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Isroh Empty Isroh

Post by Demonhunter December 15th 2020, 2:40 am


"When the dead doesn’t stay dead"

The Bio

Real Name:Isroh
Renegade Name:N/a
Title:Some call him the serpent king, the king or roses or king of the damned. He has many names.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age:Isroh is never really truthful about his age with those who aren’t a part of his inner circle.
Race: Demon
Hair:Black, cropped short and shaved on one side when hiding as human. However when he drops his smoke and mirrors it is long inky ringlets down to the middle of his back.
Eyes:Blue when glamoured to look human. However when he drops the facade they change to a vibrant violet, but can take on more of a crimson hue when he must make a point.
Height: 6ft2
Weight: 180pounds
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Isroh when encountered in what he refers to as in his ‘street clothes’, he appears as a tall and handsome man. He is pale with piercing blue eyes that almost look too perfect. He has tattoos that peek out just under the collar of his well tailored suits and he has a very intimidating aura about him.

However when he lets his hair down and quits pretending to be human, the well put together human facade drops. His tattoos turn to inky markings along his body, up to just under his jaw. 6 inch horns curve around the back of his head much like a ram’s, only to jut out to the side. His eyes fade to a metallic purple however when he feels he must add emphasis to his ferocity he can change their color to a more intimidating red. A spaded black tail lashes behind him, his fingers tipped with dagger-like claws and skin cold as stone.


The Personality

Isroh’s personality can vary based upon who he is meeting with. Casual situations, he is much the life of the party. He throws booze, cash and drugs around like it’s going out of style. He can be kind, however he has a soft spot for humans. Especially human children. His favorite thing to do is pretend to be a human being and enjoy their company at his leisure.

However, if he’s talking business he is ‘the king’ and very bad things happen when people disrespect the king.Lets not forget he is currently running a mafia-eque style regime of the underworld. Isroh has a saucy habit of claiming turf as his and then ruling the ‘underworld’ of that area with an iron fist. He’s willing to do business with local powers, but on his own terms, which basically translates to Isroh’s going to make his demands and if they aren’t complied with, acts of horrific violence will follow. However most of Isroh’s ‘ruling’ isn’t as much done with violence. Violence is his tool for when someone breaks his rules. His favorite tool is manipulation to keep compliance in the first place. He’ll often make deals that don’t seem one sided at first… until the fine print is examined or when he decides it’s time to pay the piper.

The man is troubled to say the least, plagued with demonhood he doesn’t deserve and all the pain that comes with it. All the mafia and drug empire shit in the world, however, is just a means to an end. He has but one master plan, and that is vengeance to ungodly levels.

Isroh is also the kind for wild casual sex, all the time. A new partner every night if he wanted. However this isn’t because he likes to. Being a demon is painful, and only sinful behavior relieves the pressure, even if only for a brief moment. Blood and pain are other things that can fulfil his horrible need, however he also doesn’t fancy killing people for his own gain so sex is really the only option he has.
The Story

Our story begins with a seemingly normal suburban family. A mother, a father and a son. Everything changed as the man met another, younger and more beautiful woman than his wife. The wife, however, decided to pretend she knew nothing of the affair.To shield her son from his fathers infidelity, bury her feelings and hold the family together. However, there was a small amount of wealth within this family and the other woman was not at all willing to share her man nor his money with his family. She demanded he get rid of his wife and his spawn so she could truly have him to herself.

One morning at breakfast the father came home with a shotgun and shot his wife dead at the stove as she cooked. He then turned the gun to his 15 year old boy. He just couldn’t do it. So he forced his son into the trunk, drove him to an old church on the outside of town where some priests were known to take children off people’s hands with no questions asked and left to live his life with his mistress.

Little did he know it would have been far less cruel to have simply shot him at the table.

The young boy was brought into the church’s basement and chained to a radiator where he was starved for three days.On the third day a priest came in and painted his body like a sacrificial lamb and hauled him up to the stage, chaining him to the podium. For the next three hours 6 men would take turns beating him with some strange looking rod, chanting in some unknown language and forcing him to drink their blood until he finally died.

But the story didn’t end there. Waking up in hell was a young Isroh, only vaguely aware of his last three hours on earth, found himself in the deepest, darkest pit of hell among ach-devils, greater demons and the people so horrific they were cast into the furthest bowls of hell there was. He found the ritual made him a literal scapegoat, pinning him with the sins of 6 men and sending him to hell in their stead. The sins of six men willing to kill a child to escape the consequences not only tossed poor Isroh into the most vile pit hell had, it also gave him power unheard of for a non-hellborn demon.

Thus he climbed. For 4 years he climbed his way out of hell tooth and nail, determined to escape and once he did he began his empire. Working jobs as a thumb breaker, buying a bar and then slowly, earning the fear of other demons who clawed their way out of hell. He saw the vile and repulsive underworld the demons had going in the cities of earth and decided to make it more organized and to bring it to a heel. Thus the Hell Hound was born. A bar where demons, vampires and other supernatural beings congregate.

Isroh began working out favors and found a lot of people in his debt. One of which was a vampire named Cynthia, Cythia was a chemist and she concocted a beautiful drug specifically made for creatures that crave human blood.It’s called Nempenth, and it is a form of opioid derivative mixed with pigs blood and one of the main components in amphetamines. However it can replace a vampire’s need to feed on humans, but it also addicts the users within a few doses.

Isroh’s drug empire exploded in the underworld and became even more like a mafia, to which Isroh began to exert his pressure on the underworld. He began to realize he could stop the underworld from having such an effect on the human populations by seizing complete control. Hopefully so that no other human could have their life turned upside down by the underworld as he did. Thus his crusade began, demons, vampires and the like within Isroh controlled turf have two options. Take Nempenth and swear off hunting humans, or starve. Nempenth is expensive, thus it is essentially rent money going right into Isroh’s pocket, being laundered through the Hell Hole to make it legitimate.

Those who fall into debt with the mob have but 3 options. Work off their debt by joining the mob as an underling for a few years, cough up the cash, or die.

All this said, Isroh loathes being a demon. Being a demon hurts. You cannot sleep yet you still feel exhausted. No amount of food or drink will stop the hunger and thirst. Your body aches and your skin crawls constantly. Isroh has a working theory. Find and kill the men responsible for his death, and perhap he can finally rest in the peace he deserves.

The Powers

Arc-demon- Isroh has gained the power equivalent to one that would be formed by 6 of the scum of the earth people who would have been doomed to burn. No one human-borne demon was ever meant to have that much power, thus he is as strong as some of the great arc-demons of hell. Thus he refers to himself as such. With that comes the durability. Bullets bounce off this man. His skin refuses to cut with a normal blade and his bones seem to refuse to break under concussive blows. For most human weapons available, he seems indestructible. No fire, no cold, no lack of air nor degree of impact even seems to stagger him.

Devil’s roses- One of Isroh’s abilities gets from being essentially 6 demons stuck onto one person. A devil rose is a naturally occurring plant in the inhospitable environment that is hell. They have black flowers with red vines and leaves. They have deadly thorns and strong vines that cling to flesh like razor wire. Isroh can spawn these monster plants anywhere and manipulate them to his pleasure. Although the initial spawn is a bit slow once the plant is there, it’s there until Isroh decides to get rid of it.

Strength- Isroh is incredibly strong to pair with his durability. His strength alone is enough to be considered one demon’s ability. Lets just say a one ton weight isn’t any problem at all for him.

Illusions- Isrohs ability to cast illusion spells although is limited perfectly covers his demonic nature making him seem fully human and difficult to detect by even the most avid demon hunters.

Minor shadowmancy- Isroh can fade into shadows and pop up elsewhere closeby in a somewhat shadowed area. This makes him much harder to pin down.

Dual wielding scimitars- When Isroh was sent to hell the first fight he got into got him impaled by two black scimitars from some nameless demon… He killed the demon but kept the swords. Over time he’s gotten pretty good at them. They are made of obsidian, and cleave through armor like butter.

The Weaknesses

Magical Weapons- These tend to get through Isroh’s almost impossible to damage body easier.

Silver- Silver gets through his defenses with ease and could turn him to dust with a well placed hit.

The devil’s rose - is heat resistant and cannot be burned away, however, low temperatures make the vines less elastic and brittle and easier to pull away from. They also do not have a vice like grip. They can be pulled away from and have a little bit of give to them. Although pulling away from the vines may cause damage and hurt, it is very much possible for those more blessed with strength.

Stress- Stress makes Isroh much more unhinged in both his thought processes and actions. The stress however makes his perfect body seem to ‘decay’ away into what he would have looked like at his time of death. It is incredibly painful and brings back all the bruises, broken bones and cuts. He loses a good bit of his invincibility, although still tough, there’s some cracks in the armor.
Shadowmancy- his shadowmancy can be stopped by direct light into the shadows he’s moving to. If the shadow he intended to teleport to is dissipated in the 1.5 second delay between initiation and actually teleporting he is forced to go back to where he was before trying again.

Illusions- Isroh’s illusions can be displaced anywhere magic is nullified.

The Items

*2 obsidian scimitars
*The “key to the kingdom” as he likes to call it. In the basement of every Hell hound bar location there is a small magical room that is connected to every other location. Therefore Isroh can get from Chicago to Austin, or from Tokyo to Baltimore in minutes. This small silver key gets you into the room.
* A plethora of custom printed silver coins with a devil’s rose on it. Possessing one of these coins signifies Isroh ‘owes you one”. These coins are magically connected to him and tossing one into a nearby body of water lets Isroh immediately teleport to his ‘client’ and do them a favor in return.

The Minions

The Fluff

Deals- Isroh makes a lot of deals. He never forgets who ‘owes him’ and is notorious for cashing in favors at a later date in less than desirable consequences to the debtor. Making a deal with Isroh forms a bond that until Isroh cashes in his side of the deal, you can be called upon for anything at any time and Isroh will know exactly where you are until you fulfil a favor for him.
He has a dog named Bella. Bella is a pomeranian. She wears a pink collar with her name on it, wears a plethora of bows and always has her nails done. She’s Isroh’s baby.

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Isroh Empty Re: Isroh

Post by Chellizard December 15th 2020, 4:08 am

Approved and moved.

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