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Jared Jenkins

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Jared Jenkins Empty Jared Jenkins

Post by Petty Thief December 6th 2020, 8:24 pm


"It's money time"

The Bio

Real Name: Jared Jenkins
Villain Name: (Doesn't have one)
Title:  None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 19 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Short and messy black hair
Eyes: Light grey
Height: 165 cm
Weight:  60 kg (+5)
Blood type: O-
Power Lever: Street

The Looks

Jared Jenkins Jared112
Imagine this guy but going
through an edgy teenager phase.

The Personality

His name is Jared, he´s 19 and he never learnt how to read. He doesn't care for rules or authority but will not opose them publicly. Jared is a battle junkie, he gets an adrenaline rush while fighting and loves to bully the weak. He doesn't have any ambition, he just wants to have fun using his powers, and he does petty thievery to live without having to work. He does not care much about protecting his identity, but he does try to avoid attracting the public's attention.

Jared is an egocentrical jerk, but at least he keeps it to himself... most of the time at least. Seeing how cool the other supers are and comparing himself to them, Jared has developed an inferiority complex; he seeks out and fights against gangsters to feel strong, to feel superior to normal people.

The Story

Jared  got his powers at 10 years old due to a random chance. At the time it had been so weak it was useless, but he was fascinated by having powers. After years of daily use, his powers got strong enough to be useful, but he was still weak compared to other supers.

Believing himself to be superior to ordinary humans, he started using his powers to do crimes, mostly pickpocketing and beating up bad guys, who are too proud to report him to the police. He ran away from home at age 14 because he hated going to school. Since then he has been living on the roads, and on random house's ceilings as well.

The Powers

Physical Constructs:  Similar to energy constructs, but creations are affected by gravity and all other physical forces. The matter is always present, following the user in gas form when not used. Matter must be connected to the user to be able to properly control it.
(Imagine how nanobots group together to create objects, but instead of nanobots it's some dust-like substance)

o Matter can be moved around (similar to using telekinesis), but this ability is so weak that any solid creation will be
slowly moving on the ground.
o When not connected, matter can be moved as gas, but not made denser. For this, matter has to be touching Jared or other matter that is already dense (so creations always have to be connected to Jared).
o Matter provides a slight sensory input, similar to touch. This can be used to scout in gas form.
o Density: Lower limit is air density (1.2 kg/m3). Upper limit is tin density (7 g/cm3).
o When constructs are broken, they turn back into gas and part of the matter is destroyed (Around 1/20th).
o Matter regenerates over time (1 kg per day). Upper limit is 5 kg.
o Sharp edges take a lot of concentration to make, so it's unrealistic to make a sword on a fight.

The Weaknesses

Energy attacks: While the matter is not flammable, weak matter will be destroyed by the high energy of fires and electricity. Only by keeping the matter solid does it survive but energy attacks still hurt it more than physical attacks. (Almost 3 times more)

The Aplications

A short list of the things Jared usually creates:

o A big stick to hit people with.
o A slingshot to hit people with.
o Armor pieces to avoid dying.
o A ladder to get to high places.
o A tent and bed for outdoor camping.
o Roller skates for fun and easy travel.
o Weird hands to pickpocket unsuspecting fools.

The Skills

Things that Jared is good at:

o Running and doing parkour around crowded spaces to flee from authority figures. (Running)
o Act natural to hide in crowds. (Stealth)
o Hit people really hard in the places that really hurt. (Fighting)
o Stealing lunch money from a random passerby. (Pickpocket)
o Open things that shouldn't be opened. (Pick Locks)

The Items

Jared usually carries around:

Casual clothes: A hoodie with lots of pockets to store stolen things.
Steel water bottle: Hidration + Improvised weapon against fire.
Many wallets: Stolen.
Many pebbles: Smooth and you can throw them at people.
Money: Also stolen.
Snack: Snack.

The Minions


The Fluff

Matter is transparent while in gas form and start shining in grey light as the density increases.

The RP Sample

You could say it was a good morning if it wasn’t for one thing… it was midday. As Jared wakes up from sleeping in a stranger’s rooftop, he thinks about how he has been lucky to not get found out a single time in his 5 years of sleeping in random houses. After several seconds of thinking, Jared starts to feel the effects of sleeping for 12 hours straight: sore muscles, but most importantly, hunger.

Our hero* quickly conjures a set of stairs and proceeds to only use half of them to get down the one-story house, moving two steps at a time. Walking 2 km to the market feels like a breeze to someone who wears running shoes every day, so he gets there quickly. While taking dumb people’s wallets, as you do, Jared spots a cool pair of Hero Lightyear brand shoes; now, it’s money time. Jared goes to buy these new cool shoes to replace his current soggy shoes; he actually pays this time because security cameras are a thing and he is no fool, even though the cashier does look at him funny for paying with 15 separate wallets…

After putting these on and stealing some breakfast from a street vendor, Jared is ready to take a nap. Adding a pair of wheels to his shoes, he starts rolling down the nearest street. While admiring the floor's impresive quality, Jared notices a commotion ahead; it appears a group of teenagers are picking on a kid. Jared feels happy, for he has found more bad guys to beat up; since these guys are in his path, Jared conjures himself an improvised armor and lets himself crash into the group bullies...


Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Jared Jenkins Empty Re: Jared Jenkins

Post by Chellizard December 12th 2020, 2:35 pm

I'll give you a shot, seeing as you admitted this was your first RP forum.

The application is not bad, besides the lack of history. Could you delve a bit more into how they first discovered their powers?

In RP, you are essentially writing a story for our own character and bringing them to life.

While your concept is overall good, I feel that you could put more effort into this application and make it better.

Please take your time and expand on your character's history. We also recommend taking the time to expand on your narrative as well.

Your RP sample is simple - it gives me the idea that you are capable, but I see that you admitted to not wanting to write anymore.

Please make these changes, and then we can begin review again.



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