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(Contest) Fenris the Modernmancer

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Contest (Contest) Fenris the Modernmancer

Post by Nate6595 September 7th 2020, 12:55 am

Fenris Alan Brooks

"Well, isn’t that interesting?"

The Bio

Real Name: Fenris Alan Brooks
Hero Name: Fenris
Title: The Modernmancer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’7
Weight: 140lbs
Blood type: A positive

The Looks

Fenris himself is a rather normal looking person. He has a kind sort of broad face with short and neat blond hair with a parting to the left the side. His eyes are a deep blue color and usually hold an amused sort of playfulness to them. He’s certainly on the shorter side, often making him the target of short jokes, but he stands with pride regardless. He’s a bit on the paler side, not unhealthful so, but he doesn’t seem to get much sun. Still, despite this paler demeanor he keeps a rather relaxed expression, generally looking to be quite approachable.

Fenris, when it comes to attire, is rather, well, not odd. Unique might be the word for it. He wears a red, hooded cloak that stretches down to about knee height. Beneath that he wears a brown tunic with a golden belt, and a pair of black pants. His boots stretch to be about knee height, meeting his cloak, and hold a brown color which matches well with his tunic. On his hands he wears too, almost oversized, brown gloves with a golden gems at the back of each of them. When using a good chunk of his enchanted goods his eyes will begin to glow a dark bluish color, becoming wispy. He also carries around a bulky satchel that is loaded to the grim with random and strange household gadgets which may seem a bit odd to those who get a peak inside, some of these things include a Roomba, a blender, a Tamagotchi, a flashlight, a digital watch, a kindle, a flip phone, and a waffle iron.

The Personality

Fenris is an innately curious kind of person, often poking his nose into random people’s business and taking apart random devices just to see the different parts of it. He’s a nice enough person, albeit a bit shy, easily flustered, but not nervous. He’s more so quiet and soft-spoken, liking the peace and quiet to tinker with stuff. If the right topic is poked he can be easily aggravated, a short temper on a few subject matters (like his height). His grandfather has put a good deal of pressure on him to live up to his parents’ legacy, hoping that one day he’ll be as renown and powerful as they are, and often this pressure gets to him, causing him to struggle with more commonly practiced magics.

The Story

Fenris Alan Brooks was the son of two very prominent wizards in the magical community. They were well respected and well loved by those who knew them. They were the kind of people those of magical demeanor would come to for guidance or help when they faced trouble. In a strange sort of way, they were almost celebrities, though without the big headedness that comes along with such a height. As kind as they were helpful, as smart as they were respected, and as loyal as they were trusted.

Though, Fenris would never really get the chance to know them. His parents, Alan and Mary Brooks, were murdered by a jealous mage. The mage, while never caught, had usually taken second place to them in the magic world. After the earning the praise of one the arch mages of a high council the jealous mage could take no more and planned his attack. He managed to bring them into a den of sorts, corner them, and with the help of a powerful summoned minion, managed to subdue them both. Although they had died they managed to banish the minion, believing it to be a great threat to the magic community.

Fenris had only been two by the time of their death and only held the vaguest memories of them. Thankfully, his kindly yet strict grandfather took the young Fenris into his home and was determined to raise him up to be someone his parents would be proud of. It would be, as Fenris’s grandfather would soon learn, quite the trial to teach the young mage the art of magic and that he didn’t hold the same natural talent as his parents.

At a young age, Fenris seemed to hold no interest in the arts of magic which came much to the dismay of his grandfather. Instead, Fenris had a great interest in the world he was forbidden from, the modern world, the world of technology and those who lacked the ability to use magic. Even the most trivial of technology captured the young boy’s interest. He would often sneak away from his grandfather’s home and sneak into the nearby town and try and nab whatever technology he could.

By the time he was ten he had failed to cast a single spell, a feat that was unbecoming of mages his age. Most had been able to conjure up the smallest of tools or enchantments, levitate light objects, or even shape arcane to a small degree. Fenris, while he held an understanding of magical methods and techniques, had no ability to actually cast spells. He certainly had magical traits and ability, there was arcane in his blood, but he had no aptitude to rightly shape it and cast spells. His grandfather was at his wit’s end, unable to get through to the young boy. This, however, was soon to change.

On one of his trips to the nearby town, Fenris found an interest device in the town. A small handheld gadget which seemed to scream and wail like a hurt animal. After fiddling around with it he managed to feed the small digital creature and provide some comfort to it. It was his first real pet, one that he was surely not going to let go for anything. That night, one his way back home, he was ambushed by a bunch of his young peers, the local bullies which often made him their prey. While levitating him up and shaking every which way and that. Angry and scared Fenris grabbed whatever he could, taking hold of his new digital pet and…in a sudden burst of magic summoned out the digital beast. The beast roared and scared off the bullies, freeing him from their assaults.

Strolling back to his grandfather’s house with his pet in tow he found the old man waiting for him. His grandfather was in complete shock what he saw. His grandson, who had not casted a single spell, was standing beside his own familiar. The strange pet quickly evaporated and returned to its device, leaving only Fenris standing before his grandfather. He was certain that his grandfather was going to berate him, scold him, punish him, or…anything like that, but instead the old man smiled and praised him.

Finally, after long last, his grandfather found a way he could rightly teach his grandson the art of magic. In the days to follow Fenris found his room full of random devices his grandfather “procured” from the local town. From there, Fenris got to work and dabbled with the devices, slowly making all sorts of magical devices capable of casting the most advanced of spells.

In the years to come, however, he would be limited in his grandfather’s home. He needed more worldly experience, more devices, and more head on training to improve. He decided he’d travel the world, going from place to place, and searching for new technology or using his magic to do good, just as his parents had once done.

The Powers

Familiar: Using an old Tamagotchi, provided that he continues to take care of it, Fenris is able to summon out this familiar to fight for him and to protect him. (See minion sheet for powers and weakness).

Witch’s Roomba: A slightly larger than normal (by a couple inches) Roomba! The Roomba, when active, acts as if it was a sort of cat or other small critter. However, it serves a more useful function. When stepped upon the Roomba can act as a flying device, allowing Fenris to stand upon it and soar into the air. The Roomba is capable of speeds up to 150mph. While flying it produces a field around itself and Fenris, keeping him steady and increasing its durability immensely, able to resist light bullet fire. On its side there is a little digital screen that displays two small pixelated eyes.

Potion Blender: An old school blender that allows Fenris to mix and blend up an array of different potions, depending on the reagents used of course. The blender appears to be just a full sized household blender, though when it spins there is a bright blue light that glows from it.

-Grape Gunk: A strange, eerily green vial of a greenish slimy liquid. This draught isn’t meant to be drank, rather thrown. When it bursts it emits a ten-foot radius of sticky green goop which can bind whoever is caught up in it. The goop is strong enough to restrain a bucking bull in full rage with ease.

-Umbrellablend: A lovely looking pink blend that smells sort of like strawberries. When consumed the user becomes highly resistant to both high temperatures, able to walk across a desert without breaking a sweat, and able to move about a glacier without slipping on ice and not even managing a single shiver.

-Sleepy Smoothie: A reddish blend with black speckles in it, looking very much like a berry smoothie. After a single sip a person with normal tolerance to poisons and such would find themselves incredibly tired, exhausted, and if weak willed enough, they will pass out.

-Glowing Goop: A yellowish clumpy liquid that smells and tastes like lemonade. When indulged the drinker will glow a bright golden color. It can illuminate dark places and gives the user a feeling of bravery.

-Cloudbrew: A whitish, swirling liquid that doesn’t really have much of a taste to it. When consumed or spread about a surface, the afflicted object will become lighter, provided light enough to float, but having their weight cut down to one fourth of its normal state.

Hour Guard: A fine silver watch with an easy to follow digital interface. This watch, however, does more than just tells the time. When active, a small, slivery dome like shield is produced, able to defend against empowered attacks and moderately powerful explosives. The shield covers about a foot circumference and displays two clock hands which quickly travel the face of the dome, making it look more like a clock’s face.

Flash Saber: Fenris’s flashlight, a plastic blue cover to it. It has a simple switch on its base and, to any unsuspecting eye, looks like a normal flashlight. The flashlight, much like his other little devices, has been enchanted to be more than it seems however. When flicked on and magic channeled through it, the flash light produced a blade of yellowish light. The light blade is as strong as steel and able to cut through stone like it was butter. Further, the blade emits a bright light that illuminates the darkness.

Grimoire App: A kindle which Fenris has spent countless hours on. The kindle, in addition to holding many normal books, also carries his grimoire. Using his grimoire Fenris can ritual cast a few different spells, able to identify types of magic, disable other magics in effect, and creating communication channels with other magic users/sending out messages to others.

Spellphone: An old flip phone which Fenris has repurposed to work as a wand! To cast spells with it Fenris must flip it open, dial a three to four digit code, and press send. The phone is able to cast a small array of spells which include:

-Arcane Missile: A series of powerful arcane bursts which can be as powerful as gunfire, though through arcane energy. Each cast of the spell emits three of these missiles. The code for this spell is 111.

-Storm Strike: The phone produces a darkened cloud around it and shoots out a bolt of lightning, which, unlike lightning, will strike at whatever target it is pointed at. The bolt is as strong as an actual bolt of lightning. The code for this spell 171.

-Invisibility: The phone glows bright green for a moment, and then in a flash allows the caster to turn invisible for a sort duration. This form of invisibility is not absolute, giving a faint shimmer as he moves about. The code for this spell is 3880.

-Minor Illusion: The phone allows for the caster to produce a minor illusion, it can take the form of pretty much anything the caster imagines, up to a three by three foot cube. The illusion is just that, an illusion, intangible and unable to actually interact with anything.

Hot Waffle: Certainly Fenris’s second strongest spell, next to his familiar. This waffle iron has been enchanted to be able to produce a gooey ball of blazing fire which explodes on impact. The ball of fire produced from the waffle iron is strong enough to fire through and melt metals as strong as iron and usually covering an area of 15 feet.

The Weaknesses

Battery Life: All of Fenris’s magical armaments, with the exception of the blender and waffle iron which are powered by his mana, need batteries/an electronic charge to function. Their battery life is about what you’d expect for any of those devices, ranging in time depending on the device. Once it has run out it either needs to be charged or replaced.

Carry Weight: The Roomba is only strong enough to carry about Fenris and maybe one other person provided they don’t weigh enough. If too much weight is added the Roomba will be unable to float or even move.

Potion Reagents: All of Fenris’s potions require very specific reagents to be crafted. The reagents can usually be found at a local grocery store (the reagents being an array of fruit, vegetables, and spices, and a sprinkle of magic), but the amounts usually run him about a hundred bucks.

Shelf Life: All of Fenris’s potions have very short lifespans. Each potion will lose all of its effects after about an hour and thus be rendered completely useless.

Limited Stock: Fenris can only carry about four vials, needing to wash them out before reusing them (mixing potion ingredients ruins the brew), so, at a time, he can only carry four potions at a time.

Limited Use: Each potion Fenris crafts only has about one use each, after it is used it is gone.

Craft Time: Crafting Potions takes about...three minutes for each brew and he can hardly do it quietly, the loud blending alerting anyone nearby.

More Like a Minute: Fenris’s watch can only produce a barrier for about a minute before it fizzles out. The watch’s hands do indicate the shield’s life which gives his opponents a clear view of how long it’ll last. After it goes down it’ll need about another minute before it can be used again.

Burning Up: Fenris’s Saber gets increasingly hot the longer it remains on. After about five minutes it is as hot as a metal surface left in the sun (uncomfortable to be held) and after ten minutes it becomes like a burning pan in an oven (can only be held if one wants to risk damage to their hand), and after fifteen minutes it becomes to hot to hold.

Download Time: Ritual casting is a complicated process. Each ritual takes about five to ten minutes to rightly cast and if it is disrupted at any point of time Fenris needs to redo it, this makes it near impossible to do during times of conflict.

Cell Service: Unfortunately, Fenris can only cast spells with his phone when he has bars. This means in mountainous regions, areas underground, or are enforced areas Fenris is unable to use his phone at all.

Mana Limits: All of Fenris’s spells require mana to be used. After prolonged use of mana Fenris is unable to cast spells and if he exceeds these limits he will likely pass out. Roughly, he can cast for about two to three hours before he needs to replenish his mana.

Missile Range: Each arcane missile can only travel a range of about forty feet, after which it will dissipate. The bolts, however, can curve before that though will still dissipate after forty feet are traversed.

Lightning Crash: Casting lightning bolts takes about three to five seconds, during which time Fenris must choose his target. This means if his target moves in that time the bolt will likely miss, Fenris will usually have to try and predict where his target will go and aim there.

Run Time: Fenris can only remain invisible for about sixty feet, after which he becomes visible again. Then, Fenris must wait about a minute before using it again.

Two Waffles Per Press: Like the old, common waffle iron, Fenris’s can only hold about two waffles at a time. This means, Fenris can only use the waffle iron about twice per hour while it replenishes its ammo (which, yes, is waffle mix).  

The Items

All of his magical gear (Roomba, Tamagotchi, Blender, Flip Phone, a Kindle, Flashlight, Digital Watch, a Waffle Iron, and four vials), his satchel, an extra cloak, and an old family album.

The Minions


The Fluff

Fenris is often distracted by random gadgets, wanting to take them apart.
Fenris, just to pass the time, will play and keep his familiar fed.
Fenris really does want to be a great mage like his parents.

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