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The Entity

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Contest The Entity

Post by Vorik September 4th 2020, 6:40 am

The Shapeless Form


The Bio

Real Name: N/A
Renegade Name:
Age: Timeless
Gender: N/A
Race: N/A
Hair: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood type: Nonexistent

The Looks

The Shape Given Form is a constantly shifting mass of a goo-like substance.  This goo is made up of countless swirling colors, each color blending into the next in a never-ending spiral of swirls. While the figure doesn't have a set form, there is a sense of purpose as its form shifts and mimics the most common things around it. For instance, if it was wandering around a forest, it's shape would resemble that of the trees. If it was amongst a crowd of people it would take on a more humanoid shape. Regardless of what it is currently mimicking it will still have its swirl-like coloring

The Personality

Little is known about the False Shape. Where it came from, what it does, or even why it does what it does. From recorded observation over the decades, experts are no closer to figuring out what drives this bizarre other-worldly being. It randomly and abruptly appears in non-specific places and just...wanders. Many believe the being is actively searching for something or someone which they further back up with its random attacks being akin to that of a child throwing a tantrum over not finding their toy. Others see The Mishappened Color as some sort of scout or explorer from somewhere else. They believe The Entity is curious about our planet and people. Those less optimistic believe that this is a clearly hostile threat, looking to destroy our way of life and that it is only looking for the right spot to exploit. For all the different theories and beliefs about the Unknown Color, we are still no closer to understanding what it's true motives are if it even has any.
The Story

The pursuit of magic is a wide and varied path for countless people who seek to understand it. Through the use of magic, practitioners are capable of truly incredible things. Whether it's through talent, bloodlines, vast study, or even magical objects, everyone who looks to magic, seeks to extend their will upon the world and shape it but that begs the question. As we draw from the mysterious source of magic, willing it, shaping it to our world to fit our needs. When will magic start to shape our world to fit it?

The exact time or place that the Unknown Entity came into existence in our world is unknown but the first documented sightings can be traced back to World War 2, where the shapeless form was seen wandering along the battlefields between Nazi Germany and Russia. Many speculated that this unknown figure was a by-product of Nazi science but whether this is true is uncertain as the figure showed abnormal and erratic behavior. Some days it would simply meander around, wandering into both encampments as if it was looking for something in a lost daze. Other days it would react violently with little to no provocation, injuring anyone around it regardless of which side they were from.  Perhaps the strangest documentation is of how the being would simply vanish as if it faded from reality only to reappear hundreds of miles away in a random area.

Due to the nature of this Shapeless Entity's ability to vanish, it has been nigh impossible to investigate further than mere observation. It has been recorded that this being is capable of extreme levels of physical trauma and has been seen wandering away from modern-day ballistics seemingly unaware it is even being attacked.  This shape from another world remains an enigma that continues to baffle scientists and theorists. Where did this thing come from? What is it trying to do? Can it be stopped?
The Powers

Reality Unbound: The Entity is not part of our reality, thus it is not confined to it. What may seem scientifically impossible in terms of mathematics, biology, and physics, is entirely possible for the figure. The Colorless Shape is capable of such feats as being able to walk through physical matter, walk on nonsolid matter, and create and destroy energy. Due to its nature of existing outside of the known scientific laws, it can be safely said that it cannot be truly destroyed as to be destroy would imply it actually existed in the first place.
The Weaknesses

Alien Mind: The Shapeless Form does not understand the reality it finds itself in, nor does it understand what many would consider basic or common concepts.  Its lack of an understanding of conceptual things like gravity, solids, and guns means it can easily be tricked and mislead into danger. Simply put, it doesn't understand the danger most threats present.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The longer the entity remains in an area, the more distorted reality becomes. After around 10 minutes of exposure, subtle changes will begin to occur. These small changes can range from objects randomly gaining /losing heat, colors becoming more bright or dull, and sound to be muted/empowered. These changes start slow but become progressively stronger and more apparent. Within 3 hours, the effects become far more substantial as the distortion begins to affect living matter. Animals and people will begin experiencing a variety of emotional mood swings such as bouts of ecstasy, horror, or even confusion to name a few. Not only will living beings be emotionally unstable but their bodies will be vulnerable to changes as well. The longer someone stays in an area of this amount of distortion the more they will randomly change and mutate. These mutations can be as little as changing eye colors, skin complexion, or hygiene, or in more radical forms of growing additional digits, loss of muscle, and alteration to the DNA on a grand scale. The most severe levels of distortion occur after several days, where the distortion has reached such potency that even conceptual concepts begin to change. Space and time start to become more and more abstract as hallways begin to lead back into itself, things begin to age or de-age rapidly in constant erratic patterns, and people start to remember events that have happened, could happen, or have never happened. At this stage, only those of the strongest wills and soundest of minds can linger for but a few minutes. After The False Shape leaves the area the distortion level of the area begins to quickly drop as reality fades back into control.
The RP Sample

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