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Glitch Empty Glitch

Post by darkborn202 September 10th 2020, 10:29 pm


"Can you make this interesting, at least?"

The Bio

Real Name: Soren Calvin
Renegade Name: Glitch
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race:  Human (Cyborg)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Greenish Yellow
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 154 lbs

The Looks

Soren, aside from being short, seems very rakish, and seemingly doesn’t care about his looks at all, aside from the basics such as shaving, and making sure his hair isn’t too long. His black hair is generally straight, and he grows it out just a bit so that the front goes slightly over his eyes, though he makes sure that the back isn’t too long- it becomes a hassle to take care of long hair, in his opinion. On his right temple, covered by hair is a USB port that connects to thingy.

Soren, being described as rakish, fits the bill: He has a handsome face, if angular. Though, a more appropriate description is ‘should have a handsome face,’ because he really doesn’t care about looks at all; if one were to glance at him, they would believe that his face was scarred and patchwork, what with all the lines and slightly discolored patches of skin. In reality? Soren just slaps whatever Synth skin works on his face and calls it a day.

Soren’s build is very lean, and while he’s not thin, it would be an overstatement to call him overly muscular. Maybe somewhat, but Soren doesn’t work out (Can synthetic muscle gain mass from working out? Varen never really knows.), and has done nothing to cause any mass gain. Soren’s normal skin choice is a palish sort of fair, though the exact color variation depends on the chemical composition of the patch of skin. Sometimes it can be more of a tanner color, sometimes it can be paler, sometimes it has more of a red look to it.

Soren can still do normal human things, such as blush, cry, sweat, and the like; he is still essentially a human, even if lots of him has been replaced with metal and electronics.

Clothing-wise, Soren generally slaps on whatever works for normal everyday life; the typical jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers. His ‘outfit,’ however, is a different story. It is made of a special material that can come with him when he decides to become an AI, and is resistant to tearing and burning. It is a light grey coat that almost looks like a short trench coat, with slightly tall collars. The long sleeved pants are covered at the bottom with ankle-high boots, and the two-layered gloves (one very thin glove, and one black thicker fingerless glove.) put most of the ensemble together. The last thing of note is the mask, or helmet. Whatever you want to call it.

The Personality

Soren, despite being designed to be very intelligent, is also very… childish. He’s impatient, constantly needs to be entertained and needs to have his mind occupied, and displays an enthusiasm for most things scientific, bookish, and anime. And not to mention that he displays a particular addiction to sweets. He absolutely must go and get sweets- and technological information as well. These two traits are large motivators: he steals from banks not only to buy chemistry sets to make synth skin with, but also to buy groceries that’s practically one-third sugar...along with some extra cash for games, books, and anime. And maybe the spare change or small fortune for his friends on the street. And if Soren ever finds out about a scientific discovery or technological breakthrough, he has to get the information; he would even sneak into a villain’s lair just to get some information on a piece of technology or science.

Of course, Soren isn’t all that; underneath that, it’s clear that he has at least some morals. Ever since escaping from The Organization, he’s resolved to never kill anyone; partially because he’s honestly afraid of what would become of him if he starts doing that, and partially because the very thought repulses him. That being said, he isn’t afraid to stand up and challenge other people; rather, the opposite. He’s gotten into many fights-especially with criminals- because he didn’t know when to shut up. Furthermore, he recognizes that sometimes people need to be protected, and although he may explain that he helps people because ‘It offers a challenge,’ or ‘It was interesting,’ it actually is because he genuinely doesn’t want to see other people hurt unnecessarily as well. He practically idolizes the heroes he hears from others and from the scraps of newspapers he reads.

Aside from this, Soren has his own set of insecurities that define him. He is especially embarrassed that he’s not exactly a normal human and that he wasn’t born the same way that a regular human was, and oftentimes hides the fact that he’s a cyborg. While he isn’t particularly caring about his appearance, he always makes sure to at least cover up patches of grey metallic muscle before going into public. It’s easier to have people believe he gets into fights rather than revealing the fact that the skin he wears isn’t completely organic. Furthermore, as a result of As a result of his hero worship, he's grown to be very self-perfectionist; he cannot stand mistakes on his end.

You'd be surprised to find out that despite having a computer fused to his brain, Soren actually doesn't use it that often. At least, in the long term. Most often, he uses it to play music, or games, or just generally entertain himself. Now, there are some moments where Soren actually uses his computer for useful things, such as in life threatening situations like armed fights, in general, he prefers making plans without the aid of a computer. While that might seem helpful, injecting a bit of creativity into ideas, he also ignores things such as minor details that the computer could point out and when he's obviously outmatched or outnumbered. However, when deprived from his powers, he becomes very quiet. Soren describes it as 'as if something essential isn't there." Despite the fact that Soren is embarrassed by the fact that he's a cyborg, he still very much feels the need to maintain his cybernetics. Quite the contradictory view.

The Story

Soren wasn’t born; at least, not in the natural way. He was born in a tank. He has no idea who his ‘natural’ parents are, whose genes contributed to his making. All he knows is that at least a couple of people’s DNA were involved in his making, before the scientists in charge of his creation started testing what they would call ‘organic metals.’ Something along the lines of having cybernetics grow alongside humans and form a perfect synthesis between man and machine, or something like that.

However, what Soren does know is that shortly after he was born, he was assigned to a scientist named Wade Calvin. Of course, Soren doesn’t really know much in the beginning; he has vague memories of Wade demanding he be called Dr. Calvin, performing experiments on Soren, and generally being irritable around Soren and his ‘incessant pestering.’

Over time, Wade became less and less irritable, and started showing Soren around the laboratory where he lived. He began teaching Soren things like reading and writing at around four (Though Soren already knew how to do that, but he put up with it. Wade knew how to make things fun!), and at the age of five, gave Soren his name. ...To say Soren was excited was an understatement. Over the years, Soren and Wade did more things together, even progressing to the point where Wade would take Soren on ‘field trips,’ though Wade always seemed a bit…. furtive whenever he did this.

In Soren’s early teen years, probably around fourteen, a new scientist joined the team. Dr. Natali Aurora. To Soren, it was just a new person to play around with. Maybe even pull a couple of pranks on. Much to his surprise, she often came on the field trips with him and Wade, and even made a couple of suggestions that Wade- and Soren, when they got to the locations- happily approved of.

It was also during this time that Soren’s training became much more intense; while Soren was supposed to be learning how to use modern firearms, he could never become accustomed to their weight. Pistols were perhaps the best he could manage, and even then, the constant reloading ground on his nerves. Melee weapons proved to be too cumbersome for him, and Wade was starting to get desperate, for some reason. Then, they landed on throwing weapons. In this category, Soren actually excelled at, strangely enough.

...It was a long process, but eventually, he got his chakrams- and his suit as well. Wade and Natali were getting more and more worried, however, and when he was sixteen, there were visits from men who claimed to be from ‘The Organization.’ It was a tense few months, and Soren distinctly remembers lessons from Wade on how to move around without arousing suspicion and how to effectively be a ghost. Furthermore, Soren had found files (When trawling through the vast database that is The Organization’s computers.) indicating that Soren wasn’t the first of such creations, and maybe wouldn’t be the last. Something about Subject 1321 being the base of all that they established, and that the subject was becoming obsolete. Soren was finally beginning to suspect that “The Organization” was a much more present thing than he gave it credit for, and whatever it was, was not beneficial for him or his father.

Shortly after Soren turned seventeen, his life shattered before his eyes. While he doesn’t discuss the details of what happened that day much, there are hints of what happened. Soren often attributes his success- or escape, depending on how much you read between the lines- to his father, and he often twists his ring necklace around when he’s nervous, clearly indicating that he values it in some way.

Needless to say, Soren’s new life began. He managed to escape from “The Organization” by using his assortment of abilities and skills, and eventually began the next phase of his life just moving around for the next three years, constantly changing positions and leaving little traces of his presence, aside from banks who mysteriously lost thousands of dollars and generally miffed criminal gangs. Sometimes, he would look around for the mysterious ‘Subject 1321,’ but he never looked particularly hard: questions would lead to people remembering him, and as his father told him, being remembered could lead to death. Also, Subject 1231 seemed very...ruthless, according to the files. Soren’s not particularly keen to see if the files are true or not. So Soren’s lifestyle continued. That is, until recently.

It was supposed to be a standard run; sneak in, sneak out, leave little to no trace of him being there. Unfortunately, the armed robbery put Soren’s entire plan in shambles. Soren couldn’t just stand by and watch people get threatened; therefore, he took action. In a very short time he managed to subdue the five criminals, largely because of clever picking off and surprise. It was probably the first time that Soren showed his mask to the world. And it was pretty easy to guess that Soren stole the money from that particular bank; after all, despite the fact that he stopped the armed robbery, he still left the bank with significantly less wealth than it had before.

Now, Soren is simply enjoying the spoils of his recent escapade, unaware that he may have set off a chain of events that could yet again drag him from this nomadic lifestyle.

The Powers

Computerized Brain: Soren’s brain has pieces replaced and added on to his brain, thus giving him constant connection to a vast database of information…. And music and games. As a result of this, Soren is VASTLY more intelligent because of this, though the only problem is getting him to actually use this intelligence when it’s needed… He can also use his fingertips to bring up holographic projections of said computer; he brings up multiple holograms when he feels like his organic brain needs to process multiple things at once.

Digital State: Soren can essentially become an AI for a computer by transforming the digital stream of data and entering said computer. This has many uses, whether for escape or quick travel- though, Soren is limited both in how long he can maintain this form and how far he can travel. Furthermore, Soren must enter and exit by a computer, TV, or some sort of working machine that is powered by electricity, and the more advanced the machine, the easier it is for Soren to enter (if not understand.).

Powered abilities:
Data Phase: Soren can temporarily transform himself into a data stream to effectively dash from one location to another. He cannot maintain this form for long; as such, it's not practical for long-distance travelling. However, when he does transform into data, he moves at an extremely fast speed.

Static Decoy: When dashing, Soren can expend some more power to leave behind a glowing silhouette behind him that, upon being touched, leaves the thing or person that touched it in a static state, where they seemingly phase in and out of reality, immobile, for about 3 seconds. The silhouette lasts for 5 seconds, and Soren can have a maximum of three of them at once.

Stream Hover: Soren can emit particles of data stream from his hands to slow his descent whenever he’s falling. While not hovering per se, when combined with his ability to create constructs, allows him to fly- albeit at a very slow and expensive rate.

Construct Creation: Soren can create constructs made of what is basically light, though one might argue it’s just another form of data stream. This creation is very limited, however: as a general rule, Soren can only reliably create small, personal constructs such as shields and small daggers and other melee weapons. He can do slightly bigger things, such as wings and platforms to stand on while in mid-air, but these tend to be very expensive to form and hold. He can also create things such as ropes, chains, and handcuffs, among other things designed to hold people.

Metallic Regeneration: Due to Soren’s largely metallic nature (Bones and muscles being metal and all…), Soren has an ability where he can regenerate his body by maintaining contact with a metallic construct and concentrating; over the course of up to half an hour, the metal will reform to become new bones and muscle for Varen.

The Weaknesses

Considered Unnatural: While in his Digital State, antivirus programs consider Soren as a threat, and work to, well, eliminate him. While it is laughably easy for him to outwit and evade these antivirus programs, one could say these programs only fail to get him because they haven’t encountered something quite specific like Soren before… Also, the antivirus programs can get really irritating to deal with if Soren is concentrating on doing something within the computer.

Powered Abilities require Power: For all abilities that are listed under the “Powered Abilities”, power is required. Each ability requires a set amount of power, and the power usage can vary based on multiple circumstances, but a a general rule: Construct creation and Stream Hover use a large amount of power, Metallic Regeneration uses less power than the above two, but still uses a lot of it, Static Decoy uses a decent amount of power, and Magnetic Chakrams and Data Phase use little power, with Data Phase generally using more than Magnetic Chakrams.

Basically, Soren’s powered abilities are not infinite; they require energy to use. The energy shuts off at 5%, preventing Soren from using powers and effectively entering “power saving mode,” because when Varen is completely out of energy, he suffers some negative effects, such as lethargy, exhaustion, and in extreme cases, drunken-like behavior. To recharge energy, Soren has two options: absorb energy from machines, thus ruining them, and drinking from a specially made battery pack. (Yes, it looks like a juice box.) The benefits of absorbing energy directly is that it is quick. The problem with that, however, is that it's flashy and not efficient- much energy is lost in the transfer. Drinking energy packs is generally a slow process, as they are fed through at a certain voltage. However, it has the benefit of being the most efficient and not that flashy.

Furthermore, even his objects require power to operate. Magnetic Chakrams require very little power, as stated before. Also, his mask requires power as well. Both are not very much- his chakrams are almost negligible, and even though his mask uses slightly more power, it is still a very small amount. Nethertheless, despite this power usage, if he runs out, he can't use these two items anymore.

Phasing Does not give I-frames: While Phasing is extremely fast and Soren often refers to it as teleportation, it is actually not teleportation. If someone were to correctly guess where Soren was going while phasing and stop him by, say, getting in his way, he would revert out of that form and react appropriately to someone who has just run into a solid object at high speeds.

Construct Expense: as noted before, creating constructs is VERY expensive, even at small creations, and is generally limited to personal equipment, such as melee weapons, shields, wings, and platforms. Furthermore, these creations are fragile at the moment. A shield can perhaps take only one hit. A dagger can perhaps strike only once before shattering. Wings and platforms cannot take hits. Constructs are expensive for what they give. And don't even ask about creating person-holding constructs. They're stupidly expensive, especially if Soren wants them to last a while.

Decoys Have an Effective Range: Decoys are only really good at stopping melee enemies. While theoretically they can also stop ranged objects, it only requires one projectile to cause the silhouette to be expended. As such, taking into account this, the fact that when the object or person who touched the silhouette resumes normal action (As in, bullets return to their normal paths after three seconds.), and that he can only really do three silhouettes at a time before requiring a recharge, any ranged enemy won’t have any trouble getting past this defense.

Slow Healer: Soren, because so much of him is inorganic, heals slowly. While he can heal naturally, it is at a much slower pace than a normal human’s. You don’t want to know how often he complains about having to make new synthetic skin because it won’t grow fast enough on its own for Varen to resume normal living. Furthermore, Soren’s Metallic Regeneration’s requirements really prevent Soren from using it during the middle of a fight, what with the concentration and time required for any effective regeneration to happen. Varen really only uses the Metallic Regeneration after a fight.

Power Overload: Soren’s power source can be overloaded or disabled with an EMP- or similar- device. Using a voltage too high for Soren to handle or an EMP device effectively shorts out Soren’s energy and drains all of his power, which in turn effects Soren the same way running out of power normally does, with the added detriment that he is stunned due to the shock of such an overload.

Data Overload: Distinct from Power Overload, Soren can also be overloaded with data. Despite the fact that he has a super-computer, it still has limited space. And that it's connected to his brain isn't to be ignored either. When overloaded with data, Soren's computer brain is rendered ineffective, and he's kind of slow, often stuttering and seeming stunned. Whether it be shoving a bunch of trash data to his mind to uploading many complex schematics, forcing a sheer amount of data onto Soren is a good way to shut him down.

The Items

Magnetic Chakrams: As stated before, these beauties can be manipulated a bit by Soren, allowing him to throw these, and then they return back to him.

Mask: A complex piece of technology, this bit is attached to his coat, and can materialize at the press of a (seemingly invisible or holographic) button. This mask adds a second layer to Soren’s computer, allowing him to do battle stuff such as zooming in, analyzing targets, and other things that his standard cybernetics don’t do.

The Fluff

Whenever Soren gets stressed or experiences some sort of strong emotion such as anger or stress, three things tend to happen:
He starts fiddling around with his ring necklace
He glitches in and out of reality; whenever he glitches out for those brief moments, a blue silhouette is left in its place.
And the ‘veins’ that denote his energy levels start to glow.

When Soren gets low on energy and is outside a fight, he drinks a box of energy from a cord; yes, it looks like a juice box.

Soren tends to call the path his chakrams take ‘orbits.’

The RP Sample

Soren glided around in the small corridors that were the bank’s security systems. Patches of the simplistic, glowing structures that made up the ‘walls’ and ‘floors’ occasionally flickered to become a solid mass of zeroes and ones, before resuming their normal appearance. It seemed alien, chaotic.

Soren was in his element.

He loved being able to ghost around places, being able to move unseen; he enjoyed being able to almost live in these pseudo-simulations like it was a game; and most importantly, he always found little nooks and crannies of information that he always found entertaining or useful. Sure, the anti-virus bots and scans could be an annoyance, but they were easy to avoid. So were guards; he could just look at the pockets of information that were the video feeds, and see what the security was in that area. Another boringly simple raid. Unless the actual vault itself proved to be a challenge. That would be nice; banks were getting rather stale nowadays. Soren idly glanced at a section of the wall, and pulled up the camera feed. What he saw made his blood run cold.

Five men in body armor, assorted masks, and a variety of weapons, including the assault variety, were forcing people in the bank lobby onto the ground. An armed robbery. Well, damn. Soren couldn’t continue what he was doing in good conscience if anyone got hurt while he was around. He sighed, and turned around. The nearest exit was a ways down, and to the right. It was a simple matter to jump over the Antivirus bot blocking his way, and soon he was out of cyberspace and into reality. He had chosen to exit out of one of the teller booths; it was relatively covered, and thus allowed Soren to remain hidden. He took a deep breath, and pressed the hollow on his shoulder. The familiar hum and popup of extra HUDs calmed Soren down a bit, and he flexed his fingers before grabbing his two chakrams from his back. It was time to start the action.

First off, Soren started by throwing his chakrams. One, then the other in rapid succession. It was crucial to get rid of these guys as fast as possible, before they had a chance to hurt anyone. After throwing his chakrams, he quickly phased to a third thug, and karate chopp- OK, maybe it was actually a punch. Soren didn’t actually know karate. But anyways, Soren punched the third robber in the face. That was three dealt with. Too bad there were two more. As he changed his chakrams’ orbit to return to him, his head snapped at the remaining offenders. And it looked like one was already pulling the trigger to his rifle.

Soren was forced to stop his magnetization, and raised a quick shield. One hit shield, against an automatic weapon. That wasn’t good. But it bought Soren enough time to phase again, moving closer to his chakrams, where he grabbed them from midair, and promptly threw one at the second man. Four down, that was pretty goo-

Annnd the man he punched had gotten back up. Great. Soren kept moving, recalling his thrown chakram from its orbit, and threw the other one at the one who had already fired. He was smart enough to dodge. Well, at least the return orbit should get him, right? Nope. The man had anticipated the return, and proceeded to roll hastily out of the way. Bummer. Thankfully, Soren was already dealing with the man he punched: he was moving in a zig-zag pattern, and quickly got close enough so that he could slash his other chakram at the man. Now there was only one left. As the second chakram returned to his hand, he felt a rather substantial thud hit his shoulder. Soren could only assume he was hit. Well, great.

Using the force brought by the impact of the bullet, Soren spun around and flung the chakram, and hit this time. He danced back, pulling the chakram’s orbit back to him. That was all five taken care of, though he got hit once. He could probably get back to what he was doing, tho-

A body hurled itself at him from the ground. Startled, Soren phased backwards, creating a decoy in the original spot, and threw his two chakrams. When he returned from the phase, he fell onto the ground, before recovering from that rather embarrassing fall to make it look like a graceful roll. Like he meant it. Yeah, that was it. He quickly brought his chakrams back to him, and took a moment to examine who attacked him.

...Oh. It was the first person he stunned. That probably meant that the other one would probably get up soon. Bother. Soren would probably have to create some ropes to tie them up. Well, time to get to work.

Shortly after binding the last would-be robber, Soren stood up and took a moment to smirk at what could only be the ringleader. “If you’re going to steal from a bank, at least don’t be a noob about it.” The man could only gape at him. Soren smiled at the other people- not that they could see it, he was wearing a mask, and walked off. Or, attempted to. He stumbled a bit on the first step. Creating ropes that would last a long time took a ridiculously huge amount of energy. Soren was low. Not to mention he had a hole in his shoulder. ...But he still had a bank to steal from.

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Glitch Empty Re: Glitch

Post by Chellizard September 16th 2020, 12:15 am

darkborn202 wrote:Powered abilities:
Data Phase: Soren can temporarily transform himself into a data stream to effectively dash from one location to another. He cannot maintain this form for long without some sort of aid, like using a radio transceiver or dish- this extends both the speed and duration of the phasing.

This is contradictory.

You say he cannot maintain the form without some sort of aid, but then you also add on a strength to that in stating using an aid will extend the speed and duration of phasing.

It cannot be a weakness and a power.

If you remove this contradictory statement, then I could see this being approved.

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Glitch Empty Re: Glitch

Post by darkborn202 September 17th 2020, 6:46 pm

There we go. Hopefully this works now?

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Glitch Empty Re: Glitch

Post by Zonkes September 18th 2020, 4:24 am

Approved and moved.

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