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Metal Knight

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Metal Knight Empty Metal Knight

Post by Cameron Scott September 1st 2020, 6:40 pm

Metal Knight

"I am Metal Knight"

The Bio

Real Name: Cameron Scott
Hero Name: Metal Knight
Title: Metal Knight
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180 pounds
Blood type: O

The Looks


The Personality

calm, mature, composed, courageous, perseverance, dedication, hardworking, leads by example, loving, caring, positive attitude, makes good decisions, very clever

The Story

Metal Knight faces enemies with different shapes and sizes while further becoming stronger.
It was a regular day at Wilton Manors Elementary School. Everyone
is sitting on the beautiful Alphabet carpet, the one with letter A to Z.
It had nouns representing each letter. The teacher, Mr.Cruz says “10
plus 40 equals…?” and I raised my hand up high. Mr.Cruz called on
me and I said “Fifty” out loud and clear. Mr.Cruz says “That is correct”
with a ghostly smile. After many questions, I felt like I was a
mathematician. Then the school principle came in and talked to Mr.Cruz.
I over heard the conversation 15 feet away. I heard the school principal
tell Mr.Cruz that Mr.Cruz was getting a 10 dollar raise on his weekly paycheque.
Then the school principal left. After language arts,
the class and I then rushed out of the carpet and sat
on our navy blue chairs as we took out our lunch bags. Some kids
say grace before they eat. I don't because I am not religious, nor is
my family. My family forbids religion in the house. For example, my
dad said “religion is bad, its bogus.” I do believe there is a supreme
spirit or god, but not Jesus or Muhammad or whatever prophet; they
are too good to be true.
As the entire class bit on their Doritos and mayo creamed
sandwiches (ugh!), a white kid next to me named Michael called me a
negro looking twerp. Then I defended myself saying that I am proud
that I am black. Then Michael pushed me to the floor saying “You
proud now, negro?” The bullying lowered my self-esteem. I told my
dad what happened. He responded by saying some whites, but not all
whites, are racist.
One week later, I am in the back seat in my mom’s tahoe.
“Where are we going, mom?”
“You are going to a new school, you’ll like it here”
I looked out the window and I saw nothing but lushy green and ivory
buildings. It looked like it was a college campus. I loved it already. My
mom then parks in front of the school entrance and we walk into the
front office. After my mom talks to the office lady, the office lady then
says “Welcome to Pasadena Lakes, home of the pals.” Then a lady
named Mrs. Arnett sent me to my new second grade class,
Mrs.Poppy’s class. Mrs.Poppy says “Hi Cameron, welcome to my
class, come sit down” I sat and no one bothered me. The teacher was
beautiful, but I did not pay attention to that for long, because I don't
have a thing for teachers.
I became very comfortable in the class. Mrs.Poppy teaches with
thorough explanation and has a soothing voice. I can learn anything
from her. Four school days later, the class and I were doing a
chemistry science project. Then I heard a loud thump. It was the
classroom door. A classmate named Genesis opened the door, and
five boys rushed inside the classroom like horses running in a race. I
was amazed how fast they can run. Each boy stole some classroom
supplies and one ran out the door with a box of Elmer’s glue sticks.
My instincts turned on. I was ready to save the day. I tripped one boy
before he could run out the door, punched the next one in the face,
and tackled the third one to the ground. The fourth one, looking at all
the others, dropped the supplies he was about to steal and ran out
the door like he was fleeing for his life. The other three boys got up
and walked out, leaving the supplies in the classroom. Mrs.Poppy
said “thank you” to me and the class applauded. The class and I then
went back to work.
During recess, the class played on a grass outside the
classroom, but I really needed to use the restroom to do a number
whatever so bad I darted all the way to the main school building to
use the restroom (that were the only restrooms available). After I did
what I did I walked back. When I was walking back a strange
specimen appeared near the classroom saying “Cameron come.”
This felt crazy, he knows my name, comes to my school, and waits
for me?!!!! This means trouble. I attempted to run back to the main
school building, but my body was pulled towards the specimen. I was
frightened out of my head.
The specimen told me to relax, so I fearfully stood in front of it
like a statue. The specimen then said in English surprisingly “ I am
Master Jim, a power master from the planet of Kraptor, you are
chosen to have strength, power, and greatness for years to come.”
Master Jim then extracted a diamond from his body and pushed it
toward my chest and the diamond sept inside me. “You are officially a
powerman, you will train with many others soon.” I was amazed. I felt
like I was Superman. I then said “thank you for giving me these
powers.” Master Jim replied by saying “You're welcome” and
disappeared. I then went back to class, for the class already finished
recess. I dared to not tell anyone what happened. Now I am Metal Knight saving the world one step at a time
The Powers

Telekinesis of matter(only with hands) with electromagnetic energy,  it is sight based, people will see the intended object move or levitate. It works this way because the telekinesis is mind based

runs and dodges at 1000mph,

strikes with force of 5K pounds (throwing or kicking or punching too). The strength came from practice and it helps him defeat living things who are heavyset in weight.

durable against explosions(such as gas bombs and C-4 bombs), because his body absorbs the heat and shockwave of the explosions at 85%

can control electricity (absorbing electricity and shooting it back out and manipulating electricity) by sending electromagnetic shockwaves of force, which can shut down electronic devices. He can only manipulate electronic devices that contains at most 100k watts of electric current.

When powers are on, the electromagnetic powers form a power shield(a layer of forcefield) that covers his whole body) that can protect him from a forceful hit or gun bullets

The Weaknesses

can't telekinetically move things with a weight over 10 thousand tons,

can't telekinetically move water,

can't telekinetically move things further than 250 feet,  

only has stamina of 50 minutes,

the fast speed can make him very hot,

gamma ray radiation would go through his power shield and radiate to his actual body,

X-ray radiation,

cant use electricity control in water because electricity and water gives him a shock,

electricity control can be turned off from an EMP,

laser beams from other supers can lower his power level if beamed for a long duration of seconds,

beams of fluorescent light can burn him,

has a limit of 3 explosions to be durable against before his powers has to recharge,

Nuclear bombs can instantly deactivate his powers for 3 months

The Items

Knives with electric energy ingrained (coming from his powers)

sword with electric energy ingrained (coming from his powers)

guns that shoot bullets filled with electricity


arrows that is explosive

Tranquilizer darts to put living things to sleep

memory spray to wipe out someone's memory

The Minions


The Fluff

No fluff
The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Last edited by Cameron Scott on September 24th 2020, 11:53 pm; edited 10 times in total (Reason for editing : More details)
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott

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Metal Knight Empty Re: Metal Knight

Post by Nate6595 September 21st 2020, 9:27 am

So first off, you need to elaborate further on the capabilities of your power for it to approved. It's all very vague, the Flash has had several different speeds throughout the comic and to say 10% faster doesn't really tell us much, and even still, that's probably too fast. Speedsters are hard to do. Teleknesis, how much can you lift in terms of weight and from how far away, how easily can you do it. Force, how hard can you throw punches and kicks, very hard leaves it way too open. Durability against explosions, try and go a bit further with this explanation. Same goes for electricity control.

Second, you need to do the same for the weaknesses. You're not descript enough, poor stamina? To what degree? Like literally can't pick anything up? Like not even a pencil? What about his teleknesis, can't pick up anything with that? It doesn't make sense. What kind of radiation? What does it do? Why is he weak to it? Electricity in the water? Why not? Explain? Just...laser beams? You really need to go further into the explanations of these if you want to get approved.

Further, you don't have enough weaknesses to approve the character. For every power you need a weakness. You need a least one more, provided it is good. Honestly, with your items and seemingly other powers, it appears as though you should probably have more because some of those items/traits are powerful enough to warrant it. I'd say because of the radiation sense, explosion arrows, drone, AI assistant, world database, and memory spray you'd need another six weaknesses

Those items/traits should be expanded upon further as well, not just listed off. That doesn't give us the information we need.

In general, there's not a lot of description. You list off features, traits, powers, weaknesses. The only thing you have eleborated on is the backstory and while the other sections don't need to be as long the same effort should be into those sections. The sheet needs more work overall.

Lastly, if you have any other characters related to Powerman/characters that have powers you should have an NPC sheet filled out for them.

I highly suggest that you fill out one of the sheets here, it really helps and makes your sheet look a lot better.
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Metal Knight Empty Re: Metal Knight

Post by Nate6595 September 21st 2020, 9:27 am

Until the changes above are inputted your character is not approved.
Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator

Status :

Quote : "Let me be your friend, you jerk!"

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 493
Location : New York!
Age : 26
Job : Student
Humor : Everything!
Registration date : 2017-12-21

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