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Mera Fol

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Contest Mera Fol

Post by Nate6595 on November 1st 2020, 1:19 pm

Mera Fol

"In the name of Justice, I’mma blast ya!"

The Bio

Real Name: Mera Fol
Hero Name: Velox
Title: The Alien Gunslinger
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Earth Years: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Vrexi
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5’4
Weight: 115lbs
Blood type: Goo

The Looks

Mera Fol is a Vrexi, which holds an insectoid-like appearance. Like most Vrexi she is on the shorter side, below what would classify as the human average. Her skin is a palish green color and along her arms and legs there are several lines which rim around her appendages. Her hands have pointed fingers, almost sharp like (at one point her race had savage claws, but as they became more advanced and started using tools their claws started to dull and become more suited for their technology). Her hair is darker in its color, brown, but close to black. Her eyes are a deep black color with no pupil or iris, just solid black eyes though they are compounded eyes like most insects. The black color is actually a protective layer that her race evolved to have to handle sudden changes in light (her planet constantly has lightning striking and their eyes adapted for this). Additionally, on her face, she has two large antennae which stretch up from her forehead and two, almost pincher looking appendages stretching from the side of her face, ending up to be just by her mouth (The antennae actually still function, they mainly serve as a way to intimately converse with other species, sense danger in the area, and pick up sound. The pincher like appendages once were much bigger and actually worked as pinchers, used to finish their prey, however, evolving to use tools they began to shrink and don’t really have much function).

When it comes to attire, Mera Fol is often seen wearing her standard issue command uniform (despite not currently acting as a commander). The blue lining signifies her rank, exploratory commander (those charged with scouting unmapped sections of the universe and finding intelligent life to make contact with). The command attire is composed of a white overcoat with a blue trim, a white top, blue plants, and exploratory boots, ready to handle any terrain. Her overcoat comes with slightly padded shoulders. For good luck, she wears a small neck piece, a gift from her father. Beneath her overcoat one would usually find a holster for her pistol and her standard issue combat knife.


The Personality

Mera Fol is a free spirit of sorts. Her love of adventure has been her drive for exploring the universe and made her determined to reach the rank she is now. Nothing pleases her more than making new discoveries or learning about new species (except spiders). Much like her father, she has a strong moral compass and a sense for justice. She is very determined to uphold whatever she feels is right and will act to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Because of this, she has somewhat of a reputation to break protocol and interfere in places she probably shouldn’t. While outside the ship many look down upon her, she had the full love and support of her crew.

In addition to her love of adventure and justice, she has a strong love for video entertainment simulations (video games), finding a good way to keep her mind sharp. Since coming to Earth, on her down time, she can often be found at arcades or game stores, dwindling the day down as she indulges in this pastime.

The Story

The Vrexi are a noble and proud race, though not one who considers themselves above other lifeforms. They’re an exploratory species, wanting to search out new and fascinating cultures, not only to learn about them, but to improve their own. The Vrexi are quick to adapt and change, adjusting and improving their technology to whatever they find. Beyond this, they are also able to adopt the genes and traits of other species, given that they spend enough time with them.

Being the adventurous sort, the Vrexi’s military and armada is based around these principles, sending out different kinds of command ships to search and patrol the stars. There are three main types of commanders, the Guardians, tasked with defending the Vrexis Prime and their allies, the Exploratory Taskforce, tasked with finding new species to make contact with, and Research and Development, which are tasked with studying and learning about alien technology. With these three commands the Vrexi have managed to grow and develop, spreading their influence wide across several different solar systems.

And this is where we meet Mera Fol. Since conception Mera was always an adventurous sort, breaking out of cradle den, then skipping classes to explore nearby cave systems, pushing past the boundaries of test flights to just go a bit further, and then going above and beyond what is required of her when making first contact, immersing herself in the culture of whatever species she came across (even making contact with races that her planet deemed were too primitive to commune with). Her watchers always knew growing up that she was meant to be in a command position in the Exploratory Taskforce and helped guide her to that (though they of course scolded her when she broke the rules).

After six years in the academy and serving under another commander for three, Mera Fol had managed to earn herself enough of a reputation to become an Exploratory Commander herself, the youngest known Vrexi commander. She was given charge of the Starcharter, an older model ship, but designed for long hauls. Her first task was to map an uncharted system of their galaxy, aiming to make contact with new and wonderful species.

During her the three years she commanded her vessel she was responsible for making contact with five different species, quickly building positive relations with all of them. Of course, it was during these three years that she did gain some infamy among the fleet for her disregard of set rules, but still left many impressed with these discoveries. Among the races she managed to make contact with, one in particular stood out. The Tri-Tekians, a shorter race of skilled crafters and designers, shared their maps of the galaxy. With their guidance, Mera Fol knew exactly where she’d go next, a branch of uncharted space near the outer spiral arm of their galaxy.

Little did she know, this would be her last voyage for quite some time. Upon reaching the edgy the arm of the galaxy her ship encountered another unknown vessel. Without hesitation the other ship opened fire, claiming those aboard the Starcharter were heretics in the eyes of their Trickster God and that they would perish. The Starcharter put up a valiant fight but took on heavy damage. It needed to make a warp jump to escape but under fire it would be near impossible.

There was, however, one path clear to make sure her crew would survive. Mera Fol rushed down burning corridors, down the broken elevator shaft, and to the hanger where she hopped into one the transport vessels they used to touch down on planets. Using the small vessel she managed to not only damage the enemy ship, but draw its fire and give the Starcharter enough time to make the warp out. The sudden jump sent out a shockwave knocking both her ship and the enemy ship back, though because her vessel was a smaller craft it went spiraling out of control, taking heavy damage. In the spiraling descent of her ship she was knocked unconscious by a loose canister.

When she awoke she found her vessel to be a…less than preferable state. The primary engines were, the homing beacon was down, and the ship’s power supply was nearly drained. Thinking quick, she programmed the ship to autopilot, scanning for the nearest inhabited planet to land on. She diverted power away from life support and put it all to engines and navigations. From there, she hopped in a cryopod and awaited the day her ship land.

After a few months of drifting, her auto-pilot finally found a habitable planet. The landing job to planet could’ve been better…and most would probably classify it as a “crash landing” but, when she awoke from her cryo sleep, she was just glad to be on some solid ground. She would learn that the planet she landed on was called Earth and was filled with extraordinary people called humans. With the help of a small handful of humans she has adjusted well to the new life, enjoying learning about their strange culture and their primitive technology. She particular found interest in the group known as “Superheroes” and, given that she has time while she works on repairing her ship, she has become determined to take on the role of one, sticking to her sense of justice and wanting to repay the kind race for taking her in.

The Powers

Vrexi Telepathy: As a Vrexi, Mera Fol was born with what humans would call telepathy. She able to communicate with other races through a mental link. She can both read thoughts (permission based) and transmit her own to people. She can also use this telepathy to quickly learn a race’s native language and help her adapt to their customs. Vrexi can also share memories and create a permanent mental link with someone, be able to communicate with them wherever they may be (though this is considered a highly intimate act and should only be done between lovers or the closest of friends).

Regeneration: All Vrexi have a form of light regeneration which comes from an evolutionary trait they developed to escape predators. Usually, loss of a limb or appendage would require a good few hours to properly regenerate, however, Vrexi can hasten this process and regrow a single limb instantaneously, though this does take a toll on them.

Danger Sense: A sort extension of their telepathy, Vrexi are able to sense incoming and intimate danger. Being a more nimble and flexible race, mixed in with this danger sense, allows Vrexi to be able to dodge and maneuver their way out of harm with ease. At a distance, this has allowed Mera Fol to dodge bullets and projectiles, and at a close range she has managed to dodge out of the way of most physical attacks (given that she is physical able to).

The Weaknesses

Cold Front: Vrexi are semi-cold blooded. To some extent they can heat themselves, but at a much slower rate. Vrexis Prime has never had snow before or temperatures to permit it. Because of this, in the cold her body must work twice has hard to keep warm which greatly exhausts Mera Fol, making her sluggish and less accurate.

Physic Bond: Because it is a trait that they’re born with, Vrexi are always emitting a sort of physic aura/presence. This means, anyone who has the ability to sense or detect such things would easily be able to detect where Mera Fol is, limiting her ability to hide without outside resources protecting this sense.

Blaster Charge: While her blaster is solar powered, it does have a limited capacity. She would be able to roughly fire off fifty shots of her high powered blast at max charge, two hundred at medium charge, and three hundred and fifty at low charge.

Breaking Point: Because the regeneration works slowly, lethal damage is still lethal damage. A destroyed heart or brain is fatal and without immediate medical assistance she won’t be able to regenerate from that. Further, it is possible for a Vrexi to permanently lose a limb if it is removed with a special kind of acid.

Limited Regen: If a Vrexi chooses to force a limb to regrow instantaneously they will not be able to use their regeneration for a good eight hours. After that eight hours, any limbs lost within that timeframe will start to regrow to their normal state.

The Items

Vrexi Enhanced Blaster: Mera Fol’s blaster was standard issue for exploratory commanders, however, she has since improved upon it, making it more efficient. Vrexi blasters, at low and medium power, are not lethal (unless used excessively), but instead a sap a targets energy (for organic life it exhausts them, eventually to the point of collapse. For machines it’ll drain battery life at an accelerated rate). For a low powered shot, the average human would fall asleep after three shots and die at twenty. For medium powered shots they’d fall asleep after one and die in ten. High powered shots both deal a plasma-based damage, able to melt through metals like iron or structures like brick or concrete and can exhaust targets if they manage to survive the initial damage. An average person who was shot by this (if they were to survive) would be comatose for a least a week and if shot again they probably aren’t waking up.

Plasma Knife: Similar in appearance to a combat knife, but instead of metal for the blade it is a glowing green plasma. The knife is strong enough to cut through steel and the blade is about nine inches long. The knife, like the blaster, is solar powered, and can be left on for a good four hours before needing an hour to recharge.

The Minions

No notable minions, but she is close friends with a human named Alexander who sort of acts as her guide and guardian. He sort of plays the role of “the guy in the chair” communicating to her through a shared device and letting her know where police activity is so she can assist. Beyond having a police radio he is a decent hacker, nothing to write home about, and can swing a bat real good.

The Fluff

Like all Vrexi Commanders, she is has been trained martially and does know how to handle hand to hand combat. She’s not the strongest out there, but she can handle her own.

Mera Fol has a secret love for the human food known as “burger and fries”, her new favorite food to consume. Don’t even get her started on shakes.

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Contest Re: Mera Fol

Post by Zonkes on January 19th 2021, 3:56 am

Approved and moved.

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