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Contest Voidshift

Post by Vorik October 31st 2020, 11:13 pm


"Not even light can escape me!"

The Bio

Real Name: Victoria Raselin
Villain Name: Voidshift
Title: Head of Security at Gen-X
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5,7
Weight: 132lbs
Blood type: B+

The Looks

In her civilian identity, Victoria would be described as pretty. Her strawberry blonde hair is kept in a pixie cut that frames her pale blue eyes. The most distinguishing detail of her face is the cluster of small scars on her right cheek. Years of military training has shaped Victoria’s body into that of an athletic, with a slim figure that shows a fair amount of muscle definition. Her usual day to day attire consists mostly of business casual wear such as blouses and dress pants.

Clad from head to toe in dark armor, Victoria assumes the role of the dreaded Voidshift. Standing at over 6,3, there are no hints of humanity behind the blackened Ti3Au (titanium-gold alloy). The suit has no hard edges as each plating transitions into the next seamlessly. A constantly shifting image of a nebula flows over the armor giving the feeling that you are looking at space itself instead of an actual person.

The Personality

Ms.Raselin has a cold demeanor about her. She hardly expresses herself and prefers to keep her emotions to herself behind a figurative mask of professionalism. Many who would try to strike up a friendly conversation would quickly be shut down behind her non-personal answers and disinterest in hearing about what they did over the weekend. It isn’t that she doesn’t like people rather her horrible upbringing has shaped her worldview to always needing to be on guard, least those who want to hurt you find a way. To the few that she deems trustworthy her mask, while still on, is not quite as set with her being more open about her life. Her best friend was her little sister, Jenny, who was the only person Victoria could feel like she didn’t have to be on guard. Sadly she is currently stricken with grief and anger over Jenny’s murder and has been quicker to anger.
The Story

“Why?” She said as she got the call. “Why?” She said as she stared at the body. “Why?” She said as she lost her only family, her sister.

A wave of shock, rage, and despair surrounded her as she looked at the corpse. Melted and scorched bone fused with and dissolved by molten steel and plasma. Almost everything that made up her sister was distorted and destroyed, and yet she knew as she looked at the caved-in face, searching for something. “Miss, can you identify her, is this Jennifer Raselin?” The mortician asked for what was probably the 5th time.”’s her.” She wished she could have stayed longer, she wished she could have done something, anything at that moment, but all she could do was feel was the initial shock fading, leaving behind an empty coldness as the mortician escorted her out.

The funeral was small, just a handful of friends. They never were great at making friends and they didn’t have any family besides each least until now. Victoria stood near the grave for what felt like hours. Everyone had left long ago when the rain started to turn from a tickle to a downpour. As she stared at the grave she remembered.

Neither of them was wanted. Both of their parents were drug-addled trash who thought more of their next hit than their own children. Jenny was 9 years younger and so it fell upon Victoria to be the parent their parents could never be. She’d like to say her parents were abusive, but that would require them to even care enough to pay attention. As soon as she was old enough to be declared an adult she sued her parents for child custody and moved far far away from them. Life was better for a time, but money was always an issue. When Jenny was 16, Victoria decided to join the Marine Corps. It wasn’t the best solution, but it kept a roof over their heads. Victoria showed great promise in the military, having already developed a thick skin and a calm mind under pressure. In her 4 years of service, she received multiple accolades for her bravery, dedication, and skill.  At the end of her service, they offered her a substantial enlistment bonus along with a promotion but she felt that she already spent enough time away from her sister as it was and declined. Thanks to her recognition in her service, she quickly found a job for an upstart company called Gen X as the head of security. With the military college funds and the pay from Gen X, she was able to provide Jenny with a full ride to college, where she studied journalism and super-powered history. Things had been going well for the first time since they were kids...and then a hero killed her.

Over the coming weeks that numbing cold turned into bitterness and anger. She was angry at the loss of her sister, angry that after so many years of protecting her, helping her, that it didn’t matter. More importantly, she was angry that the hero didn’t even know he killed her. In the grand scheme of things, her little sister mattered for next to nothing to the hero. She wished, yearned, to be able to kill Lightyear. To set the scope of her rifle on his heart and fire. Sadly, life wasn’t fair. How could she kill a man who could move at the speed of light? He was one of the most powerful beings on the planet while she was just an ex-soldier. Frustrated at the helplessness of her situation she began to take it out on her job. New policies, stricter regulations, harsher punishments for misconduct. Was it fair to take it out on her coworkers? No, but like wasn’t fair, to begin with. Naturally, this abuse of power quickly reached the CEO, Argo Maxx. He was intent to punish her if need be but his attitude instantly changed when he heard her misfortunes. He remembered the anger he felt when the heroes he trusted betrayed him as well, only this time he was not powerless to do something about it.

It was a risk to trust Victoria, but it was a risk he was willing to take to right this severe injustice. He escorted her to a secret section of the R&D labs and showed her possibly the most important and dangerous device Gen X will ever make. A dark suit of edgeless armor that would be more believable to have come from a nightmare than the minds of scientists. A slow shifting image of stars, gas giants, and nebulas dances across the polished surface. There he confided with her that this is the answer she needs. With this suit, Project Blackout as he called it, could take on a hero even as powerful as Lightyear. He offered this chance and all he wanted in return was performance and combat data. How could Victoria possibly say no? Project Blackout wouldn’t be ready for field use for several weeks but that didn’t stop Victoria from training, honing her military training, preparing to take on one of the strongest heroes in the world. Lightyear took the only thing she cared about and left a void. She will do the same and so much more. She will utterly destroy him and won’t stop until he is a shell of his former self, helpless as he watches his life shift into nothing but a void of misery...She will be his Voidshift.

The Powers

Gravity Well: Much like a black hole, Voidshift's very presence affects gravity. She is able to alter the gravitational forces acting on anything within a radius of 60ft. This control can go as far as to increasing or decreasing the forces by up to a thousand times or outright nullifying them. Some examples of this power in action would be increasing the relative attraction between a hero and a city bus by thousands, sending the bus hurtling towards the hero at high speeds, decreasing the force of a hero's punch by 1/1000 making the normally very strong punch significantly weaker.

Time Dilation: Through the use of the suit's immense gravitational pull, Victoria can massively slow down time around her. She is able to project a temporal field in a 60ft radius around her. The slowing effect initially is only strong enough to slow down time by 1/10 but as you get closer to the center the effect dramatically increases to the point that even light slows down to a crawl. To the user, everything else is in a perpetual state of slow-motion while they themselves move and act normally.

Black Hole Generation: Voidshift is able to focus the gravitational pull to such a small area that they are able to create and throw miniature black holes. These black holes are around 3ft in size can be hurled at speeds clocking in at around Mach 10. The black holes are only stable enough to travel up to 550ft before dissolving.

The Weaknesses

Moral Restraint: Voidshift isn’t evil and is confined by her morals. She has the capacity to do great harm but she will not intentionally go all out if it risks injuring bystanders.  She will not cause needless collateral or do reckless actions in the presence of innocence unless strictly necessary.

Power Overwhelming: The suit for all its incredible abilities is still confined to the laws of thermodynamics. The suit can only operate for at most 3 hours before the heat build-up reaches harmful levels. Going past this time limit risks greater and greater harm as the suit overheats and starts to cook the user. When overheated the suit needs to be submerged in sub-zero temperatures for at least an hour.

Baseline Human: Outside her armor, Raselin is an ordinary human and thus is significantly more vulnerable.

Stationary Retrograde: In order to generate and fire blackholes, Voidshift needs to anchor herself and become stationary. Furthermore, she needs to divert all power to the creation of these black holes and thus will not have her temporal field activated, drastically slowing her down.

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Contest Re: Voidshift

Post by Zonkes January 19th 2021, 3:50 am

Approved until stated otherwise.

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