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Fire Hawk (Extra Extra-terrestrials)

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Contest Fire Hawk (Extra Extra-terrestrials)

Post by The Nekromonga October 27th 2020, 7:36 am

Fire Hawk

"Veni, Vidi, Vici!"

The Bio

Real Name: Cordelia Caelum (Cordelia of the Sky)
Hero Name: Fire Hawk
Title: Legatus Legiones (Legion Commander)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 216 earth years
Gender: F
Race: Hawk People
Hair: Blonde
Feathers: Light Gray
Eyes: Blue
Ears: Pointy
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 220 lbs
Blood type:

The Looks

The Girl: Easily describable as a fit and muscular blonde fay or elven woman with wings on her back. She possesses piercing blue eyes that border on luminescent, and stiff blonde hair. Considering the wings and the flaming sword, it's impossible not to stand out.

The Centurion: The armor of the Solar Imperium is instantly recognizable as Roman in design, though updated for a space faring empire. Large, dull silver armor, with gold accents, and a fitting red skinsuit to facilitate mobility at the joints. As a centurion, her helmet has a large red plume, wing attachement and is quite reminiscent of greek/roman design though fully enclosed for space environments. It is fully adapted to Hawk Man physiology.

The Personality

For an alien from another planet, Cordelia possesses an all too familiar personality type not so out of place on earth. Perhaps rather justified, as the Solar Imperium from where she hails has uncanny  parallels with Earth's Roman Empire. Though born on the brutal planet 66, Cordelia was among the youths raised by Imperial tutors, and as such professes strong civic ideals such as obedience to authority, monogamy, religion, service - but also open to the pursuit of pleasure and indulgence, for death was a welcome possibility on any given day.

Cordelia does not shy away from inflicting violence and torture on her enemies, and seeks lasting recompense or revenge against wrongdoers. Indeed, it is the warrior's way to defend one's honor and reputation, for any sign of weakness was something an enemy could exploit. However, "When in Rome, do as the Romans" applies, and Cordelia has seen enough of Roman aristocracy to know when to play by another world's rules. Humiliation is usually sufficient payment in place of blood, for the death of an enemy's reputation and to live in disgrace is considered an unbearable punishment.

The Story

I. Space Rome:

The Roman Solar Imperium, located in the eastern galactic cluster, was much like ancient Rome, a single world surrounded by many hostile neighbors. Founded by long lost ancient precursors that may have seeded the same culture on earth, the world underwent a period of long tribal warfare before a chosen tribe was imbued with language, technology and the idea of Rome. But on this world, Empire never faded, thanks to an abundance of enemies to conquer, and the abilities to keep the Imperium stable.

Despite the constant threat of invasion by hostile aliens, the Empire had expanded wide enough that the homeworld was a decadent cesspool of overpopulation, rampant poverty, oligarchical rule and debauchery. The Solar Legions ensured peace was maintained, threats were neutralized, and the home world constantly supported by wealth and slaves.

II. The Hawk Men:

The world of Planet 66 was a world of vast barren wastelands, dizzying mountain peaks and many ancient ruins. It was a world of a warlike people who had bombed themselves into nuclear winter. They continued waging war in the high habitable zones, as the coasts, forests and seas of the lower places were teeming with hostile mutant life. The Hawk Men settled in the highest mountain peaks, utilizing bio-engineered gravity vales resembling wings to navigate the cyclopean stones and ruins.

Nevertheless, it was located in a solar system with many desirable mineral planets, and was the most geologically and orbitally stable world. The Solar Imperium came expecting minimal resistance, instead they found a world of gene engineered techno-barbarians equipped with advanced technology, centuries of ground warfare experience and the home advantage, with no centralized settlement which the legion could starve or bomb. These Bio-engineered techno-barbarians were usually identifiable by the traits they imbued themselves with, such as the winged Hawk Men, the reptilian Vipers, the suicidal -fanatical Bearskins, etc.

It took the offer of Imperial citizenship and mineral rights of the system for the tribal leaders of Planet 66 to cooperate. A century later, the Bestial Legions are the empire’s most ferocious shock troops, combining their gene-lore and Imperial technology to form devastating specialist infantry, supporting the slow cyber legions. In a society that values strength, the Hawk Men above all, were on the rise.

III. Cordelia:

Several centuries of conquest later, the Hawk Men are now considered full citizens and serve as the de-facto rulers of 66, their children having to serve in the Imperial Legions or the Imperial Administration. Cordelia and Corinthia are twins born to original tribes who pledged to serve the Empire, destined for greatness, but also for tragedy. For the Hawk Men, knowing how the Empire's way of life softens their subjects, and as such subjected them to the rigors of life on their world first.  

Cordelia proved a great and natural warrior and leader, but her twin Corinthia was a weaker but more intellectually inclined individual. Such an unlikely pair yet their loyalty to each other was second to none. When the time came for them to receive their augmentation, Cordelia adapted to the wings naturally- but Corinthia, having a previously undiscovered gift for magic, began to mutate horribly and rejected the wings. A fearful people who had long since severed their connection to their arcane past due to pacts with otherworldly beings, the flesh crafters moved to euthanize Corinthia. Enraged, Cordelia defended her sister despite their superior armament and numbers, having to be forcibly incapacitated.

Unable to let her sister die, but also unable to let her stay, the pair were given task to find "Their Way". They journeyed to The Dusk Mountains and beyond, the farthest zones in their tidally locked planet that received life giving light, before reaching into the endless dark side of the world. There Cordelia met the long lost tribe of Crow Men, an offshoot of the Hawk Men who had retained their hold on mysticism and magic. There she learned of their histories and origins, and there the twins parted, but not before being given a parting gift - a long lost relic of the Hawk Men, the Vulkan Blade. She was also given a warning, for those who serve the Empire are never truly safe.

She returned to her people and inspired awe and fear at the relic she bore, for the weapon was a symbol of ancient rulers. Now an adult, Cordelia enlisted with the Imperial legions, and after distinguished service worked her way up to become the Aquilus Legatus Legiones - the commander of the Hawk Legion. Her she was also called "Fire Hawk", for there was no battle she did not bear the mighty Vulcan Blade. Her father is the chieftain of the de-facto head tribe of their homeworld, while her grandfather is a member of the Imperial Senate – making her a warrior princess in all but name.

Such a powerful family was not uncommon within the empire. But their ascendancy by merit and popularity posed a threat to the paranoid Empress Romula, and the other clans of Planet 66 were only happy to stoke such a view…

IV. The Knife in the dark:

Where the Hawks were able to form into their own legions, the Viper clans became skillful spies, infiltrators and assassins. Where the Hawks conquered the empire’s enemies in glorious conquest, the Vipers stifled dissent in the shadows. Desiring greater influence in the Empire, the Vipers whispered poisonous words in the Empress, of what the Hawk ascendancy would mean. Which other power in a single generation would have a seat in the senate and produced fine generals? The House of the Hawk lords must be stifled. But first, the Hawk Legion must be removed from the picture.

V. Coming to Earth:

The Tartaroi are a demonic hive mind force the Empire has fought on countless times. When a hive ship was detected in orbit above world, the Hawks and the legions were dispatched to pursue and intercept upon their Trireme Cruisers. The Tartaroi ship create a worm hole and the Legion Triremes pursued, despite the Hawk’s initial misgivings, considering an Imperial Praetorian force was on hand to override authority.

The worm hole sent them on course to the Sol system, above the planet mars, where ancient way gates awoke and the Hive ship emerged. At this point the Hawk Men led by Centurion Cordelia knew something was amiss, as they had left Imperium Space entirely. That was when the legion on board turned on all the Hawks onboard, wiping out Cordelia’s Cohort. By the end of the mutiny, the Praetorians had cleansed the Hawks on the ship, save for Cordelia and her two fellow Centurions who had escaped to an escape pod.

The Trireme turned around and would make the jump back to Imperium space, while the Hive Ship was on a course to Earth. Whether they followed Imperial code or not, the survivors knew the damage the Tartaroi could do to an unprepared planet... not knowing the vast number of super powered beings inhabiting it.

With grim purpose, they set course for Earth to warn its inhabitants of the alien threat they were to face… and figure a way to get in contact with her people.

The Powers

Grav Wings – Grafted onto the Hawkmen with bio-engineering, these wings also house advanced anti-gravity devices that reduce the wearer’s mass to facilitate flight. Cordelia is an agile flier though lacking raw speed. As the wings are also gravity devices, War Hawk is capable of limited space movement though must be within a planet's or other celestial body's gravity well to have flight.

The Weaknesses

Limited Flight - Wing-based flight have a “natural” speed limit similar to avians, and thus limited in its long-range applications. Most flying vehicles can go faster than a Hawk man except maybe on the dive, and the technologically minded Hawkmen know this. Cannot fly if wings are constrained or damaged.

Claustrophobia – Fears of dark enclosed spaces, becoming less effective the longer time spent underground or in dark buildings. Something of a race wide quirk, as life on her home planet has the Hawk men live out their life in mountain peaks, soaring through the day and hunkering down at night.

The wings stand out - Due to the very prominent wings on her back, it is impossible for Cordelia to disguise herself. Fire Hawk is Fire Hawk, 24/7.

The Items

ITEM 1: Defensive shield

A personal shield device housed in a belt, that utilizes gravity fields to nullifies solid objects of certain sizes moving at a certain velocity. As such, its default setting is effective at protecting the owner from projectiles or shrapnel. Melee weapons, by virtue of moving at slower velocities, are not affected.

Weakness: Laser or Plasma attacks – energy-based weapons that are laser or plasma in origin creates an energetic reaction with the defensive shield, causing a small explosion at the midpoint between shooter and the shield user, potentially knocking attacker and defender prone. The shield is non functional for a short period as the device reboots.

ITEM 2 – The Vulkan Blade

An ancestral weapon, carried by the ancient kings of the Hawk people. Long thought to be mere myth, this longsword was Forged by wizard-smiths from the distant past, it is one of the few remaining truly magical weapons of Cordelia's people, said to have trapped the spirit of a volcano within it.

By speaking a word of power, it becomes wreathed in flame, and strikes as a magical and flaming weapon.

Another word can allow it to unleash the flame in a spectacular burst.

Weakness: The Vulcan Blade's fire blast can only be used once per thread, as the volcano spirit within the blade must recover its power. The only way to recharge it quickly is with a massive heat source, such as a large blast furnace, or be dipped in an active lava flow, in which case the heat source is quickly put out, the heat absorbed into the blade. The Vulcan Blade's magic can be negated by being immersed deep underwater or encased in ice, or by powerful frost magic.

The Fluff

Solar Legionary Armor – standard legionary armor, protecting the soldier from small arms and shrapnel, an onboard computer to keep them appraised of their environment, life support and identifying them as a warrior of the Solar Imperium.

Alien physiology – Overall bigger, faster and stronger than humans and even some large terrestrial animals, but nowhere in superhuman territory.

Duelist, Soldier and Officer – Extensively trained in hand to hand combat, and military training, ranging from small unit tactics, Imperial strategy up to large scale interplanetary warfare.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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