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Iglesias Lopez 'The Guardian'

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Iglesias Lopez 'The Guardian' Empty Iglesias Lopez 'The Guardian'

Post by Secret Santa December 26th 2020, 9:58 am

Real Name: Iglesias Lopez
Hero Name: The Guardian
Title: Na
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human(Hispanic/Latino)
Hair: Dark Curly Black
Eyes: Emerald Green
Height: 6' 9" / 7' 4"
Weight: 194 Ibs
Blood type: O+

Iglesias is an incredibly tall young man with bright green eyes, a hawk like nose and shoulder length black curly hair. His chocolate brown skin showcasing his Hispanic and Latino heritage is adorned over a muscular frame. His muscles are solid and dense, leaving his body without any excess fat.

When 'transformed' into The Guardian his already great height increases even further, to 7 feet 4 inches. His skin becomes coated in what looks to be rough black iron. A pair of pristine white longhorn bull horns also sprout from the sides of his head. His muscular frame increases even further to match his new height.


Iglesias was primarily raised by his paternal grandfather in the ways of 'Machismo' or manliness. This lead to him having a very outgoing personality allowing him to easily make friends with others, despite many of his age being intimidated by his height. He is also very stubborn and bull headed because of this, refusing to back down from any challenges and working at puzzles and tasks until he completes them. He also is incredibly chauvinistic, raised to believe that a man should take care of the hard work while women support from behind.


Born into a rural community in New Mexico, Iglesias was primarily raised by his 'Abuelo' through his young life as his father often worked two or three jobs at a time and his mother dying in a difficult childbirth. Due to his naturally large and strong build he was often bullied by other children when he was young. His cry baby tendencies at the time were often scolded by his Abuelo.

When he turned 8, his father signed him up for karate classes in a nearby town. It was through these classes that he finally put an end to the bullying he had gone through and came out of his shell. Making many friends through middleschool and even secretly a few girlfriends and a boyfriend.

In his second year of highschool his life was changed forever as he was exploring the desert with some friends and found a solid black bull skull that seemed to be made from iron. He took it home with him and decided to try it on since it looked like it would fit on his head.

This was his first meeting with Eltorronavaskerillis Mihilmastros Antegratos Simblinasken. Otherwise known as 'El Torro' the Guardian Bull. Simply because no one could pronounce his full name. Ost of his life in highschool was then spent learning to use his given powers to fight crime and help others.


Peak Physical Performance- Iglesias was born with a large, strong and sturdy body. Compounded with years of karate classes making him into a fighting machine.

Karate- Having taken it for many years Iglesias is a 3rd Dan black belt in competitive karate.

The Wall- One of 3 powers granted by El Torro. The Wall is capable of setting up a square or rectangular barrier that is capable of completely nullifying physical force applied against it.

The Reflection- One of 3 powers Granted by El Torro. The Reflection is capable of setting up a dome or sphere shaped barrier that is capable of reflecting all energy attacks applied against it.

Guardian Light- One of 3 powers granted by El Torro. Guardian Light manifests as a sphere of light that is capable of healing all physical injuries and preserving the life of those bathed in its light so that they do not die before treatment is complete.


The Wall and The Reflection cannot be used simultaneously.

The Wall is incapable of stopping 'energy' based attacks.

The Recflection is incapable of stopping 'physical' based attacks.

Guardian Light does not work on Iglesias. Nor does it work on mental trauma or diseases.
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