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Flash Forward [CONTEST]

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Contest Flash Forward [CONTEST]

Post by Zonkes on October 22nd 2020, 6:27 pm


"So this is the 21st century… Why is everyone so much prettier than I was expected?"

The Bio

Real Name: Zane A. Russel
Hero Name: Flash Foward
Nickname: The most incredible hero on the planet, The last of the Russel line
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 26 y/o
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright blue
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 147lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

Zane is ultimately socially awkward and difficult to work with. While being friendly enough, Zane has no real work ethic or realistic ability to plan things out. He relies almost solely on the input of others to get things done.

Zane also tends towards impulsive action rather than thought out intentions. Instinct over intellect.

The Story

It wasn’t that long ago that heroes were respected. That the Russel family was respected. That humanity needed power.

No longer. Not since the greatest hero succeeded in his quest and the villains stopped being a threat thanks to the advent of power-tech.

Zane hated his life. He hated working for the society of historical preservation. Especially since the only reason he got the job was because one singular person high up in the organization had respect for the family name.

And he still wound up as a janitor. I mean yeah, he got to look at all the amazing things heroes like DANGER DAN!, Atlas, Tyuki Gold, and Kubi Tsuru did; but he also had to clean up vomit. And wouldn’t you know it, vomit is sticky when filled with sugars and grease.

Zane would never do anything with his life. It was simply a fact that the man had no drive whatsoever.

Zane was sitting in the cafeteria, dreading the next call from his supervisor. The Gen-X corporation logo on his sleeve was a sore spot. Especially since it was thanks to that company that his family wound up losing their fortune.

The Russel family, once on top of the world, lost their matriarch and their fortune in the space of a couple years. Katrina Russel, died in her sleep from natural causes. This, led her daughter, Kierna to inherit all the wealth that the family had built over the years. Unfortunately for the Russel family, Kierna, while as intelligent as her mother, wound up with her fathers temperament. The sort of “Fuck you, fuck what you stand for, fuck your family, fuck your dog, fuck everything that has ever had anything to do with you” attitude. And while in the short term, this benefitted Olympus and the Russel Family, it eventually caught up to them when Kierna stole a patent from the meta corporation known as Gen-X and tried to sell it as her own.

The judge found in favor of Gen-X, and they soon discovered all the little dirty secrets the Russel family and Olympus were hiding. From secret assassinations to stolen patents, to unpaid parking tickets, after the lawsuits; Olympus and the Russel family was so broke, that the family had to declare bankruptcy four times.

Despite being a true Russel, and a Russel woman at that, Kierna was removed from the Russel family tree, and her descendants were forbidden from their ancestral places. The ones that weren’t stolen using court settlements that is.

So it was for 300 years. The Russel family, once a prospering family on the cutting edge of everything, became a group of outcasts and cutthroats. When Zane Russel was born, his family had begun climbing back up the roots of society and finding their way to the top. Unfortunately for the family, Zane, the prodigal son, wasn’t a throwback to the Russels of Yore. He did not share his ancestors' sense of competition or drive to work, but he was whip smart.

Zane glowered at the glowing neon sign. If he could afford the gene treatments, he’d have undertaken them by now, but this dead end job was the best he could get.

“Alright, alright… keep the DANGER DAN! memorial display clear.” Now that was someone that Zane could look up to. DANGER DAN! was lauded as one of the single greatest men to ever live, and, Zane strived to be like him. Granted, being an invulnerable super being did give DAN! an edge.

DAN! had managed to hold off an alien invasion of earth almost single handedly, and despite billions of deaths; the hero stood against the carbon eating aliens from planet WZ-32 Beta.

Ever since Zane was a kid, DANGER DAN! was a massive inspiration. From his Supervillainy roots, to his heroic heel face turn, to his current position as a statue outside the museum; DANGER DAN! had a big influence over the man. Now that he thought about it… he may have taken too much from the early days of DANGER!, DANS! Official comic book. That might’ve gotten him where he was today.

“Clean up in the forgotten Metas of the 21st century.” Sighing, Zane stood and directed his robot assistant past the exhibits. The unknown disco themed hero, the Janitor; the Tyrannosorcerer. There, amidst the relics and the mannequins; stood a piece of Russel history. The final project Katrina Russel developed.

The personal time machine. The pinnacle of achievement in human history. Zane suddenly realized what he wanted. He could use his access to this display to steal the time travel suit, and go back in time to become the greatest hero of all time!

The Powers

Olympus Brand Time Travel Suit - One of his ancestors final inventions is an all in one time-travel suit that grants the user enhanced strength, speed, and durability as well as energy projection and a connection to the internet database of the 24th century.
Enhanced Strength - Zane can pick up commercial vehicles and lift them over his head with ease. Ease enough to lift them with one hand if he were to want.
Enhanced Speed Zane can run at speeds fast enough to keep up with even olympic level marathoners, and thanks to genetic engineering; Zane can keep up with them for upwards of an hour before he starts to tire.
Enhanced Durability - Zane’s suit is similar to generic plate armor in that it can hold its own against bladed weapons, punches from a normal human and soften the blow against superhuman attacks. Unlike plate armor though, it is almost entirely bullet proof as well. This allows the suit to take serious punishment from anything except the most serious of superhuman foes. Still hurts though.
Energy Blasts - With a nearly unlimited source of energy powering his suit, Zane can throw around bolts of energy that are equivalent to lightning strikes. These blast are specifically kinetic energy blasts designed for self-defense.
Time Travel While this part of the suit is currently broken, it was designed to travel into the past. This means that the suit can effectively move backward or forward in time. However, it cannot travel further forward than its entry point in the time-stream. So, for Zane, he can’t go further forward than January 2431.[Permission Based]
Historical Analysis - Zane can access the suits wi-fi function to access the internet allowing him the full knowledge of the internet in 2431, as well as allowing him to contact historians about superhumanity and known powers/weakness[Permission Based]

Fear Empowerment - As a descendant of Mad Jack O’Leary, Zane has a lesser version of his ancestors' fear empowerment. When around a large crowd filled with fear and anxiety, Zanes strength is increased by two.

The Weaknesses

Technical? No, how? - Zane’s ability to run the suit is more a testament to Katrina and Olympus’ capabilities than Zane’s. Zane has absolutely no idea how to fix the suit or how its finer functions work. In addition, his original foray into time travelling was for all intents and purposes a fluke. So while it is in the suits capabilities, Zane is currently unable to use this function for more than random chance.

Hot to the Core - While the energy blast function of the suit has near unlimited energy, the suit does not, in fact, have a great way of dispersing heat.  Thus, the energy blasts of the suit will cause significant heat build up. While this is not enough to overload the suit, adding more heat on top  of that will shut it down entirely, causing a full system reboot.

A Significant Signet - The suits biometric scanners are not the only things that keep the suit from being used by a non-russel. The Russel family signet rings, which no Russel would be caught dead without, is also used to ensure a true Russel is utilizing the suit. Stealing it will lead to Zane not being able to use it, however it probably won’t mean that someone else can use it either.

Tricky Time-lines - While Zane’s historical analysis seems OP on paper, in practice comes the paradox of timelines. The analysis is only accurate to things that have already happened, everything else is a relic of the timeline Zane originates from. Which, due to his very presence in the past has changed.

Fearful Presence - Unfortunately for Zane to actually use his fear empowerment, he must actually cause the fear himself. He cannot access ambient fear.

The Items

Phoenix Armor Mk XLII - (Abilities outlined in powers, description of its appearence found here) The suit is a black shining futuristic suit with an open mouth guard, a two way mirror visor, and phoenix imagery found on the helmet, chest guard, and shoulders. Gold underlines the joints, and connection points.

Signet Ring - The signet ring of a Russel family member. This grants Zane connections to Katrina Russel as a full fledged member of the family.

The Fluff

Loser Aura - Generally, Zane emits an aura about him that in every day situations lead people to believe that Zae is a complete and utter failure. Romantic prospects, allies, friendships, even enemies completely underestimate him. This is not due to any supernatural ability, but rather due to his mannerisms and actions.

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