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Gawain 'Deerman'(FANBOY CONTEST)

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Contest Gawain 'Deerman'(FANBOY CONTEST)

Post by FantasyBound December 1st 2020, 12:52 am

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Gawain 'Deerman'

Gawain 'Deerman'(FANBOY CONTEST) ESb_RQoUYAAxppC


Real Name: Jacob
Alias: Gawain ‘Deerman’
Villain Renegade Name: S’n’S (Sugar and Spice)
Title: The Rabble Rouser
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 26 y/o
Gender: Male
Race: Human(???)
Hair: Cream with leopard pattern
Eyes: Red
Height: 6’ 01” without horns
Weight: 212 lbs.
Blood type: A-


Gawain originally was a legendarily attractive young man with dusty blonde hair and striking green eyes that made him look strikingly handsome and beautiful at the same time, but under ‘mothers’ will his body has experienced an incredible mutation.

He holds a very mixed appearance, acquiring traits of a carnivore and herbivore animal, prominently a gazelle and a leopard, both creatures well known for their graceful appearance Gawain has a very thin build, but is packed densely with a flexible muscle structure.
A few spots under his eyes and distinguishable ‘eyebrow’ patterns give him an incredibly expressional face, when he’s sad he looks devastated, when he’s happy he looks overbound with joy. He has a set of crooked horns atop his head, and a tail with a tuft of dark fur at the end spotted like some parts of his skin. All across his back and chest, he has found a way to chemically alter his fur to create leaf-like images akin to a tattoo, to better replicate the crowd he was part of previously.

Gawain moves with a lot of motion normally, a very expressive speaker, he speaks almost more with his movements than his voice. On the occasion however, he holds himself together and restrains himself to the best of his abilities

Gawain is just a charm to be around, a wonderful companion who always seems to have the right words for anything and makes people feel great being with him. With no flaws whatsoever, who could ever convict such a NI-

Sorry, this silly portrait of how a VAST majority of people view him is with help of his powers. He actually is just clever, not very nice, and even hostile to be with, a party guy who has hardly a care in the world with a toxic ‘fakeness’ act that so many people seem to fall for.
And this too is a mask.

Gawain is brutally spiteful and has been boiling with a desire to just chew someone up and spit them out since he left ‘that place’. He doesn’t care what you tell him, unless you are rather young, you aren’t going to be getting an ounce of genuine kindness. If your human Gawain hates you, he hates your family, he hates your neighbors and everyone and anyone you love or matter of fact know. He would love nothing more than to rip your heart out with his bare hands and bite into it well you watch in a mix of disgust and pure horror, all the while him relishing your suffering.
He’s a natural deceiver, it’s almost impossible to tell if he is lying even with supernatural forms of lie-detection, he is smart and DOES care for his safety unlike what his actions will show, because if he isn’t around to brutalize and humiliate the human race, who else will?

Seven years after the birth of the prestigious attorney Lancelot Deerman, came to a similar situation to the bizarre meetup of a couple, just this time the father was a notorious gang boss-to-be in the slums of a notorious big-league city operating with a tumor that was its criminal underworld.

Gawain grew up as more a tool to his father, thinking it was because his father had to keep up the tough guy act in front of the other pigs of the city, which there always some freakshow who made there way into the beautifully furnished but rather dark ‘livingroom like’ space under some local pub.
Gawain never talked to anybody his age, it was always a situation to keep his mouth shut and just sit there. It was when he was 14 that he was brought with his father to some of the more ‘interesting’ meetings where more talk of human trades went down. Gawain was brought as a good luck charm, it appeared when he hit puberty that a lot of the deals went smoother, because when they did his father was happy, and when he was happy he was far more open to playing the role of dad, instead of boss. So always when brought to these events, Gawain would stare down the people his father was talking to, subjecting there vision and making there words slip up like he coated them in butter. Things seemed to be going well, when his father actually turned into one of the ‘guys upstairs’ they moved into a large apartment complex atop this very fancy establishment, everything was going great, for two years at least.

Gawain was confused and afraid when he was told to stand in front of the light at sixteen years old, he was terrified and bewildered when they asked him to remove his clothes, he was embarrassed and mortified when they investigated him, his soul left his body metaphorically, when he saw the unreal price tag put on him, put on to rent his body out to those willing to pay.

At first, he remembered every time he was rented, every time he was drugged up and sent into a spiralling sensation of pain and humiliation. Rules were simple, ‘don’t damage the goods’, the renters were free to do as they wished from there. From a rejected son, to a recognized and valued son, to some form of luxury plaything. Apparently it was his own body, filled and infused with so many chemicals that any form of being near him alone was euphoric, coming in contact with him and his bare skin though, almost poisonous from the amount of ‘feel good’ chemicals that his body had inside, and would be shared with others who came in contact with him.

Male and female alike, they abused him in manners he didn’t understand, anyone with the dollar could have a night with him. Some became regulars, until they expended every ounce of their bank account and went into millions in debt. He started to recognize when a televangelist came in one night, that nobody was good. All humans were evil when they reached adulthood, all of them gross and hiding the demons inside, and he was capable of opening that piece of them to be shown to all.

One and a half years, he lost all hope of being saved, six more months of terror of when his next session would be. But it was after those six months of uncaring, just hoping he would die at any moment that he heard mom call him again.

“You're free now, shake those chains off.”

Gawain felt his body awkwardly bend, bone snapping and reforming as he grew bigger, his teeth growing razor-sharp, his head spun and heated up as he saw his client, rushing at the terrified onlooker and digging into their bare neck. Tearing whatever dragged along and was still connected to their throat as he tore his way inside of their body, he never consumed anything so sweet in his life, so sickeningly sweet as he teared up, consuming more and more before he felt that he had enough. Wiping his blood-covered face he walked to the showers and got washed off. He felt something, the voice was still talking.

His mind was transported to mother, he was a little boy again, but with his current mutation in place, his mother whispered nonsensical words into his long ears as he cried on her lap for what felt like hours of relief, the feeling of finally getting out. His mother finished with the last statement.

“Fix them. Your brother holds the key to it, you need to ask permission, so stay strong, my sweet young man, and go fix them. Fix them.”

Gawain woke up inside the still running shower, curled up and cold from the water, watching the still flowing blood pour into the drain.

The image of his brother filled his mind and a countdown.

Gawain was relaxing, that dream was eight years old now, and it marked the time that he went to go see his brother. He made a subtle following of him, a ‘fan club’ you could almost call it. He needed to play this game slowly, and didn't want to worry him. He watched how his brother acted and trained his outward act accordingly. He was simply the product of another one of ‘mums’ temporary partners, living with a man named Doug who was just a sweetheart but had a drinking problem, Doug loved his job as a mechanic, and Doug died from a violent customer.

Gawain was going to get that key, no matter what it took.

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Endurance

1. Awareness
2. Intelligence
3. Willpower
4. Empathy


Chemomancy: CHARISMA[PERMISSION BASED] - Gawain is surrounded by a toxic, mystically fueled cloud of chemicals. These allow him to bend and alter other beings' pheromones and hormones with these charged airborne toxins. This chemical allows him a great degree of control over people within a small area, about a room worth or more depending on if he spreads it around through the air. When he come in skin contact with a human, he can pump them full of endorphins to the point where they become paralyzed in ecstasy, unable to move for up to a few minutes or several hours. Some particularly blessed individuals can shrug it off, however, but the common folk hold no chance against him.

Chemomancy: CONSTITUTION - Gawain can pump people he touches and himself with potent mystical STEM cells to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. He can recover small wounds like cuts and non-fatal stabs in under a minute, and over the course of several days can regrow limbs.

Born-of-Booze - Gawain is almost impossible to hinder with chemicals, they flow through his body, so he can also enjoy only the positive effects of normally harmful substances like hard drugs. This also negates toxins within his body, allowing him to function perfectly fine without sleep and he seems to never get tired.

Carnivorous Prey Animal - Gawain is a supernatural creature with enhanced physiology and night vision. He can move at ground speeds of 75 mph in short sprints and can for longer periods of time run at around 45 mph. Akin to his sibling he can also jump incredibly high(about 15 feet) and move with unreal precision. He also is naturally as strong as peak mortal human, but nothing more. His senses are equally sharp as his brothers, five times better visual senses, able to process scent 1,000 times better than a human, and holding up to ten separate smells at a time which he can use for tracking targets, and rotating ears that allow him to detect sounds like a radar.
He has naturally sharp teeth and claws that he uses as weapons, but he knows 'deer brother' does not like it when people bleed to death, so he refrains form using them a lot fo the time from an attempted forced habit.

Pathological Liar - There is no way to tell if Gawain is lying. Mystical effects always say he is telling the truth.

Godbane - Divine characters are immune to his effects, and he seems to be unable to bring harm to them, a telekinetic force preventing him from doing anything.

Guns and Roses - Gawain cannot bring himself to injure an individual 16 or younger, they may even persuade him to let an adult live.

Regeneration Sucks Sometimes - This ability uses the energy of the person being affected, and cannot bring back the dead. This is always passively on Gawain, so if he gets really injured, instead of being able to keep going the injuries cost so much energy he remains perpetually drained, exhausted until the damage is mostly repaired.

Cats Eyes Donkeys Ears- Gawain is more susceptible to visual attacks, and most bright lights can daze and blind him on the spot.

Screaming Kids and Equally Whiny Adults - Sounds over frequencies of 10,000 hertz deafen Gawain's superhuman hearing.

Like a Wounded Animal - Gawain get's physically incredibly ill and violently sick when restrained by people in a violent manner, he begins breaking down and cannot act properly.

Gawain has access to a lot of dangerous things, most common forms of weaponry and black-market goods are available to him.
He has a costume that consists of cargo shorts, arm-length gloves, and a scarf, able to utilize his chemical to make people forget him so he goes without a mask.

Gawain smells STRONGLY of body, if that makes much sense. But he does smell different to people who are affected by his pheromones

Gawain could be considered to have a drug addiction, if he could actually be addicted to such things. He refrains from going to far into them when around Lancel.

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