of fire and ash stood before his throne. She shared some similarities with him, such as the length and color of his vine-like hair, but those similarities were easily overlooked. She had smoldering embers and flickering flames dancing across her skin, threatening to set her robes on fire had they not been enchanted.

“Lord.” She spoke in a neutral tone. He leaned forward in his throne and glanced down at her. “Is that any way to address your father?” “Not if I am only here to be punished for breaking your kingdom’s laws.” She stared back at him.

“Tempris, my one, an only child, what am I, the lord of this land supposed to do with you? You set fire to my forest, and terrorize my people.” He slowly shook his head. “Truly, you are a menace to my kingdom...but you are also my daughter and heir to this throne.” He leaned back into his throne, resting his head on the backing as if he was overburdened by the weight of it all. “So why did you do it this time, I thought we were getting better at controlling your urges?”

Tempris tried to maintain a stern face but smiled. She always enjoyed the way her dad was willing to drop his mask of serious nobility with her. “I just...I can’t help it sometimes. It’s so cold these days, and well, I know what issues you’re dealing with, and I just needed to center myself. It was only a bush, nothing else even got caught on fire this time.”

Her father slowly nodded his head. “And what about the next time? You and I both know how dangerous fire is, and how quickly it can spiral out of control. It was a bush this time, but it could easily be several homes the next. And what is this I heard about you fighting with the guards?”

“They were trying to tackle me.” She crossed her arms defiantly “She should know better than to mistreat the heiress.” “And do you think an heiress would openly fight her own guards in front of the commoners? Do you think an heiress would so willingly risk people with fire?” He gazed down at her.

“Why should I care about them? They already hate me. What does it matter what they think?” Anger rising in her voice.

An awkward silence passed as they both stood at each other. Her in rebellious defiance and him in thought.

“You may be coming to age, but you are not ready for this. A ruler who doesn’t value their subjects will never rule for long. I’ve tried to train you but there is only so much you can learn about others if you cannot talk to them. This is not your fault given your birth but nonetheless, you need to learn that others matter.” He murmured a mystic phrase and a blurry image of Earth appeared. “I am sending you to Earth. You will gather intelligence about the planet and the Humans living there. Other species have visited Earth in the past and the Humans have welcomed them with mostly open arms. I hope that being with other races without inherent mistrust in what you are helps shape you, build your social skills.”

A look of shock flashed over Tempris’ face. “You’re kicking me out? You can’t just send me to a backwater world i--.” “I can and I will. I have tried to be patient and help you handle what you are but you are not ready and will never be unless you learn from commoners. My decision is final….You leave tomorrow.”
The Powers

Born of Fire and Ash: Tempris is a rarity amongst her kind due to her birth. As seeds, Felarians take from the environment around them, harnessing it and mirroring it in their characteristics. Some take on the aspect of the sea, while others the aspect of the great trees around them. Tempris took on the aspect of the fire that very nearly destroyed her. She is not only immune to any kind of flame but is also empowered and healed by it. Her body burns like a kindling fire and she is able to channel her inner fire and project it outwards coating herself with overwhelming heat hot enough to melt steel. Lastly, she is able to perfectly see through even the densest of smoke and darkness due to her quite literally shining eyes.
The Weaknesses

New Flame: The Witch of the Woods is still a young and inexperienced Felarian who is still getting a grasp on her magical nature. While she is able to generate massive amounts of heat easily, she hardly has any control over her fire past 7ft. Furthermore, while she is able to create fire, she has a much harder time snuffing fire around her and is prone to getting careless when the fires around her become too much.

Socially Inept: Years of being ostracized by people she lacks in wisdom when it comes to dealing with people. While she isn’t dumb by any means, Tempris usually doesn’t know what the best thing to say at the time and her ineptness can lead her into more trouble if she isn’t careful. Furthermore, not being from Earth, she is unfamiliar with most modern technology and customs and will probably need some sort of guidance earlier on.
The Items

Whistling Tower Shield: Due to her inability to properly harness and control her own magic, her father crafted her a towering shield shaped from the purest of metals and the most resilient of woods. This towering shield comes up to her collarbone when resting on the ground and is covered with numerous small holes and channels that help guide her flames, funneling them into highly pressurized gouts of fire.

The Fluff

Due to her shield having dozens of holes of varying size it tends to whistle as the wind moves past her giving off a sort of disorganized song.

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Tempris Empty Re: Tempris

Post by FantasyBound December 30th 2020, 3:00 pm

So I just have a problem with the lack of clarification in her powers section, if maybe you could write up how effective the empowerment and healing from fire is, make it multiple powers to balance it out.
A weakness for the shield would also be helpful, maybe the whistling makes it hard to hide with it(which I mean, also fire person).
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