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Brutus the cyberhound

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Brutus the cyberhound Empty Brutus the cyberhound

Post by The Nekromonga on December 13th 2020, 12:02 am

Brutus the Cyberdog

"Bark! Bark!"

The Bio

Real Name: Brutus Wellington Dance III
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: Brutus
Title: The Cyberhound
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Great Dane
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 36" paw to shoulder; 60" base of spine to snout
Weight: 300 pounds
Blood type: dog

The Looks

Brutus the cyberhound Girl-laughing-while-her-dog-600w-144024817

The Personality

       Brutus is a simple dog, he is loyal to Balthazar and Alejandra and will protect them from all threats. He is an old dog, and prefers long naps and big meals.

The Story

Born into a religious militant order under the care of a retired Paladin, Brutus Wellington of the house of Dance, third of his name, is a highly trained and experienced combat cyber dog. Like all dogs of the order, he was trained until he was 2 years old, whereupon he served a full 10 years as a companion to select members of the Order. Midway into his service, his unit was attacked by a werewolf. Where other canines ran in terror, Brutus alone stood his ground and fought, allowing his handlers to overcome the werewolf though at a heavy cost, Brutus losing all his limbs.

Despite his injuries he was unwilling to die, and would not release the werewolf’s throat until it was good and dead. As a remarkable specimen he underwent a cybernetic augmentation procedure usually reserved for the order’s veterans – a reward his handler said, he had earned. The remainder of his service saw him become a lauded hunter of the supernatural in his own right.

His service done, Brutus returned to his original handler, the Paladin Balthazar Dance, and helped to raise and train his newest protégé, Alejandra. Old age would eventually catch up to the Paladin, and Balthazar would finally pass away, leaving the old dog with only one other companion- the knight-initiate Alejandra. Especially amusing is that while his handler is ranked an Initiate- the lowest rank of the order's warriors, Brutus holds rank of Blade Guard and Knight Sergeant, the highest rank of non-officer warrior.

The Powers

Supernatural sniffer – as the longtime companion of a paladin, Brutus has developed a knack for detecting magic and supernatural beings.

Cyber endurance – Brutus is a lot tougher than your average, over 150 pound attack dog. With his back, shoulders and hips reinforced for his cybernetic limbs, He is capable of taking as much punishment as an angry adult polar bear, and can take small arms fire and low grade explosives without a problem, save for his fur being damaged.

The Weaknesses

He’s still a dog – Brutus is a dog, therefore he can’t talk, can’t use most objects, and has little agency beyond eating, sleeping and killing werewolves.

Cybernetics – electrical attacks are especially damaging to Brutus, possibly incapacitating his cybernetics (all his limbs) until his handlers can reboot his system.

Food – when his handlers are not in immediate danger, this big old boy can be distracted by a nice big juicy stake.

Hates werewolves – If he catches wind of a werewolf, even a benevolent one, he will attack on sight and need to be restrained - and fast - because he will go for the throat.  

The Items

Silver Teeth - When Brutus's skull and jaw were repaired and reinforced, his teeth had to be replaced. For future werewolf hunting, he had silver alloy tipped teeth fitted.

Cybernetics - replacement his limbs and most of his bones, granting cyber endurance.

The Fluff

Blood hound – a superb tracker, Brutus’s nose lets him find and hunt down any quarry.

Attack dog – is trained to obey verbal commands such as “attack”, “stop”, “stay”, “come here”, “go there”, “fetch”.

Fur – artificial fur over his cybernetic parts lets Brutus pass as a normal dog from casual observation. Only a close look will reveal the seams where his fleshy bits and cyber bits meet.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Brutus the cyberhound Empty Re: Brutus the cyberhound

Post by Zonkes on December 14th 2020, 7:40 pm


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