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Felix Beauchamp

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Felix Beauchamp Empty Felix Beauchamp

Post by Secret Santa December 26th 2020, 4:39 pm

Felix Beauchamp

"Revenge might be a dish best served cold, power and control are best coming straight from the oven"

The Bio

Real Name: Felix Beauchamp
Villain Name: Rotten Gourmet
Title: The Angry Chef
Alignment: Neutral evil
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Quebecois
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5’2
Weight: 190lbs
Blood type: Type O

The Looks

Felix in the department of looks is one area he isn’t lacking in much. With his styled black hair and being a little fit even with his career as a star chef, this helps with his image as it makes his star burn brighter than ever before.  

During the day Felix can be found in his work uniform of a spotless White Double-breasted jacket, a pair of black and white dress pants, and a white apron lined with black fabric. Even when he is interacting with the world outside his restaurant, he loves to make sure people around him recognize him. When he goes out at night to “hunting for quality ingredients,” he can be found walking around in a darker version of his uniform as the white jacket become fully black and he wears a dark mask with a small protruding chef's hat on top. Even when stalking around and unleashing what must be done, the idea of one day getting caught and having the world know his crimes gives him justification for wearing such an unsubtle outfit.  

The Personality

Felix as a person has become known as a very hot-headed man, his position as a highly beloved chef in his restaurant chains has only made his head hotter.

The Story

From the moment he opened his eyes for the first time, Felix knew he was destined for greatness. born to the world-famous Chef Eliott Turgeon Beauchamp and the food critic Kassandra Blondin, this lineage Only increased his desire. By the age of 10, his ego increased more when his father revealed the secret of his family, the secret that he comes from a long line of mystical-powered chefs. From that day forward he was drafted into a training program from his father, just like his father before him, Eliott wanted to make sure his son was ready the day his powers were obtained.  

After eight years of brutal training and mastering the art of many food-related skills, His father asked him to meet him in his study one night. Arriving exactly when his father asked Felix was met by his father judging apples, as he approached, he watched as his father toss all but one onto his desk before he caught the last apple before holding it out to show Felix. Before he could applaud his father, he watched as the apple burst into light in his father's hand, as the light died down, he threw up his hands just in time to catch it as his father commanded “take a bite.” As his teeth started to scrap the skin of the apple everything seemed to go dark as he suddenly felt build up in him, a power that he had ever felt before yet seemed almost wicked.  

Waking up sometime later, Felix found himself laying on the floor of his family's kitchen. Looking around he saw nothing was out of place, nothing except for a perfectly cooked honey ham sitting on the table 10 feet from where he laid. Quickly hopping to his feet and walking over he was captivated by the meal before him, before he could think otherwise, he was already ripping off a piece of meat and putting it in his mouth. The second the meat touched his lips he felt a sharp tingling rush down his body, this meat was the best he had ever tasted in his whole eighteen years of life. He felt like he was floating on not only cloud nine but cloud one through eight as well, as he swallowed the god-tier meat he felt the happiest he has ever felt in the world. That happiness was quickly changed to fear as he looked over the ham again to notice it was wearing his father’s signature chef hat, a realization that knocked Felix to his core as he quickly started to shiver to know the atrocity he just committed.  

After that day something changed in the mind of the chef prodigy known as Felix Beauchamp, a boy who was once known as a happy go lucky child became an angry and fame, crazed man. Every day he worked harder and harder to forget the events that led to his father’s death, something that was always destroyed by the feelings and the memory of what he tasted and felt that day. By the time he was 25 Felix had hit his breaking point, the fame he always wanted seemed to be further and further out of reach every day, that was of course until he learned to do the trick again. He doesn’t remember what occurred that night for the most part but as he knelt and bit into the turkey that once was the homeless man who just tried to mug him in an alleyway, he felt the feelings come rushing back. The pleasure and intoxication feelings took over him as he slowly faded from conciseness. Waking up serval hours later and looking at his previous meal didn’t have the same effect as it did all those years ago, it gave him the sensation of joy. With a wicked smile on his face, Felix stared at the ravaged meat before proclaiming “this is my ticket to the fame I solely deserve.”  

The Powers

1. Food transformation: Felix has the power to transform anything and anyone he touches into an edible chuck of food of his choice. (Permission based)  

2. Food combat: Felix has mastered the art of “food fu” over the years of culinary art. This combat form allows him to incorporate foods like meats and vegetables in several roles.

3. Culinary Magic: over the years Felix has found a way to harness the power of what truly makes the greatest chefs so great, this has allowed him to master abilities like:

          3a. Hypnotic Food: with the help of some chemicals and well-focused energy, Felix can make a couple of dishes that will put anyone who eats it into a deep trance.

         3b. Food Manipulation: His proficiency in the unnatural culinary forces has allowed him to move and control food particles almost like a sixth sense.

         3c. Unnatural cooking: Being an expert chef has given Felix the ability to craft food out of the oddest of materials and ingredients, this has allowed him to craft types of food with special effects like healing injuries or temporary harnessing an element.  
The Weaknesses

1. The power will only work if Felix is able to lay his hands on the object or person for a period of time, if he is not touching the subject for at least one minute will cause there to be no effect.

2. Even though he has mastered the combat form, when he forced to go without it leaves Felix defenseless as he is only trained in food fu  

3a. The effects of his hypnotic food ability do not always work on everyone, if the subject is aware of what Felix is trying to do or just overall has a strong will lead to no effect whatsoever.  

3b. Even with his knowledge of the culinary forces, what he controls is very unpredictable. He has just as much of a chance of pulling up and grabbing a useless and raw food product, this can and will put him at a disadvantage and will only give him a tough time.

3c. His unnatural cooking ability is far from perfect, even Felix doesn’t have full control over it. Unless he gives it his all and focuses on nothing else but the ability, the quality of the food and its effects is mostly random.
The Items

1. His knives for two types of meat cutting

2. His spices for food seasoning but also for some hypnotic charming
The Fluff

Felix can sometimes be found trying to invent a new recipe or improve on an old one in his free time.
The RP Sample

David awoke from his rest to find himself tied down to a table, looking around he could tell he was in some kind of kitchen. Suddenly hearing a noise to his right caused him to quickly scream out “I know you’re here somewhere, show yourself and we can settle this like men!”  

As he finished yelling, he felt a sharp burning pain hit his left wrist. A feeling of panic rushed through him as he realized when trying to move his left hand that he could no longer feel anything there. Before he could turn himself to see why he watched as a figure walked around from his left side holding something before holding his severed hand with a “looking for this Monsieur?”  

“what do you want?” Dave quickly pleaded “I have money, I can give you all that I have if you let me go.”

“I’m sorry Monsieur” the figure quickly replied, “it’s not what I want but what they want.” as it finished talking Dave watched as his hand was covered in a strange light which caused him to turn away in his best effort to shield his eyes, when the light died down, he turned back to his hand no longer in the figure’s palm but a pear in its place.  

“Holy Shit!” Dave screamed at the figure “what did you do with my hand?”  

“the same thing I’m going to do to the rest of you of course” the figure replied with a wicked laugh. “that is something you sadly won’t get to see.”

As David shock in fear, he watched as the figure raised another object into the air, within moments the figure slammed it’s arm down causing David to feel a pain in his head. the pain slowly faded alongside his vision, he was able to hold on a few minutes longer before he saw his sight fill with red before everything went black.

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