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Contest Fang

Post by Nate6595 September 7th 2020, 12:54 am



The Bio

Real Name: Fang
Hero Name:Ursa Lupine
Title: Fenris’s Best Friend
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Eight or so?
Gender: Male
Race: Digital bear
Hair: Brown and Black Fur
Eyes: Blue Eyes
Height: 11’2
Weight: 700lbs
Blood type: Digital

The Looks

Fang is an interesting sort of beast. It looks to be somewhere between a large wolf and a menacing bear. Many of its features are somewhere between a wolf’s and bear’s. The head of the beast is slightly more canine in nature, although its front and back claws are very bear like, massive and baring massive claws which look as though they could tear through a tree (and they certainly can). It has a nice soft fuzz to it, dominantly black in color, though bands of brown around its legs and paws, and having a patch of dark brown on its neck. Its ears are a bit floppy and bounce when Fang runs. Further, Fang wears a saddle on its back, ready to carry Fenris wherever he needs to go. Sometimes, strangely enough, Fang’s eyes appear to be a glowing blue color, otherwise, Fang’s eyes are black.

The Personality

Fang is curious in nature, much like its master. It often pokes its muzzle into places it doesn’t belong, though more so interested food opposed to technology. Fang is, above all, however, loyal to its master, heeding his every request (albeit he will sometimes cast Fenris a wondering glance). When in combat Fang is ruthless, comparable, understandable so, to a mother bear protecting its cub. Of course, like a bear and dog, Fenris is one who enjoys his long naps and to laze about, which Fenris usually allows.

The Story

Fang, or whatever his original name was, was a digital pet. He loved to eat more than anything and would often cry for its master to feed him at random hours. His old master, however, grew very tired of Fang’s hungry habits and abandoned him on top of some garbage can. Quickly enough, Fang’s hunger set in, but it was only second to the growing loneliness which had set in. His master, the one he loved above all, had abandoned him in some forgotten place.

Fang was ready for his battery life to end when something strangely impossible happened. Someone picked him up, a kind and warm person, a person who was more than eager to feed him. An act of random kindness in this cold and lonely winter night. He had, at the end of his ropes, found a new, loving master. Someone who didn’t seem to mind at all when he would cry out in hungered pains. He found his true master.

From there, Fang devoted himself to protecting his new master from bully and villain alike. He remembers the first time when he exited his digital prison and scared away a bunch of bullies who had begun to assault his master, licking his master’s face when they had fled. The two, from this point, were inseparable. Even when he wasn’t needed, Fang found himself to be summoned to his master’s side just to keep him company, making those lonely nights a little less lonely. Fang, ever since he had found Fenris, has never been happier and never known a better home.

The Powers

Immense Strength: Fang is immensely powerful, claws and teeth strong enough to tear through steel like it was a chewy meat. Fang can also lift heavy objects, his max being somewhere around the weight of a bus (which he could lift and toss a good thirty feat, though being quite exhausted afterwards).

Agile: Fang is quick and clever, able to run up to speeds of 50mphs. Even more than that, he can climb flat surfaces like stone and wood with ease, his claws able to dig in, even able to climb up the side of skyscrapers.

The Weaknesses

Feeeeeeeed Me: Fang must constantly be fed via his device, needing to be fed at least ten times a day or else he’ll power down. If he misses a day of feeding he’ll be unable to be summoned at all. If he does miss a day he’ll need to be fed for two days before he can be resummoned.

Digital World: Fang cannot be healed while not in the digital world. Any damage he takes in the real world remains until he is returned to his device. Minor wounds take a few minutes to heal, moderate wounds take a few hours, and heavy wounds take an entire day to be healed.

Exhausted: When using his strength and agility Fang can only last in this world for about an hour before needing to return to his device for two hours, after that he can be summoned to full strength.

Close to Master: Fang, at any point of time, can only be about five miles away from his master. If he exceeds that distance Fang will disappear and return to his device, only able to be summoned again after a five-minute period.

The Items

Fenris’s Satchel, a bag of digital dog treats, and a jar of digital honey.

The Fluff

He loves cuddling up to Fenris, being used as a bed is a favorite pastime.
Fang loves going for runs, his master riding atop of him.
Fang’s fur. Fang’s fur is very fluffy.

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