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Accent the Traveler

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Accent the Traveler Empty Accent the Traveler

Post by Secret Santa December 26th 2020, 5:14 pm

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"A specific note or phrase emphasized with an increase in intensity above other non-accented notes."

Accent the Traveler CamScanner_12-22-2020_22.00_1


Real Name: Audrey 'Ada' Stolhelm
Renegade Name: Accent
Title: Choir from below
Alignment: Neutral good
Age: 114
Gender: Female
Race: Cybernetic Human
Hair: Deep dark brown with a hint of red
Eyes: Navy blue spark in the center of her face
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 198 lbs.
Blood type: None


Audrey is a faceless woman, what would consist of the normal set of eyes and a nose, all would be replaced with a bronze gap in her face from her forehead to her upper lip, in the center of this gap lies a violent shimmering navy blue spark with what appears to be a single concentrated orb in the center. A durable glass-like material blocks access to the energy source. She still has human ears and curly dark hair that reaches just to her shoulders.

She has a mix of dark, navy tinted skin that surrounds her necks and goes into uniform patterns down her body, followed by tanned skin where these patterns are no longer present. Audrey has a very fit build to her body, no longer a delicate researcher, fieldwork has lead to her body developing a layer of muscle, but she still holds the same lithe frame as before. She has a circular port that allows the exchange of three smaller tubes containing pressurized bloody mist, swapped out with the help of another machine this acts as an artificial heart.

Audrey often wears whatever seems more functional, caring more for the practical then the aesthetic.


Audrey is a researcher at heart, an enthusiastic seeker of the unknown, and an inquisitive mind that's always questioning what's viewed by her inhuman vision. She will gladly chat away to people about her recent adventures in foreign lands that dwell between worlds, hidden realms placed in commonly traveled locations, and some ordinary oddball they met at a coffee shop once. Audrey has worked hard to keep up her youthful attitude so despite her age she can always rush towards the unknown with confidence and vigor, and sometimes with a touch of foolishness due to her hasty actions, she acts young enough to do the same dumb thing twice but old enough to know better.

Audrey is often the first to introduce herself in a conversation, seeking people who interest her, friend or foe, and strike up any form of dialogue, but careful to keep her own self secret.

Audrey has an incredible fear of ending up a monster and takes her appearance as just a step closer as she tunes in to the maddening sounds that the worlds between worlds constantly have chattering about. She feels responsible for a lot of things and can wrongly put things under her own responsibility which leads to problems with her not believing she can manage what she has, despite her often taking on more work than she can handle.


Audrey Stolhelm at eight years old looked out of her window, white fluffy clouds rolled through what appeared like a field of them just across the road. Another one of the floating city blocks lost power and went descending into the stormy chaos below just the day before. Her family was trying to decide if they should be moving out of there in case they are at risk of getting there steamlines cut from the main supply at the center of the city, a huge structure that cycled the clouds from below and with channeled energy from the 'veil', the mystical energy used to power the unconventional, to heat up water gathered from the clouds.
Audrey felt a burning sadness, she couldn't even cry over it. One of her best friends lived there, and their equally missed family all disappeared to the bottom, the twisted world below where she heard monsters lived and swarmed. She didn't want to die, but was equally devastated, why did this happen? How could it happen!

Audrey Stolhelm at thirty-two years old was very close to making her first dive into the storm below. Thanks to her connected banker father and equally successful weapons designing mother Audrey was capable of working in the core of the city with a research team, working as a prestigious meteorologist, able to predict the way of the cloud sea and its mix of acidic and combustible, thick and light cloud currents, a job that determined how to trade between the smaller settlements. Also to research the phenomena that could have possibly caused that accident a while ago, eldritch abominations that sometimes slipped through the veil and made their way into all their own quiet lives, tentacled and slimy like the fish they had in the ponds up top and the farms.
Something though was clear, nobody was to study what was below the cloud layer and on the surface of the world, claiming it would 'forever alter those who studied the eldritch arts' below, nobody was to even consider going down there intentionally.
Audrey thought this all was to hinder the progress of the scientific branch, poorly funded and under the heavy watch of the upper chairmen and their officers, they had to always stick with what they were told, forced to show their work every evening as they made their way home. Audrey kept her device hidden, a storm submersible.

Audrey was nervous as she piloted the never before tested machine, the thunder booming around her and the loud hissing of her condensed steam cells, supplied by two massive tanks infused with veil energy to hold way more steam than normal containers. She flicked a few switches and with a heavy jerk the ship began descending faster, with a bit of panic she looked at the readings, the propellers should be operating now, and nothing was broken so she should be fine. She looked around as the clouds began to clear at the world below, now possessed with her curious drive and explorative instincts she activated the ships echolocation. Viewing what seemed to be a broken version of the gardens back at the surface, but also a bunch of half-destroyed structures, and some very poorly built huts. Curious by this she turned one of her lights toward the structure and saw small humanoids skitter about, ducking behind buildings and small gleaming eyes looking back up.

Audrey muttered a few colorful words as she got the ship ready to land, the air shouldn't be able to be breathable! And those most definitely where people down there. She shut the machine off when she landed a bit faster than she intended and grabbed her supplies, getting set up to head out.

An explosive boom before she felt cold steel against her skin, she felt her body instantly crushed within her own ship as it imploded. A small glimpse and one of the small humanoids held out a hand, gripped and bleeding. They used the veil to kill her.

Audrey woke up inside of a wet room, she felt what was around her and tried to see what was around her. A flicker and she could see the world, it was very bright within that room, but no source of light was apparent. She couldn't smell anything, and slowly tried standing, looking down to see a suit that seemed to be a bizarre amalgamation of fashion from her home and these odd alien designs, it was all gently hand made items built to perfectly fit her.

One of the small humanoids came in, wearing a sterile suit it motioned her to follow, she felt a sense of fear but an ingrained desire to follow this thing. She wanted to follow and see what it did. It grabbed a bunch of devices and handed it to her, a rifle, a display tablet attached to her arm, and a bag full of smaller devices, which Audrey grabbed enthusiastically, she had no reason to trust this creature, and in fact, a small piece of her cried out to kill it, but she couldn't help herself.

She was told without words to enter a doorframe, and take photographs from whatever she found on the other side, learn anything she could, then step through the next doorframe that showed up. Audrey would nod and silently thank the creature, again, complying to want to obey this weird entity, she walked through the door.

An explosion of sand was her first shift event, hot sun descending on Audrey before her suit accustomed her to the environment through a few alterations, pumped with what her understanding was a mix of eldritch psionics and the veil, altering to loosen up, become very light and similar in color to the environment. She started taking photographs and studying with a set of tools the flora and the sand, then a bi of fauna before another door opened up.

A crushing pressure, before the suit became a bit stiff but comfortable. She was deep underneath water on a planet that was mostly that, saltless but full of colonies of fungus and bacteria that made large floating animals that housed some more traditional types of mammals. This world was completely devoid of reptiles.

Next was a world sprawling with concrete plantlife and living ground, the stones stuck out of the body of this living planet like tumors, strong acid dissolved these rocks before more showed up later. A world with brown and layered grass that stood up to 15 meters high, where she faced off with her first predatorial animal, able to shoot at it with her special rifle it seemed her body adjusted with it, influence from her sponsors, she knew that much and it was good enough.

Audrey tore through the multiverse, traversing new worlds and dimensions alike, acquiring more data before making it to one final destination

It was freezing cold, Audrey felt awake, like she was sleeping that whole time with those weird worlds, they happened but now she felt so free.
She didn't know what they did to her, but she always had the compulsion to listen, in fact, how did they even reach her mind like that, how did she know anything of what she was informed of? Audrey held her head in frustration, the gaping hole in her face, still there it wasn't as shocking as it was when she first had it but now that she knew it was there with the awakening she just had, it felt gross. Audrey sat up to see a small icy cave ahead of her. She got up and started trudging through the snow, making it towards the empty space.

Her tablet began flashing with blue light, specific patterns determining it caught some signals that were either from the environment or created by some primitive race. To her surprise, these signals were not simple static or coded language, but images and sound. She hummed with a touch of satisfaction and surprise, the things that have taken her and made her there sort of drone didn't change much, she was still a curious woman lead by discovery.
Audrey began decoding the creature's language and seeing some of the pictures her heart shook, choking on air she saw what the inhabitants looked like, they looked just like her own people from decades ago.

Audrey watched these people, and studied them inside the frozen cave, setting up a small area outside to catch fish to feed herself as she continued to sink into this bizarre world known as the 'internet'. Finding more and more clips of these things, she became obsessed with one such subject, supernatural events. The stuff that a lot of human people don't understand. She became enthralled with these people who shared so much like who she was.

Now all there was left was to exit this 'North Pole' where this 'Santa Claus' man existed.

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Agility

1. Intelligence
2. Willpower
3. Empathy
4. Awareness


Experiment Physiology - Audrey has been altered with some kind of artificial body parts, she is generally considered peak human in her physical abilities, more fascinating is her inhuman durability, built to survive the environment around her without rest or comfort. Gunfire from most common weapons ends with her getting a few bruises, her frame can support up to 100x the human limit making it almost impossible to crush her immediately. She can recover from injuries in days, broken bones maybe taking 3-5 days to self-set and recover. She doesn't require sleep and is able to act with as much energy as she wishes by altering the output, she cannot get exhausted and has stopped needing to breathe. Her stomach can process near any organic material and purify water from pond water to the ocean.

Seeking Spark - Audrey has a sort of danger-sense ability that is her spark, capable of piercing the veil it can see alternate worlds just as easily as anyone can view this world, with this she subconsciously pierces millions of these alternate worlds similar to the ones she is in, but moments into the future to be able to spot things before they happen. She can perceive things and automatically upload them to her wrist-mounted tablet, streaming information.

Jack of all trades - Audrey has been uploaded and with prior experience, knows a mass amount of information about near any topic, only the very most secretive things are hidden from her.

Built in Back Door - Psionic attacks automatically work on Audrey despite her not exactly having a real brain, the people who took her and have done rather mysterious things to her old world have made her very susceptible and easy to control.

Limited Prescience - It's a matter of at most 5 seconds, which depending on the type of situation she is in that sort of foresight is rather useless.

Fuel Cells - Like some kind of twisted joke, Audrey also requires doing a process of fuelling up these small cells of blood, acquiring water, salts, and proteins, and then placing them in one of the three near-indestructible cells. They run out of a rate of one per day and if they all run to zero it's like her heart stops working.

Enviroment adaptation suit - This suit can adapt to near any sort of bizarre phenomenon, natural or supernatural. Protecting the user from extreme temperature changes and conditions in the world around them, including able to blend in with the area giving it almost any form of appearance, which means it can allow the user to wear just about anything they wish.
The suit is still capable of being broken by very extreme opposite changes, an example would be pouring a strong acid and base on a portion of the suit, or making it very hot then very cold. If it experiences this sort of opposites scenario the suit will be unable to alter itself for at least an hour and become just as durable as cloth.

Arm set datapad - A wrist-mounted device that can acquire five facts per day about whatever the user wants as the device logs into a series of psionic networks.
A psychic can easily alter the results on the pad to display false info and some individuals may generate a passive psionic field that can flicker and prevent info of them from being gathered, making this a permission-based move.

Adaptable ammunition rifle - This is a rifle that akin to Audrey's suit shifts form, it lacks a trigger and operates with the thoughts of its owner, capable of placing ANYTHING that can fit into the small champer up to it shapes whatever thing is within the barrel, anything under 5 inches in size can fit into the barrel and be fired. These shots can be fired at weaker levels but when fired at max the gun can easily pierce 2-3 thick steel plates
This rifle is made as the same material as the suit, but even more delicate if subjected to two opposites it ceases to function for 3 hours at least.

'L' Tools - A small device with the letter 'L' carved onto the handle. A simple silver cylinder when placed near something the user wills to alter, be it repairing, breaking apart, or making something entirely different, it will morph to make the perfect set of tools to do so. Able to charge devices, cut, screw, hammer, whatever is necessary to use, this device even works well for living creatures, forming restorative agents and surgical supplies if necessary.
The user cannot do anything they do not understand, and this tool by all means cannot influence devices protected by a latent psionic field, which makes it permission-based.

Apologies for the rather divergent theme.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.
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