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INV ONLY Emendation

Post by OhNoesBunnies! on November 11th 2020, 8:21 pm

Emendation 9pWQzDc

PRESENT DAY, 11/11/2020
6:46 PM EST

. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
TRANSFER IN 3. . . 2. . . 1. . .]

Times Square was anything but quiet before the ground began to shake. Celebrations were still in swing over the recent election as everyday Americans did their best to continue to forget the horrors that decimated New York not-so-long ago. Even the shaking of the ground, so little that there was, did scarcely bring any of the partying to a halt. A few car alarms blared, some concerned citizens stopped on the streets to peer around with wide-eyes, and a handful of phone calls to the police and other emergency services went out... but the shockwave went as quick as it had come. Despite its minuscule presence, social media lit up with word of the minor quake, and within seconds, followed up with videos and photos taken in Times Square of something queer; a small sphere emitting blue light, barely three feet off the ground and only a meter wide, at the exact apex of Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street, and Broadway.

As a crowd gathered around it, leaving the glimmering, flickering sphere of blue light plenty of room to expand, the ground began to shake again. Once more, it was nary a rumble, but it was clear that the distortion of blue light was somehow related. Again, the ground shook, this time with far more vigor. The ground around the sphere cracked, forcing the asphalt of the conjoined streets to briefly ripple before tears spread across its surface like that of a spider's web. Panic ensued and the crowd mostly dispersed, fleeing indoors to neighboring shops and buildings, as cars screeched to a halt and lights all across the city flickered. The sphere had begun to grow amidst all the chaos, pulsating rapidly with its eerie blue light as its diameter reached a good three meters, now finally touching and burning into the ground.

Arcs of energy in the form of crackling lightning and thunder reached out from the sphere like angry limbs, lashing into nearby electronic billboards and structures, shattering glass and cracking concrete. Those that took cover were spared the blinding flashes of light emitting from the sphere now, but those who were brave enough to endure, caught the chaos on camera. Within minutes, the event was already viral across the web, and at the apex of what looked like what might be some kind of explosive force... the blue light vanished, the rumbling stopped, and in a small crater where the pandemonium had begun were the smoking remains of something once human and a black, metallic looking humanoid kneeling just beside...

As emergency services began to arrive in the form of the NYPD, Medical Services, Firefighters, and even the National Guard, the metallic humanoid slowly came to stand straight up... its blue eyes glimmering brightly.

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INV ONLY Re: Emendation

Post by Nate6595 on November 12th 2020, 12:59 am

Fenris was new to the city. Honestly, he had always wanted to go. He had seen pictures in books his grandfather had shown him, but after the initial interest in technology was stamped out his grandfather was determined to keep him from such a place. A city had far too much…stimulation for a curious young mind like Fenris and the poor boy would be overwhelmed with all the different sorts of technology at his fingertips. These feelings had faded with time, however, and Fenris got older and showed interest in imbuing technology with magic his grandfather’s stance against a visit to the city was slowly dampened. While he still believed the city would be too much for the boy, he relented and allowed Fenris to take a trip to New York City. If anything, it’d be a learning experience, especially seeing part of the world that had been so severely damaged.

It was six thirty when Fenris found himself in his eighth gadget shop. It was filled with thrilling knickknacks and strange devices, the likes of which he had never seen. Night vision goggles, listening devices, strange locking mechanisms, and so many others. There was something called a joybuzzer which had given him an idea of a sort of…shocking grasp type spell. It’d be hilarious. He didn’t have much in terms of American money which had gotten him kicked out of the previous seven gadget shops, but maybe this one would be more understanding of his situation and would let him have a free sample. He heard of some establishments which had given free stuff out. That’s what good and proper stores did.

He browsed for about five or so minutes when everything around him started to shake. He looked around curiously. Was this normal for the city? It didn’t seem like an earthquake. Were earthquakes normal around here? People seemed rather worried about it, but well…maybe this was one of those improv shows he had read about. Not realizing he still was holding it, he walked out holding the joybuzzer looking around and at the running crowd. He decided to head in the direction of what they were running from and soon was joined by the siren vehicles. Authorities? Maybe…just maybe…something was wrong?

He moved closer to the area that was emitting so much energy. For a moment he gripped Fang’s device, ready to summon his beloved companion should things go wrong. It looked like a lightning storm centered right in the middle of this Timed Square (who times squares? Non-magical culture was confusing). He stared at it with a mix of awe and curiosity. This was amazing. He hadn’t seen anything like this. Was this some form of technology? Or maybe a superhero he had heard of. Could also be one of those…super villains? Maybe. It was hard to read based off a storm alone. For now he just kind of stood there, waiting to see what happened.

Then he saw it, two glowing eyes from the storm. Seeing them he rose a hand and gave a happy wave. He reached into his pocket, taking out a…kindle? He began to search through it and finding the spell he had wanted. A communication ritual, trying to connect with whatever rested in the middle of the storm. If he managed to build a communication network with the being inside he’d send a simple message.

“Hello! What’s going on here?”
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